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Official Mobile App for UKEAS NIGERIA.

UKEAS is an education consultancy which provides free andimpartial counselling and application services for internationalstudents wishing to study at high schools, colleges anduniversities in the United Kingdom. The business was founded inTaiwan in 1993, and since then has helped thousands of students tostudy in the UK. The organization has grown considerably and nowhas offices in Taiwan, China, Vietnam, the Philippines and Nigeria,as well as a base in the UK. UKEAS has accrued a great deal ofexperience in assisting students to meet their study abroad goals.Our counsellors are professional and well versed in all aspects ofthe UK education system and we have built up a strong relationshipand reputation amongst the UK institutions. UKEAS insists onoffering professional, impartial, comprehensive and friendly adviceto all students and continuously strives to improve the services weoffer to both students and partner institutions, which can best besummed up in our mission statement below:
Mission Statement

UKEAS are committed to providing our students with a world-classservice to help them prepare for study in the UK.

UKEAS are dedicated to helping our students reach theireducational objectives and to advancing their careers upon theirreturn to their home country.

We look forward to building friendships during the applicationprocess, while you are a student in the UK and upon your return toyour home country.

We firmly believe that students are happier, more settled andmore successful when they are studying at the most appropriateinstitution for them and have been fully counseled throughout theapplications procedure. UKEAS counselling is impartial andcomprehensive covering all aspects of the application and, once thestudent has accepted an offer, accommodation, food, weather and theidiosyncrasies of student life in the UK from the perspective of ainternational student.
We welcome you to our offices to join the UKEAS Community.

App Information UKEAS Nigeria

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