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Are you ready for extreme driving tricks on single rope ? Justexplore the fun with this driving simulator. If you are searchingfor the smashing bicycle racing games plus the electrifying stuntdriving then you are at the right place. You will go crazy withunparalleled action of the mountain bike setting out on the crazywell of death trip. Your main task is to take your moto bike anddefeating the hurdles in form of boxes, rollers, big ramps and manymore. This will going to be an unforgettable experience for you towitness the limitless huge ramps crafted in the air. Drivemotorcycle as fast as you can around the tricky tracks and use yournitro to get even faster! Don’t you want take this fun rideoffering by the top racing simulation game.Freestyle BMX StuntDriving Racing:Drive cycle driving simulator on the impossibletracks that are situated sky high. Make some really cool bikingthis superb drift game free. The hanging container the air andlooping snaky tracks are the fantastic creation of graphics. If youthink that you are stunting bike rider; you need reconfirmation.Hurl into this cycle race free game 3d. We assure you that younever seen such a kind of 99% impossible driving tracks anywhereelse. So this bicycle game has the over whelming stunts race allyou always wanted.Impossible Moto Rides Challenges: There is nospace for fears here in this impossible bike game. There are skyroads with the dangerous twists and turns. You need to drive asfast as you can your dirt biek on the impossible cycle drivingtracks game. You need to ride more skillfully and fearlessly.Execute some bike tricks on the 98% tricky bike tracks. Be thefastest bike riding champion of the scooter games now!How Can YouWin?This moto game racing aims at train you in terms of bicycleriding and stunt bike driving. Unlike other bike games there areplenty of bikes for you like bmx cycles etc. So just choose yourfavorite bike from racing vehicle garage and hit the roads. Nextyou will be directed to level selection. Select the initial levelas they are meant for novice users. After that you will need toselect the environment. This free game has two furthermodes:->Well of death->Impossible tracksYou must execute thesky high jumps and stunt riding including burn-outs on the heavybike. The 3d tracks are fully packed with tires, seesaws, anddoubleblades in this high speed biker game. Take the precise jumpsover to cross obstacles and make a path among these narrow roads todestination. Be alert! As the timecannot stops. Complete eachmission with in specific time limit otherwise current level will beterminated.Hit the install button and let this dirt bike racinggame bringyou the frenzy action. Features: 1. This new game hassmooth controls with steering and brakes2. Numerous death well bikelevels3. Invincible impossible tracks game4. Awesome sound effectsand realistic graphics

App Information Tricky Bike Rope Rider: 3d Bike Racing Games

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    Tricky Bike Rope Rider: 3d Bike Racing Games
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    June 8, 2018
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Zact Studio Games
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Above five million admirers around the world of our Amazing RollerCoaster. Don’t you want to play it? There is nothing joyful likeroller coaster. As it features the best of water park games so thelevel of adventure can never be gauged. If you want to have realtime fun of the roller coaster games then you are at right place.Grab the water park roller coaster and expect the unexpected. Justwitness the coaster cars flying around the tracks. As the velocityis going too increased, the excitement level will be doubled. Thisis crazy ride game so go for it now! Get strapped to the rollercoaster car seat and join other passengers to get the unforgettablefun. Among all the rollercoaster fun this free game has all whatyou want. If you want to explore the thrill and excitement in realplace, then this is yours game. Don’t lose your balance as you willbe going to shake on the twisty turns and loops. On the way youwill cross the murky seas and the gigantic mountains. Just keepequilibrium as it will much needed. So embark on the journey ofroller coaster games for kids. Versatile Roller Coaster DrivingSimulators: This is fun land ride for your children. Drop from theskies with lightning speed, this roller coaster game is foreveryone. Exclusive Game Modes; The roller coaster endless fun hasfollowing modes:  Rainy, Thundering and Lightning.  Snow Falling. Day and Night.  Hills and Theme Parks.  Greenland and WaterPark.  Animal zoo Don’t miss this chance to become the legendaryrider. Press install button & allow the speedy roller coasterto unleash exhilarating joy. Are u ready to be the king of ridingroller coaster games? Features of Amazing Roller Coaster HD 2018:1. Easy to play, hard to avoid 2. Smooth race, brakes & boostbuttons 3. Awesome sound tracks and visual effects 4. Addictivegame play as distinct from the roller coaster games 5. Incredibleopportunity of free rides
Army Truck Driver Game 3D 1.0 APK
Team Zact Studios is proud to present awonderful army truck game in a realistic war situation. You wouldhave probably played a number of army truck games. But for thefirst time you will feel like really in battle situation where as atruck driver you would transport army soldiers from base camp toborder line check post.GAME DISTINGUISHING FEATURES:★ Truck drive simulation with easy to difficult levels andmultiple scenarios.★ Truck driving in real war situation where truck driver is todrive at fast speed to timely drop soldiers in war arena.★ Realistic army hill camp with check post, road hurdles, flyinghelicopters and alert army forces.★ Great environment.. Particularly ice covered mountains, live snowfall and driving in rain are super beautiful scenes.★ Levels 9, 10, 19 & 20 are enemy attack modes on army borderline check post on mountain hills. The military driver is todeliver army commandos at check post in emergency and have to showtruck speed driving skills on mountains pulpy roads.★ The game calculates driver performance and gives score at the endof each level. So you can monitor your truck driving skills andenhance by playing once and again.Drive army truck at highest speeds, get a lot of bonuses and makehighest score. Challenge your friends to compete you....ARMY TRUCK DRIVER 3D GAME FEATURES:> Truck simulator free game with dynamic HD graphics.> Most realistic army cargo truck with jumbo tyres.> Realistic war situation with stunning sound effects.> Real 3D soldiers animations with guns.> Wonderful mountain snow, rain and night environments.> Live score board and level end score based on timely missioncompletion and efficient driving.> Multiple missions from easy to difficult.> Multiple steering options i.e. tilt, wheel and touchbuttons.> Multiple camera views... The best in truck drive mode.> Multiple beautiful day, evening and night truck drivinglevels.> Free to play game with addictive gameplay.
3D Truck Driving Simulator - Free Games 2.0.02 APK
If you love truck games then "3D Truck Driving Simulator" is thebest truck drive game for you. Become truck driver, hold thesteering of a cargo truck and enjoy most realistic cockpit drivinggame. Transfer lots of cargo items from one place to thedestination. Drive Euro trucks in beautiful mountain valleys andenjoy the thrill of exciting hill climbing challenge on difficultcurvy tracks. Play to enjoy free truck game with most beautifulsnow, rain, night and evening driving scenes. The sunset scene inevening mode is best game all over the world. You must see it. HOWTO PLAY It is easy to play truck game. Here are some tips: 1) Afteropening game, hold your device horizontally. 2) Press play button.There are a number of HD trucks in option. Select the truck of yourchoice. 3) There are a number of levels to play. You can select anyof unlocked levels. Pass levels to unlock the next. 4) In game playon left side of your device, there are camera view and steeringoptions. You can change camera view and steering at any time duringgame play. 5) Steering wheel or buttons are also on left bottom. 6)On right side, there are headlight and pause buttons. At bottomthere are forward & backward accelerator and brake options.TIPS FOR TRUCK HILL STATION SAFE DRIVE: To drive safely on curvyand dangerous hilly tracks, we recommend you to drive slow in first2 levels. There are speed breakers on road. Take care of them andapply brakes when you see speed breaker. Tilt steering is the mosteasy to control. So choose tilt steering for learning drive onmountain hills. Feel like you are in truck driving school in firstlevels and then you are free for truck racing on mountains. “3DTRUCK DRIVING SIMULATOR” GAMES FEATURES: - Most realistic truckphysics, feel like truck real drive. - Truck with head lights forreal night driving. - Multiple camera views: Third person view,cockpit/ interior camera view, top view - Lots of cargo items like3D drums, wooden pallets, tractors, fertilizer bags and gascylinders etc. - Multiple steering options which include: Tiltsteering, left right touch buttons, steering handle. - Lots of hilltrucks to drive on off-road impossible tracks. - Most beautifulmountainous green tracks with speed breaker on road. - Evening modewith heart touching sun set scenes. - Night driving with real likenight effects. - Mountain 3d truck driving snow drive with mostthrilling slippery roads. - Thrilling truck drive in rain. - Trucksimulator game off-road with high quality HD graphics. - Free truckgame, even no in-app purchases. - Addictive game play with lots offun.
Hill Taxi Driver 3D 2016 1.0 APK
Hi Zact Studio fans.. Here is the mostbeautiful taxi driving game for you.So get ready to enjoy high speed driving game on difficult hillymountain tracks. This is an awesome mountain taxi driving game forthe mountain driving lovers.Become city taxi driver, hold the steering of a beautiful 4x4 taxicar specially designed for high mountains hill climb. Drive taxifrom hill top city to mountain villages. Pick passengers from theirhotel and drop them at city shopping mall. Have long journey withpassengers travelling on your taxi from capital city to deepmountain valleys.WHAT IS UNIQUE IN THIS GAME:The most amazing feature of this free car game is multiple musicoptions. It is natural that people get bore of same music all time.So we bring an exciting feature that every car have differentlyrics sound. So go on unlocking the cars and enjoy followingmusic:★ Pleasing Asian folk song similar to Indian Punjabi music.★ The Americans favorite pop music and heart of the youth.★ Rock music, hot favorite all over the world.GAME PLAN:In this mountain taxi game you perform the driver duty and pick thepassengers and drop them on their destination. Driving taxi is afun but taxi speed drive on bumpy roads is challenging and the realfun as well. Driving on mountain is a very dangerous so take careof your self & passengers with you. Like a crazy driveraccelerate taxi to furious speeds to reach early and earn more cash& bonus.Passenger are waiting on hill station stop so hurry up to pickthe passenger. Drop the passenger on its destination within a timelimit otherwise you fail in the mission. I hope you enjoy thebeautiful and dangerous mountain tracks and hill climb driving in abeautiful snowfall and rainy weather.Hill Taxi Driver 3D free game consists of 20 levels with lots offun and challenge for taxi car racing lovers.Multi featured luxurious yellow taxi cabs are ready to make yourjourney splendid.The first five levels are easy to play green mountain taxi drive.These are taxi simulation levels you can complete easily and makehigh score. Unlock amazing new cars with collected money.Next five levels i.e. 6 to 10 are rain drive on slipperyoffroad. Taxi off-road drive on mountain is the most thrillingtask. So let us who meets the challenge of transporting passengersin cats & dogs rain. Are you ready to meet this crazy taxidriving challenge.Levels 11 to 15 are gorgeous snow drive tasks in ice coveredmountains. So drive taxi in snow and enjoy most beautifulweather.The last five levels are off course most difficult one. Here youface stunning taxi night driving challenge where you have totransport passengers in night.GAME COOL FEATURES:> Taxi simulator free game with high quality 3Dgraphics.> Multiple music options with hours of fun.> Multiple steering options i.e. steering wheel, tilt steeringand touch buttons.> Multiple camera views i.e. third person view, detailedinterior cockpit view and adjustable top view.> Multiple levels in beautiful realistic environments.> Multiple cars with stunning features.> Multiple hill stations with auto door.> Real 3d driver in taxi and realistic animatedpassengers.> Lots of missions.> Award of cash and bonus on efficient driving.> Very easy to play game for all age players.> Music mute option.
Public Bus Duty Driver 3D 1.1 APK
Congratulations dear fans… Your dreams havecome true. Here it is the most unique bus driving simulator gameyou were waiting for.This coach bus game has been designed in a very fantasticmountain top village and town environment.Become transport public bus driver and drive beautiful bus frommountain city to the mountain top village. Pick passengers fromcity terminal and drive bus on mountain top hill stations. Keep onpicking passengers from small towns and villages and see mostbeautiful natural scenes.AMAZING NEW FEATURE: ANIMALS ON ROAD:The game contain very unique and new game feature. There areanimals running here and there on grassy mountain landscapes.Sometimes animals like Cow, buffalo, goat and dog come on the roadand sit on it. While speed driving bus you have to take care ofanimals on the road.The game will end if bus strike with any animal. So give bus hornif you see animal so that it may run away. Be a good driver andsave animals.SO DRIVE BUS IN BEAUTIFUL NATURAL PLACES, SEE ANIMALS&ENJOY DRIVING BUS GAME.GAME COOL FEATURES:> Absolutely free bus game made with High quality HDgraphics.> Bus simulation game specially designed for Androiddevices.> Multiple beautiful environments with snow, rain, beautifulgreen mountains, villages etc.> Realistic bus with powerful engine for bus hill climbchallenges.> Multiple camera views i.e. cockpit view, third person view andtop view.> Wonderful bus driving in rain on slippery road.> Time bound challenging passengers pick & dropmissions> Top game for young boys and girls who love bus simulatorgames.> Free to play, easy to play and fun to play game.
Metro Bus Drive Free 1.1 APK
Welcome to best metro bus free game. The realmetro bus driving experience is at your fingertips. Enjoy mostrealistic bus cockpit drive game with detailed bus interior. So areyou ready to achieve this interesting long bus drivechallenge?Download "Metro Bus Drive Free" just now from Google Playstore andshow your brilliant driving skills. Enjoy your Eid with the Lahore,Islamabad metro bus drive and have full fun.Get ready to play the world hot favorite metro bus simulationgame. Enjoy the ride of realistic bus and feel like real busdriver. This is a very beautiful and unique bus game. Just jump onto driving seat, control the steer and start your driving in abeautiful town and city environment.METRO BUS GRAND MASTI;Drive metro bus at crazy speed and enjoy lots of features. Manycamera angles like third person view, realistic cockpit driving andtop view driving makes it an awesome bus game.Multiple environments like day light, city night and evening scenesare ready to make you crazy rider. Drive metro at extra fast speedto enjoy the thrill of steering your bus through curvy roads.Free metro bus game is so exciting that you must try it.REAL CITY BUS SITUATIONS;Enjoy most realistic public transport bus game. As a transport busdriver, you pick and drop the passengers from various city points.You are driving bus on busy city rout. You are driving a very longbus. It is a difficult challenge to control such a bus on busy citytracks. Only brilliant drivers can accept this challenge.STATE OF THE ART METRO BUS;Your modern metro bus is equipped with state of the art technology.A real time map guide you and bring you at the right bus stations.There is a powerful bus engine to drag this long bus through deepunder pass to high bridges. Bus controls are so smooth that youfeel like driving home car instead of a commercial bus driving.AMAZING AND CHALLENGING MISSIONS;The game have very amazing and challenging city bus drivingmissions. There are lots of levels to provide you driving practice.You get experience of incredible commercial buses driving in citystreets. You need to drive precisely. As in case of every citymetro, you are given limited time to reach each station so that nopassenger may get late.GAME COOL FEATURES:○ Bus simulator game with high quality HD graphics.○ Most realistic bus drive physics.○ Multiple camera views i.e. bus cockpit view drive, third personview and top view.○ Beautifully designed real like metro bus stations.○ Bus door auto close and open.○ Realistic 3D driver in bus.○ Beautiful 3D city environment with roads, buildings, bridges andunderpass.○ Top game for racing bus game lovers.○ Lots of pick & drop missions in 10 levels of the game.○ Free to download, free to play absolutely free bus game.
Turbo Car Rally Racing 3D 1.0 APK
You would have probably played a lot ofcarracing games on Android devices and PC as well.The new era is of Andoid games so we have made a racing cargamewhich is ahead of the PC racing games. It exceeds PC gamesinreality as well as features.So all racing game lovers must try this one.......!!!We are proud to present "Turbo Car Rally Racing 3D" which isresultof developers excellent team efforts.So hurry up to enjoy the world hot favorite highway car racinggame.Download 100% free game from Google Play Store and start thenonstopfun right now.GAME PLAN: THE REAL CHALLENGE:Feel like you are participant of car racing championship gamesofOlympic Games. There are a lot of competitors whom you have tofacewhile racing in car.The championship consists of a number racing contests. Startingfromeasy car race challenge i.e. one lap to most difficultchallengesi.e. multiple laps.As an excellent car driver you need to drive speed car preciselyandat fast pace. So go on playing and unlocking all new car games3D2016.THREE IN ONE RACING GAME:Three very beautiful environments:> Car racing in dessert highway with rising sand windsandstunning visuals.> Real mountain car racing highway with beautiful bridges,curvyturns and mountain tunnels.> Race car in real snow fall mountains. So beautiful thatyoufeel like racing on ice.Three beautiful cars to race:> Beautiful sports car with customize colours.> Racing car with realistic racing physics and structure ofcarlike Mercedes.> Stunning Ferrari car for ultimate racing.AMAZING & CHALLENGING GAME PLAY:Super beautiful highway with realistic road effects.Curvy turns with real like mountain car driving experience.Stunning collisions and impact-crash sounds.Multiple camera views i.e. cockpit view, third person view andtopview.Compete against many cars , beat the opponent car racers and winthetitle.Compare you score with opponents and in time target achieving.GAME EXTRA COOL FEATURES:> Car simulator free game specially designed forandroiddevices.> All three steering options i.e. wheel, tilt andtouchbuttons.> Multiple sports, racing cars in option to drive.> Time bound challenging missions.> Free mode for learning and practice.> Lots of beautiful highway surrounding environments.> Free to play & easy to play game for all age gamers.> Very pleasing background music with mute option.> Fast & furious speed racing of turbo engine cars.> Very realistic road physics.> Car headlights for real night driving.JUST FEEL LIKE YOU ARE REALLY RACING IN CAR ONACHAMPIONSHIP....
Off Road Jeep Racing 3D 2017 1.04 APK
Off Road Jeep Racing 3D 2017 is a very unique mountain driving gamewith double fun.. Enjoy Jeeps hill climb challenge and racing aswell.You are awarded lots of 4x4 Jeeps which not only run fast ondifficult curvy tracks but also run off-road on mountain rocks. Anamazing offroad track is made on very beautiful green mountains& snow covered mountains for you to feel like real speeddriving on mountains.If you are looking for best racing games inworld then here is what you are looking for. Get racing games freedownload without any in-apps.💖 GAME DISTINGUISHING FEATURES 💖💙Difficult hilly road with high ups and downs.💚 Check points with XPto bring charm in racing.💛 Land sliding and falling rocks tochallenge the road racers.💜 Most realistic Jeeps driving controlsand multiple jeeps.❤️️ Off road rocky drive and offroad race withthe choice of path.💖 AMAZING GAME PLAY 💖There are a number ofexpert jeep racers participating in the championship. To challengethe crazy jeep drivers a difficult curvy mountain track on hillyareas is ready. You have the choice of driving army truck, 4x4hummer jeep and the classical SUV jeep.There are a number of checkpoints on the road. Cross check point timely and get bonus points.You will pass through landsliding area. So be attending and docareful driving. Don't worry if you fall off track because you aredriving 4x4 jeep. Drive off road through water lakes and onmountain rocks. Enjoy jeep driving on mountain rocks and get backto track.So pass initial levels to unlock loads of jeeps and tonsof amazing missions. Fast speed driving jeep on mountain hills isan amazing and thrilling experience you can get from this jeepracing battle. Play all levels to simulate your racing skills andwin the battle of racing from crazy car racers. You will lovefurious speed jeep drive if you like drifting games.Download 100%free from Google Play store to enjoy off road jeep adventure in abeautiful environment.💖 JEEP GAME SALIENT FEATURES 💖✔️️ Jeepsimulation free game with HD 3D graphics.✔️️ Multiple Jeeps todrive i.e. 4x4 hummer jeep, 4x4 SUV jeep, Army jeep.✔️️ MultipleCheck Points with extra points (XP) for qualifiers.✔️️ Hill slidingand falling rocks to create the thrill & challenge.✔️️ Multipleenvironments i.e. beautiful green mountains, snow covered hillyareas.✔️️ Multiple challenging levels with lots of fun.✔️️ MultipleSteering options i.e Tilt Steering, steering wheel and touchbuttons.✔️️ Multiple camera views with detailed interior view.✔️️Realistic jeep physics and smooth driving experience.✔️️ Amazingand thrilling gameplay with offroad mountain drive, water fall andland sliding stones.