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The Manifesting Meditation Master Package! (240+ minutes of audioand 300+pages of text) Instantly download and experience ALL 12Manifesting Meditations below that cover all area of wealth, healthand love and experience massive shifts in your life! This is theulitmate manifesting product on the market today, your dreams willcome true!Each guided meditation contains healing background musicand you'll reprogram your bodymind to receive financial freedom,have outrageous energy, manifest a great love, and attract ANYexperience you want on Earth! You'll learn how to master your lifewith this ultimate enlightening experience!Here are just a few ofthe meditations:The Blue Room Manifesting Meditation (23 minutemeditation) This revolutionary visualization takes you into aconscious dream-like state where you actually step into the mostpowerful manifesting place in the Universe...The Blue Room! Youwill create real life agreements that manifest themselves back onEarth! Perhaps you would like to physically meet your life partner,create a new financial contract or deal, or improve your businessor personal relationships. By meeting with them in the Blue Roomyou'll soon see how the manifesting magic effortlessly startsunfolding in your life!The Guided Meditation to Become aManifesting Magnet (20 minute meditation) This meditation willskyrocket your body's manifesting vibration so that you can quicklyand effortlessly attract whatever you desire into your life. Youwill deepen your ability to trust yourself and the Universe, andconnect with your natural ability to manifest! In this meditationyou will be sending out so many positively charged vibrations thatyour every desire will be miraculously magnetized to you!The SelfLove Meditation - Merging with your Divine Essence (25 minutemeditation) This life transformational self-loving meditation willincrease your ability to naturally RECEIVE those desires you didnot feel worthy of in the physical world. You will heal the deepestparts of yourself and discover how to experience the greatestsecret in the Universe inside YOU! By merging with your DivineEssence and finding unconditional love for yourself, you willshatter any self-sabotaging patterns and start attracting therelationships, abundance and happiness you deserve in life.TheGuided Meditation for Manifesting Your Enlightened Soul Mate (17minute meditation) This enlightening guided manifesting meditationwill help you to physically attract your soul mate to you. Or ifyou are already in a relationship, it will manifest a deeper lovingsoul connection with the person you are currently in partnershipwith! Even just listening to this heart healing meditation one timewill reprogram your heart and soul with the profound ability toexperience deeper levels of intimacy in any relationship.The GuidedMeditation for Healing your Body, Mind and Soul! (23 minutemeditation) This guided meditation is designed to support you inmanifesting a full physical mindbody healing. It will initiate adeep healing transformation of every cell in your body. Otherbenefits from listening to this meditation daily can include relieffrom physical pain, deeper levels of inner peace, an increasedamount of energy, and the quieting of mind chatter.Also includingManifesting Money Meditations!Increase your Financial FrequencyandManifest a Greater Income!Plus a few surprises, the UltimateManifesting App.

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I am Rich Hypnosis 1.1 APK
Metatron Inc
This is the first meditation app to include powerful inspiringimages and high-tech audio hypnosis to program your mind to becomea millionaire!I am Rich! is a completely new way to reprogram yourmind and attract millions of dollars into your life.If you likedour popular MoneyMagnet affirmation and want to supercharge yourfinances to the next level, this is the app you have been waitingfor...Most people have tried affirmations, meditations orself-hypnosis before, but had mixed results... well get ready forsomething much different and much more effective, you will reach astate of consciousness easily and effortlessly that takes Zen monksyears to achieve.As a co-creator of this application and also areal millionaire, I wanted to help others effortlessly reach theirfinancial goals in as short a time as possible. Working long hoursat thankless jobs or struggling just to make ends meet is not theway to go. I was only able to turn around my finances when Istarted using my thoughts to attract money, and after years oftrial and error I found the perfect method, and used that knowledgeto create this app, to make more money in the last year than in thelast ten, even in a bad economy. My friends and business partnershave also benefited greatly from earlier less advanced versions ofI am a Millionaire.I am sure you have heard of the Law ofAttraction, and yes it works if you apply it correctly, but it canbe hit or miss and frustrating when you don't get good results in areasonable amount of time. I am a Millionaire is designed to mergethe best of spiritual wisdom and scientific knowledge into onecomplete money-attracting, life-enhancing system, that worksconsistently and is good for the planet.We take five of the bestscientifically proven ways for programming the subconscious mind:self-hypnosis, binaural beat entrainment, subliminal recording,affirmations, and combine it with our patent-pending Presenceinduction method. We also include wealth images synced to the audiofor maximum results. Presence induction is designed to make youvery present and "in the now", the state which spiritual teacherEckhart Tolle says is vital to be in when you create with thoughts.From this state you create not only for yourself but for thegreater good, and without generating Karma. Otherwise anything youcreate will be temporary and not satisfying. No other company addsthis to their applications.The I am Rich! app also has a binauralbeat track which will gently lead your mind into the theta rangeand make you feel very relaxed and peaceful. The subliminal trackstarts at the very beginning and although you can't hear it, yoursubconscious can and will respond to the positive wealthaffirmations. Then the prosperity affirmations that you can hearwill ensure your mind is programmed to attract money and wealthinto your life.The combination of meditation, hypnosis, binauralbeat entrainment, subliminal recording and affirmations makes thisapplication the most effective way for you to become a millionairewhile still helping your fellow man. We suggest using this once aday for 15 minutes right when you wake up or before you sleep forbest results, you don't have to lie down or sit in lotus style butcan if you want to. This app is great for walking the dog or othermellow activities, not driving or operating heavy machinery,because you will be in a very relaxed trance-like state. It takeson average at least a week to see some results and if you hang inthere for a month the results tend to be dramatic. Please email uswith your results. Thanks and best wishes to you.
Akashic Records Meditation 1.1 APK
Metatron Inc
A Guided Journey into The Akashic RecordsClarity on Your LifePurpose and Mission..Spiritual Answers to Your Relationships,Career, Finances, Health and Life Path...Spiritually EnlighteningInformation that will Empower You!Many have explained the ancientAkashic Records as containing magic, mystery, and a great occultpower. It may be that, yet its also much much more... Exploring thesecret hidden ancient records of information that are buried withinour subconscious is one of the most freeing, healing, andcompletely natural, spiritual inner experiences you can have. Allthat is required is deep relaxation, a vigilant focus, an openmind, trusting heart, and the willingness to explore theunknown.The information in these Akashic Records will appeardifferently each visit them. There is always a new angle to see theUniverse at. Reading your own records can be one of the mostexciting and amazing experiences of a lifetime since thousands ofthese condensed bits of information in each records can come intoyour mind consciously in an instant. It's that amazing, and a veryexpansive awareness and vigilant mind is absolutely necessary tostay present.Everybody who ever existed in the world hascontributed to the information that is contained within the AkashicRecords. Our thoughts, experiences and actions were never privateor owned by us. They are part of the global mind, energetic bodyand consciousness. People who have accessed the Akashic Recordslike Nostradamus, Quatzlcoatl, Rudolph Steiner, Mary Baker Eddy,Emmanuel Swedenbord, Edgar Cayce were "normal" human beings likeyou and me who decided to work this inner muscle and focus thedirection of their mind is a way where this greater vast knowledgeand consciousness was given freely!. The good news is thateverybody has the inherent ability to access the Akashic Records,yet like a muscle that needs exercise and training, it may not workat its optimum level on the first attempt. For me it took years ofmeditation before I was able to "stumble" into my first glimpse atthousands of my own lifetimes. These multi-dimensional hall of myrecords blasted through me during a meditation retreat in India in1996. The most helpful aspect to discovering the Akasha was a verypeaceful outer environment as well as a patient open mind and innerworld. These are requirements to start this amazing spiritualjourney inside. Because everyone contains the power to access theAkashic Records, your personal records can also be accessed byanyone else. This informational super-highway is always open andfree for all to explore. How does this actually work? The same wayyour T.V. can tune into the images and sounds from any broadcastingtower. You can pick up the information once your antenna is up andyour Akashic channel is located. All that is needed to learn is howto relax and drop into a calm theta frequency (4-8 cycles/sec) toreach the Akashic Records.
Find Your Soul Mate Meditation 1.1 APK
Metatron Inc
Heal your Heart and Manifest, Your Ideal Relationship!What you willexperience...Increased ability to materialize the divine soul matewho is perfect for you.Healing of past relationship wounds thatwere stopping you from attracting your soul mate.The opening ofyour heart to a higher vibration of loving someone and beingloved.A DNA cellular shift that will heal you and allow you toattract your soul mate into your life.It can be such a big reliefto meet your soul mate and feel this deep spiritual connection thattakes away all fear and worries. You'll establish profound innerpeace by meeting with your soul mate on your inner world. If youare single, or tired of feeling lonely, or just keep meeting peoplewho just are not "the one", this meditation can be your ticket tofreedom! This guided manifesting meditation is powerful in that itwill physically attract your soul mate into your life! Or if youare already in a relationship, you will manifest a more intimatesoul connection with the person you're currently dating. Other sidebenefits from this experience include:Reprogramming your heart andsoul with the profound ability to receive deep intimacy in arelationship.A dramatic increase in your confidence in dealing withrelationships.The power to naturally attract your soul mate withjoy, fun and initiate a new kind life.New feelings of love, trust,and the pure excitement of being in a great relationship.Bonusebooks included in this app:The Manifesting Manual: Ourworld-renowned Manifesting Manual is a 257+ page encyclopediapacked full of manifesting knowledge, secrets and techniques youcannot find anywhere! It is the most practical and applicablesource about manifesting recorded in history! You will receive theworlds most powerful manifesting routine that you can start doingtomorrow morning which will turn you into a manifestingmagnet!Plus:The 90 Day Manifesting Routine: This ebook contains theessential 8 Habits Manifesting Routine which will transform yourentire life! You'll receive all 8 amazing habits in GREAT detailwhich are guranteed to dramatically increase your ManifestingVibration and ability to attract your desires to you faster andeasier! Do this program for 90 days in a row and you'll pleasantlyAMAZED at the massive positive transformation that occurs allthroughout your life!Also:101 Thoughts To Instant Awakening: TapInto An Unlimited Source Of Energy Inside Yourself Today. TheseAMAZING Thoughts & Actions Will Spark A Sacred Fire within YOUto Manifest a Miraculous Life that YOU LOVE!!! This is a mindopening 90 day enlightening experience that will help you tomanifest a spiritual awakening in your life!
Positive Self-Esteem Hypnosis 1.1 APK
Metatron Inc
What is self esteem? It is the opinion you have of yourself andyour value as a person, self confidence is also a factor.Buildingself esteem and self confidence is the key to happiness andsuccess.Now you can program your mind while you workout to havehigher self-esteem, with audio and visuals!If you have triedaffirmations, meditations or self-hypnosis before but had mixedresults, get ready for something much different and much moreeffective, you will reach a state of consciousness easily andeffortlessly that takes Zen monks years to achieve. Presence is"consciousness without thought, a deep peace and serenity" ie. purespiritual power as defined by well-respected spiritual teacherEckhart Tolle. With our exclusive new technology you willeffortlessly enter a state of Presence, the optimal frequency forcreating and attracting what you want in life. The foundation ofthis application is the hypnotic 3-D hi-def recording of thesoothing sounds of water and nature, modern and ancient instrumentswhich will relax and prepare your mind for the hypnagogic state.This is a state of consciousness we are at when we are about tofall asleep and when we just wake up, in the upper theta range ofbrain waves, the range which is the most effective for affirmationsto become reality. The subliminal Presence induction track isdesigned to make you very present and "in the now", the state whichspiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle says is vital to be in when youcreate with thoughts. From this state you create not only foryourself but for the greater good, without generating Karma. Noother meditation application offers this powerful combination oftechnology and spirituality. This is one of the most powerfulself-hypnotic meditations ever created. It's the one of the fewthat uses all four major methods of bypassing the conscious mind toreprogram your subconscious mind and also includes our new PresenceInduction technology. Our meditations use hypnosis, binaural beats,subliminal recording and affirmations to create incredibleself-esteem.After using this program you will recognize your innervalue and it shows in your personal life, relationships andcareer/school success. You will exude confidence, which is veryattractive, and believe enough in yourself to pursue thingswhole-heartedly. Such a healthy self-esteem allows you to "beyourself", handle stress effectively and maintain an overall senseof well-being. You should value and nurture this quality; it willget you far in life.Confidence building affirmations and inspiringpictures synced to the meditation music will take you to the nextleve!
Awaken Kundalini Meditations 1.1 APK
Metatron Inc
The Guided Meditation to Experiencing Samadhi (30 minutes) Thisenlightening meditation takes you directly into experiencing thehighest states of consciousness. You'll go on a journey that takesyou beyond the mind and ego into the Divine Presence within you.When you arrive at this deep place of inner peace, you'll connectwith your divine all-powerful spiritual essence which will create adramatic shift in your ability to manifest more of what you desire.By tapping into this higher vibrational state you will experiencetotal freedom from all suffering and see your entire life withamazing crystal clarity.The Manifesting Manual - You'll learn howto raise your Manifesting Vibration in this 257 page ebook. It hasbeen described by many as the most complete manifesting guidebookon the planet. It's an encyclopedia of information aboutmanifesting!The Manifesting Manual contains 21 powerful manifestingmeditations, 13 proven visualization exercises, 200 inspirationalquotes, and of course the world's greatest secrets to attractinganything you desire! It will assist you in manifesting everythingfrom financial freedom to enlightened loving relationships to peakenergy for the rest of your life!. With over 250+ pages and 14 mindblowing Chapters in this one e-book, it alone can transform allyour problems into opportunities and pave a path to freedom in yourfuture ahead!
Secrets to Awakening Kundalini 1.1 APK
Metatron Inc
This Amazing App contains a new video meditation and talk as wellas a 25 minute guided meditation which gently opens up your chakras(energy centers) so that one day you will experience a joyfulKundalini awakening! The exploration and opening of these chakraswill help you to know the divine all-powerful spiritual being youtruly are. This meditation gently awakens the most powerful healingand manifesting energy on the planet that has been dormant withinyou. When the amazing power of Kundalini is fully awake, you willexperience the Divine within everyone and everything. The more youpractice this meditation, the more magical your life becomes.Hi, myname is Jafree Ozwald and I’ve spent the past twelve years of mylife coaching thousands of people from all over the world the mosteffective manifesting techniques, principles and habits in history.I've seen my clients dramatically shape shift their lives, andmanifest all kinds of outrageous and amazing things.
Money Mantra Meditations 1.1 APK
Metatron Inc
This is our most powerful audio meditation that will dramaticallyboost your ability to attract a consist flow of financial abundanceto you. Thanks to this meditation, you will reprogram your mindwith a powerful set of 38 money mantras that are proven todramatically boost your ability to attract wealth into your bankaccount! Each time you use this meditation, your mind, body andspirit will feel reborn with a new feeling of abundanceconsciousness.This app also includes the following bonusmaterial:Guided Meditation for Manifesting An Abundance of Money(18 minutes): This powerful Manifesting Meditation willdramatically empower your relationship with money! It will take youon a journey to release any negative limiting beliefs holding youback from manifesting abundance into your life, and submerge yourmind-body with a powerful NEW state of abundance consciousness!TheManifesting Manual: Our world-renowned Manifesting Manual is a 257+page encyclopedia packed full of manifesting knowledge, secrets andtechniques you cannot find anywhere! It is the most practical andapplicable source about manifesting recorded in history! You willreceive the worlds most powerful manifesting routine that you canstart doing tomorrow morning which will turn you into a manifestingmagnet!The 90 Day Manifesting Routine: This ebook contains theessential 8 Habits Manifesting Routine which will transform yourentire life! You'll receive all 8 amazing habits in GREAT detailwhich are guranteed to dramatically increase your ManifestingVibration and ability to attract your desires to you faster andeasier! Do this program for 90 days in a row and you'll pleasantlyAMAZED at the massive positive transformation that occurs allthroughout your life!
Yoga for Fertility 1.0 APK
Metatron Inc
A Healing Yoga Therapy practice designed to improve fertility.ThisApp includes yoga sequences for : Depression, Acne, AIDS,Alcoholism, Anger, Angina, Anorexia, Anxiety, Asthma, Bulima,Colds, Constipation, Diabetes, Diarrhea, Duodenal Ulcers, DrugAddiction, Eczema, Epilepsy, Gastric Ulcers, Headache/Eyestrain,Heart Attack, High Blood Pressure, Immune System Help, Impotence,Incontinence, Indigestion, Infertility, Insomnia, Irritable BowelSyndrome, Low Back, Low Blood Pressure, Menopause, MenstrualDiscomfort, Mental Fatigue, Middle Back, Migraine Headache,Osteoarthritis (Ankles, Knees, Shoulders, Wrist/Hand), PhysicalFatigue, Premenstrual Syndrome, Prostate Problems, Psoriasis,Rheumatoid Arthritis, Sciatica, Stress, Ulcerative Colitis, UpperBack, Weight Loss & Obesity. Please check with your primarycare giver before starting any workout program.Teaching since 1996Laura has studied Vinyasa, Kripalu, Ashtanga, Iyengar andRestorative Yoga. She is known for her open, heart-centeredteaching style, encouraging her students to find the teacherwithin. She strongly believes that yoga is part of ahealth-centered approach to life, and that when practicedregularly, it gives clarity, understanding and perspective on ourown health and life. She currently teaches yoga in San Diego, CA