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This trivia was created with 6-12 year olds inmind. Adults, you may not know the answer to many of thesequestions about cartoons, tv shows, movies, and sports.

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Movie Trivia 20150416-MovieTrivia APK
Brett Plummer
Movie Trivia covers all movies from the early black and white filmsto current films released this year. Questions cover all genres ofmovies: action, animated, drama, comedy, adventure, fantasy, andhorror.Game options allow you to play games with 10, 20, 50, orunlimited number of questions. Create a profile to save your scoreto the online leaderboard.To explore more trivia or submit questions/requests, pleasevisit www.AZTrivia.com
Bible Trivia 20150416-BibleTrivia APK
Brett Plummer
Bible Trivia game will quiz your knowledge of the holy book. Someof the questions are bible quotes in which you choose the word orphrase that finishes the well-known Bible quotation. Otherquestions center around the people and events that take place inthe Bible: Jesus Christ, Noah, Moses, David, Peter, David, theVirgin Mary, and many more. A good game to play around Christmas,Easter, or any time of year.Profile info optional, just save a Profile and play forFree!Also check out my "Bible Quiz - Who Am I?" Android app.Updated for gingerbread and jellybean.
Football Trivia 20150418-FootballTrivia APK
Brett Plummer
Football trivia quiz game will test you on theNFL stars and teams both past and present. Featured teams includethe Chicago Bears, Dallas Cowboys, Pittsburgh Steelers, CarolinaPanthers, New England Patriots, and all the rest. Players featuredin the questions include: Andrew Luck, Tom Brady, Adrian Peterson,Drew Brees, Peyton Manning and many stars of the past.Submitting personal information is optional. Just save a profileand play for Free!
Bible Quiz - Who Am I? 20150416-BibleQuizWhoAmI APK
Brett Plummer
Bible Quiz - Who Am I? is a trivia game thatwill test your knowledge of the people of the old and newtestaments. In each question you will be asked to name the personbeing described, with four possible choices. Included: JesusChrist, Noah, Adam, Eve, Isaac, Abraham, all of the disciples, andmany more. A good game for Christmas, Easter, or before/afterchurch.Personal info optional, just save a Profile and play forFree!
Sports Trivia 20150418-SportsTrivia APK
Brett Plummer
Sports Trivia will challenge you across themajor American sports, while throwing in some questions about manyother sports. Football, Baseball, and Basketball are coveredheavily. But you will also see questions on NASCAR, Hockey, Soccer,Tennis, Golf, Summer Olympics, Winter Olympics, Boxing. Some randomquestions are also thrown in for skateboarding, lacrosse, swimming,cricket, bicycle racing, rugby, bowling, the World Cup, and theX-Games.Personal info optional, just save a Profile and play forFree!
Basketball Trivia 20150416-BasketballTrivia APK
Brett Plummer
Basketball Trivia quiz game will test yourknowledge of the NBA teams, superstars, rules, and rich history.Questions feature stars and teams including: Lakers, Celtics,Stephen Curry, Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, DwayneWade, Kevin Durant, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Wilt Chamberlain,and many more.Submitting personal info is optional, just save a profile andplay for free!
Music Trivia 20150417-MusicTrivia APK
Brett Plummer
This Music Trivia quiz game is the ultimatetest of knowledge about music. The questions span every decade ofpopular music in the United States and UK, and every genre: pop,rock, r&b, hip hop, country, classical, blues, jazz,alternative, and more. If you can conquer the leaderboards in thisgame, you are a true music guru. This game includes over 3,600different questions.
Movie Quotes Trivia 20150417-MovieQuoteTrivia APK
Brett Plummer
Movie Quotes Trivia quiz game will test yourknowledge of famous quotes and the most memorable lines that wereheard in some of the greatest movies of all time. Some of themovies include:The Wizard of OzJawsForest GumpDirty DancingJames BondThe TerminatorThe GodfatherWhen Harry Met SallyStar WarsSunset BoulevardTitanicJerry McGuireCasablancaApollo 13The Sixth SenseOn The WaterfrontAmerican PieCitizen KaneApocalypse NowLove StoryAlice in WonderlandA Star is BornThe GraduateOliverEasy RiderJawsPattonMASHRockyThe Wild BunchAnnie HallArsenic & Old LaceClockwork OrangeDeliveranceAnimal HouseThe ExorcistMarathon ManThe Blues BrothersElephant ManMidnight CowboyThe ShiningMommie DearestPoltergeistThe Bad SeedBatmanHudFields of DreamsAs Good As It GetsChinatownPulp FictionInglourious BastardsMr. and Mrs. SmithThe WarriorsGone With the WindGypsyFrankensteinBaby Makes ThreePsychoThe Green MileBasic InstinctA Nightmare On Elm StreetA Streetcar Named DesireThe WrestlerMy Fair LadyAce Ventura: Pet DetectiveAir Force OneSubmitting personal info optional, just save a Profile and playfor Free!