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Welcome to the turtle survival game! Live the whole life of a smallunhurried turtle traveling about the house full of dangerousspider, rat and frog! Fight with your house challengers, search forfood, find your mate and grow a family of little turtles in turtlelife in house game and have fun!How to survive?It’s quite simple,you need search for food, struggle with other killers and be alertfrom them. Find your mate, lead it to your home and create your ownfamily of relaxed turtles! Earn points for each successfully donemission and power your little tortoise up to become more powerful!Unlock colorful skins for your turtle to look like the beautifulturtles. Choose your favorite skin and enjoy the Turtle life inhouse.There are several challenging missions are waiting in turtlelife in house. You want to eat food, grow your family and feed thekids, defend your family with mad enemies like rat, angry spider,crazy frog and cockroach. Mind the health, energy and foodindicators of your turtle and your turtle’s family! Don’t forgetthat if one of them drops, you may become dead in a second! Protectyour coat from large human beings and dangerous enemies, search fortasty berries, delicious fruits to feed your little geckos and justenjoy your life!Turtle Life in House feature: • Survive turtle withhis family• Dangerous and mad enemies ready to attack• Rat, angryspider, mad frog and cockroach are enemies• Beautiful and amazinggameplay• Incredible 3D graphics and smooth controls• Unlockcolorful skins of amazing turtles• Challenging missions arewaiting• Delicious fruits and foods for eating• Increase yourturtle power and survive • Realistic sound effects and real climateeffectsProtect your nest from large human beings. Become the smalltortoise trying to survive in the large country house! Eat apples,fight with angry spiders in room,lay eggs,stay away from peopleand visit bathroom of house.Many interesting missions to play inthis Turtle House Simulator!!

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    Turtle Adventure Simulator
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    January 5, 2018
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    Android 4.0 and up
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    Confun GameStudio
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Live the life of a Mouse and Survive in city !!Do you love animalsimulators?Are your ready for a challenging new mouse games?Squeakand squeal with City Mouse Simulator!Become a fugitive mouse – awhite mouse surviving in rush city life in search of cheese.Try tosurvive in the cruel big city with mouse games and City MouseSimulator 3D!Run and explore the beautiful environment and bewareof crazy cat's claw.Jump over tables in restaurants to steal cheeselike a Parkour mouse simulator.Find your mate and raise mousefamily in mouse games and live in your small hole with your littlefamily.Protect your cute little babies from squirrels and crazycats they can punch mouse at any time.Fight with evil rats in yourarea to survive in city.Collect cheese to increase your energylevel.City Mouse Simulator GamePlay:*Search for Cheese to surviveand explore city blocks*Find other mice to mate and even raise upbabies*Jump over tables like a Parkour mouse and stealcheese*Beware of cats and humans they are your enemies*Fight withanaconda snakes,Chicks,Squirrels and rats to survive in cityHow toPlay:•Mouse run or walk with joystick at left bottom.•Attack andjump button is at right bottom.•Follow the instructions given ineach quest to complete missions.•Energy and Time will show at upperleft area of the screen.City Mouse Simulator Features:STEAL CHEESEFROM HUMANSMaintain health rate to set up a clan of mouses withthis City Mouse Simulator in 3D!Don't forget about your rivals likeanaconda snakes and crazy cats.Play as Realistic Mouse Simulatortosteal cheese for your mate and babies in this mouse games.Peopleare eating fries ,meat and other delicious food items and you havesteal food for your family.EPIC BATTLESExplore City life with yourmate and babies and fight against dangerous enemies in city.Humanscan kill you from their foot so be careful and fight againstsnakes,chicks,squirrels and rats.Plenty of fun sounds and visualeffects in mouse games.BUILD YOUR PACKGo to your small house andsleep to get babies .build your pack and explore city with yourmate and babies.Wander in streets like a boss.CHOOSE YOUR MOUSEYouwill play as white mouse in mouse games but you can unlock brownand block mouse to enjoy their features.Fast and action packedgame-play.HUGE 3D CITY ENVIRONMENTYour mouse is free to roam amassive open-world environment that is more than triple the size ofthe previous simulators!Busy city streets, wide-open parks andwhite-fenced neighbourhoods.First time on Play Store addition tomouse games with City Mouse Simulator with realistic animations.Youmay have played mouse trap games but this time play mouse game asan animal simulator games to raise a family with a mate and denfree in Big city streets, blocks, and roofs filled with predators –cats and eagles.Download City Mouse Simulator 3D and enjoy the lifeof a realistic mouse that has successfully become a real cityanimal!
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Get ready to play Ultimate Arctic Wolf Simulator game to raise yourbaby wolves in snow and protect mate from predators.This ultimatewolf simulator game includes fantastic snow environment and epiccut scenes to make thrilling gameplay. Build your own clan ofwolves and raise your family in wolf simulator games and wolf gamesfree. Control your ultimate arctic wolf beast in our arctic wolfsimulator, attack your prey to survive in the snow of the jungle inour action packed wolf free games.Beware of the Elephant and hugebear they can kill you with their killing power.You will be guidedin every wolf quest in this ULTIMATE WOLVES OF THE ARCTIC game withawesome wolf animations.Go to hunting with your mate to get foodand train your wolf cubs.Arctic wild wolf simulator games are whereu can play as the wolf were never been so entertaining. Explore theJungle and extremely cold weather of snow also look for prey toattack with your ultimate wolf in this wolf simulator.Team upagainst your enemies with your family and show your aggressive andmajestic side in this ultimate wolves of the arctic game.Battleagainst bears , wolves and hunt penguins , leopards of the arcticand tigers of the forest.Eagles are flying around so make your cubssafe in dangerous environment.Play as a real wild wolf and at thesame time as an arctic wolf in this animal simulator game andsurvive in snowy jungle with UlTIMATE ARCTIC WOLF SIMULATOR!Themost Challenging gameplay with high quality graphics.The easiestanimals to hunt are the rabbits and deer.There are many surprisesfor you in this game and you will not disappoint.Jump into a brandnew adventure as a wild Wolf in Arctic land! Survive in a massiveworld of wilderness that’s filled with new dangers and speedyprey!Protect your big wolf family from leopards of theArctic!Complete each quest with new interesting missions anddevelop your hunting skills.Be an angry wolf and lead your familyand clan of wolves, hunt other wild animals that come within yoursight for your hunger or survival in newest wolf games free andbecome a part of this wolf games free where you can play as thewolf and has babies. Follow the mini map to get properdirections.In Arctic wild wolf simulator games 3d you will enjoyreal wolf’s life with attack, fight, ultimate survival.You havemultiple attacking features like ultimate pounce attack with powerbutton to attack more quickly in wolf simulator with mating.Yourmate will help you in fighting against angry bosses.This young wolfstory is interesting in the vast Arctic territory.Be a ferociousHunter and hunt down other jungle animals like Lion, tiger, bison,gazelle, hare, elephant and many more wild animals of the snowysavannah jungle.Features of Ultimate Arctic Wolf Simulator:-3Different wolves to choose-Raise wolf cubs and find the mate-Superhigh quality 3D Arctic World map to explore-Epic final battleagainst giant enemies-Epic quest game with thrilling cutscenes-Raise your wolf family, protect them from other wildanimals. Get ready to show wildness and anger of an angry beast!Control your furious wolf, search for food and fight for survivalwith your clan of Arctic wolves and family!Wield razor sharp teethand piercing howl to strike fear into the heart of your foes!Fightfor your life against brutal wild animals.Download Ultimate Arcticwolf simulator 3D. Exciting RPG-style gameplay and real naturesounds will never get you bore.The most realistic wild wolfsimulator.Hunt or be hunted in battle of hunger and life in harshsnowy weather!We welcome your your suggestions for ultimate Arcticwolf simulator.
Flying Robot Car Simulator 1.2 APK
Flying Robot Car Simulator is for fans of transforming robots carand flying car games.Have a thrilling experience of robot gamesunder flying robot games portfolio with adrenaline-filled robot carexperience.As a gigantic flying robot,you need to shoot downvehicles in the latest of flying games.We bring you the best offuturistic games to step up your game and rule this futuristicrobot battle arena against the city cars.It's a time of war, pilot!Are you ready for surprise attacks, intricate tactical maneuversand the many sneaky tricks your rivals have for you?Then play thisFLYING ROBOT CAR SIMULATOR game in 3d with the blend of flying cargames and transform robot games.Become a futuristic flying car inthe simulator or a futuristic flying robot.Destroy enemy robotscars start the mortal combat and stay on the battlefield as long asyou can.Target and destroy the strong robotic cars and air craftsin this amazing 3D shooting game.Do you like transforming robotgames? Maybe flying car simulators? This game is best for you!Youare the driver of a cutting-edge transforming robot car.Transformyour car into a robot fly like an airplane to defeat enemies andsave the humanity and be the hero of the world.You will be auniversal robot transformer, which is ready to take on anyjob.Secondly, you also get the chance of shooting down opponentrobots cars while flying high in the sky.Balance your robot heroand master the art of shooting in FUTURISTIC FLYING ROBOT CARSIMULATOR, one of the most iconic robot battle games of theyear!Gameplay of this this robot game is pretty simple, you willfight against other Robots cars & get rid of Police cars andyou have to defeat them to get access next level.If you're excitedto futuristic car games and robot games you will enjoy playingFlying Car Robot Simulator.Get ready to enjoy an invigoratingflying car simulator with the blend of adventurous airborne in oneof the best flying sports games.Variety of opponent police vehiclesincluding cars, limousines and helicopters with different cameraviews.Switch between Robot and furious racing car with just a clickof the button with amazing thrilling animations.If you love or hatepolice cars, police car racing, sheriff then this game isdefinitely for you to fight against fast police drift racing carsand traffic cars by simply switching your robot to furious racingcar.Flying Robot Car Simulator game features:- Take control of anintelligent flying mech robot- 3 Different transforming robots andflying cars- X ray weapon with unlimited ammo- RealisticTransformations- Stunning Flying Car Physics- Realisticenvironment.- Spectacular views of the city- Smooth on-screenshooting controlsFeel like a real futuristic robot!A fascinatingmusic simulator will not get bored and will add energy duringmissions.This Flying Robot simulator is absolutely free, soeveryone can now assume the role of X Ray Corp. Become a futuristicflying car or futuristic robot to battle in this flying robot carsimulator 2017 game.Enthralling game-play having a combined fun ofrobot flying games and robot simulator games.Realistic &vibrant 3d environment with active traffic not seen in typicalgenre of robot war games.Realistic sci-fi robot animations, justlike in similar robot fighting games.Attractive lighting andeffects for being in sync with future games theme.Download andchoose your robot to get into the fight game action.The game iscompletely free to play.
Car Robot Valet Mall Parking 1.1 APK
Crazy valet parking madness is here with Multilevel Car Robot Valetmerged with fantastic cars and robots. Entertain yourself withrobots driving cars and parking them with driving skills in extremeextraordinary car parking simulator that have been painstakinglydesigned for the ultimate pro gamers. Truly taking Parking intoThree Dimensions! If you are parking games lover then you neverplayed anything like this. It is a new taste and fantasticexperience. Enter the multi Storey parking lot on your luxuriouscar and reach the spot in time. Maneuver and drift speed car aroundobstacles and drive it in the right parking space to complete themission in Multilevel Car Robot Valet. Robot car parking is a newbranch on multi storey car parking games and multi storey carparking simulator on tree.Future has arrived where Robot replacinghumans. First, meticulously drive your sport car for mysteriousplaces. At reaching the parking spot give the key to robot. Crazyvalet garage parking duty starts now. As a garage parker robot,your core aim is to drive car to parking area and park the car inparking lot, find parking spot and park in an underground parkingplace or multi-level parking building plaza. In Crazy Valet RobotParking Simulator, enjoy extreme wriggling and zigzagging, drivethrough high speed top-paced racing cars. Avoid collision withother buildings, and vehicles in garage parking plaza. Drivevarious new cars like Ford mustang, Ferrari, Lamborghini and LuxurySedan each with a unique behaviour and master over many missions inopen world with different and completely physical simulated 3Denvironments. Fasten your seat belt and get ready for the thrillingdrive as a Hill Taxi Driver or parking robot. Drive your carthrough our big and crazy city traffic; drive safely to theirdestinations is a big deal because it is not easy. Huge number ofparking games exists in the market. However, just a bit of them arefun but this game came as to defy all of them as fun and concept.This game is for those who seek for a parking simulator in highdetailed quality but with realistic vehicle car controllers.Multi-Level Car Robot Valet Features:→ Fantastic and Easy butrealistic driving experience.→ Beautiful and powerful parkingRobot.→ Multiple camera views like driver's eye view, third personview, and dashboard view.→ Realistic Multi Level Car Park map withmassive traffic!→ Enter/Start/Stop/Exit buttons with realisticanimations in Car System→ Many Cars to drive and unlockMaster yourdriving skills in one of the best 2017 robot car parking games. Itis first game in Robot Car parking Simulators and multi-level carparking simulators. If you are a car race fan then you must notmistake this 3D casual game. Test your patience and best skills,technical exciting levels with Robot driving car and performingduty as a Valet.
Wolf Quest: Wild Animal Life 1.1 APK
Play as a wild wolf and know the real wild life of wolf in junglewith our Wolf Quest: wild Life simulator game.Battle with wildenemies, find mate and raise up pups to increase your family growthin this wolf simulator game.You should behave like a real wild wolfand explore amazing snow hills jungle full of adventures.Protectyour-self from wild predators like bear,fox,zebra,goat and duckwhich are most dangerous for your pups.Your main goal is to explorethe forest as a wild wolf, find food for them and fight againstother wild predators walking around.If you like animal simulatorsgame then this is best wolf survival simulator for you.Thisultimate wild wolf simulator game will give you an opportunity tolive the real life of wolf and his family.From the small weak andhelpless cub through mature stallion to the ghost of the oldwolf.Take care of your pups and have fun with Forest wolf Simulatorand survive your wild life in forest.Choose gender and colour tohave fun playing Wolf Quest:wild Life great game for those wholoves animal simulators game.Get ready to wear the skin of the wildgray wolf, run to find another wolf to make a family and enjoyjourney together. Wolf Quest:wild Life is giving you chance toraise up from a little cub to the adult wolf, meet and mate withother wolves of the forest.Fight against wild predators and justhave fun in this wild wolf simulator game.Keep in your mind health,energy and food indicators - if one of it drops –then there is nochance to stay alive.Learn your new attacks and prepare your pupsto survive life in forest.You are surviving your life withdifferent animals some of them could become your friends and someare your direct rivals.Walk with your cubs, teach him, start yourwild adventure and be real wild wolf in this snow wolf simulator 3dgame. Wolf Quest: wild Life Game Features:-3 amazing wild wolves tochoose-Beautiful and realistic 3D world to explore-Beautiful HDgraphics and realistic animations-12 ultimate wild wolf simulatorfull of entertaining missions-Level up your wolf by performingdifferent activities & questsIt is a highly realistic wild wolfsimulator in which you have to fight for survival in the dangerouswilderness.Forest is a wonderful place for animals where they havefun all day.Wolf Quest: Wild Animal Life is a combined Fusion ofAdventures, Ultimate Simulation and rampage around the vastJungle.Have fun jumping and running through the massive jungle asyou play many engaging and fun wolf quests.It’s a Realistic wolfsimulator game where you feel like playing in reality as there isday and night cycles and beautiful HD graphics to keep you amazedthroughout the game.So are you ready to tackle this wild beast inthis action packed wolf quest simulator free 2017? Download WolfQuest: wild Life game and start the battle of survival and hunger.
Ambulance Rescue Sim 2017 1.1 APK
Play as a ambulance rescue simulator driver in NYC AmbulanceSimulation game and run into injured patients to save therelives.This game have good rescue mission game, play as rescueambulance driver and recover the patients.The NYC city is in thrilland accident and you have to safely drive the injured to thenearest hospital.Play as a rescue ambulance driver and run intoinjured patients in need on curvy city roads.In these days the cityof NYC is growing and the accident ratio is increasing.Explore thethe hustle and bustle of emergency medical rescue.Are you the onewho help the accidental people and patients?In this NYC Ambulancerescue simulator Game you do need to work within giventime.Transport the needy and accidental peoples to nearest hospitalas soon as possible you are the last hope for these peoples.Turn onambulance sirens and push the throttle to race fast.If you likeambulance games then here's the latest ambulance rescue 911 gamefor you.Its time to drive your city Ambulance Rescue, It is a greatgame from ambulance games for all those people who want to help ofhumans.Try yourself as a real rescue worker and feel, what is thehospital delivery after accident and serve humanity.It’s a greatopportunity for you to drive ambulance and saving lives indifferent areas of the NYC city.In this Ambulance simulator gameyou will be acting like a doctor who has to give his best to savepeoples life.Be ready fasten your seat belt and drive your 3DAmbulance fast with high speed race towards the big 3d city.Youwill follow the arrow indicators to get to the point of problemwhere you will pick the the needy peoples and send them intohospital.Use your siren to aware everyone about the disasterbecause the NYC city is busy.Need to control the ambulance, needsto drive fast through the big city.Pick up the wounded people ortransport them from city to hospital in this ambulance rescuesimulator game.Make sure not to crash the Ambulance into othervehicles and follow the traffic rules because this is not easy todrive the ambulance in big busy city.Feel the thrill of steeringthe ambulance through beautiful yet dangerous city environment.Themain thing you can learn how to drive an ambulance truck and parkit in front of a big city parking 3D hospital.City Ambulance Rescue2017 Game Features:-10 challenging hospital drivermissions-Realistic big city environment and hd graphics-Differentroutes across the city-Simple and easy controls for seamlessdriving-Addictive and easy game playThere are 10 most thrilling andadventurous rescue missions and you must be in a state of emergencyall the time.One of the best from ambulance games for people wholove to do help others.Drive your vehicle in the big city to thehospital and show your skills of precision driving in this parkinggame.Become a good Ambulance rescue driver and show some stunts onAmerican carpet road.If you are a amazing driver and fulfillingyour duty in time, you can get bonus from hospital authorities aswell.We hope you will enjoy this latest city ambulance rescue 2017simulator game and give us your suggestion.
Spider Skating Boy City Hero 1.2 APK
Spider Skating City Hero is the game to play for all skate loversout there. Play spider skating hero and improve your skatingskills. Purchase different spider skaters or upgrades for yourpower-ups. You can also get different skateboards. Tap to jump anddrag to do some crazy tricks. Jump on rails to slog them and thendo some tricks to improve your skating skills in this lovely game.Spider skating hero is all about skating your way through city.Dodge obstacles and cars. Try to set a high score every single timeyou play.In this exciting game, you are a cool skater and you‘llprove that you won’t be defeated in the skating. Choose thedifficulty level, a good skater and love the addictive racing! Thisamazing game give it‘s players many options - you can jump, speedup and slow down, dodge obstacles, or just journey the streets ofincredible city.You are a Spider Skater boy who can perform awesomestunts with free style skating skills.Best skateboard game withepic cut scenes.You can test your driving skills with this SpiderSkating City Hero game and become best skateboard stunt hero. It isnew kind of skating game where you can perform some seriouslychallenging Stunts as spider hero. You need to perform the actionsand avoid crashing against cars or barricades! In this game you canpractices and improve you stunts skill.Dangerous obstacles andrealistic cars are ready to stop you Now it is your spirit how faryou can go in this skating never-ending game.Spider Skating CityHero Feature:• Real-time Skateboard stunts and tricks• Awesomespider skaters are ready to play• Realistic Skateboard Physics andsmooth controls• Incredible music and sound effects.• Amazing cityenvironment and fantastic gameplay• Outstanding 3D graphics andbeautiful skateboards Speed Up, Jump, Crouch and Turn as fast asyou can! Spider skating is a free game with a lot of challenge,players and levels to Unlock! It's easy and fun to play! You needto perform the ruses and avoid crashing against cars or roadblocks!What are you waiting for? Download Spider Skating City Hero now!
Police Transform Robot Hero 1.2 APK
Welcome to our Police Transform Robot Superhero game.PoliceTransform Superhero is especially for robot lover fan's who wantrobot transformer and robot fighting.It is the new era of policerobot shooting games so here it comes the police robot car game themaster of all police shooting games.With a click of buttontransform to robot bike,robot car,robot helicopter or just be aSuperHero Robot who will rescue the city from criminals and shootthem with your super powers.Fly around as a helicopter ,ridefuturistic tron police bike or drive robot car aftertransformation.You would have never seen this eccentric summationof police car robot with police robot fighting games.PoliceTransform Superhero is one of the best new generation transformerrobot games.Move around the city as a super robot which hassplendid capability to disguise into variety of automobiles;transform into state of the art motorbike, change into an elegantlimousine car or fly a spectacular helicopter. Feel like a pro,show diversity of riding various machines with authority andconvert at the right moment to show fire power to enemies as thisgame masterfully unfolds flavour of robot fighting games.**GAMEPLAY**This Game will bring you missions after mission.Let’s takeyou on another journey in Police Transformer Superhero games thatgives you the enjoyment of riding a Police drift cars andfuturistic robots.Get through the Police Transformer Superhero inthis addictive game.Full of killer tricks, awesome freestyle actionand insane stunts.In this game use you’re Police TransformSuperhero and other fighter skills, mobo skills & racingskills.You can transform into furious sports car, drift through thecity, perform stunt as well and turn into a striking killer machineand wreck robots.Are you a robot games enthusiast? We bring astriking introduction to robot transforming games offering you anexquisite range of vehicles to drive for an exhilaratingexperience.In this Police transform Superhero game you’re hero andyou should fight against evil futuristic robot cars to save yourcountry.Drive, boost, drift, roll, jump, and crash your police carin our all new extreme police driver's paradise!Police TransformRobot Superhero Features:• Detailed environments with differentViews.• Highly Intelligent Robots.• Robots police car with sci-figuns • Realistic Sound Effects.• Transform police robot into Policecar , Robot Bike or Robot Helicopter.• Fully equipped withrealistic fighting animations and fantastic combat physics unseenin typical robotic simulator.• Breathtaking realistic 3D animationswith eye catching HD graphics to capture details of transformationgames.If you love robots, limo cars, fun games, funny games,fighting games, futuristic games, survival games, savior games,police cars, shooting games, transformer robot games, and endlessgames you will love this! In this game you’re Police robot &you can transform into fast speed drift racing police car ,policebike and police helicopter.Control your vehicle speed in one of thewildest police car games 2017 with having best police extreme cardriving simulator new games 2017.Check out this new policeTransform Superhero game 2017.Police Transform Robot Superhero willbe updated according to your suggestions.Don't forget to leave areview with your feedback.