1.0 / April 29, 2015
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The app consists of fun and scientifically eyepopping game. The objective is to target the black dot, as It movesvarious places on the bullseyes to retrieve points.

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Star Clusters 1.0 APK
How our game works is that if you tap Fox Solo(which is the fox looking thing) you will hear him screaming. Webased it on how Fox solo dies. You are Kylo and you tap to kill Foxsolo. We put the real scream so it's really annoying. We hope youenjoy our game.
Circuitries 2.0 APK
Control electricity as you guide a ball of itthrough a set of wires. Dodge enemies by moving to another wire,and try to survive as they speed up. If you get hit, it’s gameover!
Hungry Bunny 1.0 APK
The theme of the game is to have a huge sizedrabbit try to catch and eat a smaller sized rabbit.The biggestrabbit tries to eat the other small rabbits. The small rabbits tryto run but will eventually fail. The point of the game is to helpdistract people if they are stressed.
Soccer Mash 1.0 APK
Enjoy playing soccer! Swipe your finger acrossthe screen to pass the soccer ball to another player. Each of thepass you make, you score a point.
Kevin's Soccer 1.0 APK
This game is an amazing simulation ofscoringin a soccer game, it could be easy or it could be hard. Itgivesyou the sensation of scoring. You fling the soccer ball tothegoalie and if it gets past you get a point and a “GOOOOOAAL” andifyou hit the goalie, you fail. TRY AGAIN.
Crazy for Cupcakes 1.0 APK
In this app, the objective is to movethecupcake so it gains sprinkles and lets you score points.However,if you hit the broccoli sprite, then your score goes down.You canwin the game by gaining 30 sprinkles, which results in thecupcakeupgraded to an ice cream cake.
dotSnakeGameThingy 1.0 APK
This is a snake game where the snake eatsstuffand you gain points. Its a digital revamp of the originalSnakes™but easier for those casual scrubs
Dodgeball Fling 1.0 APK
To score points you must collect thewaterbottles. You will lose points if you are hit by a dodgeball.Inorder for you to win the game you must have have collectedenoughwater bottles without getting hit by the dodgeballs. You willbeguiding your player by sliding him across the screen withyourfinger to avoid obstacles