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Little builders & truckers welcome to top truck wash and repairgarage simulator game. Designers now get your hands on Truck washsimulator and repair rusty, messy and dented giant trucks andmassive four wheeler jeeps in your mechanic garage.During car &truck racing mania our truck got crashed and to win car race weneed brand new truck, so repairman and makers grab your automotivemechanic tools and start washing and repairing old messy trucks inyour workshop.See story scene and select multiple huge racingtrucks to repair in factory, truck wash and repair games has neverbeen so interesting and exciting so be the best builder mechanic intown and utilize your washing, repairing and fixing skills.Kids inthis Truck Wash & Repair Garage game after washing and cleaningold messy trucks repair broken spare parts and engine. This crazyrepair workshop game consist of three stages, first cleanup andwash dirty muddy trucks in workshop, secondly repair dented areasand assemble all broken parts like real repairman finally paint orrenovate truck body with best colors in your car repairing makeoversalon. Boys and girls in this Truck Wash & Repair Garagecleanup the dirty and messy tank with soap, sponge and watershower, remove stains with stain remover and then fix the damagesand holes with welding machine. Use hammer to get in shape dentedparts of truck and replace the defected body parts like tyre, rimsand bumpers. After cleanup check overall maintenance and fix theengine problem and change air filter and insert engine oil in fueltank.Little kids now get your hands on this crazy truck adventureand play Truck Wash & Repair Garage game and spend plenty ofhours to give the best truck repair &w makeover plus enjoy thebest and realistic racing story scene with interesting gameplay andmusical effects.

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    Truck Repair & Wash Garage
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    August 28, 2016
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    2D Fun Club
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In this cycle repair mechanic shop game you will learn to care,bike repair and cleanup the bikes. It is simple, easy and fun torepair a bicycle at a famous Cycle & bike Repair Mechanic Shop.If you love to ride cycle in parks and get little maintenance workby yourself then you are on the right place of learning bike repairgarage. Story line of cycle repair mechanic shop game is movingaround a boy who found a rusty and messy bike in the store room. Sohe decided to do some bike repair work, washout, fix and paint thebicycle to make it look amazing dream ride. So boys and girls useyour expert repairman skills used for bike repairing and makepossible the best motor ride. Even if you are the most novicecyclist still you will benefit from a basic understanding of bikerepairing & cycle maintenance from cycle repair mechanic shop.First of all make sure the moving parts are well lubricated andthat the tyres are pumped up to the desired pressure. Learn and trydoing basic repairing work which includes, fitting a bike brakecable, fix a puncture, lubricate bicycle parts, replace bike wheelrim tape, install bike inner tube, replace a bike cassette, fir andsetup a bikes front derailleur, adjust bike barrels and overhaul abikes freehub body. This crazy mechanic game is best game for funtimes. A bicycle is the best partner from epic road trips to thecommute so it’s necessary to take great care of its maintenance,repair and washing activities. Cycle repair mechanic shop game isas much fun as any car repair, bike repair or garage game. Select adirty and muddy bike. Use brush, shampoo and water to remove mud.Now it’s to time clear up the stains using stain remover. Thenrepair tires, change the rim wires and fill some air in the wheels.Change the broken chain. In the last use multiple colors paint togive bicycle a new shinny look. Bike is ready for riding. This gameis best washing and cleaning auto repairing game. Cycle repairmechanic shop is full of fun and adventure with real amazinggraphics and game play. Now download this cycle repair mania gameand have fun!
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Kids love to ride motor bike in parks. In this motorbike mechanicshop game kids will learn to care, repair and cleanup the bikes.Story line of this game is moving around a kid who found a rustyand messy bike. So he decided to do some repair work, washout, fixand paint the motorcycle to make it look amazing dream ride. Littleboys and girls use your expert repairman skills to repair the motorride. This crazy mechanic game is best game for fun times. Thisgame is as much fun as any car repair or garage game.Select a dirtyand muddy motor bike. Use brush, shampoo and water to remove mud.Now it’s to time clear up the stains using stain remover. Thenrepair tires, change fuel tank and fill some air in the wheels.Change the broken body parts of motorcycle. In the last usemultiple colors paint to give motor bike a new look. Use somepolish to shine up the bike. Bike is ready for riding. This game isbest washing and cleaning auto repairing game. Motor bike repairshop is full of fun and adventure with real amazing graphics andgame play.Now download this motorcycle repair & wash mania gameand have fun!
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Little builders and repairman welcome to the best unique OfficeRepair & crazy builder game. This game is as amazing as otherslike car wash repair and truck repair games. Little repairers getyour hands on top repair game office repair and crazy builder nowfix broken cupboard, windows, furniture chairs and tables. Thiscrazy adventure mania game is more like house repair and farmhouserepair.Little boys and girls with this Office Repair – Builder Gamebe the best plumber, electrician, carpenter and builder in town.Builders you need to reconnect century water pipes, Repair fusedelectric switches and lamps plus you have to repair broken woodenfurniture in office. First you have to clean the messy area, dirtyfloors and congested tables with files and randomly placed chairs.You need to fix up the every room furniture, broken windows, wallclock and electronic machines with available fixing gadgets.Renovate the whole office and decorate the walls with designs andpictures plus display the randomly spread files and officedecorations in appropriate way and dispose trash in bins. ThisOffice Repair – Builder Game is crazy, exciting repair mania andfull of adventures repair game at every level.In this fix repairadventure ‘Office Repair – Builder Game ’ you will use fixing toolslike drilling machine and other fascinating utensils to repair thedamaged walls, broken furniture and windows.
com.twodfunclub.aeroplane.repair.shop 1.20.0 APK
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Plane was going to take flight but pilots feel some problem in theplane, so they ask the engineering team to examine the airplane inthe airplane repair shop. Take the airplane to the best airplanerepair shop of the town. A damaged aircraft can be frightening foreveryone in the plane and maybe even scary if the damage occurredwhile in the flight. Therefore it is important to get preparedyourself as an expert problem handler. So boy’s and girl’s work asa proficient plane engine repair mechanic of airplane repair shopand fix the plane in the best workshop. Perform your duty asaircraft repair supervisor, Fix the plane tires and engine tobecome the best mechanic in the city. Airplane repair shop is acrazy adventurous garage game for those who love to fly in the sky.Due to some problem engine gets damaged!! No worries best mechanicis here; he will fix it and boost it, because being an expertAviation repairers he knows how to assess and fix airplane problemsand how to perform general upkeep of aircraft. Airplane repair shopis amazing game where players will learn how to repair plane. Yourmain focus must be on body or engine maintenance. Select the bestadvanced Tools and materials used in airplane construction. Foraligning engine parts you need expert service station worker andcar builder skills. But remember getting an aircraft repaired is alittle different than getting an automobile repaired. Airplanerepair game help you to become an expert airplane mechanic. Work asairplane mechanics, First cleanup the messy and dirty engine withwater and remove all mud from engine body. Now join and create thebroken engine parts and piston. Then do some welding and dentingwork and fix all the damages. This plane engine repair shop game isan adventurous and real like mechanic experience for everyone. Thisgame is for everyone who like car spa care and makeover games. Playthe exciting fun game and get hands-on training of repairingairplanes without much effort. Now download this fun game andenjoy!
Helicopter Repair Shop 1.0.3 APK
2D Fun Club
Helicopter was going take flight but pilots feel some problem inthe copter, so they ask the engineering team to examine thechopper. Little boy’s and girl’s work as a little plane enginerepair mechanic & fix the plane in the workshop. Fix thehelicopter tires and engine become the best little mechanic in thecity. Due to some problem engine gets damaged!! No worries bestmechanic is here; he will fix it and boost it. Helicopter repairshop is a crazy adventurous garage game for kids where kids willlearn how to repair helicopter. For aligning engine parts you needexpert service station worker and car builder skills.First cleanupthe messy and dirty engine with water and remove all mud fromengine body. Now join and create the broken engine parts andpiston. Then do some welding and denting work and fix all thedamages. This helicopter engine repair shop game is an adventurousand real like mechanic experience for kids. This game is fortoddlers, babies and everyone who like car spa care and makeovergames.Now download this fun game and enjoy!
Water Slide Repair Game 1.0.2 APK
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Welcome the world of Fun! This is the new addition to our repairseries, this time with some more fun involved in itNow that thesummer is on so the people have started making their moves to thewater games and water parks. So the town has decided to repair andmakeover all the water slides to improve the fun experience ofchildren in water parks. The management of town is renovating allthe parks in the town and specially focussing on repairing thewater slides.There is a major role of plumber as well inmaintaining and repairing the water slides so as to control theflow of water. This really is a fun ride not only while taking theslides but also when you will be repairing them with the help oftechnicians, mechanics and plumber. Technician and mechanic willrepair the waterslide where as the plumber will take care of thefloe of water in the water slides.Repair these cartoonish waterslides and make this more experience more fun filled for kids.Enjoy this summer in new style by sliding through water slides intothe pools and taking bath in them. Download and enjoy this crazywater slide repair game and enjoy the best mechanic and plumberrepairing experience.
Computer Repair Shop Game 1.5 APK
2D Fun Club
Computer is smashed and facing many problem. It’s time to take thecomputer & monitor to computer mechanic where he fix it andmake it work properly. Little boys and girls get ready to be acomputer mechanic. Customers are coming to your repair shops andbringing crashed house machines with different problems. Use yourexpert repairman skills to solve the customer’s problems. Thiscrazy mechanic game is best game for fun times. This game is asmuch fun as any car repair or garage game.When customer come toyour shop first cleanup messy and dirty computer using piece ofcloth. Then check up the electrical appliance and look for faults.Use electrical tools and equipments to open it and repair it. Joinbroken wires, parts and chips. Hurry up next customer is waitingfor your services. Perform your repair work in rush and rightstarts working on next machine. This game is full of fun andadventure with real like amazing graphics and game play.Nowdownload this computer repair shop game and have fun!
Sports Car Repair Shop 1.0.4 APK
2D Fun Club
An auto car show is in your city. All racers are coming with supercars. You need to provide professional mechanic services tocustomize, design and repair the sports cars. Sports car repairshop is an auto cars engine workshop game for kids. Fix the carsmachines tires and engine to become the best little mechanic in thecity. Due to messy road accident vehicles are facing some damage!!No worries the service station is near, take the auto car there tofix it and boost it. Sports car repair mechanic shop is a crazyadventurous garage game for kids where kids will learn how to takecare of their vehicles. First select the sports vehicle to repair.Take it in to the work shop. The auto car is messy and dirty,cleanup the super fast sports car and removes all the mud from it.Then do some welding and denting work and fix all the damages. Nowfill the air into the truck tyres and change its oil. This sportscar repair shop mechanic game is adventurous and real likeexperience for kids. Now download this sports car builder &maker game and have craziest fun time.