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Turner (Turnner) : Old version of Turner by PEN Studio

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    Turner (Old)
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    August 25, 2014
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    Android 2.1 and up
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    PEN Studio
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기억력 트레이닝 1.2.29 APK
PEN Studio
대덕고등학교 3학년 5반 15번 안동훈 제작기억력 트레이닝은 당신의 기억력과 집중력을 향상시켜 줄 두뇌 개발게임입니다.매일 간단한 트레이닝으로 두뇌를 개발하고 상쾌한 상태로 유지하세요!이 트레이닝을 통해 자신의 기억력에 자신감을가질 수 있게 될 겁니다.학생 1인 개발 게임입니다. 많이 응원해 주세요!✓ 인터넷 연결이 필요 없는 게임입니다! 데이터걱정ㄴㄴ (구글 플레이 연결과 페이스북에서만 필요합니다!)✓ 20단계가 넘는 난이도로 전문가부터 초보자까지 자신의 수준에맞게 플레이할 수 있습니다. 물론 트레이닝을 계속하면 높아진 기억력만큼 레벨도 계속 올라갑니다!✓ 9단계의 기억력 랭크로자신의 위치를 확인할 수 있습니다! (언랭/브론즈/실버/골드/플래티넘/다이아몬드/마스터/그랜드마스터/챌린저)✓ 매일테스트한 결과를 기록해 그래프로 보여줍니다. 기억력이 향상되어 가는 과정을 눈으로 확인할 수 있습니다!✓ 리더보드를지원합니다. 친구들 또는 전 세계 사람들과 기억력을 겨루어 보세요!✓ 페이스북/트위터 공유를 통해 자신의 기억력을 주변에자랑할 수도 있습니다.✓ 업적 시스템이 있습니다. 다양한 업적에 도전해 보세요!----개발자 연락처 :연락처1010-9804-3021연락처2 010-9299-6709Daedeok High School produced threegrade 5 andonghun half 15 timesMemory training is a braindevelopment line games to improve your memory andconcentration.Develop a simple brain training every day andmaintain a pleasant state!This training will be able to haveconfidence in their memory.Student development is one game. Pleasea lot of support!✓ The game does not require internet connection!Data worried ㄴㄴ (only required for Google Play Connect andFacebook!)✓ it is from more than 20 levels of difficulty frombeginner to expert views to suit their level. Of course, it willcontinue to keep you up to higher level training as memories!✓ Youcan see step 9 to memory rank of their sites! (Eonraeng / bronze /silver / gold / platinum / diamond / Master / Grand Master /Challenger)✓ Record the daily tests results show a graph. Theprocess of memory is improved, you can see snow!✓ support theleaderboard. Discover contested friends or people around the worldand memories!✓ You may be proud of his memory around via Facebook /Twitter sharing.✓ There is achievement system. Try challenging avariety of achievements!
Omok (Five in a Row) 1.1.0 APK
PEN Studio
Omok (Five in a Row)Rules : - Getting five or more stones in a rowmakes win. - First stone must be at center. - Double three : Blackcan't place a stone that builds two separate lines with three blackstones in rows (rows not blocked by white stones. - Double four :Black can't place a stone that builds two separate lines with fourblack stones in rows (rows not completely blocked by white stones).- Overline : Black can't win by placing more than 5 stones in arow. - White has no restrictions. - I don't have father. _ you.too..
PEN Studio
TACHYON is a rapid, cool and very hardcore dodge game.Race fasterthan light and challenge the world records!Made byAhn Donghun, YoonTaegeonMusic by256 Works, Sirplus
5cm/s 1.0.6 APK
PEN Studio
Super nice dodge game.
나만의 홀로그램 만들기 1.1.10 APK
PEN Studio
대덕고등학교 3학년 5반 15번 안동훈 제작갤러리에 있는 사진으로 홀로그램을 만들 수 있습니다동영상은 지원하지않습니다.----개발자 연락처 :연락처1 010-9804-3021연락처2 010-9299-6709Daedeok HighSchool produced three grade 5 andonghun half 15 timesYou can createa holographic pictures in the galleryVideos are not supported.
코토리 날아욧! 1.1.13 APK
PEN Studio
※알림이 게임은 저작권 문제로 인해 더 이상 업데이트되지 않습니다.최신 버전인 '타키온(TACHYON)'을검색해보세요!_____________________________________________________________________________코토리날아요!코토리가 나는 게임입니다.노란 원은 피하고 회색 벽은 위로만 안 부딪히면 됩니다. 옆으로 부딪히면 안 죽고튕겨나와요.네소베리 중심의 빨간 다이아몬드가 충돌 판정입니다.네소베리 이미지는 제가 그려 보려고 했으나.. 손이 부족한관계로 네소베리 마이너 갤러리 아이디 YoJoo님의 네소콘을 사용했습니다. 감사합니다.----개발자 연락처 :연락처1010-9804-3021연락처2 010-9299-6709※noticeThis game is no longerupdated due to copyright issues.The latest version, try searchingfor "Tachyon (TACHYON)'!_____________________________________________________________________________Iflew Kotori!Kotori is I'm game.Yellow circle, avoiding the graywalls are not only top hits. Get out pop hits to the side can notdie.Neso a collision determination of the berry red diamondcenter.Neso Berry images, but I'm trying to draw hands .. I usedthis relationship to the minor neso Berry Gallery ID YoJoo's foursokon lacking. Thank you.
터너 1.0.9 APK
PEN Studio
회전형 닷지 게임 '터너'입니다. 여러분들의 미션은 단 하나, 끝없이 공들이 떨어지는 이 세상에서 살아남으세요. 시간이지날수록 세상이 조여옵니다. 눈 번쩍 뜨세요! 26개의 도전과제들은 게임의 재미를 곱으로~***** 본 게임은 광고가없는 무료 게임입니다 ****** 개발자 : 덕계고등학교 윤태건* 메인 음악 : Enrique Plazaola -Electron(http://www.flashkit.com/loops/Soul/Funk/electron-Enrique_-9650)*게임 음악 : VBolt Works - Digital Breakers(https://soundcloud.com/volt001/digital-breakers)----개발자 연락처 :연락처1010-9804-3021연락처2 010-9299-6709Once a typical Dodge game Turner.Youmission is to survive you all from a single, endless ball of theworld are falling.Over time, the world gets tightened. Pleasesparkling eyes float!26 challenges are to multiply the fun of thegame -***** This game is a free game with no ads ****** Developer:High deokgye yuntaegeon* Main Music: Enrique Plazaola - Electron(http://www.flashkit.com/loops/Soul/Funk/electron-Enrique_-9650)*Game Music: VBolt Works - Digital Breakers(https://soundcloud.com/volt001/digital-breakers)
Calculation 1.2.13 APK
PEN Studio
Calculation - This is made up of addition, subtraction,multiplication, and division that are common things. We learn thefour fundamental arithmetic operations at middle school. It's soboring to learn with only textbook. You can enjoy and learn withthis game!Now, I will explain you about this game. It's very easy.You have to make high score in a given time. This game consists of3 modes. Classic mode, Multi-Operator mode, VS mode. Classic modeis a normal type. Just you have to make high score. There are 3~4operators in Multi-Operator mode. And VS mode is a two-seater. Youcan play this game with you family or friend. It’s better to playin tablet PC that is wide screen. This game supports global rankingin Classic mode and Multi-Operator mode. You can compete with allpeople!Sentences become longer. We are students in middle school.It is first that uploading game at google play store. We spent 25$that our allowance to upload this game at google play store. Umm,now I will finish explaining. I hope you enjoy this game!(Studentof Daejeon Sungduk middle school and student of Yangju DeokHyeonmiddle school made this game. And “SunSoup” who in “Hyperbrain”made sounds. Thanks.)#########1.2.2 UpdateAdded pause functionAddednew achievementAdded negative number's leaderboardAdded soundeffectsAdded sound optionImproved creation of numbersLanguage willbe selected by OS language automatic.Bug fixed#########