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The fun train game for kids free keepsthelittles on nice entertainment in connecting two same trains. Itisan exciting play because children and family play against thetime.There are several rounds to play. The first round you get100seconds to solve the connect two puzzle. In each further roundyouget 10 seconds less. But don't worry, you have six jokers whohelpyou through all the fast rounds. They find for you the pairsandrefresh the board when you dont find a pair.
Instruction for these train games for children
You have to connect two same trains. But not all same cardsdomatch. Only the tiles which are in direct neighbourhood orcanbuild a direct line. So it is not as easy but you can askyourjokers to find pairs or refresh the board. To connect twotrainsjust tap on the board to the matching trains.
Features of the train game for kids free
Learning and playing challenge
encourige contentration and motoric skills
the game is free with decent ad banners
nice cartoony train images
nice sounds
Matching games for kids free are also exciting for littletrainconducters. So they can enjoy their hobby and can learnimportantskills under limited time. Also the whole family will havefun withthese kind of train games for children.
Please note: The game works find with almost all androiddevices.Regrettingly it seems that the the game doesn't run on somedeviceswith Android version 2.3.7 properly. We work on thisissue.
But all other versions should work properly so that you canenjoythe nice train game for kids free.

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    Train Game for Kids free
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    January 19, 2015
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    Android 2.1 and up
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    100 - 500
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    Email playengelein@gmail.com
    SchwapfPlay Alexandra Sensburg Perlacher Str. 75 81539 München
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