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Translator Photo Scan - Translator Image & File Scannersupportsto scan any printed files or photos into text andtranslate into anylanguages you want, which is a very good scanphoto translation toolfor study, business and travel. When youhave an image with a textand typed it manually, a lot of time goeson. In that case we havedeveloped an app that translates fromimage and saves time. you totranslate any text direct using camerawithout need of writing it.Features of Translator Photo Scan -Translator Image & FileScanner: ❤️ Multi languages translationSupport 100+ languages forphoto translation and automaticrecognition of the source language.Just use camera to translatephoto or printed pictures and getinstant translations whateverlanguages you want. ❤️ Voicetranslation Identify 40+ languagesvoice accurately. You cantranslate English to French, English toChinese, English to Japaneseand so on. With this photo translator,there will be no problems tocommunicate with foreigners. Just openyour mouth! ❤️ Phototranslation, photo scan, document scan to textWhether documents,recipes, menus or instructions, you can use thecamera translator toscan photo and get the translation. Scanphotos and turns into text,the photo translator is so accurate.Translate photo into text isvery convenient. It is more usefulthan just translate text. ❤️ Texttranslation You can translate byinputting text manually or copytext from other places. Thistranslator translate words andsentences very quickly, just like atranslator dictionary. ❤️ Sharewith friends After getting thetranslation, you can share the texttranslation with your friends❤️ History Add words or sentences fromthe translation tocollection and check translation at any time. Inoneword,Translator Photo Scan - Translator Image & File Scannerisa functional free language translator which has usefulphototranslation, voice translation & text translation.

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    March 8, 2019
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Tan Pham
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