3.1 / October 4, 2017
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Tv Remote For All Tv is a Tv Remote Control to use at your home orany other place for example ( at work , home , public to make prankyour friend ) .Tv Remote For All Tv developed by one of the bestspecialist developers, this Remote TV take more than 60 day's justto programming a multi function to control smart tv via wifi or viaother function for example by ip or ir also to be compatible withall tv models ( except the old tv ) .The Tv Remote For All Tv usingmulti system to control your tv , so we will explain all functionone by one :1- remote for tv via wifi means that is necessary toconnect your phone and the tv in the one wifi network .- The TVRemote Control for tv via wifi is to make different action :* PowerControl* change channel * on/off , Mute * Volume Control The secondfunction is the universal ir remote control for tv :- In firstbefore you use the universal ir remote control for tv you shouldactive the infra red function in your phone .- Secondly make surethat you are in zone 2m max .At this point the next step is toexplain how you can use the universal TV remote for tv via wifi andUniversal TV Remote For All via ir .1- open your app then activedthe wifi .2- connect your phone and your tv in the same wifinetwork .3- click in on/off to test it work .4- test Power Control.5- test Mute / Volume Control .6- test Channel lists .7- test Play/ Stop .Key features :* support more than 15 different brand ( readthe next paragraph to see all tv support ) .Brand supported by thisapp :- Remote control for tv Sanyo .- Remote control for Sharp .-Remote control for Telefunken .- Remote control for Samsung .-Remote Control for Vizio .- Remote Control for Panasonic .- Remotecontrol for toshiba tv .- Remote control for LG .- universal Remotecontrol for TV philips .- Remote control for Telefunken .- Remotecontrol for haier .- Remote control for Akai .- Remote control forSony TV .Key features : - Volume Up Control.- Volume Down Control.-ON / OFF- Channel Up Control.- Channel Down Control.- Menu Button-etc ....... DISCLAIMER :- Don't have any relation with any otherapp or brand tv .- You need to have the ir in your phone to use their system .- Not work for all phone and for all tv ( old tv and oldphone ) .- Need to connect in the same wifi network .Any feedbackor any information or any ideas for the next update contact us .

App Information Tv Remote For All Tv

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    Tv Remote For All Tv
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    October 4, 2017
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    Android 4.0.3 and up
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    Rue Cartier Montreal / QUEBEC H2K4C2
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Remote control for telefunken tv 3.3 APK
Universal remote control for telefunken tv is a new Remote Controltelevision to control channel in your tv via wifi or via ir justlike the real TV remote .telefunken tv remote control using towtechnique to control your tv for change the channel or to Remote TVfor example volume , on/off etc... the first technique is via wifimeans that you can remote control for tv telefunken via wifi butyou should to make connect the tv and the phone in the same wifinetwork .the second technique is via ir but that is possible ifyour phone support the ir system .At the moment you are understandhow it this app work and control your tv via different system andtechnique , in the next parties we will explain to you how it workand what is his function , key features .before i start to explainhow can use the app i think that can be best if i start by thefunction and the key features .1 - universal remote control fortelefunken tv function and key features :The Function :* using wifito remote control telefun* universal ir remote control for tv ( canuse this technique to control your tv if your phone support theinfra red .* control smart tv that via first technique ( wifi ).Key features :* wifi remote Control for telefun* Support wifi / iruniversal TV remote for tv How it work :is very sample, you need toconnected your phone and your tv in the same wifi network then theapp will be work .DISCLAIMER and Note about the remote controltelefun1- Unofficial product , NOT affiliated with any brand .2-Should to connect the phone and tv in the same wifi network .3-Need the infra red in your phone to support ir remote control fortv .4- Not garented that all TVs model supported .
Remote control for lg tv 4.0 APK
universal remote control for lg tv :Remote for LG TV is a new appof Remote Control via wifi network and infra red that support manybrand phone but att this app the principal function is remote lg tvbecause that you search and for that you upload this app . lg tvremote control app have amazing option and function that make itthis app like your real TV remote .About the key features of thisTV Remote for LG :- control smart tv via ip / ir / wifi network .-universal remote control for all tvs ( for example, this appsupport universal remote control for tv vizio and remote controlerfor tv philips etc ... )- is a remote Control pro because you canused to remote for tv with different brand and model- ir remotecontrol for tv via infra red .About The key function of thisuniversal tv remote control :- remote Control television via wifiand ip - Remote TV with amazing technologic to be your TV RemoteControl for tv .- this Universal TV Remote For All support allmodel and brand that have ir .how can i use the remote control ForAll TV :1- open it .2- chose brand phone and tv model then clickstart .3- wait for 3-6 second the app start to search any phone inthe network ( the phone and tv should be in the same wifi network ).*** DISCLAIMER ***1- Unofficial product , NOT relation with anybrand or apps2- Not garented that all TVs model supported .3- Touse universal ir remote control for tv you need the infra red inyour phone to support ir remote control for tv .4- To use TV RemoteControl for tv via wifi, please connect the phone and tv in thesame wifi network .If the are any error contact us to fixe it ,AnyFeedback or any information that can help the teams in the nextupdate , contact us .
Hd video player all format for android 5.0.3 APK
Hd video player all format for android new's : video player allformat is an intelligent app to play all video formats , this appis the new system to play music mp4 a high quality .High quality hdvideo player for android :this app is a Multimedia player to playall video and movie that you have in your phone stockage or in yoursd memory .High quality sound and video :the app support MediaPlayer HD and Music player at the same time to get quality soundand quality video .Media player support Formats : ( FLV , 1080p ,WMV , MOV , 3GP , AVI , MKV , M4V , MPG , RMVB , xvid )- xvid codec- 1080p - xvid codec- mp4 video- 4k video player all format forandroid- etc ....Principal features :- play all video at format hd.- Audio player and Music player in the same time .- high hd videoquality .Second features :- video player all format with the Listsand Grids videos .- player video support video streaming .-equalizer all video and play all video on hd format .The videoplayer all format key Function :* HD Video Audio player with morethan 25 different format .* Media Player HD app to play all videoas top quality .Note :- Any error in the desc please contact us (we use the translate tools )- all icon offered by freepik for freeand have a permission to used by every one .- all pictures icon ,screen , couverture offered by shutterstock ( Paid photos ).DISCLAIMER of the this video player hd :- don't support downloadvideo .- don't support download music is just a Full HD VideoPlayer to play video and music .- Support All Format Video Playerhd- we don't collect any information or any data in your phone- weuse the ads network to support the app .- in the future we will addother pro function so the app we will not be free in the futureIfthe are any error in the mp4 video player app or if you have anyfeedback about this app please contact us.
audio booster 4.3 APK
audio booster is new app to Boost music volume of your phone , thisaudio booster use the new technology to enhance volume and toamplify sound quality .The audio booster have amazing function andkey features , in the next paragraph we will present all about thisvolume booster for android .Audio booster system :the audio boosteris a new system using to sound boost and to get sound quality ,this Volume Booster Pro 2018 support any music player and videoplayer in your phone to make the volume boost a high quality .Thisaudio booster for android support all phone and tablet +4.0 versionalso is a audio booster for headphones .Super Loud Volume Boosterfunction :The Super Loud Volume Booster function means that withthis app you can bass boosted any sound or audio , video etc inyour phone also is compatible with video player app and other musicplayer .This function is the responsible to maximum sound enhancerand to bass Volume Amplifier Loudspeaker also to maximum volume andbooster sounds for any option in your phone .Volume Booster Control:Is the function that is responsible to sound booster forheadphones and to speaker bass booster also this function useamazing effect to get a high quality volume just like the volumemaster option .At this Equalizer Sound Booster we add same effectto the sound the get amazing high quality bass boosted musicequalizer .Volume Amplifier Booster 2018 :This function is toLoudspeaker Volume ( sms, call, etc... ) and Boost alarm volumealso to Boost call voice volume .The key features of this option is:* volume booster for android headphones* volume booster forandroid tablet * volume amplifier and booster for tablet and phone( support all device +4.0 version )* sound booster for android toboost sounds .volume booster sound equalizer :is to : Maximumvolume , boost speaker , sound boost , loudness booster and bassequalizer etc...The principale function : Volume Loudspeaker andbass booster equalizer .How can i use the audio booster app :1-upload the audio booster then open it .2- Select the audio boosterniveau ( Min - Normal - Max ) .3- Test the sound by play any musicor video .4- test the volume call by calling your phone number byother phone .Note : - all design and graphic offered by freepik andshutterstock .- code source offered by chupamobile .
TV Remote Control 8.0 APK
TV Remote Control is a new TV remote to control any tv using wifior ir ( for the ir should have the ir option in your phone ) .TVRemote Control developed to be the pro and to support all brand ando offered amazing key features and pro function .At first the keyfeatures of this TV Remote Control is :1 - support all TV RemoteControl tv via wifi and via ir also support many models and brand.2 - control smart tv and other brand, means remote control For AllTV for example :* universal Remote control for philips .* Remotecontrol for Telefunken .* Remote control for haier .* RemoteControl for Vizio .* Remote Control for Panasonic .* Remote controlfor toshiba tv .* Remote control for tv Sanyo .* Remote control forTelefunken .* Remote control for Sharp .* Remote control forSamsung .* Remote control for Sony .* Remote control for Akai .*Remote control for LG .Secondly the principal function of this tvremote control is : 1- universal remote control app to controls fortv as different models 2- universal TV remote for tv to control anytv in the same wifi network . 3- Remote Control television supportip / ir / wifi control .Note :- function via wifi is necessary toconnect your tv and phone in the same wifi network .- function viair is necessary that your phone support the infra red .- this appdon't compatible with old phone - this app don't compatible withold device- All function and features in this app is for free , wesupport the app by ads .DISCLAIMER :- We Don't have any relationwith any brand or other app .- The ir option is necessary to usethis app .- May be can not work for you so i don't garented for youthat this app be compatible with your phone or your tv ( we can nottest the app in he all phone or tv models ) .- we don't collect anyinformation or data .If the are any error in the app please contactus to fix it as fast in the next update .Any feedback about theuniversal TV remote for tv or any information for the next updatecontact us .