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Live Trading Talk with Oliver Velez wascreated to afford Mr. Velez the opportunity to share his expertiseas a 28-year professional trading veteran with all those who sharehis passion for speculating in the financial markets. This weeklyshow will also serve as the perfect medium for Mr. Velez to answerthe myriad questions he receives each day via email, his variousblogs and the social networks. During each show, Oliver Velez willdiscuss the current state of affairs, the impact they can have onthe market, various individual stocks of interest and any potentialopportunities that may be brewing at the moment. Oliver will alsofield questions from his listeners and will provide hisprofessional opinion based on his nearly three decades of tradingexperience. So, bring your inquiries on any trading related topicto probe the depth of Mr. Velez´ knowledge on how to trade andprofit from the markets for life.

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MDR Radio 4.2.4 APK
Years after the death of MD Ramanathan, fondlyknown as MDR, there is still no musician able to live up to thegrandeur and grace that characterized the life and music of thiseminent Carnatic vocalist. Even the bass voice and distinctivemusical style, specializing in the slow tempo, have not beenbestowed on anyone else. MDR's rendering of the sahitya (lyrics) ofa kriti was always with a view towards preserving themeaning.The Tracks in this App are essentially songs from individualconcert series of Shri MDR, it is names asMDR__TrackNo_Songname_RagaName.
If my people, which are called by my name,shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn fromtheir wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgivetheir sin, and will heal their land. - 2 CHR. 7:14
Oración CX 4.2.5 APK
Con esta aplicación escucharás la oración"Todos Unánimes Juntos" de Camino Extremo y podrás ponerte encontacto con nosotros.Podcast en vivo 5:30 a.m. Hora de la Ciudad de México (GMT -6 /GMT -5 en Horario de Verano).Tel. +52 (55) 5650-7088www.caminoextremo.orgWith this application youwill hear the phrase "all together" End Road and you can contactus.Live Podcast Time 5:30 a.m. Mexico City (-6 GMT / GMT -5 hoursin summer).Tel +52 (55) 5650-7088www.caminoextremo.org
CaneShades is an in your face, raw and uncutMiami Hurricane fans talk show. We bring you interviews,entertainment, and we are Offsides at times!
Get Rich Education 4.2.2 APK
“Making your money work for you” is as far asmost investors think.But the wealthy get ahead by ethically making “other people’smoney” work for them.How? You finally learn.Get Rich Education regularly serves ACTIONABLE content forwealth creation on a platter.Keith’s bottom line in investing is: “What’s your Return OnTime?”Without having to be a landlord, you see how real estate createsmore multi-millionaires and billionaires than any other investmentvehicle.Rather than traditional personal finance where you only learnhow to avoid losing, Keith teaches you how to WIN using real estateand other investments.This can create both passive cash flow so that you can livebetter now, and permanent wealth to live better later.New shows are delivered on Fridays.Since 2002, international investor Keith Weinhold ownsmultifamily apartment buildings to single family income homes toagricultural real estate.
Marketing Strategy Sessions 4.2.6 APK
If you are looking to grow your business, youwill need to market. The marketing strategy sessions providemarketing tips and strategies by interviewing some of the latestexperts in SEO, social media, online and offline marketing.
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352 Pigskin Report 4.6.2 APK
The 352 High School football talk radio. Liveinterviews, post game reports, predictions and all news related tothe 352 area football.