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This calculator is designed to give the two unknown factors in aright triangle, assuming two factors are known. Again, this righttriangle calculator works when you fill in 2 fields in the triangleangles, or the triangle sides. Angle C and angle 3 cannot beentered. The Right-angled Triangles Calculator You must enter atleast two values to do the calculation

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Radio Turkey 15.1 APK
Listen through this application to the best Turkey radio stations.Turkey radio stations PAY ATTENTION: - To listen to the radiostations require a connection to the Internet! - Some devices arenot supported by the integrated media player. radio Turkey liveChoose and click on your favorite radio station to listen to themdirectly and see what song is running. Features: Identity: Toreceive notifications identification is required via an account.Passwords are not shared with us. Data Consumption: The radiostations are received via an Internet connection. Wi-Fi here areusually no charges, but other uses of mobile Internet, such as 3G,costs can be charged. The data usage is at your own risk and it isadvisable to keep this in mind. No more waiting is the perfectapplication for you Download without further delay Radio TurkeyAttention: Internet connection is required -- Listen to Radio appyou always stay connected to life. To make valuable your time bylistening to the radio program. We do not listen to radio withoutinternet download. It offers you the live broadcast of the radiochannel you install the program because. In this way, you canlisten for free without having to miss your favorite radio program.for radio applications You only need to listen to the live radioprogram you need to download. Thank you for the interest you haveshown in the radio application. Listen to Radio Stay ConnectedLife. Attention: Internet connection is required. Some radiostations are now installed, depending on the server s. This is notabout programs you have installed. If you've listened to our mostradio channel list you can contact us to be added. you only need todownload the radio that you also install the google play. Every dayyou want to achieve with renewed radio channels Radio cabal Youhave to be quick and easy access. the city where you can easilylisten to the provincial radio with radio
Triangle Calculator 2.1 APK
This calculator is designed to give the two unknown factors in aright triangle, assuming two factors are known. Again, this righttriangle calculator works when you fill in 2 fields in the triangleangles, or the triangle sides. Angle C and angle 3 cannot beentered. The Right-angled Triangles Calculator You must enter atleast two values to do the calculation
Radio Listen First Version 5.02 APK
Listen to Radio - Turkish Radio - First Version   With thisversion you can listen to free online radios without error. Withthe new design, we designed an application that you will enjoylistening to the radio both visually and in content. The song ischanged according to the song and the song title and song coverappear automatically. The radio allows the radio to be switched offat any time with the timer. This way you won't have a quotaproblem. With our Free Radio app you can listen to radio stationsbroadcasting in Turkey. Our radio application works with anInternet connection. Therefore, you should pay attention to yourquota while listening to radio channels via mobile data. With ourlive radio application, you can listen to your favorite radio freeof charge. Totally free. With categories you can easily access yourfavorite music from within a single application. Turkish RadioApplication features. 1-In the background you can listen to ourradio application. 2-Incoming calls are muted. When you end thecall, you can listen to the music again. 3-You will have theopportunity to listen to all radios online from a singleapplication. 4- You will not encounter an overwhelming ad displayin the applications. 5- Advance updates with the Sleep timer sothat the radio application will close at any time and will saveboth battery and mobile data. 6- On the notification screen, youwill perform the operations without entering into the applicationby using the short-cut buttons, radio stop, radio restart andlistening. 7- You can listen to radio without interruption even onlock screen. 8- You can send the desired radio station toturkceapps@gmail.com and have it added to our Turkish Radio Listenapplication. 9- Our application is in the category of Radio - AllRadios in playstore. 10- Thank you in advance for choosing ourradio listen application. NOTE: It is not possible to listen to theradio without internet. Free radio application without internet ifthe program offers its own program can use it for free. RadioChannels are categorized into categories. Trt Radios Arabeks radiosFantasy Radios Children's Radio Religious radios News - Sportsradios Classic music Black Sea Radios Slow radios Turku RadiosTurkish folk music Turkish art music Turkish Pop Radios Foreignradios Local Radios MUSIC Free All Radio Channels
Islamic Radio 8.1.0 APK
You can follow Radios which broadcasts Islam, from a singleapplication. We have acted to become the unification point ofRadios that broadcast religious and Islamic worldwide. You canIslamic uninterrupted Islamic Radio channels from anywhere you likewith our free Religious Radiotherapy application. Caution: Internetconnection is required. Some radio channels may be installed latedepending on the servers. This is not related to the program youinstalled. If you do not have the most list of Islamic Radiochannels you are listening to, you can contact us atturkceapps@gmail.com. Listen to the radio and download the radioyou just need to do is download from google play. With the renewedradio channels every day you can quickly and easily access theRadio channel you want to reach. We will also add Islamic radiochannels around the world depending on your wishes in the future.Radio download is free and you can access your application in theIslamic - Religious Radiolar category. Islami Radios in OurApplication Published in Turkey listing 1. AKRA FM 2. Bayram fm 3.Beyzade fm 4. Cansuyu FM 5. Diyanet Kur'an Radyo 6. Diyanet Radyo7. Diyarbakır Çağrı Fm 8. Dolunay Fm 9. Dost Fm 10. Dua Fm 11.Eymen FM 12. Furkan Radyo 13. Hedef Radyo 14. İsra Fm 15. Kervan Fm16. Konya Gözyaşı FM 17. Lalegül Fm 18. Marmara FM 19. Medine Fm20. Moral Fm 21. Özel FM 22. Radyo 7 Kuran Meali 23. Radyo Anadolu24. Radyo Çağrı 25. Radyo İslam 26. Radyo Kuran 27. Radyo KuranMeali 28. Radyo Mevlana 29. Sufi Mistik 30. Uhud Fm
Radio France 2.0.0 APK
Listen through this application to thebestFrance radio stations.France radio stationsPAY ATTENTION:- To listen to the radio stations require a connection totheInternet!- Some devices are not supported by the integratedmediaplayer.radio france liveChoose and click on your favorite radio station to listen tothemdirectly and see what song is running.Features:Identity:To receive notifications identification is required via anaccount.Passwords are not shared with us.Data Consumption:The radio stations are received via an Internet connection.Wi-Fihere are usually no charges, but other uses of mobileInternet,such as 3G, costs can be charged. The data usage is atyour ownrisk and it is advisable to keep this in mind.No more waiting is the perfect application for youDownload without further delay Radio FranceAttention: Internet connection is required--Listen to Radio app you always stay connected to life.To make valuable your time by listening to the radio program.We do not listen to radio without internet download. It offersyouthe live broadcast of the radio channel you install theprogrambecause.In this way, you can listen for free without having to missyourfavorite radio program. for radio applicationsYou only need to listen to the live radio program you needtodownload. Thank you for the interest you have shown in theradioapplication. Listen to Radio Stay Connected Life.Attention: Internet connection is required.Some radio stations are now installed, depending on the servers.This is not about programs you have installed.If you've listened to our most radio channel list you can contactusto be added.you only need to download the radio that you also install thegoogleplay.Every day you want to achieve with renewed radio channelsRadiocabal You have to be quick and easy access.the city where you can easily listen to the provincial radiowithradio
Netherlands Radio 4.1.0 APK
radio application from anywhere and anytime. With the live radioapplication you can follow the radio station you want. When you setthe in-app sleep timer, the radio will turn off automatically.Features of our Dutch Radio Application. 1-In the background youcan listen to our radio application. 2-Incoming calls are muted.When you end the call, you can listen to the music again. 3-From asingle application Online, you will have the opportunity to listento all radio stations broadcasting in the Netherlands. 4- You willnot encounter an overwhelming ad display in the applications. 5-Advance updates with the Sleep timer so that the radio applicationwill close at any time and will save both battery and mobile data.6- On the notification screen, you will perform the operationswithout entering into the application by using the short-cutbuttons, radio stop, radio restart and listening. 7- You can listento radio without interruption even on lock screen. 8- You can sendthe desired radio station to turkceapps@gmail.com and have it addedto our Turkish Radio Listen application. 9- Our application is inthe category of Radio - All Radios in playstore. 10- Thank you inadvance for choosing our radio listen application.
com.turkceapps.arabesk 4.0.1 APK
Arabesk Radyolar: Uygulamamızın amacı Türkiye'de yayınlanan ArabeskRadyoları Tek bir uygulamada toplama. Bu sayede nerede olursanızolun istediğiniz Arabesk radyoyu dilediğiniz gibi canlı olarakdinleyebilirsiniz. Uygulamamızın çalışması için İnternet BağlantısıGerekmektedir. Bu nedenle Radyo dinlerken mobil veri akışınıkontrol etmeniz gerekmektedir. Uygulamamız canlı radyokategorisinde yer almaktadır. Arabesk radyo yayıncısı iseniz veUygulamamız içerisinde radyonuzunda eklenmesini istiyorsanızturkceapps@gmail.com adresine yayın linkinizi, logonuzu ve radyoadınızı bize mail atarsanız uygulama içinde yerinizi alabilirsiniz.Uygulama İçerisinde yayın yapan Arabesk Radyolar 1. 06 Ankaralı 2.Arabesk Vadisi 3. Arabesk Alemi 4. Arabesk FM 5. Arabesk Fm 6.Arabesk Melodi 7. Arabesk Radyo 8. Arabesk Türkiye 9. ArabeskinsesiFM 10. AŞK FM 11. Ay Işığı FM 12. Baba Radyo 13. Borun Sesi 14.Damar FM 15. Damar Türk 34 16. Efkar Fm 17. Genc Arabesk FM 18.Genç Kral Fm 19. Hayal FM 20. İmbat FM 21. KRAL FM 22. Kraltürk FM23. PARK FM 24. Radyo 2000 25. Radyo 24 26. Radyo 34 27. Radyo 7Fantezi 28. Radyo Afet 29. Radyo Arabesk 30. Radyo Banko 31. RadyoBergama 32. RADYO DAMAREX 33. RADYO DERMAN 34. Radyo Hüzün Fm 35.Radyo İmparator 36. RADYO KAFAM 37. Radyo Megasite 38. RADYO MODA39. RADYO SEVİMLİ FM 40. Radyo Seyir 41. Radyo Seymen 42. RadyoŞampiyon 43. Radyo Taverna 44. RADYO TİRYAKİ 45. Radyo Vatan 46.RADYOM ARABESK 47. Samsun Tutku Arabesque Radios: The aim of Radioapplication Arabesque collection published in Turkey in a singleapplication. In this way, wherever you are, you can listen to theArabesque radio as you wish. Internet connection is required forour application to work. You should therefore check the mobile datastream while listening to the radio. Our application is in thecategory of live radio. If you are an Arabesque radio broadcasterand want to be added to your radio in our application, you can takeyour place in the application if you send us your broadcast link,logo and radio name to turkceapps@gmail.com. Arabesque Radiosbroadcasting within the application 1. 06 Ankara 2. The ArabesqueValley 3. The Arabesque World 4. Arabesque FM 5. Arabesque Fm 6.Arabesque Melody 7. Arabesque Radio 8. Arabesque Turkey 9.Arabeskinsesi FM 10. LOVE FM 11. Moonlight FM 12. Baba Radio 13.Sound of Boron 14. Core FM 15. Damar Turk 34 16. Efkar Fm 17. YoungArabesque FM 18. Young King Fm 19. Imagination FM 20. İmbat FM 21.KING FM 22. Kraltürk FM 23. PARK FM 24. Radio 2000 25. Radio 24 26.Radio 34 27. Radio 7 Fantasy 28. Radio Disaster 29. Radio Arabesque30. Radio Counter 31. Radio Bergama 32. RADIO DAMAREX 33. RADIODERMAN 34. Radio Sadness Fm 35. Radio Emperor 36. RADIO HEAD 37.Radio Megacity 38. RADIO FASHION 39. RADIO CUSTOMIZED FM 40. RadioNavigation 41. Radio Seymen 42. Radio Champion 43. Radio Taverna44. RADIO TIRIAKI 45. Radio Homeland 46. ​​RADIOM ARABESC 47.Samsun Passion
Akocak Köyü 3.1 APK
Akocak köyü ile ilgili en güncel bilgilere ulaşabilirsiniz.Buuygulama sayesinde daha hızlı bir şekilde etkinliklere, vefat,düğünve toplantı bildirimlerini kolaylıkla alabileceksiniz. Buuygulamamızın amacı Genç nesillerimizin Akocak' köyümüze bağlıkalabilmeleriAnlık bildirimleri alabilmeniz için uygulamaizinlerine onay vermeniz gerekmektedir.You can find the latestinformation about the Akocak village.Through this application morequickly to events, death, weddings and meetings easily be able toreceive notifications.The aim of this application Akocak our younggeneration 'can stay connected to our villageYou must give consentto allow the application in order to receive instant notifications.