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The amazing 3D effect scene enables you to experience the imaginarytraps and barriersNow, let's control the ball and conquer the worldby overcoming challenges★ HOW TO PLAY ★✔ Drag the ball left orright to avoid all obstacles and try not to fall off the track! ✔Challenge your speed and try your best to win each round!★ GAMEFEATURES ★✔ One-touch control with simple operations✔ Stunning 3Dworlds and effects✔ Rich scenes (spring, summer, autumn andwinter). The game of the seasons... 🍂⛄🌱☀✔ A challenge to test yourultimate speed and fast reflexes!✔ Version of a Classic Candy Sky:Rolling 3D☆☆☆ Download for FREE now ☆☆☆✿ Current version stilldisplay ads, we would like to apologize for the inconvenienceThankyou 🍂⛄🌱☀Best Game - Challenger 2017

App Information Uberleben 🗻

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    Uberleben 🗻
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    October 7, 2017
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    Android 4.0.3 and up
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Ladybug Invasion 🐞 1.0.2 APK
☆ Help a ladybug to reach the end of a very complex network ☆★ BESTGAME - CHALLENGER 2017 ★☆☆☆☆☆ Crossy Road & Frogger-style game☆☆☆☆☆★ GAME FEATURES ★✔ Leaderboard✔ Invite your friends✔ ArcadeMode ✔ Endless Mode★ HOW TO PLAY ★✔ In this simple one touch gameyour goal is help a ladybug to reach the end of a very complexnetwork by tapping your way through the obstacles.☆☆☆ Download forFREE now ☆☆☆☆ A super addictive new game from the creators of BestCrush Cake☆ Play Ladybug Invasion!✿ Current version still displayads, we would like to apologize for the inconvenience. But you havethe possibility to use 'No Ads'. Thank you🐞🐞🐞🐞🐞
Noughts And Noughts - Match Color Rings 3.2.3 APK
Noughts and Noughts is a minimalist new board game. A twist of thepopular Noughts and Crosses game, also known as Tic Tac Toe. How toplay: Arrange three rings of the same color in a horizontal line,vertical line, diagonal line or in the same space to destroy them.The game ends when there is no space to place any ring. Features: -Free to play anywhere and anytime; - Suitable for all ages; - Verysimple rules; - Easy to play but challenging to master; - Globalleaderboard; - Do you need help? Use the trash to discard somerings; - Strategy? Lucky? Play and discover it on your own. - Thereis only one certainty. The game is very addictive and fun! Can youbeat the current highest score?
New Super Alien 👽 (Beta) 2.0.5 APK
★ In this new version the advertisements do not disturbSomeday thepoor animals are captured by the Devil Aliens, but there are a goodalien, he want to save all of those animals from the evil alien.Will you help him? ★ GAME FEATURES ★✔ Facebook invite friends ✔Graphics with many beautiful effects ✔ 2 Worlds: Jungle and Farm ✔Easy controller by touches and swipe the screen ✔ 2 big friends:Gorilla and Buffalo will help our alien to fight with the enemies ✔Funny animals ✔ Chasing Boss ✔ Jetpack system ✔ Shop system: buyitems, clothes, lives and In-App Purchasing (Buy stars and removeads) ☆☆☆ Download for FREE now ☆☆☆☆ There is a daily limitation onthe presentation of the videos to win stars ...Thank you👽👽👽
2097: Special Forces vs Invaders 4.0.1 APK
Warning: you must allow the initial access to the perfect operationof the game... :)The invaders are back and more aggressive! CanEarth defend itself?☣ Earth in a near future...The invaders landingon Earth, destroying and abducting people, fighting Earth'smilitary forces.The invaders are very ferocious and they candestroy everything that prevents them. There is only one change tosave the city, it is the Special Forces. ✯ The Special Forces haveelite and brave soldiers. Each soldier has different skill andstrength, constitute a strong team can defeat everything. So now,let's lead you Special Forces to kill the invaders and save thecity. Besides, you also have the different skills to help you a lotof in defeating the Forces. It's great that you can using yourgold, gem to upgrade your soldier, skill to get a most terriblepower.✯ A Special Force which takes it one step ahead in the fieldof danger. They take out the potential threats and enter a fieldthat is feared by the bravest of souls. There are variousbravehearts in this field all over the world, who risk their livesin service and are known to be the sharpest of the lot. ✯Throughout the world, every country train special forces withintheir military. And all these special forces train their men to bethe best of the best, to take the impossible task and make itpossible.Now, they will fight for the humanity againstinvaders.Welcome to the most well trained special forces onearth...★ Features ★✔ 8 soldier of special forces with differentskill and strength. ⋆ Seal Team Six - USA⋆ SAS Special Air Service– Britain⋆ KSK Kommando Spezialkräfte - Germany ⋆ Spetsnaz -Russia⋆ COS Commandement des Opérations Spéciales - France⋆Tokushusakusengun JGSDF - Japan⋆ Shayetet 13 - Israel ⋆ BordoBereliler - Turkey✔ 9 type of invaders with different ability(freeze unit, suicide bombers...) ✔ 3 skills you can use. ✔Diversity upgrade systems (health, damage, range, critical...) ✔There are many diversity quests to earn more gold and gem. ✔ Getyour free ward every day. ✔ Over dozens level. The difficulty ofeach level will be increased, requires you must have a great skillto complete. ✔ You will get gem and gold after complete each level,the reward will be increased after each level and you will get morereward if you complete the level with more star. ✔ With the librarysystem, you view detail of invader's information, this will helpyou have reasonable tactic to kill every invader.★ Features ★✔ Thisis a completed game designer, sound, effects, game-play, full map,full resource, full animation. ✔ Get Free Reward: Player have towatch video to get reward (every 15 minutes) ✔ Get Daily Reward:Player have to Share Facebook to get reward. ✔ Diversity QuestSystems, each quest will never end. It will always increase aftercompleted. ✔ Local notification: When full energy, can get rewardand after 2 days if player don’t login game. ✔ Energy system:Player have to using 1 Energy to player 1 level. Energy will berefill in some minutes and the time to refill energy will increaseafter each level. ✔ Player can buy Energy by using Gem or InviteFriend.☆☆☆ Download for FREE now ☆☆☆✿ Current version still displayads, we would like to apologize for the inconvenience. Thankyou2097: Special Forces vs Invaders™
SB Style 1.3.3 APK
Very easy to play but very hard to reach high scores! ✔ Swipe yourfinger to guide a snake of balls and break the bricks. Try to breakas many bricks as possible. Get additional balls and make thebiggest snake ever! ✔ Going as far as possible is the main goalhere ! ☆☆☆ Download game for FREE ☆☆☆ ✿ Current simple versionstill display ads, we would like to apologize for the inconvenienceThank you
BCC PRO - Best Crush Cake PRO 1.0.2 APK
★★★★★★★+ 250 levels★★★★★★★ ★ GAME FEATURES ★✔ Daily rewards✔ Luckyspin ✔ Many levels in fantastic cake world✔ Facebook friends✔Amazing boosters✔ A sweet-smelling cake and exciting match-3adventure challeng with beatiful world✔ Amazing beatiful scenes✔Graphics is very beautiful, and the cake is very attractive★ HOW TOPLAY ★✔ Find and collect all cakes to pass the level✔ Swap andmatch 3 or more of the same color candy✔ Unlock boosters to talkingwith summon gummy, yummy, to help you along the way!✔ Less movesyou pass a level, higher score you'll get☆☆☆ Download Now ☆☆☆☆ Morelevels will be available in every application update...✿ PROversion of the fun game "Best Crush Cake". No Ads, More Levels,More Fun! Thank youBest Crush Cake🍰🐸🍰🍰🍰
BCC - Best Crush Cake 4.2.0 APK
★★★★★★★Watch VideosWin Coins ★★★★★★★ ★ GAME FEATURES ★✔ Dailyrewards✔ Lucky spin ✔ Facebook app intive to friends✔ Facebookshare score✔ Many levels in fantastic cake world✔ Amazing boosters✔A sweet-smelling cake and exciting match-3 adventure challeng withbeatiful world✔ Amazing beatiful scenes✔ Graphics is verybeautiful, and the cake is very attractive★ HOW TO PLAY ★✔ Find andcollect all cakes to pass the level✔ Swap and match 3 or more ofthe same color candy✔ Unlock boosters to talking with summon gummy,yummy, to help you along the way!✔ Less moves you pass a level,higher score you'll get✔ Watch videos and win coins ☆☆☆ Downloadfor FREE now ☆☆☆☆ More levels will be available in everyapplication update ...☆ There is a daily limitation on thepresentation of the videos to win coins ...✿ Current version stilldisplay ads, we would like to apologize for the inconvenience. ✿Try "BCC PRO - Best Crush Cake PRO"... No Ads, More Levels, MoreFun!Thank youBest Crush Cake™🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰
Trix Fruit Shooter 🍒 (Beta) 1.3.0 APK
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Trix Fruit Shooter ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ You will have a lot of funwhile playing this game and you can play everywhere. Your mainmission blow up bubbles fruits and collect as many points as youcan. How many bubbles fruits will you blow in a shot? Come on it'syour turn. You can play it at the home, in the car or whenever youwant. All you need to do, download to your phone. Shoot the samecolor bubbles fruits and raise your level. Each higher level ismore difficult and more fun. Acquire new skills and blow morebubbles. This game will tired you and will entertain you. Sometimesyou will be forced and sometimes you will win instantly. But you'llhave a lot of fun each time. You can play Trix Fruit Shooter withany smartphone and you can play anywhere. Fun is in your hands now.Download open, and play. ★ Bubbles Fruits Waiting For You ★Thisgame is very popular among the games of shooting bubbles. You willhave a lot of fun and you will have a hard time. No matter how oldyou are, Trix Fruit Shooter is very understandable, you can playeasily. This game is an application and ad-free, and completelyfree. You reach the goal by shooting the same colors. So within-game gains, buy new balls. Shoot more bubbles fruits in lesstime. You will soon become an expert in this game and you will blowup many bubbles fruits. Trix Fruit Shooter has been played by manypeople in a short time. Bubbles fruits waiting for you, come onenjoy the fun!★ HOW TO PLAY ★✔ Help to Trix to save all of hercubs. Combine 3 or more objects the same color for destroy abubbles. ✔ Fill up the Power Ups for WIN! ✔ Warning: You risk tolosing MORE THAN ONE LIFE if do not finish the level✔ You canreturn to home on 'Pause button' ★ GAME FEATURES ★✔ Pause button -use it for sound settings or go on the map✔ Score ✔ Stars bar ✔Count of targets ✔ Fire Ball​ - destroy more ​red balls​ for fillup a Fire Ball. Use it to destroy a big area from the balls.​Remember: you can use this power up only if your level design isincluding red balls. For example, if your levels not include thered bubbles, you can’t fill up an extra Fire Ball. Don’t turn onthis power up in this case. ✔ Sun Ball​ - destroy more ​yellowballs​ for fill up a Sun Ball. Use it to destroy three small areafrom the balls. ​Remember: you can use this power up only if yourlevel design is including yellow bubbles. For example, if yourlevels not include the yellow bubbles, you can’t fill up an extraSun Ball. Don’t turn on this power up in this case. ✔ Water Ball​ -destroy more ​blue balls​ for fill up a Water Ball. Use it tohorizontal destroying of the ball’s line. ​Remember: you can usethis power up only if your level design is including blue bubbles.For example, if your levels not include the blue bubbles, you can’tfill up an extra Water Ball. Don’t turn on this power up in thiscase. ✔ Leaf Ball​ - destroy more ​green balls ​for fill up a LeafBall. Use it for Vertical destroying of the balls. ​Remember: youcan use this power up only if your level design is including greenbubbles. For example, if your levels not include the green bubbles,you can’t fill up an extra Water Ball. Don’t turn on this power upin this case. ✔ Number of moves. ✔ Multicolor ball - matches withany balls✔ Aim booster - makes the cursor more accurate✔ Next ball- shows a next ball☆☆☆ Download for FREE now ☆☆☆bubble shooterstyle game✿ Current version still display ads, we would like toapologize for the inconvenienceThank you🍒 🍇🍊