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After the success of school bags, factory and mobile phonefactoryhere is a smart addition to frolicfox studio’s factorygamingseries naming “Travel Backpack Factory”.Tired of neverfinding theperfect backpack for a luxury travel? Little girls andboys! LearnHow to Design and Sew a Custom Backpack. Make the besttravelbackpacks for traveling anywhere in the world. The travelbackpackfactory works to prepare high-quality top rated travelbackpacks.It took some thoughtful design and hard work to createbackpackfrom scratch. Experience a broad range of sewing topics andskills,everything from drawing your design, creating a prototype,editinga pattern, and even adding foam support structures. To runthefactory successfully you need advanced sewing skills. Attheinitial stage, you must be master on the sewing machine.Littlegirls and boys working as a tailor & designing a backpackisreally fun part of the factory. Travel backpack makingprocess:first of all draw a fabulous design for the front, back,side, top,and bottom. Pick the fabric of different colors and cutit intopieces. Create a pattern of the backpack design to adjusteach partof it. Now you have a design, you have a pattern, you'vecollectedyour materials and now it's time to start making. Spreadout yourfabric on a large flat surface, wrong side up. Make sure itisn'tdouble layered and cut all the pieces following pattern.Littlebackpack maker: Start sewing the travel backpack by preparingthefront pouches then sew the straps, Back Padding, side andbottompieces. Now make the top handle and lower strapattachments.Prepare internal pockets stitched with the top edge andattach theback pieces. Add the zipper pocket and next step isBastingTogether the Front, Back, Sides, and Bottom Pieces. Thefinal stepis to attach the strap cam adjusters to the strapwebbing.It’s asuperb idea to load all of your traveling fixes andpacking totravel everywhere you want to full the level ofexcitement. Be atop-level manufacturer of -friendly, adventure,wheeled and stylishtravel backpacks. Little boys, girls, and allfamily members workin a very amazing backpack making factory toproduce fine backpacksfor a luxury travel. Offer the customers toenjoy their travelswith the luggage and travel accessories. Peoplelove to have travelbackpacks because it's supreme comfort while onthe back and it'snearly flawless. Traditional backpacks are notsuitable anymore asthey failed to visit a number of cities and anurban environmentwithout any break. Some of the features of makingbackpack includecarry on size, carry handles, Comfortable PaddedHip Belt,realistic suspension system, lightweight andhigh-qualityfabrication. Traveling backpack offers a variety ofcomforts to thetraveler’s i.e. when you’re traveling, you don’twant to unloadyour entire bag every time you change locations. Youwant to openyour bag, get whatever you need, and then be on yourway. This waspossible only through modern backpack manufactured inthe travelingbackpack factory. Another benefit is that the backpackzips openlike a normal suitcase — none of that top loadingnonsense. Thisway you can easily access whatever you need withoutmuch hassle.While making backpacks be sure to make them flexibleenough so thatthey can be adjusted in any size or under any widthor depth. Thetravel backpack is a great travel backpack factory, soit’s nosurprise that the bags made here are one of the most popularpacks.Install and play this Adventurous factory game from thefun-lovingmaker of frolicfox studio.

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