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This app is to demonstrate the use of Uclear HBC200 HD helmetcommunicator.

App Information UCLEAR HBC200 HD instruction

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    UCLEAR HBC200 HD instruction
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    July 16, 2014
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    Android 2.2 and up
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    Books & Reference
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Lucky Wheel Lucky Draw 3.3 APK
Can’t make a decision among options? This wheel can help you todraw out a decision by inputing the options before spinning thewheel once. It may be an interesting episode between you and yourfamily or your love if making decision in a different and unusualway. Sometime, you can use this lucky wheel to play a game withfriends at your home or club house. It’s easy to have fun andcreate your own game with this little wheel. Don’t neglect anythinglooked unimportant around you. Everything will become useful andmeaningful if you think with creativity. It’s totally free ofcharge and you have no doubt to make use of this resources to makeyour lifestyle interesting.
Collect ABC Words 2.5 APK
Wow! So many items are dropping from the sky! Go and collect asmany items such as book, football, egg, banana…as possible bydragging the truck to the right position. English words andpronunciation will be heard once you collected the item. Keep youreyes open and ready for every second because some items will droplike rain quickly. Let’s see how many can you collect within 60seconds!How to play-drag the truck to left or right to carry theitems dropping from the sky within 60s-judge to collect the fast orslow dropping item first in order to collect more items-the Englishspellings and pronunciations of items will be shown and heard oncecollected-the result will be recorded in a listFeatures-train thereactions and coordination of the brain, hand and eyes-learnEnglish words(spelling & pronunciation) in an interesting way-count down makes the game more exciting & challenging-clear& accurate real man pronunciation of English words-easy, cuteand colourful user interface-record your results forcomparisonAfter playing 10 times, you or your kids can at leastpronounce some English words. If you have doubt in it, you can findsome cartoon images which can be seen in the app and let thempronounce. Hope you and your kids can learn all the English wordsby collecting all the items with the quick reaction.
ABC Words Deluxe 6.1 APK
Do you remember the exercise book called “Copybook” you completedin kindergarten? You have to write the letters for times inside 5horizontal lines. This app is at easier level for toddlers and kidsto learn letters and 32 English words. Function 1. Let your kidstouch the screen and drag the letters to the right position. Everytime your kids touch the letter, the pronunciation of the letterwill be heard. 2. Drag all the letters to the right positions, aword will be formed and pronounced by the app 3. If your kids arekindergarteners, let them see the image of the object and listen tothe pronunciation. You cover the boards with your hands and letthem spell the word with the hint of letters in disorder. Benefits1. If you are a busy parent, download this interactive app as yourassistant. Your kids can listen to the real-man pronunciation ofletters and words for many times. Even it is too difficult tomemorise the spelling of words, they still can remember thepronunciation of letters or objects. 2. By dragging the letters tothe corresponding positions can test and train the ability ofcognition. If children have learning disability, some symptoms maybe observed through the performance and behaviour of your kids inthe game. 3. With the colourful background, animation and real-manpronunciation, interaction between kids and parents can acceleratethe learning process and reinforce the kid’s memory. Equip yourkids through this interesting and beautiful game. They will findit’s more confident and easier to understand the basic knowledgelearnt in school.
ABCs Jungle Math 1.0 APK
This app is a member of ABCs Jungle series which are educationaland suitable for preschoolers and children. There are two sectionsin this game - Compare and Math which help training and developingdifferent skills. If your kids are at preschoolers, “Math” sectionwill be more suitable for them.2 sections - MathSimply count thetotal number of a particular animal among 6 objects. Concentrationare needed to distinguish the shapes and colours of animals so asto answer the questions correctly. This process stimulates thevision and brain of your kids through observation and countingwhich is good for the development of their brains.2 sections -CompareIf your children are kindergarteners or above, they canchallenge this higher level section. Your children have tounderstand a question, then choose the correct image among 3options. Sometimes, they have to compare the height, colour andshape of objects before answering. Don’t worry that they can’tunderstand the full question, the keywords they learnt in schoolsuch as tallest, smallest etc. will be the hint of the answers.Giveyour kids one more choice to train their analysis and observationskills accompany with the cute graphics and relaxing backgroundmusic. Be a smart parent, be a smart kid!
ABC Jungle Skateboard 3 APK
Go! Smart monkey! Get on the skateboard and start riding it on thehighway full of English letters and numbers. No worry, they are notobstacles and it won’t be game over even you crash into thembecause you have to collect as many letters and numbers as possiblewithin 60 seconds in this app oppositely. This is a good way forpreschoolers and kids to learn the English pronunciation ofalphabet and numbers in a game. We believe kids will pay moreattention and concentration on a dynamic and interesting materialrather than static one. Let’s give a basic idea of alphabet andnumbers to your kids. If your kids can remember most of theletters, turn the sound of the game off and ask them to dub thepronunciation of the letters and numbers.Direction-drag the monkeyto the left or right to collect the letters or numbers-thepronunciations of letters and numbers will be heard when crashinginto them-collect as many letters and numbers as possible within 60seconds-Get the rank comparing with the players in theworldFeatures-assist children to learn English (letters &numbers)-beautiful user interface and design-send score to gamecentre, can compare the result with friends and other players-clearand accurate English pronunciation-smooth and quick response ondragging
ABC Jungle Words 1.4 APK
“Hey kid, which fruit do you like to eat?” “I like apple!” “Oh!That one is pear! Haven’t you learnt the fruit and animal names inkindergarten?” Can your kids remember the English and outlook offruits and animals? This app may help familiarising your kids withthem by dragging the picture of fruit/ animal to its English name.Even your kids are preschoolers, they can also match the cardscorrectly by tap on the pictures or words for the pronunciations.Direction -match the pictures with the correct English words -tapon the cards (pictures or words) and listen to the pronunciationsif you are not sure -match as many pairs as possible in 60 seconds-your best score will be sent to game centre and get the rankcomparing with other players Features -learning Englishpronunciations and spelling of fruits and animals -suitable forpreschoolers, babies and children -connect with game centre, morechallenging to get a higher rank than your friends -colourful andclear user interface -smooth and quick response -clear and accurateEnglish pronunciations Little Tip To make the game more challengingand long lasting, introduce it to your friends who have kids insimilar age with yours. Let’s see whose kid can be the king of ABCJungle Words.
Fai Chun Game 1.4 APK
What to play when we gather in Chinese New Year? Please do notalways head down and look at your phone alone. If you are worriedabout the questions of “When will you get married with ___?” “Areyou in a relationship?”, then grab them and play this lucky andexciting game to distract them. What’s more? You will know morethan “Happy New Year” and “Kung Hei Fat Choy”!Instructions-Eachgraphic represents a Chinese word-Find a particular 4-word Fai Chunwithin a time-Different time limit in different levels; time leftcan be accumulated to next levelHintForms of 4-word Fai Chun —Vertical, Horizontal, ObliqueSee who has a pair of quick eyes anddeft hands to collect all lucks and good signs in the New Year!
ABC Jungle Memory Maze 1.2 APK
ABC Jungle Memory Maze is a pre-school or primary educational appwhich is designed for 3 to 6-year-old kids. This App combinesplaying game and learning. It aims to train your kids' short-termmemory and the ability to observe, as well as English phonics andalphabets identification.Direction-each chess represents an Englishalphabet-at the beginning of each round, certain “selectedalphabets” would be unfolded and shown for 3 seconds-the playershall find out and click where these “selected alphabets” are, byusing the short-term memory-whenever the player clicks,corresponding pronunciations of the alphabets can be heard-click“submit” after finding out the “selected alphabets”-the playergains scores for clicking correctly and loses scores for clickingincorrectly-as the player is promoted to higher stage, the gamerequires the player to memorize more chessFeatures-board gameinterface-learning through having fun-teach the kids about Englishalphabets identification and phonics-extra bonus scores will begained for playing 100% correctly-child-friendly interface withattractive graphics-clear and realistic pronunciation ofalphabets-cheery background music-every player's score can be sentto game centre, can compare the result with friends and otherplayersTip for the parents: Parents are encouraged to play thisgame together with the kids. Try to ask your kids pronounce thealphabets one by one. You will find the little ones can memorizeEnglish faster than playing the game alone.