1.1 / November 6, 2017
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Troops Squad Force vs Monster Base Team is a fun action game whereyour only purpose is to kill all the zombies which are attacking ata rapid pace. You have your own squad that will go face to faceagainst zombies and a very large monster all the time. The game ismultiplayer based, and it always brings in front a very fun,exciting set of game mechanics for you to enjoy.The wars againstzombies have become very harsh, and your squad has dealt with lotsof casualties. With you stepping in, the squad believes it has whatit takes in order to win and reach the best possible results. Yes,it will be very tricky to kill zombies in these wars, but you haveto do that in order to ensure the survival of your species.Withmore than 100 levels to choose from, you will always find yourselftrying to kill all enemies and reach the best results as you try towin. Troops Squad Force vs Monster Base Team is a very intense gameand it comes with a vertical approach, thus bringing in a newcamera perspective and immersive way of playing the game.Each newlevel is different and it will pit you against a monster, zombiesand various other challenges. Thankfully, your team can evolve andincrease its levels. You can upgrade your soldiers and offer themweapons and other cool stuff as you play. This helps make theentire game experience a lot more enticing and interesting!As youplay, you will have 4 types of soldiers, which include gunner,sniper, infantry or scout. All of them have specific capabilitiesthat you need to harness in order to win. The game is created witha huge focus on a great gameplay, and the experience can definitelybe a whole lot of fun because of that. The attention to detail isvery good in here, since you have lots of amazing locations toexplore, new upgrades for your soldiers and tons of levels that arewaiting for you. In fact, Troops Squad Force vs Monster Base Teamis always bringing you more challenges to the table and the outcomegets even better because of that. It’s by far one of the nicestgame ideas out there, and one that you will enjoy quite alot!Troops Squad Force vs Monster Base Team is created to offer youan intense, action packed set of scenes and some of the nicest waysto enjoy the gaming experience you always wanted. If you likezombie shooter games, then don’t hesitate and get Troops SquadForce vs Monster Base Team now, you will love theexperience.Features:• Become a soldier and kill zombies• Intensemultiplayer matches• More than 100 levels to play• 4 types ofsoldier• Upgrade each soldier’s capabilities

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    Troops squad force vs Monster Base Team
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    November 6, 2017
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    Android 4.0 and up
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