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Join Lucky Cat on an adventure throughbeaches, oceans, forests and deserts. Bounce your shots off of pegsto get crazy combos, unlock-able bonuses, tons of points, all whilechallenging your friends for the best scores. Get started on thisexciting treasure hunting journey!

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Treasure Bounce 0.0.26 APK
Join Lucky Cat on an adventure throughbeaches, oceans, forests and deserts. Bounce your shots off of pegsto get crazy combos, unlock-able bonuses, tons of points, all whilechallenging your friends for the best scores. Get started on thisexciting treasure hunting journey!
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Enjoy the sand and surf alike while you get your Bingo fix! Nowavailable for Android Smartphones & Tablets! ENJOY BINGO ON THEBEACH Bingo Beach combines classic bingo action with exciting fastpaced power-ups, collectibles, unique new items, leveling up, chat,and a lot more to create a true sunny delight! REAL-TIMEMULTIPLAYER Connect from anywhere and play against other BingoBeach goers. Chat in real time with other players in between roundsor while you daub your cards. Play 4 cards at a time on tablet orup to 2 cards on your phone. UNIQUE GAME CHANGING ITEMS Use new andunique items like the Daub Spotter and Bingo Spotter to make bingoeven more fast paced and fun. Once you've used a Daub Spotter youwill never go back! EXPLORE THE BEACHES & WATERS OF THE WORLDCollect collectibles, trophies, and custom daubs from around theworld. Play Bingo Beach for FREE and begin your your journey withLucky Cat today! Like us on: Facebook.com/EmberEntertainment Followus on: twitter.com/Ember_Dev If you have problems or suggests wewould love to hear from you. You can reach us at:contact@ember-entertainment.com
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Lucky Cat is back in a brand new Bingo adventure! Collect all ofLucky Cat's feline pals in this purrfect journey through 10different Bingo boards. ENJOY BINGO WITH CATS Bingo Cats combinesclassic bingo action with exciting fast paced power-ups,collectibles, unique new items, leveling up, chat, and a lot moreto create a purrfect bingo experience! REAL-TIME MULTIPLAYERConnect from anywhere and play against other Bingo Cats. Chat inreal time with other players in between rounds or while you daubyour cards. Play 4 cards at a time on your tablet or phone. UNIQUEGAME CHANGING ITEMS Use new and unique items like the Daub Spotterand Bingo Spotter to make bingo even more fast paced and fun. Onceyou've used a Daub Spotter you will never go back! LEARN ABOUT THEFELINES OF THE WORLD Collect cat collectibles, trophies, and customdaubs from around the world. If you like cats & bingo this gameis for you! Play Bingo Cats for FREE and begin your your journeywith Lucky Cat today! Like us on: Facebook.com/EmberEntertainmentFollow us on: twitter.com/Ember_Dev If you have problems orsuggests we would love to hear from you. You can reach us at:contact@ember-entertainment.com
Guilds & Heroes 1.1.5 APK
Jump in and recruit your heroes to explore the open world. Takeparties from your city into enemy lands and battle epic monsters!Take up arms against others in synchronous, real-time PVP! Theaction is endless and the treasures are plentiful! Carefullyassemble the greatest team of warriors, archers, brutes, and manymore! Defend your city and crush your enemies!▶Features[Real-timePVP]Battle others in synchronous, turn based battle!Spectate livebattles of other players![Open World]Build out your village orstart encampments anywhere in the world!Endless places to exploreand enemies to destroy!Constantly changing world, always newadventures to be found![Enormous Campaign]Battle 15 bosses in theepic campaign mode!Battle through increasingly difficult dungeonsto acquire resources![Guilds]Start or join a guild!Share troopswith guild members to win the toughest battles!Plan your attackagainst enemies in guild chat![Earn and Discover New Loot]Winchests in battle!Complete raids for resources to unlock chestsfaster!Every chest contains valuable and useful items![Chat]Chatwith all players in global chat!Share best tactics and strategieswith your guild![Customize Your Heroes]Choose your hero’s armor andweapons!Hatch Eggs and get Pets for your hero!Level up and evolveyour hero and their equipment!***• Items are available for purchasewithin this game. • Feel free to contact support for issues or toreport a bug!