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The Latest Useful Tools app for any Android devices, Ultimate FlipNinja GO Tools is now available. This app is a very useful app thatcontains all the popular tools likely needed in our daily life.This is all in one tools widget app. It is definitely a mustinstall app on your phone devices, like carrying a swiss armyknife.Once you have downloaded and installed this app, you are ableto make full use of all the built in ultimate features and ninjatools as your life blazing helper. Ultimate Flip Ninja GO Toolsbuilt in features:+ To Do ListingList down all your ultimateactivities to do in a day, a week or a month like ninja and planyour schedule blazing properly. + NotesMake your personal notesimmediately whenever and where ever you want. It is very usefulespecially when do not have papers and pen to make your notes.+Goal Set and TrackerSet your goals or targets to be achieved withUltimate Flip Ninja GO Tools. Most amazing part is you are able totrack back all history of the goals you have set and efficientlycheck your achievements accordingly.+ Barcode ScannerUse theultimate scanner to make ninja scan of the barcodes and read theblazing information contains in the code.+ BMI CalculatorCalculateyour ultimate Body Mass Index and monitor your body fitness like aninja make the targets blazing accurately and efficiently.+Document ScannerScan important documents, flip and crop it to makethe diving images more nice looking. This function is very usefulwhen you do not have office scanner. With this app, you arecarrying a mobile scanner all around together with you. It isconvenient and so easy to use.+ QR Code Reader Scan any QR code,read and get the information flip inside the diving code. Normally,QR code contains website links or details.+ Age Calculator UseUltimate Flip Ninja GO Tools creative day calculator to calculateyour age. Check how many months, days, hours and minutes you livesince you have born, how many days to your coming birthday.Besides, you can even make calculation of any of the important daylike wedding anniversary, proposal day, pregnancy day and manymore.+ Voice RecorderMake a quick record of any important messages.Save it in your recorder list.Ultimate Flip Ninja GO Tools isproudly present to you to make your life more funs and simple withthe built in all in one widgets installed on your smart devices.

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    September 13, 2016
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    Android 4.0.3 and up
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Eid Mubarak Eid al-Fitr eCard is a seasonal greeting card app thatspecially dedicated to the Muslim all around the world, whocelebrates Eid al-Fitr. It allows you to send your wishes and shareall your loves to your friends, partners, family, colleagues,neighbours and all the people around you that care about.Eid orEid-ul-Fitr or Eid-al-Fitr is an auspicious holy occasion for allIslam or Muslims after a month of abstinence once Ramadan ends.Eid-ul-Fitr is widely known with a lot of fun, happiness, joy andenthusiasm. Eid al-Fitr, is also known as the festival of breakingof the fasting. It is a very important religious holiday whichcelebrated by Muslims worldwide as the marks of the end of Ramadan,the Islamic holy month of fasting. The holiday celebrates theconclusions or results of a month of dawn-to-sunset fasting duringthe Ramadan season. The day of Eid is therefore, falling on thefirst day of the month of Islamic calendar month. The date of thebeginning of any lunar Hijri month varies supported by theobservation of new moon on native spiritual authorities. In otherterms, the actual day of celebration might be varies bylocality.These are also few common alternative terms of “Eidal-Fitr” in English used worldwide: Fastbreaking Eid, RamadanFeast, Feast of Fasting and Eid al-Saghir. The different nativeterms are also being used, which varies by different countries orlocations. Below are some of the examples:• Hari Raya Idul Fitri,Hari Lebaran ( Indonesia)• Hari Raya Aidilfitri (Day of celebratingEid al-Fitr), Hari Raya Puasa (Day of Celebrating End of Fasting),Hari Lebaran (Malaysia)• Hari Rayo (Minangkabau)• Ramazanski Bajram(Montenegrin)• Ramazan Bayramı (Ramadan Feast), Şeker Bayramı(Turkish)Eid Mubarak, or also recognised as Blessed Eid, is themost traditional way of greeting which is reserved for Muslim to beused only during the festivals of Eid ul-Adha and Eid ul-Fitr.Technically, Eid means “Celebration” and refers to the occasionitself, and Mubarak means that “blessed”. Therefore, it means“Blessing Celebration” when these 2 words were used together in aterm. Basically, Muslims will be wishing and greeting each other“Eid Mubarak” just after the event of the Eid prayer. Most of thefestivals celebrated worldwide nowadays, by nature, will turn intoa trend to send, greet and wish each other through all kind oftechnology platform like SMS or on-line cards, greetings, andecards. Celebrate this occasion of intimacy by sharing Eid Mubarakscraps, greetings, cards, and wishes along with your friends,relatives and love ones on facebook, myspace, Instagram, LinkedIn,Twitter, Line, Wechat, Instagram, QQ, Stumble, Tumblr, Pinterest,and many kind of different social networking platform. You’ll beable to additionally send those eid-al-Fitr pictures, ecards,greetings, and wishes to your friends through email and WhatsApp.Eid Mubarak.Eid Mubarak Eid al-Fitr eCard is the app that combinedall the features above. Eid Mubarak Wishes, Quotes and Wallpaperscan be found in this amazing festival and seasonal greeting app,Eid Mubarak Eid al-Fitr eCard. You will find some special andinspiring articles, quotes and useful wishes that is commonlyapplied during the occasion of Eid ul Fitr. There is over than 120of the collections of the Eid Mubarak ecards to be chose to send toyour love one. Find and collect some of the best Eid MubarakWishes, Quotes and special ideas on Eid Mubarak inspiring articlesand sentences. Share with your loved ones and wish them a HappyEid. What are you waiting for? Find Ideas for the surprises andactivities during this season of Eid al-Fitr. Share and expressyour feelings to your love one with this app now. Download the bestEid Mubarak Eid al-Fitr eCard now for absolutely FREE. Eid Mubarakto everyone.
Cinemas Movie Singapore 1.2 APK
Are you a movie lover or movie fans? Are you the one always hangsaround in cinema for fantastic movie? Cinema are just like thesecond home for you? If you raise both your hands up and say a loud“Yes”, this Cinemas Movie Singapore app is definitely right foryou.Cinemas Movie Singapore is providing a one-stop solution forall the movie manias like you & me. It compounds all servicesof the major cinemas available in whole Singapore. With this app onyour hands, you can actually book all the movie ticket online bythe cinema online booking services. It is so convenient that youcan even check the movies status, movies showtime, seatavailability, and cinemas location.Cinemas Movie Singapore knowsyour difficulties, and understands you very well. Therefore, thisapp is allowing you to make advance ticket booking directly throughyour smartphone, avoids you from getting into the long queue justto buy the tickets, and end up with disappointments of tickets weresold out.Besides, the great advantage of installing Cinemas MovieSingapore is: You only have to install one app that includes allonline movies ticketing and booking services for all cinemas in SG.No more hassles, No need multiple installation of different cinemasapps on your phone, save your phone memory space. Just go online,open Cinemas Movie Singapore app, select cinemas and movies,confirm date and time, secure your seats, confirm your ticketsbooking, then proceed for the payment, sit tight and relax. Enjoyyour movies.Cinemas Movie Singapore is proudly presented to you byWonderAppsLand. Thank you all for the supports. Hope you all enjoyusing it.
Malaysia All Newspaper 1.0 APK
Malaysia All Newspaper is the only apps providing the gateway forMalaysia readers to get the latest news from almost all thenewspapers available in Malaysia. Update yourself with the all thelatest news and incidents happen throughout Malaysia and even fromall around the world. Different language newspapers to be found inthis app. Chinese Newspapers, English Newspapers, Malay Newspapersand even Tamil Newspapers.English news available are:MalaysiaKiniThe StarThe Rocket Malaysia InsiderFree Malaysia TodayMalayMailThe Rakyat PostBorneo PostMalaysia ChronicleThe Sun DailyNewStraits TimesMalay News available are:Malaysia KiniBeritaHarianUtusan MalaysiaRocket Kini Sinar HarianHarian MetroKeadilanDailyUtusan BorneoMalaysia ChronicleKosmoCari.comChinese Newsavailable are:星洲日报火箭报南洋视界东方日报当今大马中国报光华日报诗华日报光明日报人民邮报联合日报佳礼资讯TamilNews available are:ThinakkuralDinamalarDinamaniSemparuthiENJOYGETTING UPDATES FROM MALAYSIA ALL NEWSPAPER.
Diwali Top Greeting Cards 1.0 APK
Get this Diwali Top Greeting Cards and send wishes to your lovedone, only from WonderAppsLand.Diwali or Deepavali, which iscommonly known as the Festival of Lights, and it is an ancientHindu festival celebrated during Autumn in the Northern Hemisphereevery single year. Diwali is derived from the Sanskrit fusion wordDīpāvali, formed from dīpa (दीप, "light" or "lamp") and āvalī(आवली, "series, line, row"). Dīpāvali or Deepavali thus meant a rowor series of lights.During this season, Diwali greeting is givenevery day with sincerity and commonly pass to each other throughfruitful words and sometime also by cards which the maker is alsothe messenger their own. Diwali is one of the most important andhappiest holidays or festival in whole Nepal and India withsignificant preparations. The festival spiritually symbolised andcelebrating the victory of light against the darkness.Diwali fallsbetween mid-October and mid-November. Therefore, send yourgreetings with this amazing Diwali Top Greeting Cards to your bestfriends and family now before the season comes. Usually, the Diwalibelievers will clean, renovate and decorate their homes andoffices, do greeting cards for the friends and family of the makerbefore the night of Deepavali. Believer will dress up with newclothes or their best outfit and light up diyas (lights, lamps andcandles) inside out of their home. Then, they will participate infamily prayer together, also called as puja to Lakshmi, the goddessof wealth and prosperity. The celebration is followed by fireworks,family feast which includes mithai and gift exchanging betweenfriends and family members. Now, this is where you can make use ofthis wonderful Diwali Top Greeting Cards to send all the Diwaligreeting to all your close friends and family with plenty selectionof cards inside and become one of the maker of surprises during thefestival. Stay connected and expresses your loves and cares duringthis festival. What you can find and do in Diwali Top GreetingCards?- 90 iDiwali cards selections for you to send heart-warmingwishes and blessing to your friends, buddy, colleagues, family,partner and even business partners.- save in your phone photogallery.- send all iDiwali blessing and cards through: Wechat,Whatsapp, Pinterest, QQ, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Email, KaKaoTalk, Kakao Group and many more.This app is no doubt a platform foryou to stay connect with all the people around instantly and justwith one-click. This is very easy and convenient festival greetingapp to send blessing, even to those who is far away from us andthose long lost contacted friends and relatives. No more waitingand excuses again to show your cares to the people you love withthis gracious Diwali Top Greeting Cards.Happy Diwali and HappyDeepavali to you all. May all your dreams comes true.
Valentines eCard 1.0 APK
Are you thinking to show special love to someone you care so much?But where to start from? Well, Valentines eCard is definitely thebest choice for you.Surprise your loved one with Valentines eCard.This Valentines day special application is the app that allows youto send heart-touching valentines greetings to your special one.Choose and pick up the perfect images and cards for your specialhim or her. Over 100 choices of romantic, creative, and sweetvalentines images and photos, messages and greeting for you to sendheart-warming wishes and blessing to make him/her feel loved. Don’thesitate to show your love during this Valentines season in 2015.Start and make your 2015 a good and new beginning for eachother.You are able to send Valentines eCard through whatever socialmedia platform installed in your smartphones or devices. It isamazing, isn’t it? The most common platforms you can express yourlove through Valentines eCard are as follow:- Wechat-Whatsapp-Pinterest-QQ-Facebook-Instagram-Line-Twitter-Emailandalso save it in your phone photo gallery.Sending your message oflove is no more like century ago. No more using letters, No moreusing texts. It is now more convenient, time saving, secured andfree of charge with the invention of app.No more excuses, No moreDelay anymore to show your love to your loves one.Valentines eCardis giving Valentines theme puzzle game as additional service, tohelp you finding topic and something to start or play with when youare with your date. Or even something to hand with while waitingfor him/her.Hope you all love and enjoy this little eCard app.Happy Valentines Day.
Chinese New Year eCard 1.0 APK
Chinese New Year eCard is the app that allows you to send ChineseNew Year greetings to all your friends and family. Stay connectedand expresses your feeling and cares during this Lunar New Yearfestival season with this festival greeting card app.This seasonalgreeting card app provides you over 90 new year cards selection foryou to send heart-warming Chinese New Year wishes and blessing toyour friends, buddy, colleagues, family and even for businesspurposes on this coming New Year Eve.Most amazing thing, you canactually using Chinese New Year eCard to send all your Lunar NewYear blessing and cards through:- Wechat-Whatsapp-Pinterest-QQ-Facebook-Instagram-Twitter-Emailand alsosave it in your phone photo gallery.No doubt Chinese New Year eCardcan be the medium to connect the people around, especially oldfriends, long lost contact friends and also far distance friends.Sending greeting card is no more like century ago. It is now moreconvenient, time saving, secured and closer than ever. And mostimportantly, it is free of charge.No more excuses, No more Delay toshow your love to your loves one.As additional gift, Chinese NewYear eCard also provide puzzle game to help you exercising yourmind when / in case you get bored during this New Year season. Hopeyou all love and enjoy this little Chinese New Year eCard app. GongXi Fa Cai and Happy Chinese New Year.
Christmas Trivia Crack 1.0.1 APK
Discover the world of Christmas Trivia Crack during this season.Christmas which also called as Xmas by the people nowadays is thebiggest celebration or festival all over the world. When it isChristmas, there comes Santa Claus, Frosty the Snowman, Rudolph theRed nose Reindeer and most importantly, Jesus the savior.Hurray!!Christmas trees, cookies, candy, Christmas lighting, Christmasdecorations, socks, Christmas present and gift are surrounding usnow. The Christmas atmosphere is in the air.Enjoy playing with newChristmas Trivia Quiz and Crack in this fun Christmas Trivia Crack.Enjoy learning and knowing the stories behind the celebration ofthe Christmas. Knowing what exactly happen in the past, and howthose Christmas characters appeared until today.Also, you can enjoyplaying with some other games which can be found in ChristmasTrivia Crack. The Features:Christmas Trivia Crack Snow Fight.- Getall the fun with the snow. Is it all about snow ball fight, isn’tit? Round up your own snow balls and throw at your friends. Gatherall the snow you can and make your own little Frosty. Puzzle.- Putand arrange the missing part accordingly. Match the parts until itforms up and become a beautiful image. You will the techniques andthe strategies to pick and match it properly. Few levels needed toachieved.Memory.- Memorise all the Christmas, snowman and SantaClaus images and pick them up. Choose carefully.Quiz.- FewChristmas and Santa Claus related stories quiz to choose for.Various of categories: Quiz for kids, Quiz for Adults, andChristmas Songs Trivia Quiz and Crack.Ho. Ho. Ho. Merry Christmasand Happy New Year from WonderAppsLand, with the present ofChristmas Trivia Crack.
Chinese New Year Best eCard 1.0 APK
Chinese New Year Best eCard is the app that allows you to stayconnected with all the people around you during this Lunar New Yearfestival season. Fully express your loves and cares with thisamazing Chinese New Year festival greeting card app.This seasonalheart-warming Chinese New Year Best eCard app provides you over120+ New Year cards selection to send to your friends, buddy,colleagues, family and even for business purposes on this comingNew Year Festival. Send your wishes and blessings to your lovesone. Chinese New Year is major Chinese festival celebrated in theturn of the lunisolar Chinese calendar. It is marked as the firstday of the New Year in the Chinese lunar calendar, which differsfrom the Gregorian calendar. It is also commonly known as theSpring Festival or the Lunar New Year. The celebrationstraditionally run from New Year eve until the Lantern Festivalwhich landed on the 15th day of the first lunar calendar month. TheChinese animal zodiac or shengxiao ‘born resembling’, the literaltranslation of the modern China name is a repeating of 12 yearscycle, with each year being represented by an unique Chinese zodiacanimal sign and its reputed attributes. In tradition, these zodiacanimals were used to date the years. The 12 animal signs insequence are: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat,Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Pig.Chinese New Year has more than 4,000years of history and gains significance because of several mythsand traditions. It is the grandest and the most important annualevent of all for Chinese people all around the world.Traditionally, the festival was a time to honour deities as well asancestors.Chinese New Year means Time for Family Reunion.It hasbeing one of the most important traditional festivals. Regionalcustoms and traditions concerning the celebration of the Happy varywidely. Often, the evening preceding Lunar Day is precious time andoccasion for the whole Chinese families to gather for the annualreunion dinner and enjoy spending the moments together, which isvery similar to Christmas Day celebrated by the westerners.It isalso the tradition for every family to thoroughly cleanse thehouse, in order to sweep away any ill-fortune and to make way forgreat incoming luck. Windows and doors will be decorated with redcolour paper-cuts and couplets with popular themes of "goodfortune" or "happiness", "wealth", “luck arrival” and "longevity."Other activities include lighting firecrackers and giving money inRed Paper envelopes.Wonderful Features Of Chinese New Year BesteCard: - Portrait and landscape mode.- FUN and EXCITING GAMESavailable in the app.- Optimized battery usage!- Save to photogallery- Add to favourites- Compatible with 99% of Androidsupported smart phones and devices.Chinese New Year Best eCardallow you to send all your Lunar New Year blessings, greetings,cards and wishes by sharing on:- Facebook- Twitter- Google+-Pinterest- Tumblr- Flickr- Stumble- Instagram - Wechat - Whatsapp-QQ- Line - Emailwith your best friends, buddy, wife, husband,partner, boy friend, girl friends, mum, dad, sister, brother, son,daughter, aunt, uncle, neighbours, grandma, grandpa, colleagues,workers, leader, group member, business partner, teacher, student,lecturer, and all the people around you.This is fantastic, isn’tit?!High Quality Greeting ecards and wishes for all Android phoneonly present by WonderAppsLand. This is the Top Chinese New YearBest eCard for 2016 and also for the following years on. ABSOLUTELYFREE TO DOWNLOAD! At the last and most important, huge thanks inadvance for supporting Chinese New Year Best eCard.Happy ChineseNew Year and GONG XI FA CAI!!!