1.0.0 / March 21, 2017
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Help the dove trash some eggs!

Trash It Dove – is an arcade style casual game. A dove that staysinthe same place will wreck the eggs that are coming towards it.Tapon the right to break eggs on right, and tap left to break eggsonthe left. Tap on the wrong side and it will be a gameover.

Be careful about the timing. As, when the time bar will run outoftime, the game will automatically end.

The game is simple and fun, with fascinating graphics,addictivegameplay, and exhilarating background music.

• This app may require read and write permissions to yourstoragefor score share feature

App Information Trash It Dove

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Stairway 2.4.4 APK
Guide a ball down a narrow staircase, navigating all kinds of crazytwists and turns and the odd spike along the way! You’ll need totap with perfect timing to achieve a high score in thisquick-paced, addictive game from the development company thatbrought you 360 Degree and Circlify. Fail and your ball eitherexplodes or flies of the side of the stairway... The simple,original gameplay and shiny, relaxing graphics combine to give youa gaming experience that will draw you in within minutes ofplaying. Only the best will be able to keep the ball on track as itpicks up speed and the stairway becomes more and moreunpredictable, throwing just about everything at you to cause amistake. Stairway is everything you’re looking for in an app thatcan keep you amused for however long you need to kill time. Get theball rolling and download for free now! Features: Original newconcept Easy to learn with simple controls Addictive andchallenging See yourself improve within just a few plays! NOTE: •This app may require read and write permissions to your storage forscore share feature
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Following the release of the hugely popular 360 degree, Block theBall is a further evolution of the classic arcade gameplay our fansknow and love. This game is yet another fun, addictive app thatwill have you hooked on sight. In Block the Ball you must onceagain guide your ball to a safe landing, this time by carefullymoving your paddle across the bottom of the screen by tapping tomove it from right to left. Your ball will bounce off the left andright walls and from the top of the screen, but don’t let it slipdown below your bat or you’ll have to start again! This game isenormous fun and so easy to pick up and play in a spare moment,offering fantastic intuitive controls for you hone your reactiontimes and reflexes, this is the perfect game to challenge yourfriends with and compare your scores. Following on the heels of oneof the best free android arcade games, and one of the top freeAndroid games 360 Degree – young and old are sure to love thesimple, colourful graphics, intuitive gameplay and addictiveaction, keeping everyone coming back time and time again.------------- FEATURES: - Tap to slide your paddle from right toleft - Collect the gems to gain points - Redeem your gems fordifferent balls - Challenge your reaction time and reflexes -Simple, sleek functionality - Eye-catching interactive design -Addictive, fun fast paced gameplay NOTE: • This app may requireread and write permissions to your storage for score share feature
JetFly 1.3.0 APK
JetFly is the ideal time-killing new game you’ve been looking for!It’s easy to learn with simple controls and fast-paced action thatyou can pick up and play anywhere. Tap and hold the screen toactivate your jetpack and blast up into the air, release at theright moment and if you time it all correctly your land softly onthe platform ahead. As you jetpack your way from platform toplatform, rack up points and challenge your buddies to do better!As you progress, the platforms will become increasinglyunpredictable and in later levels will fall away within seconds ofyour landing on them. It requires you to jetpack more quickly andaccurately to keep the game going. Progress through impressivelydetailed backgrounds and landscapes as fly your way to the top ofthe leaderboard, with beach, space and snow scenes that add to thevisual aspects of the game. Keep in mind that there are rubies tocollect along the way, which can be used to pay various items fromthe JetFly store to help you get higher scores... With terrificgraphics and compelling gameplay, JetFly keeps all ages entertainedfor hours on end. Download for free today! NOTE: • This app mayrequire read and write permissions to your storage for score sharefeature
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Introducing MineBoom, an addictive, challenging, points-basedarcade game that has guiding a bouncing ball around a mine-filledenvironment! MineBoom is an edge-of-your-seat gaming experiencethat follows on from the concept explore in earlier Mascoteers’titles - Enclose and 360 Degree. This time around, you have tocontrol the movements of a ball bouncing inside a large circle,which dodging dangerous and numerous mines that are floating aroundinside. To do this, you need to rotate the circle by tapping thescreen - this controls the angles that the bouncing ball takes andalso allows for some manipulation of the mines. While they moveunpredictably and are quite large, good players are able to runscircles around them and score big points - it just takes a littlepractice before you get a feel for the game. With sharp 2Dgraphics, nice visual and quick-paced gameplay, MineBoom is a hitfor young and old and makes for a long-lasting gaming experience.Download now for free! NOTE: • This app may require read and writepermissions to your storage for score share feature
Qubely 1.1.1 APK
Introducing Qubely, the latest release from The Mascoteers! Take abouncing cube as high as you can as it ascends a tower thatmaterializes above you. Navigating these chaotic steps that ascendcan be much more difficult than it first seems... Following on fromthe basic principles of recent classics Dropple and Stairway,Qubely has the player tap to change direction, moving left, rightand straight to avoid falling off the structure and its twists andturns. To succeed, you’ll have to keep one eye on what’s happeningup ahead and another on the layout below, tapping at the right timeto keep the little cube hopping along! Mind your footing as there’smore than a few missing tiles and various hazards that are designedto slip you up. The winding, unpredictable trial to the summit ofthe tower is rife with danger, and it becomes more chaotic andunpredictable as your climb higher and higher Keep a look out forgems as well which are scattered around the structure - pick themup to unlock new features and colour schemes! NOTE: • This app mayrequire read and write permissions to your storage for score sharefeature
Enclose 1.5 APK
The long-awaited Enclose is here with more of the classic brand ofaddictive, intense, physics-based action that you’ve come to lovefrom The Mascoteers team! The spiritual successor to the hugelysuccessful 360 Degree, Enclose utilises the same game engine butadds a number of new wrinkles, features and ideas that are sure toappease fans of the original and also new gamers unfamiliar withthe concept. The aim is to keep the ball in play for as long aspossible as it bounces around inside a large shape, which is madeup of any number of walls. By tilting your phone, you are able torotate the shape and manipulate the movement of the ball to avoidhazards and collect rubies. The challenge is to ensure none of theouter walls disappear; when they start flashing it’s high time tobounce the ball off them! Otherwise you’ll have a tough timekeeping the ball in play... As you progress and collect rubies,more and more levels with different shapes are unlocked with evenmore hazards and pitfalls to challenge you! It’s all about workingthe angles and keeping your cool in the mayhem, when the chips aredown. How long can you keep the ball in play? Expect an evenlonger-lasting gaming experience that draws you in more and morewith every play. Download for free now and pick up where you leftof with 360 Degree! NOTE: • This app may require read and writepermissions to your storage for score share feature
Smatch 1.3.1 APK
Step into the colourful world of Smatch, the puzzle app that bringsall the best qualities of addictive gaming to the table and isavailable free now! Forget about putting your phone down for awhile as you immerse yourself in one of the most addictive newgames available. The aim is to shoot darts from a rotating innercircle, aiming for various points on the outside. By tapping thescreen at the right time, the player ensures that the next dart inline makes hits a point of the outer rim that has its correspondingcolour. As time goes on, more and more darts will be added to theinner circle, if there are too many, the game ends so it’simportant to fire them off as soon as possible! At the same time, amishit will where a blue dart hits a red part of the outer edge,for example, will mean game over... Amassing more points will meanboth the inner circle and outer edge rotate more quickly, making itmore difficult to hit your targets, making things a little moretense unpredictable. Download Smatch for free today and remember tocheck out your progress on the leader-board as you improve andprogress! NOTE: • This app may require read and write permissionsto your storage for score share feature