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Tutorials for Django is a complete application for those of youwhowant to learn Django easily and for free. There are dozens andevenhundreds of Django tutorials starting to base for beginnerstoadvanced. All these tutorials you can read without the needtoconnect to the internet or mobile data.- Basics,-Overview,-Environment,- Creating a Project,- Apps Life Cycle,-AdminInterface,- Creating Views,- URL Mapping,- TemplateSystem,-Models,- Page Redirection,- Sending E-mails,- GenericViews,- FormProcessing,- File Uploading,- Apache Setup,- CookiesHandling,-Sessions,- Caching,- Comments,Wait for what else, if youwant toget a free Django tutorial that you can take itanywhere,immediately use this application. Do not forget to give usfeedbackfor better Django tutorial app.

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Kali Linux Tutorial 2018 1.0 APK
This application allows users to learn Kali Linux and all thetopics related to it in a step by step hierarchy manner.Effortshave been made to make the application very user friendly andintuitive with a great user interface that makes it easy for you tolearn through this app. This app provides an excellent tutorial onKali Linux basics and also with the core Kali Linux concepts.Thisapplication is also made in a manner to help out all the studentswho wish to study Kali Linux on a go with a pocket sized Kali Linuxbook in your smart phone.✴ Kali Linux is a Debian-based Linuxdistribution aimed at advanced Penetration Testing and SecurityAuditing. Kali contains several hundred tools which are gearedtowards various information security tasks, such as PenetrationTesting, Security research, Computer Forensics and ReverseEngineering. Kali Linux is developed, funded and maintained byOffensive Security, a leading information security trainingcompany.✴►Kali Linux was released on the 13th March, 2013 as acomplete, top-to-bottom rebuild of BackTrack Linux, adheringcompletely to Debian development standards.✦【Topics Covered in thisApp are Listed Below】⇢ What is Kali Linux ?⇢ Installation andConfiguration⇢ Information Gathering Tools⇢ Vulnerability AnalysesTools⇢ Wireless Attacks⇢ Website Penetration Testing⇢ ExploitationTools⇢ Forensics Tools⇢ Social Engineering⇢ Stressing Tools⇢Password Cracking Tools⇢ Maintaining Access⇢ Reverse Engineering⇢Reporting Tools⇢ Should I Use Kali Linux?⇢ Is Kali Linux Right ForYou?⇢ Downloading Kali Linux⇢ Verifying Your Downloaded Kali Image⇢How Do I Verify My Downloaded Image?⇢ Kali Linux Default Passwords⇢Making a Kali Bootable USB Drive⇢ Kali Linux Live USB Persistence⇢Adding USB Persistence with LUKS Encryption⇢ Live Build a CustomKali ISO⇢ Building a Kali Linux ISO for Older i386 Architectures⇢Kali Linux Hard Disk Install⇢ Dual Boot Kali with Windows⇢ DualBoot Kali on Mac Hardware⇢ Single Boot Kali on Mac Hardware⇢ KaliLinux Encrypted Disk Install⇢ Kali Linux Mini ISO Install⇢ KaliLinux Network PXE Install⇢ Troubleshooting Installations⇢Troubleshooting Wireless Drivers⇢ Kali Linux – ASUS ChromebookFlip⇢ Kali Linux – MiniX⇢ Kali Linux – Cubietruck⇢ Kali Linux –Raspberry Pi2⇢ Kali Linux – Trimslice⇢ Kali Linux – Cubieboard2⇢Kali Linux – RIoTboard⇢ Kali Linux – NanoPi2⇢ Kali Linux – UtilitePro⇢ Kali Linux – ODROID-C1⇢ Kali Linux on USB Armory⇢ Kali Linuxon Acer Tegra Chromebook 13″⇢ Kali Linux on ODROID-XU3⇢ Kali Linux– CuBox-i4Pro⇢ Kali Linux – Samsung Chromebook 2⇢ Kali Linux –Raspberry Pi⇢ Kali Linux – BeagleBone Black⇢ Kali Linux – HPChromebook⇢ Kali Linux – CuBox⇢ Kali Linux – ODROID U2
Learn Supply Chain Management 2018 1.0 APK
✴ Supply chain management (SCM) is the active management of supplychain activities to maximize customer value and achieve asustainable competitive advantage. It represents a conscious effortby the supply chain firms to develop and run supply chains in themost effective & efficient ways possible. Supply chainactivities cover everything from product development, sourcing,production, and logistics, as well as the information systemsneeded to coordinate these activities.✴► If you are an aspiringproject manager or project leader, then definitely this App is foryou which will take you through almost all the important managementconcepts one by one using a simply easy learning approach.✦【TopicsCovered in this App are Listed Below】 SCM - Introduction⇢Advantages⇢ Goals⇢ Process⇢ Process Flow⇢ Flow Components⇢ DecisionPhases⇢ Performance Measures⇢ Strategic Sourcing⇢ Make Vs Buy⇢Networks⇢ Inventory Management⇢ Pricing & Revenue⇢ Integration⇢Differences in Push and Pull System⇢ Push & Pull System⇢Demand-Driven Strategies⇢ Role of IT⇢ Agile and Reverse⇢ Meaning,Scope and Documentation
Tutorial for MS SQL SERVER 2018 1.0 APK
Tutorial for MS SQL SERVER is a complete application for those ofyou who want to learn MS SQL SERVER easily and for free. There aredozens and even hundreds of MS SQL SERVER tutorials starting tobase for beginners to advanced. Here are some lists of materials inMS SQL SERVER tutorial:- MS SQL Server - Overview- MS SQL Server –Editions- MS SQL Server – Installation- MS SQL Server –Architecture- MS SQL Server – Managment Studio- MS SQL Server –Login Database- MS SQL Server - Create Database- MS SQL Server -Select Database- MS SQL Server - Drop Database- MS SQL Server -Creating Backups- MS SQL Server - Restoring Databases- MS SQLServer - Create Users- MS SQL Server - Assign Permissionsandmore...Wait for what else, if you want to get a Tutorial for MS SQLSERVER that you can take it anywhere, immediately use thisapplication. Do not forget to give us feedback for better MS SQLSERVER tutorial app.
Tutorials For SAP FICO 2018 1.0 APK
Tutorials for SAP FICO Offline is a complete application for thoseof you who want to learn SAP FICO easily and for free. There aredozens and even hundreds of SAP FICO tutorials starting to base forbeginners to advanced. All these tutorials you can read offlinewithout the need to connect to the internet or mobile data.Here aresome lists of materials in SAP FICO tutorial:- SAP FI - DefineBusiness Area- SAP FI - Define Functional Area- SAP FI - DefineCredit Control- SAP FI - General Ledger- SAP FI - COA Group- SAP FI- Retained Earnings Account- SAP FI - G/L Account- SAP FI - BlockG/L Account- SAP FI - Deleting G/L Accounts- SAP FI - FinancialStatement Version- SAP FI - Sales Returns- SAP FI - Post IncomingPayment- SAP FI - Foreign Currency Invoice- SAP FI - IncomingPartial Payments- SAP FI - Reset AR Cleared Items- SAP FI - Deletea Customer- SAP FI - Customer Account Groupand more...Wait for whatelse, if you want to get a free SAP FICO tutorial that you can takeit anywhere, immediately use this application. Do not forget togive us feedback for better SAP FICO tutorial app.
Visual Basic.NET Tutorial 2018 1.0 APK
✴VB.NET is a multi-paradigm, object-oriented programming language,implemented on the .NET Framework. Microsoft launched VB.NET in2002 as the successor to its original Visual Basic language.Although the ".NET" portion of the name was dropped in 2005, thisarticle uses "Visual Basic [.NET]" to refer to all Visual Basiclanguages releases since 2002, in order to distinguish between themand the classic Visual Basic. Along with Visual C#, it is one ofthe two main languages targeting the .NET framework.✴► Microsoft'sintegrated development environment (IDE) for developing in VisualBasic .NET language is Visual Studio. Most of Visual Studioeditions are commercial; the only exceptions are Visual StudioExpress and Visual Studio Community, which are freeware. Inaddition, .NET Framework SDK includes a freeware command-linecompiler called vbc.exe. Mono also includes a command-line VB.NETcompiler.✦【Topics Covered in this App are Listed Below】⇢ VB.Net –Overview⇢ VB.Net – Environment⇢ VB.Net - Program Structure⇢ VB.Net- Basic Syntax⇢ VB.Net - Data Types⇢ VB.Net – Variables⇢ VB.Net -Constants and Enumerations⇢ VB.Net – Modifiers⇢ VB.Net –Statements⇢ VB.Net – Directives⇢ VB.Net – Operators⇢ VB.Net -Decision Making⇢ VB.Net – Loops⇢ VB.Net – Strings⇢ VB.Net - Date& Time⇢ VB.Net – Arrays⇢ VB.Net – Collections⇢ VB.Net –Functions⇢ VB.Net - Sub Procedures⇢ VB.Net - Classes & Objects⇢VB.Net - Exception Handling⇢ VB.Net - File Handling⇢ VB.Net - BasicControls⇢ VB.Net - Dialog Boxes⇢ VB.Net - Advanced Form⇢ VB.Net -Event Handling⇢ VB.Net - Regular Expressions⇢ VB.Net - DatabaseAccess⇢ VB.Net - Excel Sheet⇢ VB.Net - Send Email⇢ VB.Net - XMLProcessing⇢ VB.Net - Web Programming
Accounting Basics 2018 1.1 APK
✴Proper financial planning is a key to the success of everybusiness. In today’s business world, accuracy is more importantthan ever. Accountants do much more than untangle messes at taxtime. ✴►They help companies and organizations to meet therequirements and standards set by the government and by theirindustries. Accredited accountants are always needed to keepindividuals’ and businesses’ financial affairs in flawless order.☆►This App of accounting basics will introduce you to some basicaccounting principles, accounting concepts, and accountingterminology. ☆►Some of the basic accounting terms that you willlearn include revenues, expenses, assets, liabilities, incomestatement, balance sheet, and statement of cash flows. You willbecome familiar with accounting debits and credits as we show youhow to record transactions. ☆【Few Important Topics covered in thisApp are Listed Below】➻ Accounting - Overview➻ Golden Rules ofAccounting➻ Objectives and Scope of Accounting➻ Accounting -Process➻ Business Entity Concept➻ Money Measurement Concept➻ GoingConcern Concept➻ Cost Concept➻ Dual Aspect Concept➻ AccountingPeriod Concept➻ Matching Concept➻ Accrual Concept➻ ObjectiveEvidence Concept➻ Convention of Consistency➻ Convention ofDisclosure➻ Convention of Materiality➻ Conservation or Prudence➻Accounting - Classification of Accounts➻ Accounting - Systems➻Financial Accounting - Journal➻ Analysis and Treatment ofTransactions➻ Financial Accounting - Ledger➻ Ruling of Account inLedger Account➻ Important Points Regarding Ledger➻ Illustration➻Journal Entries➻ Cash Book➻ Single Column Cash Book➻ Double ColumnCash Book➻ Triple Column Cash Book➻ Petty Cash Book➻ Purchase Book➻Sale Book➻ Purchase Return Book➻ Sale Return Book➻ BillsReceivables Book➻ Bills Payable Book➻ Bank Reconciliation➻ TrialBalance➻ Financial Statements➻ Owner’s Equity➻ Current Assets➻Current Liabilities➻ Cash vs. Accrual Basis of Accounting➻Financial Accounting - Depreciation➻ Method of Depreciation➻ CostAccounting - Introduction➻ Concepts of Cost Accounting➻ CostAccounting - Advantages➻ Cost Accounting vs Financial Accounting➻Cost Accounting - Classification of Cost➻ Cost Accounting -Elements of Cost➻ Cost Accounting - Cost Sheet➻ Cost Accounting -Cost Control➻ Cost Control Techniques➻ Requirements for SuccessfulCost Control➻ Cost Accounting - Cost Reduction➻ Cost ReductionProgram➻ Fields Covered under the Cost Reduction Program➻ FinancialManagement➻ Personal Management➻ Material Control➻ Tools andTechniques of Cost Reduction➻ Cost Accounting - Budgeting Analysis➻Budget, Budgeting, and Budgetary Control➻ Types of Budgets➻Flexible Budget Vs. Fixed Budget➻ Flexible Budget➻ Cash Budget➻Cost Accounting - Marginal Costing➻ Need for Marginal Costing➻Advantages of Marginal Costing➻ Cost Accounting - Standard Costing➻Points Related to Standard Costing➻ Standard Cost Card➻ CostAccounting - Variance Analysis➻ Direct Material Variance➻ DirectLabor Variance➻ Cost Accounting - CVP Analysis➻ Marginal CostEquation➻ Break-Even Chart➻ Management Accounting
Tutorials for Jenkins 2018 1.0 APK
Tutorials for Jenkins is a complete application for those of youwho want to learn Jenkins easily and for free. There are dozens andeven hundreds of Jenkins tutorials starting to base for beginnersto advanced. All these tutorials you can read without the need toconnect to the internet or mobile data.Here are some lists ofmaterials in Jenkins tutorial:- Installation- Tomcat Setup- GitSetup- Maven Setup- Configuration- Management- Setup Build Jobs-Unit Testing- Automated Testing- Notificationand more...Wait forwhat else, if you want to get a free Jenkins tutorial that you cantake it anywhere, immediately use this application. Do not forgetto give us feedback for better Jenkins tutorial app.
Cost Accounting Tutorials 2018 1.1 APK
This Cost Accounting app contains all the material of costaccounting, it includes theory like the cost accounting definition,systems, classification of costs, activity based costing, budget;also easy examples about costing, inventory valuation, budgeting,standard costs and variance analysis and others.The app contains 21chapters:-Chapter 1- Overview of Management AccountingChapter 2 -Cost ConceptsChapter 3 - Material CostingChapter 4 - LabourCostingChapter 5 - Direct Expenses and OverheadsChapter 6 - UnitCostingChapter 7 - Job and Batch CostingChapter 8 - OperatingCostingChapter 9 - Contract CostingChapter 10 - ProcessCostingChapter 11- Financial Statement AnalysisChapter 12 -Budgeting And Budgetary Control SystemChapter 13 - Standard CostingAnd Variance AnalysisChapter 14 - Responsibility AccountingChapter15 - Cost Audit and Cost Accounting StandardsChapter 16 - MarginalCosting and CVP AnalysisChapter 17 - Decisions InvolvingAlternative ChoicesChapter 18 - Pricing DecisionsChapter 19 -Activity Based and Target CostingChapter 20 - Capacity Managementand Learning CurveChapter 21 - Contemporary Issues In ManagementAccountingMany more ....Bonus - Cost Accounting ImportantFormulaDownload Cos Accounting App for FREE now!DISCLAIMER :Contentlike Articles and images in this application were collected fromall over the web, so if I have violated your copyright, please letme know and it will be removed as soon as possible.All copyrightsand trademarks are owned by their respective owners. This app isnot endorsed by or affiliated with any other affiliated entities.