1.1 / June 4, 2017
(3.0/5) (7)


This well-produced app contains features that deservecriticalacclaim: Easy sharing with Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram andothertexting apps Seamless interaction with Twitter, YouTubeandFacebook An interface that you will love to use whenever youhave afew minutes Imagery that will inspire you towriteattention-getting messages Download TurtleMoji!

App Information TurtleMoji - Turtle Emoji

  • App Name
    TurtleMoji - Turtle Emoji
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  • Updated
    June 4, 2017
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  • Requires Android
    Android 4.0.3 and up
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    Leninsky 88, suite 255, Moscow, 119421, Russia
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Download this excellent BeagleMoji Android app to share your loveof pets.If your friends and family think you are an animal lover,then you have found your emoji set! Whether you own a beagle oranother type of canine, you will love the doggie emojis andstickers that our app adds to your smartphone. If school has beendull for you lately, download BeagleMoji to enjoy a lightheartedmoment that will help you look forward to your next class session.We also recommend our app to people who want to make waits morepleasant.BeagleMoji is full of features that our users adore:Akennel of images that includes beagles, funny dogfood and many waysto warm your heartAn exceptional interface that you will love touseProfessionally built integration with Telegram, WhatsApp,Messenger, Viber and other text appsSeamless sharing capabilitiesthat let you show your fun side to your Twitter, Facebook andSnapchat networksThe inspiration for doggy messagesWe bet that thiswill become your pet app!
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Download this superb set of emojis that will make you and yourfriends cheer!If you love to watch every sport, you will love thisbrilliant Phone app. Of course, this app suits the emoji tastes ofselective fans, too. The next time you attend a sporting event,this app can help you effectively express yourself during thepregame period and after each exciting play. It can also let youtell people how much you would rather be at a game than in class,at work or attending some coworker's wedding! This is an obviouslyversatile app!Within Sports Emoji, you will find stunning features:A sporting emoji set that includes imagery related to football,soccer, baseball, basketball, ragby, beach ball and many otheractivities Seamless interaction with Viber, WhatsApp, Messenger andother texting apps Excellent images for social media A rich stickerset with funny and exciting imagery An exceptional interfaceProfessional design from obviously passionate people Thrillinginspirations for text communicationsStick Sports Emoji on yourphone to create texts that score points!
Giraffe Emoji 1.1 APK
Download this free app and enhance your chat and impress yourfriends!Join the fun with Giraffe Emoji, a superior emoji appthat's destined to be a hit with anyone who downloads it! This freeand easy to use app is one that's a favorite with fans who lovethese long neck creatures. Share across many messenger platformswith the whimsy stickers, smileys, and numerous other expressionsthat have the ability to convey every mood.We have designed the appto be used to greatly improve the quality of conversations throughchat and apps such as whatsapp, Messenger, telagram, and others!Enjoy exciting locales such as the desert and others with our highresolution images, all designed to keep you and your friendsentertained for hours on end! What's more is that this absolutelyfree to use and enjoy!Some of our favorite features include:-Compatibility with all popular messenger applications- Variety ofhigh quality images- A wide number of different emojis, stickers,and more!Download today and stay connected though social media formore updates, alerts, and new emoji applications!
DachshundMoji - Dachshund Dog Emoji 1.1 APK
For all the dog lovers! If you have and/or love Dachshunds, thenDachshundMoji is a must have for you. Nearly everyone loves dogs,and the Dachshund breed is among the cutest with their long bodiesand short little legs. Share your love of dogs with this adorableemoji set containing just about anything you'd want in a dog themedemoji pack.Add dachshund emojis to your posts about pets on yoursocial media accounts. Tell a cute emoji story about a dog playingwith a stick. You can also add them to some photos for an adorableedit worth saving.No more wasting time sifting through the otheremoji-related apps trying to locate just what you want, only tofind one or two of the type of animal you're lookingfor.DachshundMoji is compatible with many of the top socialnetworking platforms and messaging networks, including but notlimited to: Messenger Facebook Instagram Telegram ViberWhatsAppShare your love of the Dachshund dog breed today anddownload DaschundMoji from the PlayMarket!Feel free to contact thedevelopers if you have any questions, feedback.
GoldieMoji - Golden Retriever Emoji 1.1 APK
GoldieMoji is an emoji application made by golden retriever ownersfor those who share our passion. This application has everythingyou're looking for when concerning your favorite breed of dog!Hundreds of different emojis, stickers, and more destined to keepyou entertained almost as much as you dog does! We designed thisapplication to work across a variety of different platforms,including whatsapp, viber, text, telegram, and more!Basically, youwon't find it hard to share your favorite pet emojis with all ofyour friends and family! Heck, we even think that your golden willeven like it as much as their favorite stick! Well, maybe not thatmuch!What's more is that we've made this app to be free foreveryone who downloads it!A Few Key Features of GolieMoji:-Beautifully rendered high-resolution golden retriever emojis,stickers, and more- Works on all major messenger applications-Absolutely free of charge
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Are you a owner or lover of Siamese cats? We thought so. We are,too!Now, you can finally have your love displayed to friends andfamilies with our Siamese cat emoji. We have compiled the cutestSiamese cats in one app, carefully created and displayed with useof your emoji keyboard. These cutie cats aren't only great pets,but now they're great ways to liven up the conversation with yourfriends and family.We've taken pride in creating this app becausewe knew that while there are more than a few apps that have Siamesecat emojis, there really weren't that many that only had Siamesecats, so we wanted to provide more choices to those who wanted adedicated emoji app for that purpose. Our SiameseMoji app works forall messenger apps, including whatsapp, telegram, viber, Messenger,text, and more! Furthermore, it's super easy to install and use.So, go ahead and dive in, show the world how much you love theseregal cats!Some features include:- Completely made with the Siamesefan in mind!- Fully motion made and static stickers
VeggieMoji - Vegan Emoji 1.1 APK
Download this app full of veggie imagery now!Whether you are adedicated vegan or simply someone who loves to eat your vegetables,you have found your favorite texting app. It contains cute imagesof cabbage, corn and other veggies that will make you smile! Thenext time you are waiting for your tofu or veggie-medley order at abeloved cafe, VeggieMoji can be your friend. It can help you passyour time and hunger with texts about food or funny tweets filledwith silly vegetable images. Every emoji in this app is veganapproved. You can decide for yourself if you will tell yourless-evolved, meat-consuming friends about it!VeggieMoji offers thehappy vegan a full menu of features: Superbly designed emojis Awide range of funny produce that will inspire laughter A side ofquinoa Seamless operation with text apps, including Viber,Telegram, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Messenger A great way todraw attention via social media Possible inspiration for your nextdelicious mealListen to your parents. Eat your emojis!
BengalMoji - Bengal Cat Emoji 1.1 APK
Download this keyboard now and start enjoying over 100 uniqueemojis! Enhance your conversations by sending your friends thesecreative and cute stickers. BengalMojis can be placed on photos,videos, and anywhere in an Messenger, in addition to keyboard use.Send cat food, expressive bengali cats and more to your contactswhile you message.Experience BengalMoji's exciting features whenyou:- Rotate and scale stickers- Add stickers to photos for funcustomization- Communicate your love of cats with a range of uniquecat-themed symbols- Personalize your Whatsapp, Messenger, texts andmessaging apps with exciting and new bengal cat characters-Customize your conversations with many amazing cat emoticons-Create a unique and memorable cat-centric messages- Add visuals toyour unique interests