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It is an application that assists the keyboard input of a personalcomputer.Which characters are, it will show where to find thesmartphone.Corresponds to the alphabet, Japanese "hiragana" andRoman alphabet, this can assist in the keyboard typing of apersonal computer beginner.On the screen in the upper, when youtouch the characters lined up in meaningful order, and It willdisplay the location of a PC keyboard on the screen in thelower.(1) Alphabet (input) → (output) Alphabet positionIt willassist in the normal ABC alphabet keyboard input position.(2)Hiragana (input) → (output) Hiragana positionIn side-by-side inputof Hiragana in alphabetical order, it will assist the hiraganainput position of the keyboard.(3) Hiragana (input) → (convert toRoman) → (output) alphabet positionIn side-by-side input ofHiragana in alphabetical order, after conversion to Roman, and thenassist in the alphabet input position of the keyboard.You can use awide range from beginner-beginners of children of the personalcomputer to the elderly.PC beginners can use the app from childrento the elderly.◆Keyboard (QWERTY array)

App Information Typing Support for PC /QWERTY

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    Typing Support for PC /QWERTY
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    December 19, 2017
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    Android 4.0 and up
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Cursive Converter 9.1 APK
It is an application that cursive convert the English alphabetblock body.Joint of cursive also be to display clarity, and alsohelps to replicate and learning.Display of character has fourfunctions.Standard, joint color-coded, character spacing, depictionanimation.◆ help the study of the cursive "joint display","Interval Display", "depiction animation" !· Cursive specific andcan be displayed in the character and the character joints is seenof "joint display", "Interval Display".• The joint display, thecolor of the character is changed to red and black one character,you can see the sequence of characters in cursive.• In the intervaldisplay, enter a space between characters, it becomes easier toread even continuous was cursive character.· In the depictedanimation, it will demonstrate how the sentence was cursiveconversion is depicted in the animation.◆ handwriting learningYoucan learn cursive actually write on the screen.In a state in whichthe connecting up to three characters, you can practice whilekeeping in mind the joint.◆ animation demonstration of characterdepictionIt shows how the text of cursive is rendered."Play","pause", the remote control of the "Forward / Back", you can seehow the cursive is drawn with the correct stroke order.At the sametime, "the joint display", it is also possible to use the "IntervalDisplay".◆ In to choose cursive font, corresponding to variousapplications!Standard fonts, stroke order with fonts, fontdecoration, etc., can be displayed in seven cursive font.◆ functionof alphabet cursive conversion are two of the following.-Collectively the entered text to be converted to cursive (cursivetext conversion function)- Handwritten in practice to write acursive on the screen (cursive handwriting learning function)(Textconversion function)Enter the characters, text in the input field,it is a feature that can cursive conversion in the conversionbutton one. -Display (1) Standard (2) joints (3) can be selectedfrom three types of intervals.(1) standard display will show normalcursive text.(2) joint display, the color of the characters arered, black, red, are displayed in black ... and different colorsone by one character. Therefore, you can understand how to leadcursive character.(3) interval display, will be displayed thatcontains a space between characters. · Cursive fonts can beselected from seven. And display size, I can choose from large,medium and small. · Cursive converted text and font can be saved.and (saved text is also available Delete one item. No characterlimit.)(Handwriting practice function)Select the character you wantto learning cursive from a list of 26 letters of the alphabet,Youcan handwriting of learning. Before the start of the handwritingwill be demonstrated are role models of stroke order and writing byanimation.Cursive can learn by connecting up to threecharacters.Learning cursive, as role model in the case of cursiveuse to letters and messages card,Character position or writtenorder, differences between the decoration of each font can beconfirmed, please take advantage of this cursive conversion app byall means.
World Time Map 5.0 APK
It is a world clock app to display instantaneously the current timearound the world .You can check the time of the place just to touchthe location you want to know the time in the world map .Search ofplace are possible as country and region names , even from the timezone , where you want to frequently check the time can beregistered as a ( local favorite ) .I can be checked with theposition on the world map time zone country in the world , cityname , national flag , time, and GMT.★ display method of the timein the world are two types .(1) Touching the map of the world .Whenyou touch a world map , where you want to know the time, the timeof the location is displayed as a digital clock .Time will bedisplayed along with the national flag , and the like region name.(2) To choose from Name of country or region name list .Registeras a ( local favorite ) Select the area you want to display theclock from the region name list of the world .Areas that have beenregistered will be added already listed , the time is displayed asthe digital clock from the world map by touching it .Region namelist is sorted Sort possible English alphabetical order , in theGMT time zone order.My favorite area can not add more than threeplaces .※ local number you can view the world clock World Time Maptime is 225 places.※ supports daylight saving time.
(3D) Development of Cube 4.0 APK
It is an application for children's educational using exploded viewof the cube.Use the exploded view of all 11 types of cube and thentraining the brain in the game format. (3D)After assembling adevelopment view, after which the plane is expected to the thinkingin your head where you come, you will see actually a movement thatcube is assembled.Since the development view is a 3D image, I canconfirm a more realistic three-dimensional works.Young children ofintelligence training, elementary school math, such as adult brainteaser, please widely available.This app has three of the followingmenu.(1) (game format)Somewhere surface made back-to-back?(2) (gameformat)Or three surfaces adjacent to become any position?(3) (gameformat)Or three surfaces adjacent to become any position? (Timemeasurement)(4) (browse format)11 kinds of whether development viewis assembled How?Because it is a simple operation to answer withone finger to question, you can use the training of the brain fromchildren to adults.
Memory Game Memory Flash 4.0 APK
It is a game that cultivate endurance andmemory and concentration.******* Rule is simple! *******(1) in three seconds, where to remember what color.I press the location of the color that is (2) specified.******* ******* Flow of the game(1) color, with pink and blue, so light eight at a time each, andstore the position. (3 seconds)(2) color of the target to be male is presented.Press the point that shined on the color of the target.And added to the score if you answer all eight locations.If you answer all (3) eight locations, new Themed begins.When you make a mistake in one place, it is GAME OVER.The number of correct answers is compatible with net rankings,TOP30 will be posted in the ranking.16 simple place in that to the memory of the color of eight,because it is a simple memory game,This is a playable game from a child, but the game is over as soonas exhausted is any memory, concentration and endurance.Please use in training mental exercise, memory, concentration,sustained.
Pointing the hiragana 6.0 APK
It is a learning app of Japanese characters "hiragana".You learnwhile touching , is Hiragana Learning Application of game sense.Practice of hiragana, to learn the names of things byillustrations, you can learn using the hiragana characters movingaround.You can also learn in katakana display mode the sameproblems as hiragana.When questions end, so you can see thedepiction of how to write hiragana characters, you can also learnhow to write is not only recognition of the character.Words thathave been expressed by the illustrations and text, and select it bytouching the hiragana floating on the screen,I will complete thehiragana word. (Katakana added)◆ How to Play ◆See illustrations →See the name of the Hiragana → You press the same hiragana in thescreen◆ genre following four types ◆· Fruit· Vegetables· Animal·Vehicles / Color15-25 It is Hiragana number of words of eachdegree.※ If there is a same hiragana in a word, it has become toeither one of them can press "hiragana".Hiragana learning andeducational app "pointed at Hiragana" 4 genre, is Hiragana 74 wordsincluded.◆ I added the katakana mode.When you press the katakanabutton at the top screen, Hiragana problems will change tokatakana.◆ I added the character depiction mode.Open the list ofhiragana and katakana from the top screen, you can browse thedepiction character by character.
Periodic Table of the Elements 4.0 APK
Rote learning app 118 kinds of chemicalelement symbol.And the periodic table of the elements common, I can memorize studythe basic information of the elements from the two modes of thelist.Web link to Wikipedia so we are from each element basic informationpage, please refer to handy.From the Periodic Table of the Elements mode, see possible thebasic information of each element for each When you select achemical symbol of the periodic table.From the element list mode, you can see the basic information ofthe elements If you select the elements arranged in order of atomicnumber.Published data *** *** elementalClassificationAtomic weightElectron configurationPhaseDensityMelting pointBoiling pointSo you can feel free to learn and confirm the basic data of rotelearning of chemistry at the time, spare time, such as when goingout,Periodic Table of the Elements colorful, Please utilize allmeans.
Text Checker 1.0 APK
It is an application that can be used to countthe number of characters of text , the word search .The count of the number of characters will be displayed and youseparately by counting both the space and character , the exactnumber of characters you can count .Search text characters or words can search does not differentiatebetween alphabetic case .◆ modification of the character , you can be calibrated quicklyand easily copy button , the Paste button , clear button .( Number of characters calculation)If you enter one of these buttons type or paste the text you wantto calculate the number in the text entry fieldNumber of spaces and the number of characters will be displayedautomatically .※ also half- em and I will count to one character all .※ new line does not count to one character .( Letter search )After entering the text , press the search button to enter thecharacter in the search field , where appropriate will be displayedin red .If you have more than one search relevant location , where only thefirst one is displayed in red , but you can press the " searchbutton under "You can be displayed in red in order .※ If you have changed the character and text search , update theinformation by pressing the search button again .( Operation )The text you corrected by the search and count the number ofcharacters , you can have a copy of the full text at once with acopy button .Text that you copied from other applications such as the Internetand email , can be pasted in the Paste button .Text input field , you can erase all clear button .※ I use to display advertising in-app permissions of theInternet .
3D Video Camera 4.0 APK
It is an application to shoot the video in anaglyph red andblue.You can enjoy 3D video by using the 3D glasses of red andblue.Easy to take a three-dimensional moving image, it does nothave any editing after shooting.◆ simple operationAdjust the widthof the red-blue anaglyphAutomatic roll ON / OFF↓MovieshootingOperation will only above.Depending on the distance andangle between the subject of the movie shooting, it will vary thedegree that looks three-dimensional,Please adjust the width of theanaglyph while viewing the screen in the 3D glasses of red andblue.The width of the anaglyph about the position of the subjectand the camera is far better to widely especially tend to be seenin three dimensions.Automatic roll will be able to effectivelyshoot a movie that looks three-dimensional in the case ofphotographing the subject stationary.◆ Others- For a long timecontinue to see a 3D image, please note that there is a possibilitythat put a strain on the eyes.- Brightness and of the room,background color, depending on the lens color of red and blue 3Dglasses may not appear in three dimensions.- The viewing of thecaptured three-dimensional moving image will require 3D glasses ofred and blue.- After recording motion pictures in there is a casewhere a large ad comes out.- Captured 3D video files are saved in afolder called (3D Video) in the SD card.If you are using Android6.0or more of the terminal, In order to become available you mustallow the authority of this app in the setting of theterminal.Settings >> Apps >> 3D Video Camera >>Permission