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Voici le tout premier titre en français de OKKO Sweet Romance : letrès populaire jeu japonais « Une demande en mariage de rêve » estenfin disponible ! Toutes les filles rêvent de leur future demandeen mariage. Travaillant toi-même dans l’organisation de cérémoniesde mariage, tu ne penses qu’à faire le bonheur des autres… Mais, etton propre bonheur ? Cette nouvelle personne dans ta vie, est-ce unsigne du destin ?! L’héritier arrogant d’une riche famille, uncélèbre designer de robes de mariée, ou un ex petit-ami impossibleà oublier… Te demandera-t-on en mariage ? Cela ne dépend que de toi! Alors, lequel d’entre-eux fera sa demande ? Ce jeu se lit commeun petit roman virtuel, entrecoupé de plusieurs missions à rempliret challenges à relever qui apparaîtront au fur et à mesure del’histoire. Augmente au maximum tes « points d’engagement » afin depouvoir trouver l’amour qui t’est destiné ! Tu peux jouer à ce jeuseule si tu le souhaites, mais tu peux également t’y faire desamis, interagir avec eux via des petits messages et vous entraiderles uns les autres pour obtenir des objets ! [Synopsis] Tutravailles en tant qu’organisatrice de mariage, et un jour, tapatronne te donne le choix d’organiser trois cérémoniesdifférentes. Laquelle choisiras-tu ? L’héritier arrogant d’uneriche famille, un célèbre designer de robes de mariée avec lequeltu travailles, ou un ex petit-ami impossible à oublier ? Est-cecette soudaine rencontre un signe du destin ? Seras-tu capable derelever tous les défis de l’amour et obtenir ta demande en mariagede rêve ?! [Avertissements] - Il n’est pas nécessaire d’enregistrerune adresse email pour jouer à ce jeu. - Tu recevras 5 ticketsscénario chaque jour gratuitement, pour que tu puisses profiter de5 épisodes palpitants avec lui tous les jours♪ - Ce jeu est un jeude simulation amoureuse, sous la forme d’un roman virtuel. - Il y ade nombreux événements limités, des classements avec objets àgagner, etc. Ne les manque pas ! Welcome to the first French titleof OKKO Sweet Romance: the popular Japanese game "A request dreamwedding" is finally available! All girls dream of their futuremarriage. Working yourself in organizing wedding ceremonies, youthink only of the happiness of others ... But, and your ownhappiness? This new person in your life, is it a sign of destiny?The arrogant heir to a wealthy family, a famous designer weddingdresses, or former boyfriend impossible to forget ... You will beasked in marriage? That depends only on you! So which of them willapply? This game reads like a small virtual novel, interspersedwith several missions to complete and challenges ahead that willappear progressively in history. Maximizes your "engagement points"in order to find the love that is meant to you! You can play thisgame only if you like, but you can also get used to it friends,interact with them via short messages and you help each other toget items! [Synopsis] You work as a wedding organizer, and one dayyour boss gives you the choice to organize three differentceremonies. Which one you will choose? The arrogant heir to awealthy family, a famous designer wedding dresses with which youwork, or former boyfriend impossible to forget? Is this suddenencounter a sign of destiny? Will you be able to meet all thechallenges of love and get your application in dream wedding![Warnings] - It is not necessary to save an email address to playthis game. - You will receive 5 tickets scenario every day forfree, so you can enjoy five thrilling episodes with him every day ♪- This game is a love simulation game, in the form of a virtualnovel. - It has many events are limited, ranking with objects ofprofit, etc. Do not miss them!

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    Une demande en mariage de rêve
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    February 19, 2019
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    〒167-0043 東京都杉並区松庵3-40-9西荻窪駅前永谷ビル2F
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    Publish Date: 2019 /8/19
    Requires Android: Android 4.1+ (Jelly Bean, API: 16)
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    Publish Date: 2016 /1/21
    Requires Android: Android 2.3+ (Gingerbread, API: 9)
    File Size: 2.7 MB
    Tested on: Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean, API: 16)
    File Sha1: c487c35df1051d04b1d7e722f133fde68bf43736
    APK Signature: bdc63c59ad3d27c1e7b7631bf524c41cd73ee329

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En tant que journaliste, tu devras partager son quotidien pour tonreportage jour et nuit, 24h/24 ?! Jeu de séduction, troublantesémotions et instants partagés feront battre ton cœur à toutrompre... Crée un superbe avatar à ton effigie et vis une histoired'amour remplie d'aventures palpitantes !!============================================== L'histoire============================================== Tu travailles depuisdeux ans comme journaliste pour un célèbre magazine féminin : leQUEEN ! Un jour on te demande soudainement d'écrire pour larubrique phare du magazine : "Entretien Exclusif". Tu devras alorscouvrir le quotidien d'un beau et jeune prodige ? Ensemble 24h/24,de jour comme de nuit, le début d'un nouvel amour... ?! Mais tousces beaux génies ont leur petits secrets. Ce qu'il cache derrièreson visage d'ange pourrait gâcher votre histoire...? Une histoired'amour tout en rebondissements qui fera chavirer ton cœur ! Alors,sur qui vas-tu faire ce reportage très... privé ?!============================================== Ce qui t'attend toutau long de ces interviews des plus intimes... est une pluie debeaux garçons !! ============================================== ◆Célèbre pilote de bateau Shinobu SUWA "Dis donc... Tu es vraimentjournaliste ?!" Un jeune pilote prometteur qui rafle tous les prix.Toi, qui n'as pas du tout confiance à toi, vas toucher le coeur dece jeune homme très sûr de lui ? ◆ Joueur de tennis professionnelYusuke MISATO "Tu sais, je n'en fais vraiment qu'à ma tête..." Lemeilleur joueur de tennis du Japon déteste les médias et lesjournalistes ?! Et pourtant il arrive que ses paroles blessantescachent en réalité des mots doux ?! ◆ Écrivain à succès KaitoAMASAWA "Et si tu m'apprenais tout sur le coeur des jeunes filles?" Il te demande de tout lui apprendre sur les femmes pour sonnouveau roman d'amour ?! Cet homme sexy et dominant te donnera despalpitations comme jamais ?! ◆ Agent de sécurité rapprochéeShintaro YOSHIOKA Champion du monde de Kendo, il travailleégalement comme garde du corps pour la police. Un garçon au coeurpur et aux valeurs japonaises traditionnelles. ◆ Croupierprofessionnel Naoya YAMATO Un croupier de casino qui travaille àl'étranger. Un jeune homme intimidant au cœur de pierre, dont leplus grand hobby est de te tourmenter ?! ◆ Photographeprofessionnel Itsuki HORAI Un photographe qui ne cesse d'attirerl'attention grâce à tous les prix qu'il a gagnés. Un grand frèreindépendant sur qui on peut compter. ◆ Un beau rédacteur MasatoSHII Le supérieur de l'héroïne. Derrière son air innocent, se cacheun tout autre visage ?!============================================== Découvre aussi lesdifférentes fonctionnalités disponibles !============================================== ■ Des scénariospassionnants et toujours plus d'illustrations ! Les routes de Suwaet Yoshioka sont disponibles dès maintenant, et plus sont à venir !De magnifiques illustrations également à découvrir pour ton plusgrand plaisir ! ■ Personnalise ton avatar ! Découvre les superbesvêtements et objets disponibles pour que ton avatar soit toujoursau top ! Distingue-toi de tes rivales et augmente ton niveau decharme ! ■ Viens à bout des défis de l'amour ! Relève les défis del'amour, cumule les points d'affection et accède à la fin heureuse! Arriveras-tu à gagner son cœur ? Ça ne tient qu'à toi ! As ajournalist, you must share his daily report for your day and night,24h / 24! Game of seduction, disturbing emotions and shared momentswill make your heart beat wildly ... Creates a beautiful avatar toyour image and live a love story full of exciting adventures !!============================================== History============================================== You work for twoyears as a journalist for a famous women's magazine: the QUEEN! Oneday we suddenly asks you to write for the magazine section of thelighthouse: "Exclusive Interview". You'll then cover the daily lifeof a beautiful and young prodigy? Ensemble 24/24, day and night,the beginning of a new love ...?! But all these geniuses have theirlittle secrets. What hides behind her angelic face could ruin yourstory ...? A love story while twists that will capsize your heart!So on which you gonna do this story ... very private!============================================== What awaits youthroughout these interviews more intimate ... Rain is a beautifulboys !! ============================================== ◆ boatdriver Famous Shinobu SUWA "Hey ... you're really a journalist?" Apromising young driver roundup prices. You, who have no confidenceat all to you, go touch the heart of this young man very sure ofhimself? ◆ Professional Tennis Player Yusuke MISATO "You know, Ireally do that in my head ..." The best Japanese tennis player hatethe media and journalists? Yet sometimes hide his hurtful wordsactually sweet words! ◆ success Writer Kaito eyeshadow "And if youlearned me on the hearts of young girls?" He asks you to teach himeverything about women for his new romance? This sexy man and willgive you palpitations dominant as ever! ◆ personal security guardShintaro YOSHIOKA Kendo World Champion, he also works as abodyguard for the police. A boy at heart pure and traditionalJapanese values. ◆ Professional Croupier Naoya YAMATO A casinodealer who works abroad. Intimidating a young man at the heart ofstone, whose greatest hobby is to torment you? ◆ Professionalphotographer Itsuki Horai A photographer who has been attractingattention with all the awards he has won. A large independentbrother on whom you can rely. ◆ A beautiful editor Masato SHII Thetop heroin. Behind her innocent air, lies a completely differentface! ============================================== View also thedifferent features available!============================================== ■ Exciting scenariosand still more illustrations! Suwa and Yoshioka's roads areavailable now, and more are coming! Beautiful illustrations alsodiscover to your delight! ■ Customize your avatar! View beautifulclothing and items available for your avatar is always on top!Distinguish yourself from your rivals and increase your charmlevel! ■ Come to end the challenges of love! Meets the challengesof love, affection accumulates points accesses the happy ending!You will arrive to win her heart? It's up to you !
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The very popular game “Sweet Scandal“ played by more than 800 000users comes back in a complere renewal with new characters ! As ajournalist, you have to cover him day and nights, 24 hours a day ?!Challenge of love, thrilling emotions, situations which will makeyour heart beat faster are waiting for you♪ A complete new versionof the popular “Sweet Scandal” with new routes and new characters♪Enjoy the possibility to make a gorgeous avatar of yourself, and alove full of exciting happenings !!============================================== ★STORY★============================================== You’ve been workingfor two years as a reporter for a famous women magazine :QUEEN !But one day, you are suddenly tasked with writing the sough-after «Total Coverage » section and you have to cover closely an handsomegenius ?! 24 hours a day, close to each other day and night, a lovebegins…?! Every handsome genius has his little secrets. What ishidden behind his pure face might hinder your love story…? Enjoy alove full of thrilling emotions which will make your heart pounding! So… who do you want to cover closely ?!============================================== ★More routes withnew characters will be added★============================================== What is waiting foryou in this close coverage… is a lot of handsome guys !! ◆Famousboat racer Shinobu SUWA (New character) “You… Are you really ajournalist ?!” A promising young racer winning all prizes. You, whodon’t believe in yourself, will move this self-confident young man? ◆Professional tennis player Yusuke MISATO “ You know, I really doas I want…” Japan’s best tennis player hates medias and journalists?! But sometimes his bitter words can also have a sweet taste ?!◆Popular writer Kaito AMASAWA « Should I let you teach me aboutgirls’ heart ? » He asks you to teach him about women for his newlove story ?! This sexy and dominant man makes your heart beatfaster ?! ◆World’s best SP (Security Policeman) Shintaro YOSHIOKA(New character) Champion in Kendo as a swordsman, he works in thesecurity police. A pure Japanese man. ◆Professional Casino DealerNaoya YAMATO (New character) A Casino Dealer working overseas. Anintimidating black-hearted bully ?! ◆Professional Cameraman ItsukiHORAI A photographer getting a lot of attention for all the prizeshe won. A freewheeling and reliable big brother. ◆Handsome EditorMasato SHII Heroine’s boss. Behind his innocent face, a wicked man?! ============================================== ★Not only yourlove story, enjoy also new tools★============================================== ■Sweet ScandalReturns : More scenarios and more CGs ! New characters’ routes havebeen added, and old characters’ routes (Misato, Amasawa) have alsobeen improved ! Scenarios and CGs have been added, and the choiceoptions changed, so you can enjoy a new love story with them♪■Dress up your avatar ! A lot of cute and gorgeous items for youravatar have been added ! Distinguish yourself from others and levelup your charm♪ ■Overcome various love trials This game is using anew system, with love trials you have to clear ! Complete yourmissions and get a sweet and happy ending ! It’s only up to you ?!
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【Office Lover 2】dating games 1.6.3 APK
In our "Office Love" series, played and loved by more than 2millions users all over the world... Our long-awaited new title !While customizing your own avatar enjoy a dangerous love story atthe office !! ==================== ◆STORY◆ ====================It's your 2nd year working as a CM Planner in an AdvertisingAgency. Because of one word from the new President you're forced todrop out of the project you wanted ! --Because I'm too plain Is itreally his reason ?! -- You haven't met him yet, but you decide toshow him who you are ! With the help of your friend, you get acomplete makeover and go to his welcome party. There, you met abreathtaking charming man. "What kind of person are you really ?""...You caught my interest." You're attracted to each other,regardless of titles, as a man and a woman. With a serious gaze,his face gets closer to yours... The perfect distance for a kiss ?!……But even in your craziest dreams, you would have never imaginedthis man was the new President……! ==================== ◆CHARACTERS◆==================== ◆New President Arrogant x Busybody KakeruYAMAGATA "You, really... It's such a waste." You fell in love withthe man you were supposed to hate... But you can't stop theattraction you feel for each otger ?! ◆Older Colleague Prince xMean Kei SHINOMIYA "You really dislike it ? That's not what yourbody's saying..." For you, he was like a prince. But one day, yousaw his weakness, and ended up playing the role of his fiancee ?!◆A boss you admire Reliable x Pure Kenichiro KAMIJO "Beyond thatpoint... I can't be your boss anymore." You want him to see you asa good girl and do your best as an employee and as a woman. But hedoesn't seem to notice all your efforts...?! Other handsomecharacters will also appear in the story ! ====================◆Many things to enjoy◆ ==================== ■In Office Lover 2... !××× What ?! Sometimes, you will meet Kitazawa and Shiraishiappearing as guests in the story ?! ■Customize your avatar ! Manycute and gorgeous looks for your avatar ! Become the cutest one andseduce him...! ■Overcome challenges of love ! Clear missions forthe sake of your love with him and unlock sweet scenarios withwonderful CGs ?! ■In Office Lover 2, only Happy Endings !!! "Wedon't want to read sad end !" We heared your voice, and adapted ourendings ! Now, whatever end you unlock, it will be a happy ending !【WARNINGS】 ※To play this game, you don't need to register any emailaddress. ※You can read 5 episodes for free every day.