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With the new Transport mod for Minecraft there was an opportunitytofly at breakneck speed on the highway or dissect the clouds onaprivate plane. Yes that perishing there, is available evenmilitaryworld minecraft with minecraft tanks and armored car mcpe!The mainfeature of the addon MCPE it adds a ready-made solutionsandrecipes for crafting minecraft. After installing the applicationonTransport mod in minecraft in the game mcpe there will beseveraltypes of minecraft machines, aircraft mcpe, militaryminecraftequipment. You can choose minecraft transportationaccording tocircumstances or preferences. If you are not one ofthose who aresatisfied with the offer of the market, you can createyour ownunique minecraft pe cars. Equip her weapons in Minecraftand mcpeprotection, pick up any color and shape. But it needs tofairly tryand get the necessary materials. Some of them will beadded, therest you will find in the mines, minecraft caves.AvailableTransport mod for minecraft: • Cars for minecraft citycarsminecraft different brands. • Sports cars in Minecraft andracecars mcpe. • Agricultural machinery: tractors,excavator,harvester, bulldozer. • Aircraft minecraft: minecraft peaircraft,mcpe helicopters, maize, paragliding, etc. • Militaryequipment forminecraft: minecraft tank, armored personnel carrier.• Transportminecraft PE for fun. Do you like racing minecraft inthe city atnight or on the mountain serpentine? Choose a red car inMinecraftluxury with a convertible top. You will get a lot ofpleasure. Youneed to literally crush evil mobs mcpe – Minecraft PEtank. If youneed to get to the bowels of the earth, learn to workon abulldozer. Every gamer Minecraft Pocket Edition will findinTransport mod for Minecraft his car mcpe. Download the mod appforvehicles in Minecraft and create the best fleet in the cubicworldof Minecraft Pocket Edition. DISCLAIMER: This is anunofficialapplication for Minecraft Pocket Edition. Thisapplication is notaffiliated in any way with owner. The MinecraftName, the MinecraftBrand and the Minecraft Assets are all propertyof owner. Allrights reserved.

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    Transport mod for minecraft pe
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    June 8, 2018
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    Android 4.0.3 and up
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    mods dev
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Backpack for minecraft pe 2.3.2 APK
mods dev
Indispensable thing in any campaign-a spacious backpack forminecraft pe. And in the cubic world of mcpe he just a necessity!Imagine being able to put a few huge MCPE backpacks on 54 slotsinto inventory in minecraft PE and carry them with you. Yes youcan, the whole house for minecraft so to carry over the shoulder!Lots of knapsacks available in the new mod for minecraftbackpacks.The addon mod mcpe adds 2 types of backpacks forminecraft pe largest: standard and large. In turn, each species isdivided into several subspecies. Each backpack for Minecraft PE hasits own unique texture MCPE, color. In the new app mods mcpebackpacks can carry multiple backpacks minecraft pe and fill themwith all necessary things: food, clothes, weapons in Minecraft,mcpe drops, etc. For clarity, take 5 big backpacks MCPE, with acapacity of 54 slots. They will occupy only 5 slots in yourminecraft inventory, but the total amount will be 270 slots! Thatis, you can put 270 different items and carry them with you.The appmods for minecraft backpacks have the ability to craft a backpackin minecraft. For this you need a workbench, skins mcpe and ropes.You can add any dye to give your minecraft backpack a favoriteshade. But for those who do not want to waste time, there are readysolutions – small, large, medium backpacks for Minecraft PE withdifferent texture and capacity mcpe.And as always in our apps modsin minecraft backpacks for you-quick installation, easy unpacking.Minimum time-maximum enjoyment of new devices!Attention, for properoperation of the application in addition to fashion, you need toinstall mcpe texture for minecraft. After installation, you justneed to go to the texture pack and click "Import".DISCLAIMER: Thisis an unofficial application for Minecraft Pocket Edition. Thisapplication is not affiliated in any way with owner. The MinecraftName, the Minecraft Brand and the Minecraft Assets are all propertyof owner. All rights reserved.
Dragon mod for minecraft pe 2.3.2 APK
mods dev
With the help of the new app Dragon mod for minecraft pe you willbe able to tame a variety of powerful dragons minecraft pe, whichare able to share some of the abilities, effects characteristic ofthis type of mcpe mobs, as well as the following unique opportunity– flying on any dragon for minecraft. Compared to with theminecraft dragon, which exists in Minecraft Pocket Edition, thecurrent inhabits the lower level and several species, about six.You have a chance to get each of them in the game Minecraft PocketEdition.As same all train your a dragon mcpe? First of all, build aportal for minecraft in the lower world, then you need to changethe complexity of minecraft pe games and put the latest version,otherwise you can not even find Wyvern. The final stage includeswaiting and detection, but first you need to arm yourself with abow and arrows. There is a chance that the mcpe dragon egg will notfall from the first time – it is a painful and very painfulprocess, but this is the whole point, the whole point additions toMinecraft: Dragon mod for minecraft pe.If you think in terms ofutility, and think about the benefits, here comes to mindimmediately saving a huge amount of time, and the ability to flyhigh, different types and types of minecraft obstacles that wouldtake some time to overcome them. On the other hand – it's justcool: have your own dragon for minecraft, with which you can simplyenjoy flying over the beautiful cubic world of MCPE.But, beforethese moments you need to first discover minecraft and destroy themto get an egg from which to be born a little minecraft dragon. Andit will not be very easy because at the first meeting they will tryto kill you – Wyverns are very aggressive and powerful creatures.If you still managed to get minecraft dragon egg, then soon itshould hatch baby Wyverns. Immediately pay attention to its color,if it is white or black, then you are extremely lucky! These typescan give you a special opportunity - to see in the dark (nightvision), they are also the strongest and fastest dragons MinecraftPE.How to ride with dragons MCPE?To climb on top of the dragonmcpe, you must: install the saddle, click on it, and to get off –jump button. By the way, often feed your dragon minecraft PE rawfish – they just love it. MCPE food will restore the strength andhealth of the Wyvern.If your minecraft pet has been injured and hishealth has declined, you can always get raw fish and feed him, fromeating health of Wyvern is restored.DISCLAIMER: This is anunofficial application for Minecraft Pocket Edition. Thisapplication is not affiliated in any way with owner. The MinecraftName, the Minecraft Brand and the Minecraft Assets are all propertyof owner. All rights reserved.
Camping mod for minecraft 2.3.2 APK
mods dev
Fans of Hiking with tents are sure to download Camping mod forminecraft pe will open a new cube world Minecraft Pocket Editionsurvival. You will have a minimum of things mcpe and maximumpleasure from playing Minecraft thanks to the authenticity of lifein the conditions of camping mcpe.Mod minecraft adds a inventorymcpe items needed to create a campground: • Tent mod for minecraft,pegs for installation. • Sleeping bag, log as chair for menecraftpe and plaid. • Lights to illuminate the mods of tent mod forminecraft pe and the area around the campsite. • Minecraft knife,iron rod, Cossacks. • Marshmallows for roasting on a fire. •Everything you need to kindle minecraft fire. • Backpack forminecraft PE or duffel bag for storage of tools and food MCPE. •New minecraft armor that will hide from the cold.Sometimes it isvery useful to leave everything and go to a picturesque place toenjoy nature and privacy. With the new minecraft mod you can set uptent mod for minecraft, where you will spend the night and hidestocks. From eating mcpe marshmallow will be available, but you canalways go out on a minecraft pe hunt or set a trap to get meat.Tofry succulent steaks or cook flavorful porridge on the fire. Justdo not forget to remove the finished Minecraft PE food from thefire, otherwise it will burn, and you will be left with nothing.For protection from the ferocious forest animals in Minecraft andangry mobs MCPE added a few blades and firearms for Minecraft. Butwe advise not to risk at night and as much as possible to arrange atent for minecraft traps, so you do not get caught by surprise.Inthe game Minecraft PE you can meet other travelers who try toexchange their supplies of food minecraft, weapons minecraft pe ortool mod for minecraft. In addition, you can gather friends andwork together to build a minecraft shelter in a tent city mcpe.With minecraft mod Camping mod for mcpe you are waiting for anunforgettable adventure traveler that does not compare with theusual study of the cubic world Minecraft Pocket Edition.DISCLAIMER:This is an unofficial application for Minecraft Pocket Edition.This application is not affiliated in any way with owner. TheMinecraft Name, the Minecraft Brand and the Minecraft Assets areall property of owner. All rights reserved.
Comes alive mod for minecraft pe 2.3.2 APK
mods dev
Every fan of the game Minecraft PE dreams of increasing theactivity of local Comes Alive in Minecraft. Agree with them issometimes boring. The new Comes Alive mod in minecraft petransforms all the inhabitants of the cube world Minecraft PocketEdition. Now they have become sociable, they can be friends, hire ajob, create a family.With the new mcpe addon you won't be so lonelyin the cubic world minecraft. Going to the village, visit any houseMinecraft PE. You will be hospitably welcomed, ask how your casemay even be treated to sweets. Comes alive in minecraft pe I lovecakes! Therefore, if you liked someone, and you want to befollowed, then take a piece of cake.To hire a minecraft withresidents to work, you need to pay him in gold. In the applicationof Comes Alive mod for minecraft are available salaried employees:guards, farmers, loggers, miners, soldiers, archers etc. You canbuild your business and they can get rich by using minecraft modcomes alive. Or at all create an Empire with workers, soldiers,subjects. To organize battle of mcpe and war, feast and holidays;to construct buildings MCPE, to collect taxes, and more.Inaddition, with the new mcpe mod you can get with your minecraftwife and child mcpe. And also improve the demographic situation oftheir settlement, giving them the opportunity to Comes Alive modfor minecraft pe to create their own family in minecraft. Imagine,now you will be the leader of fate! His and other characters in thegame for the whole family mcpe.Thanks to the realistic texture forminecraft pe and unique sounds you will feel authentic with reallife. And from the process of building your own minecraft gamesinside the gameplay is simply impossible to break away! Downloadthe Comes alive mod for minecraft and experience the passion of thelife of the cube world Minecraft Pocket Edition!DISCLAIMER: This isan unofficial application for Minecraft Pocket Edition. Thisapplication is not affiliated in any way with owner. The MinecraftName, the Minecraft Brand and the Minecraft Assets are all propertyof owner. All rights reserved.
Rocket mod for minecraft pe 2.3.2 APK
mods dev
Want to escape from this planet minecraft? Then you need apowerfuland well-equipped rocket mcpe able to overcome the gravityof theearth and send you flying space minecraft. And suchinstallationis! New mod on the rocket in Minecraft PE adds aircraftMCPE, suit,things, and food minecraft pe necessary for survival inzerogravity.Everything you need to run and live in space mcpe, youwillhave after installation. But will you dare to take a desperatestepto become the first astronaut of the cube world MinecraftPocketEdition? This is not an easy task, because everything is tooreal!Before flying into space minecraft need strong training, bothmoraland actual. Build a spaceport, prepare a suit forminecraft,collect food, things and weapons minecraft pe, immerseeverythingin the missile MCPE.Arrange your new home Minecraft PE sothat itis not just comfortable, but also functional on everysquarecentimeter. Rocket minecraft PE is huge, except for you onher liveMCPE mobs, hostile and friendly. You need to be constantlyon thealert. Feasting his eyes on the stars, you can lose yourlife, andnot getting to the deep space Minecraft PocketEdition.Features ofthe app Mod on a rocket in minecraft: * Severaltypes of mcpemissiles, from small to large and entire orbitalstations. • Allthe missiles in minecraft media start and move on tothe fuel. Besure to bring it with you. * Hostile mcpe mobs willhave to killwith unusual weapons for minecraft, so as not to damagethe body ofthe aircraft. • Reaching a certain height, you will berested inthe firmament. This indicates that you have reached theedge of thecube world Minecraft Pocket Edition.But do not worry, wehavedeveloped for you a mini-map for minecraft on the passage foranexciting game Minecraft PE in the distant and unexploredspacemcpe. There you wait for the secret door inside therocketminecraft, and unusual walking among the stars, and thecosmicmysteries.Press the "Install" button and go on an unusualjourneythrough cubic space in Minecraft Pocket Edition.DISCLAIMER:This isan unofficial application for Minecraft Pocket Edition.Thisapplication is not affiliated in any way with owner. TheMinecraftName, the Minecraft Brand and the Minecraft Assets are allpropertyof owner. All rights reserved.
Superhero mod for minecraft pe 2.3.2 APK
mods dev
Have you ever had this: fighting with mcpe monster in Minecraft,youimagined yourself a superhero minecraft pe from yourfavoritemovies? Tremble, now there is a Superhero mod forminecraft, whichembodies dreams into reality! Everyone can wear acostume inminecraft your favorite character to fight with theanti-hero orthe evil mob mcpe.At the same time, you will haveextraordinarystrength and minecraft superpowers combined withexcellent tacticaland technical characteristics of minecraft armorand weapons forMinecraft PE. Here, skills are virtually unlimited.You can becomea little, or a creature of stones and more. All youhave to do isjust put on a suit for minecraft pe and master theweapon mcpe ofcontrol, minecraft pe tools and new abilities. Inaddition, in themidst of gameplay Minecraft Pocket Edition, you canchange the lookto achieve maximum results.In minecraft game therewill be newresources with which you can create costumes forminecraft. Unusualreincarnation, powerful weapons MCPE andtitanic-power – all thiswill be available in your favorite gameMinecraft after installingSuperhero mod for Minecraft PE. But don'tthink there'll be anidyll. The game minecraft also added thevillains, with which youwill be able to fight and test themselvesin a fierce battle forjustice.But remember that good almost alwayswins. So try not togive the villains a chance to win and capturethe cube worldMinecraft Pocket Edition.Features of the ApplicationSuperhero modfor minecraft:* More than 30 costumes of minecraftsuper heroes andvillains.• Costumes in Minecraft endowed withsuperpowers.* 3Dminecraft pe weapons and armor mcpe.• More secretpowers for asuperhero in Minecraft.If you still think installminecraft mod ornot. So don't hesitate and feel free to click the"Install" button.Otherwise, you will not be able to check all thecoolness of thisaddon mcpe.DISCLAIMER: This is an unofficialapplication forMinecraft Pocket Edition. This application is notaffiliated in anyway with owner. The Minecraft Name, the MinecraftBrand and theMinecraft Assets are all property of owner. All rightsreserved.
Ore mod for minecraft 1.4.1 APK
mods dev
Ore mod for Minecraft will allow you to create unusual weapon inMinecraft and mcpe armor that will make you a player with superabilities. The game Minecraft Pocket Edition will add a variety ofore mcpe, both familiar in the real world minecraft pe, and quitefantastic, such as alien metal or alloys from the core of theearth.As before all ore minecraft can be found in caves or mines.For the search and production of special toolbox in minecraft PEand equipment: MCPE armor, torches, pickaxes, axes, hammers MCPE,and sometimes heavy machinery and military your weapon forMinecraft. From the found material you can make minecraft PEweapon, protective suits, mcpe toolbox for life.What ores addsaddon mcpe: • Copper, from which can be create is a magical brew. •Zinc to create a variety of decorative blocks. • Salt for cookingminecraft food, creating a variety of poisons. • Titanium-veryrare, from which you can create, for example, bullet-proof glass. •Unusual ores: tin, silver, mother-of-pearl, sapphire, emerald,ruby, onyx, etc.To get all of the above, you don't just need to armyourself with Minecraft PE toolbox and patience. You need to beready to meet the monsters mcpe, which are also added to the gameMinecraft Pocket Edition. They will be extremely aggressive andwill attack at the first meeting. So be sure to bring a fewdifferent swords mod for minecraft, guns in minecraft and otherMCPE weapons to win the battle.There is another cool thing we haveleft "for dessert". If you collect a complete set of things andminecraft toolbox from one ore minecraft PE, your game minecraftcharacter will be added special effects. Acceleration, double jump,inexhaustible health, fire resistance, underwater breathing andmore. Install the app mods for Minecraft new ores and go on aquest!DISCLAIMER: This is an unofficial application for MinecraftPocket Edition. This application is not affiliated in any way withowner. The Minecraft Name, the Minecraft Brand and the MinecraftAssets are all property of owner. All rights reserved.
Baby mod for minecraft pe 2.3.2 APK
mods dev
We are sure that in our cube world Minecraft Pocket Edition thereisnot enough childish babbling and laughter. Especiallyforlike-minded people developed a new mod for a child inMinecraft.Such an application has definitely not been! Addon mcpeallows theplayer minecraft to turn into a child MCPE, and adds thewonderfulcharacters of kids.Become a Baby player in the gameMinecraftPE-means to decrease in size, completely change theappearance, butat the same time to remain with the strength andhealth of an adultcharacter. You will become a cute little babyplayer addon forminecraft, in diapers and with a nipple. All youritems MCPE willalso be tiny. But the animals for minecraft PE andmobs mcpe willremain the same. Just imagine, you will be below thecow and, infact, it will be able to crush you with a hoof.Inaddition, thegame Minecraft PE added baby for minecraft mobs mcpe,which can beplayed, tamed or destroyed. Their strength will besignificantlyless than that of adult representatives. But beware ofangryparents! They will defend their children as never before.Ifyouwant your own kid mod for minecraft pe, you can create one. Butforthis it will be necessary to find a wife MCPE. Such anopportunityin the Annex will also be available. Together with thefamily,responsibilities will be added. Now you will protect andfeed notonly yourself. All, as in real life.App features Baby modforminecraft: • Have the opportunity to place where previously wasnotpossible. All thanks to the small size. • If in a fight withmobMinecraft you are dying, you can escape, hide and restorehealth.Now it's easier, because you'll be very tiny. • Addon MCPEaddssecret potions that will give super power to Minecraft PE orturnInto an unusual character, such as the ant manminecraft.There's nopoint in explaining anymore. Rather, downloadthe app and enjoy thegameplay Minecraft Pocket Edition to thefullest!DISCLAIMER: Thisis an unofficial application for MinecraftPocket Edition. Thisapplication is not affiliated in any way withowner. The MinecraftName, the Minecraft Brand and the MinecraftAssets are all propertyof owner. All rights reserved.