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Are you ready to try on a deadly shooting challenge againstyourevil enemies? Get ready, Hold your pocket sniper and attackyourenemies in Sniper 3D. Your enemies are very powerful they havethebest weapons to destroy you. So, now your challenge begins! Doyoulove shooting games? If yes, then this game is the best fitforyou. Sniper 3D is different from other shooting games. Hereyouhave very tricky missions in gun games for kids. Your main goalisto attack your rivals with your pocket sniper in actiongames.There are many foe armies ready to attack you and you havetoattack your opponent before him. Your opponent is very activesoyou have to be proactive and ready to attack. And try to makeyourcounter attack strong to win this target. Basically, you are onasecret mission. You are a secret agent and you have to defeatyourenemy plans by your extraordinary counter attack in Sniper 3D.Yourenemies are very tricky and dangerous and their evil plansdestroyyou and your city. Focus on gun sounds and target yourenemies andwin these action games by using a pocket sniper. Thefirst maintrick to win these fun games for kids is to try to attackyouropponent before him. The second main thing is to aim yourgunpointer towards your rival head and kill him by headshot withyourpocket sniper. And try to strengthen your counterattack ingungames for kids. Features: • Offline and Online Gameplay. • 30+Fpsshooting mission • Realistic 3D illustrations. • Big RangeofModern Weapons. • Easy and smooth weapon shooting control.•High-Quality gun sounds • Strategy and marksmanship are bothneededby King of Sniper • Drive chariot breaks into foe base •Guardagainst the trespasser's fight • Different and realistic moodsinthese Action games

App Information Ultimate Mega Shooting: FPS Sniper Strike

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    Ultimate Mega Shooting: FPS Sniper Strike
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    September 17, 2021
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    Android 5.0 and up
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    Wiggle Woggle
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Carrom Star : Multiplayer Carrom board game 2.4 APK
Wiggle Woggle
Here you are ...! best multiplayer games carrom board game of twoplayers Carrom with board games different mode It’s a free Carromtwo players multiplayer game, a best carrom disc pool Carrom boardtwo players game among all. INTRODUCTION: Carrom or Karom is acarrom disc pool game that has long been played board gamesthroughout India and South East Asia but the two players game hasbecome increasingly popular throughout much of the rest of theworld during the last century. Here in this carrom board excitingmobile version of two players Carrom, you can play carrom disc poolboard games cram to get fun with the best of all two players carromboard games. carrom disc pool has multiplayer games different modesonline carrom, offline carrom and with buddies, so you can playcarrom disc pool multiplayer games with friends, you can find caromwith your choice friend. and can play carrom with online playersmultiplayer games in crumble game. it is a carrom disc pool game ofkarambit and gabit. it includes multiplayer games amazing carromboard games features suitable for all ages. HOW TO PLAY: The objectof the game is to sink all of your pieces, using the heavier'striker', in any of the pockets before your opponent. There are ahuge number of variations in the rules in karim game. Some of themare… 1. Pool disk mode: In this mode of carrom board game, oneshould pot all your pucks before the opponent does. The firstplayer to pot all their pucks Wins. 2. Carrom mode : In this modeof carames board game Red Queen needs to be potted before all yourpucks before the opponent does. 3. Point game: In this Mode ofCarrom 3d game, Coins have different points to be pocked. One whogot more points after all pucks got potted wins. Features of CarromStar : Multiplayer Carom Board game. 1. Multiplayer feature: Youcan play Online with people from different countries. 2. In playwith friends mode you can Play Online With Your friends. 3. Inoffline mode you can Play offline carrom board game with localplayers. 4. Location Selection: You can Play and choose competentfrom different Location all over the world. 4. High QualityGraphics and easy navigation. Here it is Carrom free game for you.so what are you waiting for .just go and download it
Zoo Story - Animal Maching Puzzle 2.0 APK
Wiggle Woggle
Come to the animal kingdom magic connect and write your ownpuzzlematch story, Help Mimi collect crush to solve magic connectthisincredible puzzle match puzzles and make collect crushunlimitedblast it through the magic unlimited effect land of AnimalStory.Play and solve puzzles, by matching 3 magic connect ormoreunlimited effect animals unlimited blast. Solve all of the100levels! Meet Family Zoo – a spot to reestablish, assemble,collectcrush and plan puzzle match as you see fit! Join the gameandaddress fun puzzle match -3 riddles to save the unlimitedeffectmainstream creature park from magic connect obliteration!Charmingcreatures, unlimited blast each with their own magicconnect novelstory, need a family and unlimited blast new home! Endup being thebest collect crush Family Zoo attendant! Manyexceptional unlimitedblast and habit-forming Match-3 levels arehanging unlimited effecttight for you in Family Zoo! DownloadFamily Zoo game, a cutecollect crush story driven experienceunlimited effect with funMatch-3 riddles and specially craft foryou to pick!
Angry Bull Attack Shooting 1.0 APK
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Return to the bull fight wilderness with this addictivebullfighting game. The terror in the city surpassed with wildbullrampage on the streets where the only solution to restore thepeaceis to aim and shoot them in the head like a hero. Super AngryBullAttack hunting simulator 3D game is designed to equip you withthelatest of sniper gun to head the angry bull one by onebullfightsuper hero. This endless Angry Bull Fight Attack game hasone ofthe most addictive game play. It is designed by keeping therealbull attack hunters or bullfights in mind, hence multipliedtheexperience of hunting. It exhibits the combo of bothsnipershooting game and hunting game to give the user double treatto letthem stick to the end. Become the hero to save the city fromsuperangry bull attack. The hero is provided with map facility tolocatethe pray to hit them before they hunt you down. The gamewillremind you of Spanish Corrida de toros or bullfighting wheretheanger filled balls when leashed create havoc and have to gundownbefore they hunt and hit any human attack. Use the latestsnipergun, aim the bull in the head by locating them through themap.Kill as many in Bullfighter as you can to move to the nextlevel.Increase your power by hunting down the maximum number ofbulls.Watch your back and start hunting with this bull huntingattackgame. The bullfight game will give you an awesome experiencein a3D environment and amazing graphics. Most of the bulls mightbeunaware of your presence so take your best shot to tear themapart.Features of this Angry Bull Attack bullfight game include: •Firstperson shooting • Best sniper gun for shooting angry bull •Zoomcamera for taking accurate shots • Endless and missionbasedbullfighter game play • Efficient gun control • Real timecityenvironment bullfight • 3D graphics and sound effects Start toplay3D angry bull shooting attack now and challenge your buddies toletthem know who is the boss when it comes to hunting bullfightshowis the ultimate bull fighter.
Sandbox Mod X 1.0.7 APK
Wiggle Woggle
Sandbox Mod X is a large physical sandbox based on the manipulationof any game objects. In this sandbox, you can play with yourfriends and other players around the world. You can control objectswith a gravity gun. There are many objects in the game that you cancreate and connect together to create your own structures - a base,a house, a garage, or an airplane - it all depends on yourimagination. The game has vehicles and various weapons forshootouts. Sandbox Mod is really one of the best sandbox games youcan convert your imagination into reality through these craftgames. You want to build a house you can build a house in a verycreative way through these sandbox games. The best part of thesesandbox games is that you can create what you actually think islike dreams come true. You have multiple moods to play sandboxgames. Dessert mood where you have a realistic desert environment.You have many other locations like fields and many other excitingreal locations. This is one of the best craft games and this game'smain objective is to test your creativity level. You can apply yourskills in making a simple plane. You can also enjoy the best dudetheft wars by using multiple weapons in sandbox games. So, be readyand show your skills and creativity. Accept the challenge now! Canyou build a house in the best way? Features : • One of the bestcraft games in Realist Environment • More challenging sandbox games• Build different things like build a house, simple plane, carwhatever you want • Simple but tricky levels
Jake's Adventure: Salvation sweetheart 2.1.7 APK
Wiggle Woggle
The mysterious dwarf kingdom is celebrating – Jake and his wifeKrona are celebrating their anniversary. Nothing bodes ill. But theking of the dark elves 🧝 Aglaron, steals into the feast. Fifteenyears he has been hatching plans of vengeance for the death of hisbrother, Meneltor. At the feast, Aglaron shoots Krona with apoisoned arrow. ⭐️Fragments of the recipe for the antidote 💉 arespread all over the world. Time is limited. Hurry! Help Jake gatherthem and save his beloved. Complete all the locations and defeatall the bosses and Aglaron himself.⭐️ Game features: 🍄 over 90levels, 8 locations, 6 worlds; 🍄 40+ unique mobs, 5 bosses, 7character skins; 🍄 a system for developing your character andleveling up abilities; 🍄 a developed plot, quests and achievements;🏆 🍄 simple control with one finger; 👆 🍄 the game is suitable forthe whole family: our game is fun to play both for children andadults; 🍄 cheerful and relaxing music; 🎧 🍄 fabulous animations andin-game graphics; 🍄 the game is in the category of free games. 🆓Jake’s Adventures is an adventure arcade platformer with modernprocessing, where you have to run, jump, break and smash blocks,earn gold coins. You can improve your character, buy new skins,items to simplify levels. Leps run! The world is full of dangers!Get ready to meet face-to-face with a variety of enemies frombeetles 🐛, spiders 🕷, mice 🐁 and birds 🐦 to furious mountaintrolls, Mayan Indians and grizzly bears 🐻! Share your results withother players and earn achievements! Download the game and helpJake to return his beloved! It's your hero time! 🔥For moreinformation about the developer, you can get the following links:🔥Official website Ice Storm Games: http://www.icestormgames.comOfficial Twitter Ice Storm Games: https://twitter.com/IceStormGameOfficial FB page Ice Storm Games:https://www.facebook.com/icestormgames/
Type Run - Trivia 1.7.5 APK
Wiggle Woggle
Race with other players by typing the correct answer to aspecificquestion. The fast typing the more chance you win, but itis not atall. Correct answers are matter as well. Enjoy the game!
Checkers Damas Draughts Games 1.1.10 APK
Wiggle Woggle
Are you interested in Turn based Strategic Game and lookingforCheckers game Or Cross Over ? , Are you looking forEnglishdroughts Or American Checkers, Are you looking for RussianDroughts? , Are you looking for Brazilian Checkers ? Or any othercheckerGame like International Checkers, Spanish , Italian, Thaialsocalled Makhos, Turkish, Chinese, and Pool Checkers. Then hereyouare selecting the best game. INTRODUCTION OF CHECKERS 3D:playing aboard Game of same concept Games like Chess Game and BeadGames.checkers deals with an Advance version of traditional and oneofthe famous game played in South- East Asian region,Americanregion, Russian region, Brazilian region, Spanish region,Italianregion, Turkish region and many other Countries. It wasInitiallyPlayed by Rural Area People by having Pattern on Papers.Now Hereis a Real 3D Checkers Game for turn based Strategic gamelovers.the checkers game you can play against AI of the game,online withfriends ,AI will match to your skills level. Checkersalso provides2 players which you can play online with anotherperson or friend.Accept the challenge of 2 player game stick andenjoy this amazingand real 3D Bead 14. In Challenges Mode Task Willbe Given to youBeat AI. Checkers 3D is very smooth and easy to playif you areinterested to learn more about games so go to setting andtap on “? ” picture you will learn more about this amazing Checkers3Dwhich is one of the best way for fun and time pass. RULES ANDHOWTO PLAY Checkers: Two Player Each having 12 Checkers ,thesecanmove one step forward on the valid positions of the Board. Ifaplayer can cross a Pawn (Bead) of the other side then theplayerwill destroy another Person Pawn(Bead). In this way whoevermanagesto Destroy All Checkers of Opponent first will be thewinner.Capture Captures or 'jumps' are mandatory. If a squarediagonallyin front of a man is occupied by an opponent's piece, andif thesquare beyond that piece in the same direction is empty, themanmay 'jump' over the opponent's piece and land on the emptysquare.The opponent's piece is captured and removed from theboard.Multiple Jumps If, after making a capture, a piece is in apositionto make another capture (either along the same diagonal oradifferent one) it must do so, all as part of the sameturn.Capturing two opposing pieces in a turn is called a doublejump,capturing three pieces in a turn is a triple jump , and so on.Ifyou have a choice of jumps, you may choose among them,regardlessof whether they are multiple or not. The Kings When asingle piecereaches the last rank of the board by reason of a move,or as thecompletion of a 'jump', it becomes a king; and thatcompletes themove, or 'jump'. A King can move in any direction and'jump' in anydirection one or more pieces, as the limits of theboard permit.The King can only jump diagonally over one adjacentpiece at atime, in any of the four diagonal directions. Multiplejumps applyto kings as well. This Game has options of  Between 2person • In2 players Mode you can play with another person orfriend. Acceptthe challenge of 2 player game stick and enjoy thisamazing andreal 3D Bead 14.  Against AI. • In this Checkers gameyou can playagainst AI of the game AI will match to your skillslevel. Challenges • In Challenges Mode Task Will be Given to youBeat AI.FEATURES OF CHECKERS 3D: • Real 3D View • Amazing UI andsmoothplay. • Amazing multi points game. • Select option of 2localplayers , play with your device and Challenges. • Veryaddictiveand awesome sounds. • Support on all android phones andtablets. •checkers pieces So what you waiting for? Download now forFREE. Inthis Mode You will be given a task to beat AI (Computer)Taskdifficulty will be increase with increasing Level.
Baby Walker - Life Simulation Game 10.0 APK
Wiggle Woggle
The most exciting and funny baby simulator game with naughty&happy babies is here now! Be a baby. Play with babysimulator.Break things. Spoil food. Diaper baby with cuteexpressions isready to do all the stuff in the absence of hismommy. Happy babiesroaming all the way around the house and playingwith theirtomagochi toy. Boy Baby with wobbly legs walk in a cutemannerwearing baby diapers entertains you with naughty stuff andbabylaugh. You can select different happy babies of your choicetosimulate in this life simulation game. There are uniquebabyaccessories in the store. You can choose any babyaccessoriesunlock and set them for your favorite diaper baby. Youare all setto cuidar my baby. Give him a good baby shower. Lid hiswobbly legscarefully. Change baby's diaper and switch to yourfavorite babydiapers. Entertain my baby with cute videos for babiesandtomogachi. Mommy and me leave the baby boss for a while andhecreates destruction all the way in the house. Ella changediaperpampers of the baby and help in baby bathing also put himback inthe baby carrier. One of the baby simulator life simulationgamewhere you can play with laughing baby and cuidar them too. Carecomis needed to vivir and support child. Pregnant lady cares forherboy baby vivir and cuidar. She pampered crying baby duringbathingand changes baby clothe. Give baby boy clot a proper bathand lidhim neatly. Change baby diaper and the boss baby with wobblybodyhide tua the door with tamagotchi and infant toys. Mou cleanbabybottles and lid them. Crying baby is hungry so mommy and megiveboss baby infant toys and boss baby a proper baby food to stophimfrom crying. Ella is the nana of the baby to care com andsupportchild. Give your baby walker to move all around the housealsochange their baby clothes. Baby swing is in the house toentertainboss baby. Put the diaper baby in the baby carrier withcut walker,hand her lots of baby dolls to play along. Tomagotchitoys are veryfamous among children to care come. Tamagochi is oneof the lifesimulation game in which one cares a pet like simulationgames lifejust as mou does. Support child in playing with tamagochiwhilesitting in baby walker wearing a baby diaper. Baby simulatoris oneof the exciting games for babies and mothers too. Ella workas ababysitter and play videos for babies o entertain them likemost ofthe nana do. Dogs baby ads are there to watch and getrewards. Inthis simulation games life diaper baby plays with Dogsbaby andbreak house hold things together. Dogs baby are like petand hidetua shelves and trees. Nana cares baby boy clot and givehimtomagachi to play. Mou wash dirty baby bottles make baby foodformy baby and change baby's diaper when required. Dr.baby spoilfood,hit the baby bottles and baby seat. The food and milk fall onthefloor. Baby seats broke and baby boss break baby dolls too.Mommyand me helps in bathing crying baby necessary vivir andpamperedhim well throughout the bathe. Give him baby swing andplacedr.baby in baby carrier because pregnant lady can't holdlaughingbaby for a while. In this life simulation game, you canselect boybaby among different boss baby with colorful baby diaper.You canalso give unique baby walker to different dr baby and changebabyclothes along with your favorite baby accessories. There aremanybaby dolls and infant toys including tomagatchi to help nanatoentertain laughing baby and maintain baby laugh. You can alsowatchvideos for babies to unlock baby accessories. You can buybabywalker from store to help in wobbly move and also baby foodtopampered him when he is crying. Diapers pampers are always instorefor dr.baby like cute baby boy clot. Never miss baby laughchangebaby's diaper on time. Be naughty, Spoil food and break asmanythings as you can. Have fun with dr.baby. Baby Boss is waitingforyou to explore baby's world in totally amazing perspective.