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A browser-based integrated solutions for Schools, Colleges,Universities and Educational Institutes.We can meet all your needsfor software to support your school, college or university. We’vebeen creating and providing market-leading integrated softwaresolutions since mid-2005 – designed specifically for the educationsector.Over the years we have built an unrivalled understanding forthe differing needs in every type of institution, enabling ourclients to get the most out of their budgets and to provide thehighest standards of education services.

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    Triz Innovation
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    August 5, 2017
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    Android 4.0 - 7.1.1
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    Triz Innovation Pvt Ltd
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    1-2 Annapurna Shopping Center, Adajan Patia circle, Surat – 395009 Gujarat (India)
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com.dholakiyaschools.rajkot_triz 1.7 APK
The management has in depth experience in education of 35 years. Wehave the best facilities for school ing. State of the Art Computerand Science Labs, and well-equipped library are at the child’sdisposal. Develop strong, sustainable and growing culture withinthe organization that enhances and upgrades human value in terms ofeducation. In the process, become the most preferred educationalinstitute.
com.mota 1.6 APK
The School Aims to... Help students to develop lively, inquiringminds and a love of learning, the ability to question and arguerationally and to apply themselves successfully to tasks. Instillan awareness and understanding of religious, moral and spiritualvalues and thus help students to acquire a reasoned set ofattitudes, values and beliefs. Guide students to develop sense ofself respect and individual worth, a capacity to live as anindependent, self motivated adults and the ability to work andco-operate together with others in the community. Provide educationin and for a society, which is multi cultural and multi-ethnic,emphasizing the values of co-operation, communication andtolerance. Motivate students in becoming competent and confidentindependent learners, and such that they see learning as shot alifelong activity. Encourage students to participate in life of thelocal community and to prepare them to be responsible and awaremembers of the wider world community. Activities the schoolprovides an array of activities and events for the choice of thestudents. In order to carry out all these activities at the highestpossible standards, necessary facilities are also created.Absolutely clean and hygienic environment within entire campus ismaintained.
I.T.I Uttarsanda 1.3 APK
Economy grows through technological push not through demand pull.Technology is changing at the blink of an eye. Now there is notonly a sharp rise in competition, but also a significant shift inthe expectation of all the stake holders namely, industries,governments, public, professional service providers, trainees,employees etc. Institute shall aim to not only transfer knowledge& skill about modern technology, but also lend a tangiblecompetitive advantage. With the globalization & liberalization.Adoption of modern technology to meet the qualitative requirementis the prime necessary and this in turn depend, on the availabilityof trained labor force.Institute shall works with the largerobjective of the organization.The mission is to:Develop a talentpool with the competence to take on the challenges of the present& future.Facilitates improvement in quality & quantity ofindividual contribution & provide a congenial workenvironment.Institute followed three pronged approach of manpowerdevelopment To train & retrain existing faculties to take upchallenges due to the development & up gradation of technology.To train & develop the skill of younger generation who are thedriving force of industrial revolution. To involve all the stakeholder in planning & implementation of training &development programs. Institute is playing a leading role in allthe skill development programs. Institute also implements manydemand driven short term courses successfully. e.g. short termcomputer courses, Sewing machine operator driving school courses.Institute has facility & capacity to cover many sectors forshort term modular training programs. Institute shall committed toempower each trainee to achieve all round development throughexcellence in modular employable skill sets & be recognize asone of the finest institute for commitment, quality &excellence in skill development initiative. The Institute is notonly engaged in training activities but also performing successfulactivities such as Blood Donation Camp, Apprenticeship fair,Motivation Campaign, Entrepreneurship Campaign, Campus Interview asSports Activities, Cultural activities, religions activities etc.In accordance with the policy of promoting Public-PrivatePartnership, Institute Management Committees (IMC) was constitutedin ITI in the year 2004. The Chairman of the IMC is from privateindustry and another four members are from private industry who aretaking well interest in the training of the students. Significantautonomy has been given to the Institute Management Committeeincluding their role in selection of trainees, purchase oftools-equipments, machinery, furniture, raw material, enhancingtechnical skills of teaching staff, arranging workshops, seminarsand exhibitions and revamping the syllabus. As a result the membersof the IMC as well as the local industries are playing asignificant role in running the ITI.
The Radiant International School 1.13 APK
Creating thirst to learn The School.It is a matter of honour andprivilege to be the founders of The Radiant International School,Surat. We don't merely see building of the campus, but the sense ofhistory which will be created by our dynamic students in future.Our dream is to witness a campus where the kids act like chirpingbirds, classrooms are full of happy faces, enthusiastic buddingartists, junior scientists, young athletes full of energy onplayground, flashing young brains with spark , where tradition andindividuality are together, technology used with the help of wisdomand learning is a festival. We have faith that with your love andwishes, the foundation stone will turn into huge milestone in thefield of education.Albert Einstein once said "We owe a lot to theIndians who taught us how to count, without which no worthwhilescientific discovery could have been made"In this 21' centuryworld, Our country still has the same potential to lead theinnovation, and create better opportunity for our kids but schoolshave to come in front and lead the society. We, at CIS, firmlybelieve that change today is the new normal. In the present era offast changing technology all over the world, keeping pace with itis a global phenomenon. We all have to agree that the pace ofchange in the field of education is much faster. We are committedto match this pace.Our campus is located in the area which is freefrom pollution and in the lap of nature. Here kids will have lot ofopportunities to explore themselves in a completely new worldenabling them for new ventures beyond their abilities. Along withacademics, we will be focusing on life skills which is one of thebasic needs for their successful upbringing.Yes ! we are going toroot the tree of education, which would reap future ready fruitsall enabled with technology and adaptability.
org.airlink 2.8 APK
Airlink is an Internet arm of R.K. Infratel Ltd. RK Group commencedits operations in 2006 by providing Optic Fibre Projects managementand consultancy services to major Telco's, SME, Corporate and CATVOperations in Surat. RK Group has a good infrastructure with fourregional offices and more than 22 site offices across PAN India.Based on significant expertise in OFC project management, RK Groupdeploying its own Fibre infrastructure in and around Surat. By theway of acquisition and self-deployment, RK Group has undergroundOFC Networks measuring more than 300 Kms in Surat. RK Group'snetwork infrastructure is appropriate for catalysing the growth ofthe Internet and Telco's networking in an infrastructure starvedmarket. RK Group is the only service provider in its domain thatprovides customers with end-to-end connectivity services. R.K.Infratel Ltd. is an ISO 9001 : 2008 certified organization. Having robust and one of most advance underground fibernetwork, RK Group launched its Internet Service arm, Airlink. Clickhere  for more information of R.K. Infratel Ltd. We at,AIRLINK, very happy to announce launch of Internet BroadbandServices on Underground Optic Fibre integrated with World-classWireless 4G capable Base stations & CPE's and controlled bydeploying world-class best companies SERVERS, NAS & ROUTERS atNETWORK OPERATION CENTRE with 24*7 Helpdesk facility for supportingcustomers.  Airlink is engaged in building the next generationWireless Broadband Services integrated with Underground OpticalFibre for Residential, SME and Corporate customers.  Theunprecedented development in IT and Telecom has significantlychanged the way business and operations are done. At the same timethe technological development has created lot of businessopportunities that were impossible just a few years ago. So deep isthe impact of IT on various aspects of operation, that for Examplethe government functioning, which was characterized many times asslow moving and non-transport, is also changing its face. Theclassic example is the Government of Gujarat, which has takenrevolutionary step to create IT Infrastructure to increaseeffectiveness of Governance, thereby serving people better. Airlink is entering in to business with ambitious strategicplan which will revolutionize this growth further. We are planningto offer always on high speed data Internet services deployingworld-class technologies available under the brand name "AirlinkBroadband".
Triz HRMS 1.6 APK
A browser-based integrated solutionsforSchools, Colleges, Universities and Educational Institutes.Wecanmeet all your needs for software to support your school, collegeoruniversity. We’ve been creating and providingmarket-leadingintegrated software solutions since mid-2005 –designedspecifically for the education sector.Over the years we have built an unrivalled understanding forthediffering needs in every type of institution, enabling ourclientsto get the most out of their budgets and to provide thehigheststandards of education services.
Society Manager 1.4 APK
Society Manager mean, Electronic or information society where everyworks will be done via electronic media like smart phoneapplication. Society Manager where an extensive use of anddependability on information and communication technology ispresent (ICT) in achieving common interests and goals of majorsocial stakeholders like flat owner, president , committee memberetc.One stop apps for president, society / flat members andmanagement office. Brings professionalism and transparency torunning of the association. Use app & save your time, money& effort. Saves human efforts & time for communication.Help to know basic required information of your society / flat.
Nachiketa Schooling System 1.9 APK
छात्र देवो भवः To set an education system which revealintelligence, creativity, humanity, spirit and ideal civilizationin our next generations. In such a way that they all have anambition to win, not immediately but definitely. To create aninstitution of excellence to impart value based education whichintegrates knowledge and learning into a continuous process. Toprovide an ambience conductive to joyful learning where the childgrows Spiritually, Emotionally and Socially. To help childrendevelop a sense of Integrity, Dignity & Confidence to become aglobal citizen. GSEB Affiliated, English medium education atcompetitive edge. Gujarati Medium Education with creative &comprehensive English.