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    January 15, 2019
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Electric Circuit Pro 2.0 APK
Electrical Circuits Pro Application of Electric Circuits Pro allowsto know the fundamentals of electrical circuits, such as: 1-Perform calculations of resistance values ​​by the color code. Youcan click on each color band and you can calculate the value of theresidence and the respective resistive tolerance. 2- You candisplay the color code table to calculate the values ​​ofresistors. 3- Perform calculations of electric current and voltagein series circuits. Using the simulator circuits in series you canchange the values ​​of resistors and the value of the voltagesource and calculate the value of the current and the voltage ineach of the series resistors. 4- can access the table to calculatethe value capacitors electrolytic and ceramic capacitors. It canperform calculations if the capacitors using the numeric format orcolor code. By 5- simulator circuits in parallel may performcalculation of electric currents through the resistors in parallel,making changes to the values ​​of the resistors and voltage source.You can also calculate the resistance in parallel and the currentsflowing in each of the resistors. Coming soon will add modules ACcircuits, phasors and complex numbers.
Electronics Circuits 1.0 APK
Electronic Circuits allows to know the basics of electronics. Youcan know the basics of diodes and transistors. One can observebasic circuits that allow us to understand the operation of diodesand Transitares . With Electronic Circuits you can get informationon the Web on the operation of diodes and transistors , thetheoretical principles that explain the workings of these devicesmanufactured through the use of semiconductors. The information onthe operation of the devices can be displayed in the Spanishlanguage and English. Electronic Circuits ,basic way to know theoperation of basic electronic devices ...
Bluetooth Oscilloscope 1.0 APK
Bluetooth oscilloscope The oscilloscope Bluetooth applicationtransforms your phone or tablet on an oscilloscope or voltmeter isconnected via Bluetooth to a micro-controlled device such as a PIC,Arduino or Rasberry PI system. The Bluetooth Oscilloscope candisplay alternating signals (AC) and continuous signals (DC) onyour mobile device securely as it connects wirelessly to your microcontroller that captures the or DC signals AC and transmits it toyour phone or tablet through Bluetooth. Visit thehttp://www.profjmunoz.blogspot.com/ page from within theapplication by pressing the "ONLINE TUTORIALS" icon where you canfind tutorials on connecting ac signals and DC to a Arduino systemand transmit it to your phone or tablet for view through BluetoothOscilloscope application. The oscilloscope Bluetooth applicationreceives data from your micro system controlled in the followingformat: Received Signal = $ Dato1Dato2 # Example: Yes Data1 andData2 = 4.25 = 60.5 receives $ 4.2560.5 # The value of data1 isplotted and the value of data2 is displayed. When the oscilloscopeturns on the green icon on the character "1" micro controlledsystem is shipped. When the red button is pressed off the character"0" is sent, these values ​​can be used to control the processesthat wish, such as a LED on or off, turn on or off sending dataetc. Then the program is conducted in an Arduino system for sendingdata to your tablet or phone. 11 (RX) and 12 (TX): Arduino 1, abluetooth module HC-06 was used in the pins. The DC or AC signal isintroduced by the analog pin A0: // include the library code:#include //String mensaje,mensaje3; #include SoftwareSerialmySerial(11, 12); // RX, TX char inChar; // initialize the librarywith the numbers of the interface pins LiquidCrystal lcd(8, 3, 4,6,7,9); float dato1=1.25; float dato2=9.45; String tmp; unsigned longduracion1; unsigned long duracion2; //clipping indicator variablesboolean clipping = 0; //data storage variables byte newData = 0;byte prevData = 0; //freq variables unsigned int timer = 0;//countsperiod of wave unsigned int period; int frequency; // Lee Los DATOSDE Voltaje Pin A0 void readDatos(); void setup() {Serial.begin(9600); Serial.begin(9600); // set up the LCD's numberof columns and rows: lcd.begin(20, 4); // Print a message to theLCD. lcd.setCursor(0,0); lcd.print("Osciloscopio Bth");//pinMode(A1,INPUT); mySerial.begin(9600); } void loop() {readDatos(); // Calcula la Frecuencia de la Señallcd.setCursor(0,2); lcd.print("Datos1="); lcd.print(dato1);lcd.print("Datos2="); lcd.print(dato2); enviarDatos(); while(mySerial.available() > 0) { inChar= (mySerial.read());lcd.setCursor(0,1); lcd.print("Recibiendo="); lcd.setCursor(13,1);lcd.print(inChar); inChar=' '; } delay(100); } // Lee los Datos eVoltajes Pueto Analogico A0 void readDatos() { //dato1= analogRead(A0); dato1= (analogRead(A0)*0.00488); dato2=00.0; } // EnviarDatos al Dispositivo Android void enviarDatos() {mySerial.print('$'); readDatos(); mySerial.print(dato1);mySerial.print(dato1); // Aquí se púede enviar otro dato al AndroidmySerial.print ('#'); }
Space Mines 1.0.17 APK
Space game with excellent graphics where you must catch 500 gemsper level. Live Space Adventure Space collecting gems and avoidcrashing asteroids circling deep space. Space Game of easy control, slide your finger across the screen of your phone or tablet , andyour ship will follow lacking potent asteroids oppose the captureof space gems ....
RC Bluetooth Control 1.0 APK
RC Bluetooth Control enables high-speed connections of data betweenArduino, PIC and Rasberry Pi devices via Bluetooth connection Theconnection to remote devices is immediate, without delay andreliable. RC Bluetooth connection system 1- The RC BluetoothControl application automatically connects to the Bluetooth deviceon your phone or tablet. 2- Once connected press the button PAIREDDEVICES / paired devices to display all devices paired with yourphone or tablet via Bluetooth. 3- Select from the list the deviceyou want to connect 4- The application automatically connects tothe selected device. 5- To switch should click to DISCONNECT ON /OFF 6- Once'presionar may either arrow. 7- Pressing the Up arrowcharacter is sent U. 8- Pressing Down arrow character is sent D 9.Pressing Right Arrow character character is sent R. 10- Pressingthe left arrow character L. character is sent 11- Pressing thecenter circle the X character is sent. 12 When you press Up ArrowRight E is sent. 12. Pressing the Up Arrow Left Q is sent. 13.Pressing Right Down Arrow C is sent. 14 - Pressing Down Leftflechar Z is sent. You can visit the website:http://profjmunoz.blogspot.com/ to watch the tutorial Arduinoremote connection to the system via the Bluetooth Controlapplication.
Electric Circuit 1.0.3 APK
Electric CircuitsFundamentals of electric circuits . By applyingcan consult the fundamentals of electrical circuits.• Electricheaters .• Capacitors• Ohm's Law.• Signs Alternative .• ElectricalSymbols most common uses.•Fun application that lets you check themost important fundamentals of electrical circuits
Calculator for Kids Free 1.0.0 APK
Calculator For KidsThe fun way to learn math operations ofaddition, subtraction , multiplication and division by its uses .The calculator is geared for children.The calculator allows forchildren learning the correct pronunciation in the English languageof numbers from 0 to 9. Children learn in an entertaining thecorrect use of mathematical operations while learning thepronouncement of numbers in English .Calculator for children istotally fun and interactive . All numeric keys produce differentsounds and animated when pressed movements.The Calculator allowsNunos spend moments of entertainment while it uses comes into yourphone or tablet .
My Data Base 1.0 APK
Database My Data Base for Android phones and tablet devices .Create, Edit, Delete Records . We may delete the database or exportit as a file. txt to work it in Excel, word processors and othersin our Pc .