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A good doc may even be a child. So thinks the 6-year-old girlDottie, calling herself the Doctor. She just loves her toys. Doconly has to bring a stethoscope to them, and they come tolife!💖There was a real revolution in the mobile clinic! Help Dottieclean up his doctor office! Catch all the items that will come inhandy for the treatment of her favorite toys!Ask for help fromLambi's lamb, she will tell you how to clean up the room beforemother returns home!🐏Help the little doc mс stuffin manage tocollect all the first-aid kits and save as many patients aspossible!🏥Collect patient logs and discover new characters you knowfrom your favorite cartoon! The doctor toy quickly makes veryimportant decisions, because the patient needs treatmenturgently.HOW TO PLAY▶ Tap to the right - a long jump◀ Tap left -short jumpDo not mistake it! Good luck!🎉You have only three life tocollect all the patient mcstuffins books that will lead you tovictory.💪FREE FULL VERSION OF THE GAME - DOWNLOAD NOW!🎁GAMEFEATURES💜 An endless runner full of adventures for girls and boyswith favorite heroes cartoon💜 Easy control in one touch andgameplay💜 Funny music will help you plunge into the world of fairytales💜 3 unique characters - choose your favorite from doc the listmcstuffins! 🏥💜 Stunning power-ups to improve the game process intoy hospital💜 Works without wifi💜 FREE and no built-in purchasesGoon a bright adventure with the baby toy doctor!Free educationalgames for children and adultsPlease, support us with an assessmentand a response. Your feedback will help us make the app evenbetter!

App Information Toy doc adventure mcstuffins jump

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    Toy doc adventure mcstuffins jump
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    August 15, 2017
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    Android 2.3.3 and up
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    Free miraculous games
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