1.0.3 / November 2, 2016
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No matter if you are an American or not you must be excited forthis year's elections. We have two very competitive candidates andthe future of a great nation at stakes so it's no surprise thatthese elections have peaked a global interest and have inspired usto draw some awesome stickers. Which one is your favorite sticker?Do you like Trump or Hillary? Say what's on your mind with thesecool Trump vs Hillary Stickers. Be the first to spread the newsabout the elections by sending a Hillary or Trump sticker to yourfriends. Have fun and be connected with the latest news using oursticker pack. Download the new Trump vs Hillary sticker pack and bea true supporter of your favorite candidate. Say what's on yourmind with these Trump vs Hillary Stickers and enjoy the excitementof the elections.

App Information Trump vs Hillary Stickers for SMS Plus

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    Trump vs Hillary Stickers for SMS Plus
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    November 2, 2016
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    Android 4.0.3 and up
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Keyboard Emoji 1.0.1 APK
Sending text messages is always better whenyou have emoticons that sum up perfectly what you want to saywhenever words are not enough. Pictures are better because they areeasily understood in just a single glance and they are perceiveddifferently that words. Emoticons are universal and anybody can usethem to convey a message that is not difficult to figure out. Ifyou are bored of all the available emojis, then we have great news:your favorite keyboard, Keyboard Plus comes with custom emoji packsin various styles. These emojis will always suit your needs andyour style because the sets are different, so they will beaccording to your personality. Download this new Keyboard Emojitheme and insert them in all your texts because they will improvegreatly your texting experience. Don't worry, even though thesesmiley faces are yellow, they are nothing like the classic smileyseverybody uses. This pack has a very alluring and flirty quality toit, because it has been designed with femininity and class in mind.Thus, all the little expressive emojis are exclusively girl figuresrather than the boring nondescript ones.Please note that this emojiset is a plug-in for the keyboard app Keyboard Plus. You can getKeyboard Plus from the Google Play Store and make sure you have theapp installed on your device before you get the Color Emojiset.
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Download the coolest emoji pack ever, our new and funny Adult EmojiPack for SMS Plus that will spice up all your conversations. Lifeis too short to take it so seriously so have fun with your friendsby sharing with them this awesome Adult Emoji Pack for SMS Plus.Nolanguage barrier will stand between this emoji pack and the messageit delivers. Express a thousand words with a cute emoji. Try a newway of communication and when words are not enough just use anemoji. Adult Emoji Pack for SMS Plus has lots of different emojisso you can say the way you feel with the perfect, expressive emoji.Download Adult Emoji Pack for SMS Plus and discover all our coolemojis. Is some annoying you, do you want to joke with your bestfriend or just send a dirty emoji? Adult Emoji Pack for SMS Plus isthe perfect combination for you. Have fun!
Color Emoji 1.0.1 APK
A picture is worth a thousand words but acuteemoji will always save the day! Texting all your friends isreallyfun, but the experience is better when you have cool orfancyemojis to pick from and insert whenever needed. You areprobablytired of your old emojis, everybody knows all those smileyfacesand you really need something new whenever words fail you.Howabout a completely new custom pack of emojis, in an excitingstylethat will always suit your needs? Let us present to you thenewColor Emoji pack for your favorite keyboard, Keyboard Plus.Thesegreat emoticons have been especially designed for allourfun-loving keyboard users who understand the importance of agreatemoji that can convey the message in just the right way.Thissmiley collection features a wide range of emoticons foryourfavorite keyboard: more than 100 different tiny smiley imagesfromwhich you can pick and choose to your heart's content. Thesmileyfaces have a classic emoticon touch because they are allyellow,but their expressions will win you and you will never wanttochange back your old keyboard again.Please note that this emojisetis a plug-in for the keyboard app Keyboard Plus. You cangetKeyboard Plus from the Google Play Store and make sure you havetheapp installed on your device before you get the ColorEmojiset.
Elizabeth Stickers 1.0.02 APK
Elizabeth sticker is a cute sticker packthatwill make your texting more interactive. Express yourself withthisElizabeth stickers pack every time you chat with your friendsandfamily. Even you're in a hurry or you just want to expressyourfeelings through a sticker, Elizabeth will help you. Bedifferentand customize your gadget by changing your messagingexperiencewith the beautiful Elizabeth stickers. Elizabeth is thecutest owlever and it will help you express your feelings in a veryoriginalway. If you are sad Elizabeth is also sad, if you arehappyElizabeth will smile with you and if you want to have funchooseyour favorite Elizabeth sticker and send it to all yourfriends.Download right now this awesome sticker pack and spreadtheword!
Emoji Keyboard Plus 1.0.1 APK
Express yourself in a fun and easy with thecutest emojis ever. Are you feeling happy, sad, playful, in love?You can now share your feelings and thoughts by choosing from amultitude of emoticons. When you are in doubt and you don't knowwhat to write in your messages these awesome emojis will surelymake your life easier. Color your texts and add a personal touch bychoosing your favorite emojis. Chase away those blue days byexchanging funny texts with all your friends, this colorful emojipack that comes with your favorite keyboard, Keyboard Plus, willinspire you and put a smile on your face. Sometimes a smiley facecan mean so much, and because smiling is a sure way to make yourday better don't hesitate and use as many emojis as you want. Besure to check out the gorgeous emoticons from the lovely emojispack, that comes only with the new Keyboard Plus. Save your timeand energy and say what you want with just a touch of yourkeyboard. It is so simple to let everyone know how you feel withthe right emoji. Please note that this emoji set is a plug-in forthe keyboard app Keyboard Plus. You can get Keyboard Plus from theGoogle Play Store and make sure you have the app installed on yourdevice before you get the Color Emoji set.
Emoji Keyboard 1.0.1 APK
We all love to text our friends. It's fun,it'saffordable and you can do it all the time. When you are at alossfor words, you can always save face with a couple of cuteemojisthat will make your messages lovable, awesome and cute. Weknow, youare tired of all the boring yellow emojis available onvarious apps,but don't worry, because today your favorite keyboardapp, KeyboardPlus comes with a bundle of amazing emoticons.Download today thenew Emoji Keyboard emoticon set and install iton all your devices.Your smartphone will thank you, your peerswill be thrilled and youwill be the coolest ever. This particularemoji pack is verydifferent than all the emoticon bundles outthere because all thesmiley faces come in a very flirtatious shadeof pink. Show theseemoticons to everyone and you will be envied.Send lovely texts toyour sweetheart and top them off with a pinkkiss emoji. This is acompletely new custom emoticon pack that willsurely suit your needsand will be on your liking. Please note thatthis emoji set is aplug-in for the keyboard app Keyboard Plus. Youcan get KeyboardPlus from the Google Play Store and make sure youhave the appinstalled on your device before you get the EmojiKeyboardset.
Fruits Emoji for SMS Plus 1.0.7 APK
Who doesn't love to text? It's fast, efficient and fun. But it's abit hard to convey emotions through texts. But, worry not! That'swhat emojis are for. This is why our talented designers created theFruits Emoji for SMS Plus so that you can express your love oftexting through these cute, awesome and fruity emojis. If you'vehad enough of the boring, common yellow emojis, then this is theright stuff for you! So many colorful fruits that is full ofemotions ready to turn your texts into a fruity masterpiece.Transform your texting skills with this Fruits Emoji for SMS Plus.Make every emotion cooler and funnier with the cool apple or thefunny banana. You're friends and loved ones will envy the new coolway of transmitting emotions over text. This new cool pack will notonly make your emotions reach the ones you're texting much easier,but they'll also make you seem innovative and fun with every tap.Your device will seem jollier every time you open your keyboard.Please note that this emoji set is a plug-in for SMS Plus. You canget SMS Plus from the Google Play Store and make sure you have theapp installed on your device before you get the Fruits Emoji set.So don't wait another day! Download the Fruits Emoji for SMS Plusand start amazing your friends with your cool way of expressingyour emotions. Stay fruity!
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Be different and choose our awesome Blue Emoji Pack for SMS Plusthat will add a nice twist to the classic emojis we all know.Surprise your friends with a blue emoji, match them all to writeyour own story and have fun experimenting. Do you want a quickreply to your texts? We get you and that is why we have createdthis Blue Emoji Pack for SMS Plus. Send a blue emoji and you willcatch that special person's attention. Be smart and choose BlueEmoji Pack for SMS Plus if you want to make a good impression. Whenwords fail a blue emoji can say it all. Download our awesome BlueEmoji Pack for SMS Plus and have fun texting! If you like our BlueEmoji Pack for SMS Plus don't hesitate to share it with yourfriends. Enjoy!