2.0.1 / July 27, 2015
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Run for your life! Kill zombies for all mankind!So it happened -zombie apocalypse has begun in the neighbourhood.Little redneckgirl named Tsunami - to the rescue for damned town. Fast run thebackstreets, smash zombies and get all the loot they drop! Shed theblood and slalom jump between the barriers to stay unstoppablerunner!UNIQUE GAMEPLAYOverdoing the classical vertical runnerscheme, "Tsunami Girl Smash Zombie" performs its own uniquegameplay experience. Old fashioned runner experience mixed withblood and gore shooter action.You have to shoot the way out ofzombie hordes, evading the various obstacles. Performance dependson accurate timing of your actions. Timing is everything.Everyzombie you kill will drop some funds or useful powerup. Collectit!Also you can knock out zombie in close combat. Swing thebuttstock against their jaws!Knocked out zombie won't left anyloot. Though they can't hurt you anymore. Good runner is a runnerwith teeth-smash buttstock!Of course, any straight collision withzombie or barrier object will interrupt the run.POWERUP YOURRUN!Yeah, there are plenty of powerups to make the Tsunami runlonger and funnier!There is 3 types of them:* Starter - could bepurchased for ingame currency. Helps you to kill from the start.*Powerup - collect it on the run. Also, could be pumped up byspending some zollars. Obviously, it is totally about the killbenefits.* Everlasting - special powerups you can buy for realcurrency. Shedding the blood becomes more effective andeconomical.Call the air support, ride the Wrangler, or charge theshotgun with buckshot ammo to improve your kill skill!AMAZINGCHALLENGES WITH FRIENDSSurviving zombie apocalypse is always aboutthe the challenge of kill.Play cool and send the best results tothe global ratings!Invite facebook friends to the game, play withthem! Run better than your friends and blow up facebook statisticswith the result full of blood.QUESTS AKA MISSIONSComplete thechallenging Tsunami quests on the run and get the specific rewards!Smash undead enemies with tactical plan to earn some extra cashzollars.Some of the quests provide you with the alternative way toget purchase items for free.PS: "Tsunami Girl Smash Zombie" havejust started its way. Stay with us and notice many crazy updates toenhance the fun! More powerup, zombies, play scenes, kill options,facebook friends invite feature, etc, etc - for those who are notscared by oceans of blood and trash piles of gore.

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    Tsunami Girl Smash Zombie
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    July 27, 2015
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Best Sport Games
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    P.B. 46364, Limasol, Cyprus
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