/ October 23, 2015
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You are ninja.
You like treasure!
Pirate like treasure, too.
You take treasure from pirate.
Watch out for robit!
Do not eat.

App Information TreasureGet (Unreleased)

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Monkey Swing 1.6 APK
Think you’re just a simple little monkey? Think again. You’re achimp on a mission. That mission? To get from one platform to thenext using nothing more than a sweet swingin' vine. Buckle yourbanana belts, boys and girls. You’re in for the swing of yourlife.- Easy to jump into and start having fun! Just tap and let goat the right moment to see the monkey fly to the next platform.-Extremely fun and addicting gameplay! Gameplay alone is enough tokeep you playing, but there are also collectables, scores, andunlockables!- Collect bananas throughout levels to unlock treasurechests!- Bushels of hats! Collect them all by buying them withbananas you collect throughout each level.- Continued support withnew levels, each adding a twist to gameplay.- No monkey should bealone. Compete with your friends on Facebook to find who has themost skills and who has the best hat!
MTG Life Counter 1.1.0 APK
This free app keeps track of your life total in card games likeMagic the Gathering. It’s easy to use, clean and nice to look at,and not bloated with a lot of useless features or excessive menus.Try it out and see what you think of the free version.MTG LifeCounter Free Version-Rotary phone-like life counter-Large numberdisplay-all life counter base colors unlocked-a basic MTG themedlife counter top and two basic play mats unlockedIf you like thefree version but want more features and the ability to customizethe background play mat and the life counter tops, buy the MTG LifeCounter Full Version. You’ll unlock the following features if youdo.MTG Life Counter Full Version-All tops unlocked (20 in all)-allbackground play mats unlocked (23 in all)-Companion rotaryphone-like poison counter-Counter rack-Coin toss feature
PhatFits 1.4.1 APK
PhatFits is just a simple little app that helps you track yourcalorie intake and also helps you mark the days that you exerciseon.
Simple RPG Camera 2.5.1 APK
This is a simple example of the Simple RPG Camera asset availablefor purchase from the Unity Asset Store.
TreasureGet (Unreleased) APK
You are ninja.You like treasure!Pirate like treasure, too.You take treasure from pirate.Watch out for robit!Do not eat.