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Play free TriPeaks Solitaire Free which is a brand new solitairegame. You have to strategically move the cards from each pyramidtower to win the game. Jokers can be used for any value. TriPeakssolitaire challenges your mind to figure out how you can clear thetable to collect gold cards. Some cards are locked in TripeaksSolitaire, You need to remove the poker with a key to unlock it.Start with a board of cards that form pyramids, clear as manyboards as possible by tapping cards from the board that is onelower or one higher than the one in the waste pile. You can playTripeaks Solitaire for as long as you desire because there are morethan 500 levels. Game Features: - 3D cards and Effect - SupportMulti-Languages - Lovely music - No time limit - Easy-Read cards -Undo support and lots of boosters to boost your game DownloadTriPeaks now, you will love this game!

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    TriPeaks Solitaire Free
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    November 25, 2020
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    mahjong connect
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    3-203 Haitiain Garden Baoan Shenzhen
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Mahjong 2.28 APK
Mahjong Connect is a fun skill building tile game. Tiles arestacked at different levels in each level, and it is up to theplayer to find the correct match for each tile. Players have achoice of theme when they first enter the game, and for first timeplayers you will be prompted to select level one. Mahjong is famousfor its ability to induce a Zen type state for those who play it.It also builds on problem solving skills because it requires theplayers to plan out moves in advance to allow for the highestpossible number of matches following the current move. This gameadds a new thrill to the game of Mahjong connect because it allowsplayers to advance a level each and every time they beat one. Inthis version of this classic Chinese game, you have a timer andpoints counter as usual. However unlike most games, this one allowsyou to shuffle your tiles a certain number of times. This is areally cool feature to have available to you, because if you getstuck on a level, you will have a certain amount of chances to tryto beat the level, rather than just getting frustrated and givingup on it and starting a new one. There are so many levels availableto players on this free game that it is honestly impossible for aplayer to become bored while playing it. In addition to the greatvariety of levels, the tiles on this game light up if they are ableto be matched, which prevents confusion that is experienced in manyother versions of Mahjong available for mobile. The tiles arecolorful and easy to identify and the game play is competitive butrelaxing at the same time! Mahjong Connect is by far the bestrelaxing game out there for mobile.
TriPeaks Solitaire 2.0.9 APK
If you are looking for a new mobile game, you should check outTriPeaks Solitaire. This card game gives a unique twist to classiccard games, creating a unique experience for the player. You shouldconsider acquiring this application if you are a fan of card gamesor would like to start exploring the gaming category. Moreover, youwill find TriPeaks to be refreshing and mentally stimulating if youare no longer challenged by standard card games. Blend of ClassicGames TriPeaks Solitaire is essentially a game that combines theexciting aspects of classic card games. You will notice someinteresting nuances of common games such as Spider solitaire andFreeCell. These are combined with the design of TriPeaks solitaire,making a game that is both fresh and stimulating. Basically, thestack cards in the game are dealt atop, and these are givenalongside a pile of cards and a turn card. Like other TriPeakssolitaire games, your goal is to match the cards in order. You canmatch in any order in either direction of the turn card. Forexample, you can arrange the cards from king to queen back to kingand then to ace and so on. User-Friendly The TriPeaks Solitairegame is user-friendly, so you will be playing it efficientlywithout any technical problems. As mentioned earlier, yourobjective is to organize the cards in order. When you have aconsistent streak during the game, you will be awarded some bonuscoins. If you manage to complete a game without finishing the cardsfrom the pile, these will be also awarded as bonus coins. There areother ways to earn coins like connecting to social media. Thecollected coins can be used to play rounds or you can get morecards if you fail to complete a game. Multimedia Features When youare playing TriPeaks solitaire, you will enjoy the multimediafeatures that have been incorporated to make the gaming experiencericher. The game has 3D graphics which are appealing and animationshave been incorporated to create visual interest. For instance, ifyou tilt the device, you will see cool parallax effects. Cool musicis also played in the background to create the perfect environmentfor the game. The score played as the default is a tropical casualrhythm. With this free card game, you will be engaged in a coolgame which will relax and kindle your competitive streak. You canplay TriPeaks Solitaire for as long as you desire since there arehundreds of fresh and challenging levels to tackle.
Mahjong 1.16.10 APK
Mahjong Solitaire is a uniquely made hidden object game for mobileplatforms, the concept is taken from the well known ancient Chinesegame which is said to be quite relaxing and also helps in keepingthe brain sharp at the same time. In Mahjong Solitaire thedeveloper has beautified an already deluxe game and presented it infour addictive modes, the free game is a little different comparedto the regular dull Mahjong Solitaire games made for smartphones.The classic game is quite easy to play as the players need to finda 2 matching tiles to strike the out of the all-in-one game, as thetiles are strikes out more tiles are revealed which can be furthermatched to strike out all the tiles in the game. The Four AmazingModes: 1.) Spring: This is the most classic mode of the shanghaistyle game and is relatively easy to play, the stages in this modehave a five by five grid of tiles which are all visible and can bematched. The three rows of tiles that lie in the center are a stackof three tiles which are revealed as the player advances throughthe stage. This mode is relatively easy and can be easily played asthe users do not have to struggle to find the mahjong hiddenobject. 2.) Summer: In this game mode the difficulty is slightlyincreased and the structure of the tiles is also quite complicated,only a few selected tiles are available of matching as the othersare on a lower level. The users need to advance through the tilesand get to the bottom to find all the matching tiles and strikethem out to finish the game. This mode is great once players get ahold over the gameplay it is a little more challenging than theSpring mode. 3.) Autumn: This is a second difficult mode of thegame, the HD game gets a little more challenging with higher stacksof tiles and very few visible tiles to match in the first level. Itmay seem difficult to find matching tiles sometimes but the gamehardly ever gets stuck without any matches, it just keeps gettingdifficult to spot them. 4.) Winter: This is the most advanced modeof the master titans game as it features a very high stack of tileswith very few on the same level, players need to work their waythrough matching these tiles. Due to the many 3D levels of stackssometimes the game may have no possible matches as the mahjonghidden object is below the highlighted tiles, in such case the gameprompts you to use the refresh option which is found at the taskbarat the bottom of the screen. Other Functions View Hidden Tiles: InMahjong Solitaire only the tiles on the same stack level areavailable for matching, the other tiles that are at a lower levelor below the existing tiles can be highlighted by using the viewtab which has a logo of an eye. This does not reveal the MahjongSolitaire and only shows the tiles that are revealed at a lowerlevel. Refresh Tiles: Sometimes the classic game may sometimes haveno possible matches to strike out and advance through the stage, insuch scenarios player can use the refresh logo found in the taskbarto shuffle the tiles and create matches. This option can only beused 6 times in a single stage, if the chances are exhausted andthe game stage is out of matching options the game will end. SearchOptions: If the player cannot find any matches himself the gamegives eight free searches, it can be used from the search icon inthe taskbar to show one matching pair of tiles. This can help newerplayers to find the Mahjong hidden object and advance within thegame, it also helps in some of the classic and more difficultlevels.
Chinese Mahjong 1.1.33 APK
Video games hit the market 41 years ago, but Chinese Mahjongalready existed. It is a game that enjoyed by Taiwan and Hongkongpeople without ever reporting brain damages, why? Because Chinesemahjong is not a violent game but a life skill training game. Thegame is played with a set of 144 tiles based on Chinese charactersand symbols. The task is a simple matching mission but displayed ina fun, interesting and engaging way. More than 1.25 billion peopleplay games globally. More than half of them, 160 million people arefrom the United States and a significant number from among thesecomplain of game-related brain problems. Here are reasons why youshould play Chinese Mahjong game more often. Mahjong will save yourbrain from depression A research done by Richard M. Ryan of theUniversity of Rochester and the American physiological associationreveals that people who play video games gain self-confidence,positive energy, increased curiosity and excitement during play.The research explains that when depressed people play games for theenjoyment and learning and not to run away from their challenges,then they come out with new strength at confronting real lifeproblems. This is because, the way they try out new game levels, isthe same way they will try to solve life challenges hence dealingwith depression. You will learn to solve life challenging problems.Taiwan Mahjong is basically about solving problems. You will startwith a simpler level then ascend to other much difficult levels.This is the same simple mathematics life offers. If last month youmanaged to buy that couch you have always admired, the next monthyou will admire a lovely shoe and start saving for it. It teachesyour brain the discipline to learn to stick to the solving side.This free game teaches decisiveness With this game, you always haveto make choices, and much faster. These choices determine your winor lose. This is exactly the same with life. For example, if youare surrounded by many pending bills and you only have money to payfor two of your bills, of course, you will need to choose the mostvital service you need. If you had to choose between paying forwater and electricity, you would choose water; but that’s notalways the case. Some people are not good at making decisions andalways end up in trouble. If you play Chinese Mahjong for a while,your brain trains to make quick decisions.
slot machine 1.2.16 APK
Slot machine that you can play any time any day. Playing casino isalways fun and it has become more entertaining and easy as it hasbecome online nowadays. Be it your laptop or phone, you can playslot machine games. This also has a lot of benefits as you can stayat home and play in great comfort. With the help of this game youcan download it in your phone and play it any time. What Is ThisGame? All Slots machine games can be really fun. With lots ofjungle items this free app can be quite attractive to you. The gameis designed in such a way which makes your playing experience a lotof fun. It is not only colorful with great design but it will alsogive you an experience like that of a real casino slot machinesgame. The interface is very easy to use and not at all complicated.The background color and music is not much heavy and distractive.You can easily play this game with lots of fun. The best part isthat even if you are new to this game and a beginner here then alsoyou will not at all face much problem. A quick tutorial can helpyou to know how you can play this free machine. So, you can playthis freeslots in your own convenience. It offers the anxiety,thrill and excitement that you generally face in the real casinogames. Why This Slots Game? According to a research done it hasbeen seen that about 80 % of the new players in casino head over tothe slots machines. This is because of the fact that it is easy toplay and does not need much of the strategy. So, if you are new tocasino games and want to try online then this slots games are thebest thing that you can try. Download this game on your phone andyou can enjoy playing it any time you want. After downloading thisgame you can start playing it like in las vegas casinos. You willdefinitely notice that it is quite exciting and also very easy toplay. The game is not at all complicated. It is simple with enoughinstructions for the beginners as well. Just download this free appand start playing it. This is one of the best slot machine gameswhich is fun to play and quite exciting as well. Conclusion So, ifyou are looking for one of the best slot machines games online thenyou can definitely play this game. All you need to do is todownload this game online to your phone and start playing.Registration may be required to continue playing free slotsmachines. It is totally safe and secured and you can play it anytime on your phone. You do not have to visit the casinos to playthe same every day. That’s a great thing!
Jewels 1.0.40 APK
Jewels saga is the type of game that combines classic gameplay witha new look and even newer features. If you're someone who enjoysplaying these kinds of games on your mobile phone then this is onegame that you should definitely try. Maybe you can become a risingstar. The goal of the Jewels is to match 3 or more identical gemsof the same color in a row. Try to more than 2 stars at end of thegame. This is done by clicking on seemingly random sets of gems,which causes them to switch places with other gems close by. If youplay the game correctly then you will be able to line up seeminglyrandom groups of diamonds next into a single set, which in turncauses them to disappear from the screen. The mechanics of the gamesounds fairly simple, but you also need to know that there's atimer involved and so you will need to move fast in order to beatthe game. Fortunately, the gameplay does offer a few perks. Youcan, for example, improve your progress in the game by achievingcombos or by reaching power ups. You can also beat the game moreefficiently by prioritizing those jewels which are most rewarding.Each set of items that you successfully eliminate are then replacedby new sets of random diamonds, or even some power ups. After youhave eliminated enough diamonds from the game, a star willeventually appear. You will need to cause this star reach the lastline on your screen in order to beat the particular level you'replaying on. Once you have beaten the game, you will be providedwith your level score as well as your time bonus. Aside from thegameplay, it's also worth mentioning that Jewels saga offersmultiple modes and levels. On the menu screen, you get to pick fromArcade, Mineral and Classic modes. You also get to choose from awide variety of worlds to play on, but only after you have unlockedthem. Needless to say, levels and worlds become more and moredifficult as you progress through the game. diamonds become morerandom, for example, and more difficult levels offer very littletime for you to make patient decisions. However, it is worthmentioning that the game is fairly easy to understand, and youshould be able to beat the tougher levels once you have developed a"feel" for the game's mechanics and how it behaves. So all thingsconsidered, is this game worth playing? Well, Gems saga is the kindof game that offers equal amounts of simplicity, fun, excitementand fast paced thinking. It also requires a certain level of luckand pattern recognition. If you like games that have these kinds offeatures then you should definitely give Gems a try. If not, youcan still get a lot of fun playing it when you're bored or whenyou're waiting for the bus to arrive, because all in all, Jewelssaga is a fun, simple game that you can enjoy in any situation.
Slots Machine 1.2.23 APK
Slots machine welcomes you to a wild west exciting bettingexperience. This awesome game brings you the thrill of bettingright on your mobile phone. The game is simple to learn withamazing sound features and background music to keep you at the edgeof your seat as you enjoy the game. If you like suspense, risk andthrill, then this is a game that will take you round thatrollercoaster and keep your eyelids peeled. Introducing a newmobile game with graphics that are simply out of this world, Slotsmachine has 3D features that give you the real feel of the game.This game offers you a user friendly and easy to follow interfacethat makes the gaming experience so much fun. Having all thefeatures you will find on a slot machine from lines, bet and maxbet, players can win money up to any amount. If it’s your luckyday, you can make even more money by spinning the lucky wheel andwinning a hearty bounty! Slots machine is not a game for the fainthearted but for those ready to risk some bets and make some goodmoney. Complete with guns, long horn skulls, beer barrels, a horseand the town sheriff, this game will sure make you feel like youare betting in the west. All you need to do is download it on yourmobile and you are ready to start winning some money! Bring all yougot and gamble away at the slots machine. You can also get a win byplaying the tarot cards. These enchanting cards place your luck andjinx on your palm. It is up to you to turn over the right cards andget your luck or jinx. The thrill of risk and danger and a possiblemassive win makes the game exciting and extremely addictive. Theslots machine provides you with so many options and gets you spoiltfor choice. If you think you are one luck of a gun then downloadthis game and take it for a spin. You may get all lucky 7s and winyourself some good bounty. Check the auto play option and watchyour luck unfold before your eyes. The auto play optionautomatically spins the slots for you as you sit back cross yourfingers and wait for the big win. Watch out for this game. It justmight make you the envy of the town cowboy!
Mahjong connect 2.0.8 APK
Free Mahjong connect application is a challenging mobile puzzlegame that will keep you engrossed for hours. The game is simple.The majong game uses the mahj tiles as pieces of a puzzle. The bigbeautifully designed mah jong pieces will make it a completepleasure to play while sitting in the bus or during work breaks.The basic aim of the game is to match the two pieces without beingstuck. Even more so, the continuity feature in free mahjong allowsyou to keep playing the game seamlessly. If you have to leave thegame in the middle, the auto save feature will make sure that whenyou start the game next, you will be able to resume from where youleft off. The free Mahjong connect is single player arcadeapplication that can be enjoyed by all age groups from 3 to 80 . Itis a time bound game and the pieces have to be matched within thestipulated time. You can move the mah jongg tile by clicking on thetile. The tiles will over vertically and horizontally. Meanwhilethe time bar at the bottom of the screen will tell the time .Theminute one pair is connected an additional time will be added tothe time bar. The quicker you can connect the tiles, the more timeyou will get to complete the level. The player has the option ofclicking on the hint when he is stuck. The player can pause andresume free mahjong at his own convince. There are multiple levelsfor the player to choose. As more levels are, complete thedifficulty progresses in ascending order. You can battle againsttime and compete against world rankings. Each level is completedwhen the tiles have been removed from the free mahjong board andthere are no unmatched tiles remaining on the screen.