3.0 / November 9, 2017
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Leave off road for jeep and 4x4, here hot asphalt, xtreme trafficand unreal adrenaline!To win extreme racing, you need to pimp yourride, overtake cars and avoid accidents. Create your own extremecar and become the king of the streets!This is a real extreme race,here you are only waiting for high speed and hot extreme!Features:🚗Traffic racer games genre;🚗 Amazing style graphics!🚗 Incrediblegameplay!🚗 Various vehicles, choose any!🚗 Tight street traffic!🚗The game is completely free!Follow us:https://vk.com/public119437880

App Information Traffic Mad Racer: Extreme Car Driving 2D

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    Traffic Mad Racer: Extreme Car Driving 2D
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    November 9, 2017
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Sunplay Game Studios
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    Стройковская, 2 кв36 Таганский район, г. Москва, 109316
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Collect pictures in pieces!A fascinating and beautiful mosaic foryour phone! If you like to collect pictures in pieces, do not passby, this is your game! A lot of beautiful pictures, differentthemes to choose from, pleasant music - this is what you will findin this game! Three levels of complexity, convenient management andbeautiful design of the game, try to play it yourself! The abilityto turn the prompt on and off, play on time and without it,sticking the pieces in the right place. A game for all ages, hereyou will find the following themes of pictures: cars, flowers,animals, castles, children's, food, fantasy. Play the mostbeautiful mosaic of this year, the best you can not findanywhere!Features:☆ fascinating and beautiful mosaic;☆ manybeautiful pictures;☆ different themes to choose from;☆ nice music;☆Three difficulty levels;☆ convenient operation;☆ beautiful designof the game;☆ hint;☆ game for all ages;☆ cars, flowers, animals,castles, children's, food, fantasy and many other topics;☆ freegame.How to play:You need to collect pictures in pieces of thepuzzle.Did you like our mosaic? Do not forget to leave a commentand score !;)We will be glad if you subscribe to our group:VK -https://vk.com/public119437880
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Leave off road for jeep and 4x4, here hot asphalt, xtreme trafficand unreal adrenaline!To win extreme racing, you need to pimp yourride, overtake cars and avoid accidents. Create your own extremecar and become the king of the streets!This is a real extreme race,here you are only waiting for high speed and hot extreme!Features:🚗Traffic racer games genre;🚗 Amazing style graphics!🚗 Incrediblegameplay!🚗 Various vehicles, choose any!🚗 Tight street traffic!🚗The game is completely free!Follow us:https://vk.com/public119437880
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