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Transparent Screen Transparent Screen Simulated Transparent Screenand Background 2018 Transparent Mobile Screen Transparent DisplayTransparent Mobile Display Transparent Phone Display TransparentPhone Screen Mirror Transparent Screen Transparent Screen forandroid Transparent Phone for android Transparent Display forandroid Transparent Screen is an excellent and funny app that willhelp you to apply Transparent Live to your screen. It will showyour background screen from back camera and make your device seemas Transparent Screen. Transparent Wallpaper will absolutely giveyou entire new user experience. You can use your phone as usual,while being able to see the live image of your camera transparentlyon the entire screen. Use your phone when your are walking,talking, texting, and much more. You can see anything behind yourphone or tablet. Download this free Transparent Screen App, makefun and Enjoy. Transparent Screen is designed for 3D Launcher usersto enjoy a whole new visual experience. Features of FreeTransparent Screen Use Transparent Screen, no need to root, you caneasily protect some apps from peepers by hiding them in a specialfolder. Transparent Screen has world leading 3D transition effectson screens and folders switching and Elegant and simple 3D screennavigation. Transparent Screen screen lock (locker) protects yourphone from strangers Use Transparent Screen automatically sortingfunction. Sort your apps into folders and make your desktop tidy.Free Transparent Screen stunning icons designed for popular appsand system apps and amazing 3D transition effects with TransparentScreen live wallpaper Transparent Screen app icon packs to give youa new designed phone you never used Transparent Screen DIY themes:you can become a designer to make your own theme here Compatiblewith all phone models. Transparent Screen will use your camera tocreate transparent screen effect. Transparent Screen is anexcellent and amazing app that will help you to apply Transparentlive Wallpaper to your screen. Transparent live Wallpaper Make yourhome screen as transparent by using this simply you can set as livewall It will show your background screen from back camera and makeyour device as Transparent Screen. Absolutely Transparent Wallpaperwill give you entire new user experience. You can use your phone asusual, while being able to see the live image of your cameratransparently on the entire screen. Use your phone when your arewalking, talking, texting, and much more. You can see anythingbehind your phone or tablet. Transparent Screen uses your devicecamera to display images and convert your launcher intotransparent. You can operate your phone as usual but with atransparent wallpaper. Read your sms, call by phone or play anygame. Do anything with your new transparent screen. Have fun withyour friends and this amazing Transparent Screen app. TransparentScreen Launcher make your mobile Transparent and allow you to makethe screen transparent using camera! By using this app we cansafely browse apps on mobile while walking on roads and avoidaccident on roads. Transparent Screen Features : ✔ Bring more realtransparent effect than other transparent application. ✔ Userfriendly Transparent Screen. ✔ Optimized Battery Usage. ✔ Highlycustomized and beautiful transparent screen. ✔ Best way to convertyour phone screen into transparent. ✔ Free Transparent Screenstunning icons designed for popular apps and system apps andamazing 3D transition effects with Transparent Screen livewallpaper. ✔ Transparent Screen give you a new designed phone younever used. ✔ Best Transparent Screen app for android. ✔Transparent Screen is completely free to download. ✔ TransparentScreen is works even offline also. Download this free TransparentScreen App, make fun and Enjoy. Note: Transparent Screen is a justa prank application to make fun with your friends and parents!

App Information Transparent Screen

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    Transparent Screen
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    November 20, 2018
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Blackcurrant Studioz
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Update Services for Android Play Services Info (Update) Updater ForPlay Services Play Services & Error information Help PlayServices Error Fix & Info for Play Services Play ServicesInformation Play services update & info Play Services &store Information Play Services Update Installer Play Services InfoVersion Checker for Play Services Information & Update for PlayServices Play Services Utility Play Services Utility is anunofficial Play services app. check the status of the Playservices. It shows the version number, installation date and dateof the last update. It also provides links to the Play Store. Smallutility app to quickly check the status of the Play services. Tofix "Play Services has stopped" errors, try opening the app infodialog and select "clear cache". If that does not work, try the"uninstall updates" option. Then download and re-install the latestversion of the Play services Features -Find Play Services -Go Tothe information screen -Find latest versions -Solutions to fix theplay services stopped This app is not Play Services, it just helpsyou to have information about it. play services services playservice service play play services android servis play servicesplay android play services play services play services play playservices app play services update play services download playservices info play app services play store play service installplay services services play store services play download playservice play services latest version play services update playservices app get play services update play play services downloadplay services update download play service free download playservices play app update service how to get play services playservices update for android update play services manually playlatest version play services update new version services frameworkhow to update play services upgrade play what is play services playservices error services apk play services apk gapps connectivityservices latest play services uninstall play services servicesandroid restore play services for android play services downloadupgrade enable play services play services download for androidplay services lite services app play services update what does playservices do apps installer play services software update By usingthis app you check the status of Play services.By using this appyou can know the version number,installation date and date of thelast update.its also have link of play store. small app to quicklycheck the status of the play services. To fix the error(playservices has stopped) try opening the app info dailog andselect"clear cache" if you see that it does not work ,try the"uninstall update" option. The download and re-installation thelatest version of the Play Services features Have you ever hadproblems with Play services library? ★ The App is used to give thebelow information about Play Services & Play Store. ⇒ Overviewof the Play Services ⇒ Release Notes of Play Services ⇒ All oldversion of Play Services ⇒ Privacy Policy ⇒ Play Store ⇒ ContactSupport Team Play Service Help App Features: - Find Play Services;- Solutions to fix Play Services stopped on your devices; - FindApks other versions. - Best Play Service Assistant - Play servicesInfo - Update play - play services update - play service - playstore update - Play Service Info Fix "Gogle Play Services hasStopped Working" error, simply open the application and fix itaccording to preferable action. OR clear data/clear cache. Restartthe phone for better performance and efficiency. Check Gogle PlayServices update simply, just open the application and check it. Itshows installed play services version, installed date and updateddate. The app can be used to install or update the Play services.
Total Uninstaller App Uninstall 1.0.6 APK
One Click Uninstaller Uninstaller App Remover Uninstall PerfectUninstaller Uninstaller Mobile Easy Uninstaller Uninstaller -Uninstall App Apps uninstaller Uninstaller -Quick App QuickUninstaller Fast Uninstaller Uninstaller Pro Simple UninstallerUninstaller Mini Multi Uninstaller Perfect Uninstaller SmartUninstaller App Uninstaller Uninstaller Multiple Apps FinalUninstaller Uninstaller - Uninstall apps Batch Uninstaller DeleteApps - Remove Apps & Uninstaller 2018 - 2019 Best Uninstaller -Easy Uninstaller Safe Uninstaller - Premium app deleter AdvancedUninstaller App Eater (Uninstaller) Multi Uninstaller &Uninstaller - Uninstall User App Perfect Uninstaller(pro) BulkUninstaller Full Uninstaller Quick Multi App Uninstaller: AppManager Mass Uninstaller Select Apps Uninstaller Fastest andsimplest uninstall tool on android! Features: * Remove applicationeasily by single click! * Support batch uninstall * Displayapplication name, version, installation time and size * Searchapplication by name * Various sort modes * Very small applicationsize * Highlight application which is moved to sd card by TF icon *Filter system apps which cannot be uninstalled Any comment iswelcomed and appreciated, please send to [email protected] Note:system apps can not be uninstalled using this app. This appcontains batch uninstall function, search function and sortfunction ,it can help you to uninstall applications easily andeffectively. Regularly uninstall useless apps is a good habit ,itcan save your phone storage , delete useless garbage data , preventtoo much useless apps drain your battery , make your phone speedfast. uninstall apps uninstall program uninstall best uninstalleruninstall software free uninstaller app remover force uninstallprogram remove programs easy uninstaller program removal tooluninstall apps android uninstall application remove unwantedprograms delete program best uninstaller software uninstaller toolapplication remover easy uninstaller app best uninstaller programforce uninstall program uninstaller free software uninstaller freeuninstall app download program uninstall uninstallers uninstallerandroid program to uninstall programs software to uninstallprograms uninstall any program best uninstaller 2018 applicationremoval tool unwanted software removal tool app remover for androidapp removal tool the best uninstaller uninstall utility forceuninstall software free program remover uninstaller freewareuninstaller free app uninstaller uninstall unwanted programsprogram removal software download program uninstaller uninstallfree clean uninstall software easy uninstaller app uninstall freesoftware to uninstall programs completely completely uninstallsoftware add and remove programs complete uninstaller [AppFeatures] ★ Two uninstall mode : single uninstall and batchuninstall ★ Convenient search function ★ Six sort options :[Name A→ Z] /[ Name Z → A] / [App Size ↓] / [App Size ↑] / [Install Date↑]/ [Install Date ↓] ★ Two view modes :List(Details) andGrid(Concise) ★ Nice animation ★ Very easy to use PerfectUninstaller is a good assistant help you do this ,make youuninstall apps easily and fast ,batch uninstaller mode can save youa lot time ,the search bar help you find app easily , six sortingoptions can satisfy your different need: 1.If you want to uninstallbiggest apps to save phone storage ,please select "[App Size ↓]"2.If you want to uninstall apps you just downloaded ,please select"[Install Date ↓]" 3.If you want to uninstall oldest apps ,pleaseselect "[Install Date ↑]" If you want to uninstall app easily,please download this app ,help you saving time ,help you managingapps effectively , help you saving more phone storage ,helpboosting your phone speed.
Secret Settings For MIUI 1.0.4 APK
Secret Settings For MIUI MIUI (which stands for MI User Interfaceand pronounced as "Me You I", a common abbreviation of the wordsuser interface as "UI"), is a stock and aftermarket firmware forsmartphones and tablet computers, developed by Xiaomi based on theAndroid operating system. MIUI includes various features such astheming support. Xiaomi has released various smartphones, all butMi A1 of which come pre-installed with a complete version of MIUI.This includes various apps and features not available in theaftermarket version of MIUI. MIUI Hidden Settings MIUI USB SettingsMIUI 8 Tweaks MIUI 9 Tweaks MIUI 10 Tweaks MIUI Settings UpdatesHidden Android Settings Hidden MIUI Settings MI USB SETTTINGS Thisapplication allows you to access some of hidden options which helpyou get a better user experience and device performance throughsome pteference like disabling system applications, saving batterylife by optimizing apps, controlling notifications etc. for yourMIUI installed device. Accessable Hidden Settings; - Manageapplications - Manage notifications - Notification log - Scheduledpower on and off - Device information and testing - FactoryKittesting - Battery saver mode - Battery optimization - Applicationusage time - Block visual disturbances - Phone info - Developeroptions - Dessert case (game) - Themes Manager - MIA1 Radio - AutoStart Manager Supported Devices Xiaomi Mi 8/SE Mi MIX 2S Mi MIX 2Mi Note 3 Xiaomi Mi 6X Xiaomi Mi 6 Mi MIX Mi Note 2 Xiaomi Mi 5XXiaomi Mi 5s Plus Xiaomi Mi 5s Mi A1 Redmi Y2 Redmi S2 Redmi Note5/Pro Redmi Y1/Lite Redmi 5/Plus Redmi 5A Redmi Note 5A Redmi ProXiaomi Mi Max 2 Xiaomi Mi Max/Prime Mi 5c Xiaomi Mi 5/Pro Xiaomi Mi4S Mi Note/Pro Xiaomi Mi 4 Redmi 4X Redmi 4/Prime Redmi 4A Redmi3/Prime Redmi 3S/Prime/3X Redmi Note 4X Redmi Note 4 Redmi Note 3Redmi Note 2/Prime Xiaomi Mi 4i Redmi Note Prime Xiaomi Mi 4c Redmi2/2A/Prime Mi Pad 3 Mi Pad 2 Xiaomi Mi Pad 1 Xiaomi Mi 3 Redmi Note4G Redmi Note 3G Redmi 1S Redmi 1 Xiaomi Mi 1/1S
Bass Booster And Equalizer 1.0.2 APK
Bass Booster And Equalizer Bass Booster & Equalizer Equalizer& Bass Booster Music Volume EQ - Sound Bass Booster &Equalizer Bass Booster Bluetooth Speaker Improve the sound qualityof your android device with the Bass Boost, Virtualizer andEqualizer. Make your music and video sounds like never before. BassBooster lets you adjust sound effect levels so that you get thebest out of your Music, Audio or Video coming out of your device.Main Features: * Bass Boost effect * Stereo surround sound effect *(Normal, Classic, Dance, Flat, Folk, Heavy Metal, Hip Hop, Jazz,Pop, Rock) * Customizable preset equaliser and bass booster soundbooster bass booster music equalizer bass equalizer bass enhanceraudio equalizer speaker booster sound enhancer sound equalizervolume booster bass booster app headphone volume booster equalizerbass music equalizer app volume booster app music volume eqequalizer booster equalizer android speaker equalizer bass boostermobile equalizer music player audio bass booster equalizer forandroid headphone equalizer free equalizer app sound booster appvolume booster for android free volume booster equalizer app eqequalizer stereo equalizer equalizer & bass booster bass apptreble booster volume equalizer music bass booster music volumeequalizer speaker bass booster best equalizer for android bassbooster for headphones free equalizer equalizer sound systemequalizer app android best music equalizer sound booster forandroid best audio equalizer volume app volume amplifier eq boosterequalizer speaker boost app sound bass booster music bass appdigital equalizer music volume booster bass increaser bestequalizer equalizer pro dsp equalizer sound enhancer app bass musicplayer sound booster pro volume control speaker volume boostermusic equalizer for android eq bass booster music booster app bestbass equalizer best volume booster phone sound booster equalizermusic player booster bass eq bass equalizer app bass buster musicvolume volume enhancer phone volume booster bass treble boosterequalizer fx bass booster online bass boosted songs volume eq 2phones bass boosted best eq for bass high volume music player bestequalizer for android 2018 free bass booster app best soundequilizer increase volume bass reducer best volume booster forandroid best equalizer app for android best bass booster equalizerplayer sound booster for headphones audio equalizer app extravolume app samsung equalizer subwoofer bass booster audio boosteramplifier app phone speaker booster bluetooth volume booster soundeq free bass booster headset equalizer volume bass booster audiovolume booster eq app sound enhancer for android best equalizer formobile equalizer control Works with most Music and Video players.Simple Installation and usage: 1. Effect for Music or Audio * Turnon the Music player and play your music * Turn on the Bass Boosterapplication and adjust sound level and frequency. * Put headphonesfor a best results 2. Effect for video * Just like effect for Musicor Audio, adjust the sound level and frequency, than, let it run inbackground. * Turn on the Video player and play your video * Youmust get a good effect sound results for video Bass Booster andEqualizer is a ten-band music player. Play your favourite songswith ultimate adjuster available in this player. To give extra basseffect use EQ system. Tune yourself with real audio effects andbalanced sound with the Left-Right stereo adjuster. Became a masterof music to control everything at your fingertips in single apps.Adjust 10 band equalizer to enhance sound quality and save yourbands to listen to same anytime anywhere. You can select soundeffect instantly by default presets. UI and swipe feature of BassBooster and Equalizer allow you to easily control the music player.Easily listen vocal only of songs with a vocal tuner.
Treble Check 1.0.2 APK
Test Treble - Project Treble Tester Treble Checker Project TrebleInfo Check Treble Status Treble Check aims to help you determinewhether your device supports Project Treble. Simple & Light appto check is your device supports the Project Treble and SeamlessSystem Updates Check Android P 9.0 Treble Support Check AndroidOreo 8.0 And 8.1 Treble Support Check Android Oreo 7.0 And 7.1Treble Support Traditionally, you can do determine if your devicesupports Project Treble through the use of Android Debug Bridge ora Terminal Emulator. With Treble Check, it automates the processand does that for you! Simply open the app, and voila, you willalready see the result in an instant! Additionally, Treble Checkchecks whether your device has A/B system partitions. Thispartition setup allows for seamless system upgrades, lessening thechances of boot errors while upgrading the OS. This App SupportCustom Rom. Treble checker Treble checker basic Treble checker proTreble android Support android Treble checker Treble applicationverify Treble Treble Checker app download Check Treble my phone allTreble Checker apps Check Treble my android Treble test TrebleCheck apps for android Treble Check all device Treble verify TrebleCheck my device best Treble checker Treble checker app downloadbest Treble checker app Treble Check android phone Treble Check appbest apps for Trebleed Check android Treble Check onlineTreblecheaker Treble checker basic apps how to Check Treble Supportmy android phone best Treble checker app android advanced Treblechecker Treble Check android mobile Treble Check any android how toCheck Treble phone Treble checker mobile phone not Trebleed Deviceswith Project Treble support can be updated faster and for a longertime by the device maker and the Android custom ROM community.Project Treble helps OEMs to upgrade devices to newer Androidversions with ease. This is achieved by separating the vendorimplementation from the Android OS framework via a new vendorinterface. In addition, this may speed up the development of customROMs as devices supporting Project Treble are expected to be ableto run a generic AOSP build. In theory, with the help of ProjectTreble, devices should be getting faster Android version updates.
dB Sound Meter 1.0.3 APK
dB Sound Meter Sound level meter app is shows a decibel values bymeasure the environmental noise, displays measured dB values invarious forms. You can experience tidy graphic design with highframe by this smart sound meter app. This app will use the phonemicrophone to measure environmental noise decibels (dB) and show avalue for reference. With this app, you can easily measure thecurrent level of environmental noise. Simple operation and easy touse. The high decibel value will be harmful to your physical andmental health and hearing function. You'd better avoid exposure innoisy environments. To protect your and your family's health,detect the decibel value now! Features: - Indicates decibel bygauge - Display the current noise reference - Can calibrate thedecibel for each devices db sound meter decibel meter sound levelmeter sound meter db meter noise meter noise level meter decibelreader sound meter decibel sound measurement device noise monitordb reader sound pressure level meter sound meter app sound levelmeter app digital sound level meter level meter noise decibel meternoise measurement device decibel test noise dosimeter decibelmonitor decibel metre best decibel meter best sound level meterdecibel recorder sound level meter price sound measuringinstruments sound pressure meter measure sound level db level metersound metre db test noise level measurement decibel meter appmeasure decibels sound level monitor noise meter app noise levelmonitor decibel level meter noise test noise monitoring equipmentnoise decibel reader decibel sensor db metre decibel measuringdevice noise reader digital sound meter sound level metercalibration digital level meter decibel counter spl db meterdecibel detector noise measurement equipment sound measurementnoise measuring instrument noise monitor app best spl meter soundmeter calibration sound decibel reader sound meter pro sound levelrecorder db volume meter noise metre best sound meter digital dbmeter acoustic meter sound meter level device to measure sounddecibels noise measurement type 2 sound level meter where can i buya decibel meter audio level meter sound of test sound level testersound volume meter loudness meter digital decibel meter noisepollution measurement devices sound level meters for sale dbmeasuring device noise level recorder audio db meter voice decibelmeter noise level indicator sound decibel meter app instrument formeasuring decibels accurate decibel meter device to measure noiselevels sound monitor app noise level testing decibel meter best buysound level reader noise meter calibration sound level sensorLevels of Noise In decibels (dB) according to American Academy ofaudiology : 140 dB - Gun shots, fireworks 130 dB - Jackhammers,Ambulance 120 dB - Jet planes taking off 110 dB - Concerts, Carhorns 100 dB - Snowmobiles 90 dB - Power tools 80 dB - Alarm clocks70 dB - Traffic 60 dB - Normal conversation 50 dB - Moderaterainfall 40 dB - Quiet library 30 dB - Whisper 20 dB - Leavesrusting 10 dB –Breathing Levels of Noise In decibels (dB) accordingto American Academy of audiology, From 0 dB to 150 dB between thedivision, for example: 60 dB is "Normal conversation ". The highdecibel value will be harmful to your physical and mental healthand hearing function. You'd better avoid exposure in noisyenvironments.To protect your and your family's health, detect thedecibel value now! Do not hesitate, Come and download Soundpressure level(SPL) meter app now. **Notes Microphones in mostandroid devices are aligned to human voice. The maximum values arelimited by the device. Very loud sounds(over ~90 dB) may not berecognized in most device. So please use it as just an auxiliarytools. If you need more accurate dB values, we recommend a actualsound level meter for that.
My Online Loot - Deals, Coupons, Offers, Cashback 1.0.4 APK
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Light Meter 1.0.2 APK
Light Meter Lux Meter (Light Meter) LightMeter Free Lux Meter is asimple light meter for measuring illuminances (lux, fc) by usingthe light sensor of your android device. Key Features: ★ calibrateyour device with the multiplier ★ shows the minimum, maximum andaverage value ★ shows the sensor data ★ 100% free I've made thisapp for real old school photographers or advanced amateurs shootinganalog photography. I always give the first version for freewithout limitations, but improvements, new features and usersrequests are only made for the paid version. For the price of asoda you will support hundreds of hours of work and will get morefeatures and improvements. LightMeter's reflected light meter onlyworks with devices that are able to save exif data. Incident lightmeter should work on any device, but it is usually insufficient forreal photographers. Be advised that the precission and quality ofthis and all phone light meters is limited by the device itself. Irecommend using the reflected light option, the precission can bereally good. light meter lux meter light meter for photographyexposure meter digital light meter camera light meter lux meterprice best light meter photo light meter lightmeter digital luxmeter light intensity meter incident light meter light metre ledlight meter lux light meter light measurement lumen meter lux levelmeter handheld light meter uv light meter luminance meter lux metercalibration light level meter light measuring device light readingled lux meter best light meter for photography lux measurementlight meter calibration illuminance meter pocket light meterillumination meter sekonic meter ambient light meter light exposuremeter industrial light meter ideal light meter luminosity meterlumens light meter light color meter lumen sensor best light metersfor digital photography best lux meter Features: -Incident lightmetering (needs light sensor) -Reflected light metering (needscamera, only a few are compatible) -Spot measure if camera haszoom. -Support for all screens, including extra high resolution.Professional light intensity (lux) meter for your device. Itmeasures illumination levels in lux. Features: ─────── ■ directreading in lux ■ 0 to 1000lux in 2 ranges ■ up to 300000lux in 4.4+■ automatic range change ■ support for neutral filters ■ customsensor calibration ■ sensor linearity correction option ■ HDgraphics ■ free NOTE: ───── This app requires devices with a lightsensor. It uses native light sensor data acquisition that givesaccurate and instant light intensity reading. This type of nativedata acquisition is available for many supported devices. Otherdevices are also supported by the built-in compatibility mode butthe accuracy and the speed of light intensity reading may belimited and custom calibration is required for correct readingunder compatibility mode. Light Meter is an app that providesrecommended light intensity range for differentactivities/environments and check if the current light is suitablefor which activities/environments. It contributes to protect youreyesight!