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# All Libraries in one app The udn library app provides readerswith e-books borrowing services from all the cooperated libraries.Log in with your library accounts or mobile library accounts, andaccess to all digital reading contents from the libraries for free.# The innovative user interface In our app, you can borrow all thelibrary e-books with a single bookshelf, and borrow e-books via QRCodes. Enjoy the simple and fluently app experience. # The completedigital library experience You can borrow or reserve the e-booksyou like in digital libraries, and the e-books you borrowed will bereturned automatically when they are dated. Your personal readingprogress and history will also be recorded. Moreover, you canhighlight the lines you like and take notes in the e-books. #Offline reading The electronic books, magazines, and newspaper canbe downloaded to your devices, and be read without internetservices. # PDF and EPUB Formats are supported You can switchbetween the tablet-friendly PDF format and the phone-friendly EPUBformat freely. # User-friendly reading settings -Electronic books,magazines, and newspapers of the PDF format- ‧ The screenbrightness is adjustable in time ‧ Switch your reading directionfreely ‧ Your zoom-in setting will be applied to all pagesautomatically - E-books of the EPUB format- ‧ The screen brightnessis adjustable in time ‧ Adjust text size and page width ‧ Switchbetween "daytime" and "Night" reading mode freely ‧ Select yourpage changing mode between "turning" and "scrolling." # Abundantand amazing digital contents Cooperating with hundreds ofpublishers, providing tens of thousands of e-books, lateste-magazines, and daily e-newspapers of the UDN group, you candefinitely find the digital contents you like.

App Information udn 讀書館

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    udn 讀書館
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    January 24, 2019
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    Android 5.0 and up
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    Books & Reference
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    No. 369, Sec.1, Datong Rd., Xizhi Dist, New Taipei City 22161, Taiwan (ROC)
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com.udn.news APK
Swipe and get news quickly. udn.com’s application delivers thelatest articles and picture of the day. The application includesbreaking news, developing story, politics, international, business,finance, stocks, sports, technology, entertainment, specialreports,and more. This free app lets you read the latest updateswherever you are. Key features: • Watch the headlines, realtimenews, videos news, live news • Provide push notifications for bigbreaking news stories • Share articles to a range of socialnetworks • Personalize your news channel by re-ordering newscategories to suit your preferences • Set text size to suit yourpreferences
UDN plus 2.1.3 APK
Enjoy free access to timely, broad ranging,and insightful reporting from our UDN plus app.The app provides everything you love about our printed newspaper,plus lots more.With an easy-to-read interface, UDN plus offers not only regulartext, but high qualityvideo, great 720° panoramic photos, SMS foryou to share the latest coverage with friends, colleaguesetc.Upholding professional journalism and leveraging new technology,UDN plus keeps you up-to-date with local, national & globalevents in a more enjoyable and interactive reading environment.The UDN plus app Channels include:‧Breaking News: real time news updates, allowing you to keep upwith the world's rapidly changing stories.‧Daily News: updated daily news, including politics, the economy,international stories, society, life, editorial/opinions, culture,education etc.‧Sports/entertainment: Sports, entertainment news, Starchaser,entertainment, game scores, in an easy-to-read style.‧Visual News: Multimedia & interactive infographics to help youquickly grasp complex events.‧Slideshows: photos of the day presented in rivetingslideshows.‧udn tv: breaking news videos from UDN Television, including livenews and plenty of high quality streaming video news clips.
udn 讀小說 1.2.6 APK
「udn讀小說網站」(https://novel.udn.com)官方App。「udn讀小說」App能將您收藏的小說設為離線閱讀模式,更能同步更新「線上藏書架」及「離線藏書架」,讓您離線也能輕鬆讀小說。udn讀小說提供豐富的小說內容:都會愛情、宮廷穿越、青春校園、武俠歷史、科幻奇想、懸疑驚悚、創作文學。App主要特色有:1. 只要登入 udn 會員,就能輕鬆管理您收藏的小說。2. 無論是手機還是平板電腦,只要登入 udn會員,即可同步所有藏書架。3. 可線上閱讀所有 udn 讀小說作品,並接受最新強打作品資訊與編輯推薦作品。4.您更可以將免費或已付費的小說章節設定為離線模式,並在離線時進行閱讀。"Udn reading novels Site"(https://novel.udn.com) official App."Udn reading novels" App turnsyour favorite novel to read off-line mode, to better synchronizeupdates "online bookshelf Tibet" and "Tibet off the shelf", so youcan easily offline reading novels.udn reading novels offer richcontent of the novel: love will, through the court, youth campus,martial arts history, science fiction fantasy, suspense thrillers,literary creation.App main features are:1. Sign in to udn member,you can easily manage your favorite novel.2. Whether it is a mobilephone or tablet, just sign udn member, you can synchronize allhidden shelves.3. You can read all udn online reading novels, andaccept the latest information and strong play works Editor works.4.You can be more free or paid chapters of the novel is set tooffline mode, and offline reading.
聯合影音 2.0.9 APK
com.udn.dp.books.android 2.3.6 APK
「udn 讀書吧」APP,整合「udn 讀書吧」(reading.udn.com)行動閱讀服務,會員可在 Android平板電腦或智慧型手機中,下載及閱讀 PDF、ePub 電子書,及 PDF 電子雜誌和報紙。 #「讀客包」月租暢讀服務 超過 2,000本熱門雜誌即時更新,豐富內容每月最低只要 90 元起,即可看到飽。 # 整合圖書館電子書借閱服務 採用「udn數位閱讀館」電子書借閱服務的圖書館,讀者以行動借閱帳號登入「圖書館借閱服務」,或搭配「雲端書吧」掃描QRCode借閱,即可下載借閱的電子書閱讀。 # 雲端同步、即時下載 登入「udn讀書吧」APP,立即和雲端書房同步,下載已購買或借閱的電子書、雜誌、報紙,並可自由管理書櫃。 # 支援離線閱讀 已下載至 APP的電子書刊或報紙,沒有網路連線也可以開啟,隨時隨地享受閱讀樂趣。 # 同時支援 PDF、ePub2.0/ePub3.0 格式電子書可自由切換「原版式的 PDF」或「圖文重排的ePub」電子書。ePub電子書除了提供比過去更美觀的閱讀版面外,更支援觀看多媒體(音樂、影片、Slide Show、即時地圖等)。# 跨載具同步「閱讀進度」、「書籤」和「筆記」 只要安裝「udn讀書吧」APP的載具,相同格式的同一本書,便可相互同步閱讀進度、書籤和筆記。 # 方便的閱讀輔助功能 - PDF 電子書、雜誌和報紙 -‧自動記憶閱讀進度 ‧目錄隨選章節閱讀 ‧標記及管理書籤 - ePub 電子書- ‧自動記憶閱讀進度 ‧目錄隨選章節閱讀‧標記及管理書籤 ‧選取文字段落可「劃線」、「劃螢光筆」或「寫筆記」 ‧輸入關鍵字可做全文檢索 # 人性化的閱讀設定 - PDF電子書、雜誌和報紙 - ‧即時調整螢幕亮度 ‧自由切換最適閱讀方向 ‧可鎖定頁面放大比例,無須逐頁重新設定 - ePub 電子書-‧即時調整螢幕亮度 ‧即時調整頁面文字大小、版面邊寬 ‧自由切換「白天」或「夜晚」閱讀模式 ‧依喜好選擇「左右翻頁」或「上下捲動」閱讀
享讀 1.5.8 APK
全新設計的「享讀」應用程式,可在Android手機和平板電腦上使用,整合「享讀∣讀書吧」(reading.udn.com)行動閱讀服務,可以閱讀PDF、ePub 電子書,及 PDF 電子雜誌和報紙。# 熱門內容各大出版社授權,文學、商管、休閒、小說等各類型熱門暢銷書每月50本免費看。# 管理書籍書櫃中可切換「全部」、「已下載」頁籤,管理書籍簡單快速。# 支援離線閱讀已下載的電子書刊,沒有網路連線也可以開啟,隨時隨地享受閱讀樂趣。# 同時支援 PDF、ePub2.0/ePub3.0 格式電子書可自由切換「原版式的 PDF」或「圖文重排的ePub」電子書。ePub電子書除了提供比過去更美觀的閱讀版面外,更支援觀看多媒體(音樂、影片、SlideShow、影片、即時地圖等)。# 跨載具同步「閱讀進度」、「書籤」和「筆記」只要安裝「udn讀書吧」APP 的載具,相同格式的同一本書,便可相互同步閱讀進度、書籤和筆記。# 人性化的閱讀設定- PDF 電子書、雜誌和報紙 -‧即時調整螢幕亮度‧自由切換最適閱讀方向‧可鎖定頁面縮放比例- ePub 電子書-‧即時調整螢幕亮度‧即時調整頁面文字大小、版面邊寬‧自由切換「白天」或「夜晚」閱讀模式‧依喜好選擇「左右翻頁」或「上下捲動」閱讀# 方便的閱讀輔助功能- PDF 電子書、雜誌和報紙 -‧自動記憶閱讀進度‧目錄隨選章節閱讀‧標記及管理書籤- ePub 電子書-‧自動記憶閱讀進度‧目錄隨選章節閱讀‧標記及管理書籤‧選取文字段落可「劃線」、「劃螢光筆」或「寫筆記」‧輸入關鍵字可做全文檢索
Economic Daily News 2.5.3 APK
It is the best way to receive Economic Daily News on your mobiledevices, no matter you are using handset or tablet. You are free toread the best business, market and finance contents from EconomicDaily News. Features Top Stories provide you with the latest andworth trusting news from our professional journalists. Breakingnews is updated 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Track topics youcare about, you will see the latest news as you start the App. Whenyou click the earphone icon, you will listen to audio news. Allnews and articles will be relocated in 12 categories, including Topstories, Breaking News, Focus, World, China, Securities, Business& Industry, Investment, Estate, Insight & commentary, Lifestyle and Commerce.
全民財經檢定 LITE 1.3.2 APK
「全民財經檢定」是一項將財經知識運用於社會活動、工作職場與未來生涯發展的全方位檢定考試。參加本檢定的受試者,透過財經基礎知識的學習,將有助於提升和反映對於財經知識的瞭解深度、廣度與活用能力。全民財經檢定 App提供準備參加全民財經檢定的相關重要資訊,以及考古題、例題試做,有助於考生自我評量與學習,歡迎多加利用。LITE 版免費提供考生體驗,但題庫將不會線上更新,若欲使用完整權限,歡迎下載完整版。