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A TQ Travel Quality app permite-lhe ter acesso a toda ainformaçãoreferente à sua viagem. Verifique os horários do seu voo,onde vaificar hospedado, quais os programas de visita durante a suaestadiapodendo até partilhar fotos com os outros participantes nasuaviagem assim como comunicar com eles através de chat.

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    TQ Travel Quality
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    January 26, 2018
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Travel & Local
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    Avenida Luisa Todi, 300, 4f Setúbal 2900-452 Setúbal
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Rebenta a Bolha APK
O “REBENTA A BOLHA” é a app baseada nafamosarubrica de humor criada por CÉSAR MOURÃO e divulgada naRádioComercial, que consiste em dois modelos de Humor deImprovisação:- PROFISSÕES – São sugeridas 3 profissões pela app,totalmentealeatórias e sem qualquer relação entre as mesmas, sendoque ojogador tem que desenvolver uma narrativa, totalmenteimprovisada,mantendo a coerência da história à medida que, porindicação de umabuzina, vai trocando de profissão.- LETRAS – É sugerida pela app uma situação sobre a qualojogador vai ter que desenvolver uma narrativa improvisada;durantea mesma são sugeridas pela app e de forma aleatória váriasletrasdo abecedário Português, sendo que sempre que é dita umaletra, apróxima palavra terá que iniciar por essa mesma letra,mantendototal coerência no discurso e na narrativa.Ambos os jogos podem ser gravados e partilhados entre afamília,os amigos e nas redes sociais.Ainda na actual versão é possível cantar, em formato deKaraoke,a famosa música do “REBENTA A BOLHA”.Num futuro próximo, haverá novas funcionalidades na appcomo:novos jogos, conteúdos exclusivos, rankings dos melhores jogosevídeos, como outras novidades!The "Busts BUBBLE" istheapp based on the famous line of humor created by CÉSAR MOURÃOandpublished in the Commercial Radio, which consists of two modelsofImprovisation Mood:- PROFESSIONS - are suggested 3 professions by app,totallyrandom and without any relationship between them, and theplayerhas to develop a narrative, totally improvised, maintainingtheconsistency of the story as, for indication of a horn,willchanging profession.- LETTERS - is suggested by the app a situation on whichtheplayer will have to develop an improvised narrative; duringthesame is suggested by the app and randomly several letters ofthePortuguese alphabet, and whenever it is called a letter, thenextword will have to start by that letter, maintaining fullcoherencein the discourse and narrative.Both games can be saved and shared among family, friendsandsocial networks.Even in the current version can sing in Karaoke format,thefamous music "Busts BUBBLE."In the near future there will be new features in the app asnewgames, exclusive content, rankings of the best games and videos,asother news!
CoachID 1.1.7 APK
COACH ID - Create your Identity 1. Description: COACH ID is an appcreated by Football/Soccer Coaches intended to Coaches and Clubs.Created by Portuguese coaches, it aims to highlight how we can usean app to manage our teams, giving them what makes us unique ascoaches: Our identity. COACH ID is a revolutionary app that allowsthe Football Coach to create their training methodology, createtheir exercises, associate them with their game principles, managetheir weekly planning, collect statistical data and realize theimpact of their training sessions/competition (COACH ID CONNECT).COACH ID, by the logical and vertical structure, also allows Clubsto create an information platform, organized, useful and exclusiveto all its teams and players. The COACH ID is structured for Foot5, Foot 7, Foot 9 and Foot 11. From the most amateur level to themost professional context. With this app each coach can: -Effectively characterize the squad (including physical testresults); - Define game principles, associate them with video andrelate them to the created exercises; - Create the game calendar,define the call up (communicate it to players through COACH IDCONNECT) and draw up a strategic game plan; - Structure weeklyplanning and create training sessions that can after record, exportand print; - Record live game actions, creating a statistical basisfor the games; - Assign video record to selected exercises and gameactions; - Create / edit exercises and associate them with a video;- Monitor the physical impact of the activity on the athletes (datacollected through COACH ID CONNECT) - Communicate with players andtechnical staff through an exclusive chat (COACH ID CONNECT) - ...among many other features ... Just like in the game, everything isinterconnected! The more you interact with the app the higherpotential you can withdraw. 2. Platforms: - App - Web - Smartphone(COACH ID CONNECT app) 3. License: The basic license, whichincludes access to all features, costs € 15.90 per month or €159.00 per year. You can add new users and new teams at any timewithin the same account. 4. Available Languages: - English -Portuguese Come inside to the COACH ID world! Test it and benefitfrom the trial period of 15 days. Learn more athttp://coachidapp.com/
Good Boost 1.0.1 APK
The Good Boost Home App is an individually-tailored exerciserehabilitation app for people living with musculoskeletalconditions (joint and pain conditions). The Good Boost home appfocuses on the knee, hip, spine and shoulder exercise programmesfor many musculoskeletal conditions. Good Boost is a socialenterprise with a mission to improve musculoskeletal health foreveryone. Good Boost has been developing rehabilitation technologyfor the last 5 years from our origin as a community rehabilitationresearch project in Oxford, UK. We’re a team of specialistclinicians, researchers, Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, softwaredevelopers and artificial intelligence engineers with a passion forcreating solutions to support people with joint and painconditions. This Good Boost Home Beta app is our first release of apublicly downloadable app. For the last 5 years, we have beenworking in leisure centres and swimming pools transformingcommunity spaces into therapeutic places. As this is the beta app,you may experience some minor issues with the app, however, theGood Boost team are on stand-by to receive your feedback and find asolution. The Good Boost Home App features: · MSK consultation:10-15 registration process to enter in details about your joint orpain condition so the Good Boost app can recommend exercises mostsuited to you · Individually tailored exercise programmes thatadapt and evolve session-to-session based on your feedback · Easyto follow exercise interface with exercise images and animationsalong with description and countdown timer · Track and monitor yourprogress and key musculoskeletal stats including overall wellbeing,function and pain · Weekly tailored tips and hints to self-manageyour joint and pain condition The Good Boost Home app has beendeveloped through funding from Innovate UK with the foundations ofour artificial intelligence funded and supported by the SmallBusiness Research Initiative.
GuideSquare 2.0.0 APK
Let the visual content guide you. GuideSquare will allow youtocreate, share unique experiences and guide you through thebestplaces. Now you can play, mark and review the place, whileyouexplore the city. Do you prefer visual content instead ofreading?We have the solution for you… Just plan your trip withGuideSquareWe're here to make it easy for people to discoveramazing placesand share them with friends. Here’s how to do it: •WATCH IT Watcha short video about the city and get the firstimpressions. Let thevisual content lead your way through the city,with no need toread. • SWIPE IT Swipe to the left or right tochoose where youwant to go letting our videos, pictures, and funfacts spark yourinterests. • SHARE IT Share your itineraries withyour friends orfamily who are coming with you on your trip or oneswho plan to goto the same city to let them know all about yourexperience. We’dlove to hear what it is you like about GuideSquareand how we canimprove it for you. Drop us an emailatguidesquare@guidesquareapp.com. Enjoy your next trip…
Ballet Music by Delma Nicolace 1.1.0 APK
The Ballet Music APP was created and developed to complementtheclassical dance technique and contemporary dance classes,formerlyattributed only to the accompanying musician. Practicalandintuitive, the Ballet music APP, surpasses the aid of theCDbecause it allows you to accelerate or slow down the music inrealtime. In the STORE you will have access to the availableproducts:books, sheet music and albums with their respective MUSICLIST,with which you can easily create your PLAYLIST. The BalletMusicAPP also has a Stream system, so it is necessary to accesstheInternet or WiFi. Therefore, we have created the option offlinesothat you can continue to use your playlists or listen toyouralbums without requiring Internet connection. Plan, innovateandmake your lessons easier with APP Ballet Music!
TQ Travel Quality 1.0.4 APK
A TQ Travel Quality app permite-lhe ter acesso a toda ainformaçãoreferente à sua viagem. Verifique os horários do seu voo,onde vaificar hospedado, quais os programas de visita durante a suaestadiapodendo até partilhar fotos com os outros participantes nasuaviagem assim como comunicar com eles através de chat.
Coach ID Player 1.1.3 APK
COACH ID PLAYER is a revolutionary app from the COACH ID group thatallows you to establish a useful and exclusive relationship betweenthe technical staff and players. This relationship is establishedmainly at four levels: - Call: The player will receivenotifications about when he will have training session, time, placeand day, as well as if he was called for a game; - Training LoadRegistration: Immediately after each training session or game, theplayer will receive a notification to classify the intensity of thetraining / game in his COACH ID PLAYER app. Through the RPE(perceived training load), the coach understands, in an intuitiveand quick way, the impact of the exercises developed on each of hisathletes - Readiness Status: Response to a "Wellness" questionnaireregarding the state of readiness felt by the athlete on the dayafter the last practice / game. Extremely important functionalityfor the coach to have the perception of the mental andphysiological availability of their players to the next trainingsession or competition; - Exclusive chat that allows communicationbetween coaches and players. How it works? Once the coach createsthe player's profile in his COACH ID app, the player isautomatically notified by email to install the COACH ID PLAYER app.COACH ID PLAYER an innovative concept, extremely useful for thework of the technical teams that will bring the principle ofindividualization to another level. Platform: - Smartphone (COACHID PLAYER application) Available Languages: - English - PortugueseCome inside to the COACH ID world! Test it, benefit from the thetrial period of 15 days. Learn more at http://coachidapp.com/
Beauty Now 1.1.0 APK
Beauty Now is the first App in Portugal that brings BeautyandAesthetic services to you whenever and wherever you want! Youcanorder the services now or schedule for when you want andreceivethem comfortably in your home, work or hotel. Beauty Nowwill allowyou to find the best professionals, from yourgeolocation, to getservices in the area of Beauty and Aesthetics365 days a year, 24hours a day, in a convenient, quick and easyway. At Beauty Now youcan choose, among others, services of: • Naildesign • Extension ofeyelashes • Eyebrow design • Makeup • Hair •Face and bodytreatments • Massage At Beauty Now you will find twotypes ofservices: Service Now: The Beauty Now App will searchtheprofessionals that are available in your area. Choose the onethatis closest to you, the one with the best rating or theprofessionalyou have become accustomed to. Confirm that the time,values andnumber of services are correct. Select the type ofpayment andrequest the service. Confirm your contact and NIF andthen finish.Service Schedule: Select the date and time you want toreceive theservice. The Beauty Now App will search forprofessionals who areregistered in your area. Choose theprofessional you prefer.Confirm that the date and time, values andnumber of services arecorrect. Select the type of payment andrequest the service.Confirm your contact and NIF and then finish.All payments are madecomfortably through your Beauty Now App, andyou can use as a formof payment, Visa, Mastercard, AmericanExpress, as well as MB Way.Credit cards are subject to verificationand authorization by theissuer of the card. The charge on your cardwill be made at thetime the service is considered, which willhappen when the serviceis finished. Subsequently, the invoice willbe sent regarding theservice to the e-mail of your registration.Your opinion is veryimportant to us, so do not forget to evaluateour professionals atthe end of each service. Follow us onwww.beautynow.pt and also onour social media atwww.instagram.com/beautynowpt and atwww.facebook.com/beautynowptand keep up to date with all thelatest news on Beauty, Fashion,Fitness and Nutrition. If you wouldlike to receive informationabout our exclusive campaigns,promotions and discounts send us anemail with the word ACEITO tocampanhas@beautynow.pt Join ourfantastic team and send your CVwith photo and portfolio torecrutamento@beautynow.pt Beauty NowYou... everywhere!