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What is the most popular food this year. Of course, it’sunicornfood. Here comes the Unicorn Cupcake Cone. We can makeanotherunicorn food now. Game Features: - A food theme fun games. -Havecrazy cooking fun step by step. - So many unicorn foodtoppings. -Pretty unicorn cupcake cone inside. - Enjoy the yummyfood. - Takea picture to share with friends. Come on now, you won’tmiss themost trendy unicorn cupcake cone.

App Information Unicorn Cupcake Cone - Trendy Rainbow Food

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    Unicorn Cupcake Cone - Trendy Rainbow Food
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    January 23, 2019
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Kid Kitchen Fun Media
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com.kidskitchenfun.android_unicorncakepop 1.2 APK
Do you love cooking games? Do you love baking Cake Pops, Cupcakes,Cake, Candy, Donuts & other desserts? Then you will LOVE themost trendy Unicorn Cake Pops Maker. Unicorn food is now a fashionbrand. You won’t miss it, and Cake Pops are the latest and greatesttreat, and they're now available for your enjoyment. Features: - Asuper trendy unicorn food making theme games. - Dozens of unicorncolors will meet your needs and tastes. - Hundreds of toppings areprepared for your free combination. - Tons of unicorn decorationsfor you to make the most trendy unicorn cake pop. - So easy to savethe picture and share it with your family & friends viaE-mails! - Live to eat? Then don't miss the chance to treatyourself.
Christmas Unicorn Cookies & Gingerbread Maker Game 1.2 APK
It's Christmas time. Let’s have a crazy Christmas party with themost trendy food - Unicorn cookies and gingerbread. Make sweet andcolorful unicorn cookies in the very best cookie maker game outthere! Mix, cut out, bake, and decorate cookies of many shapes andsizes! Bake your own sweet butter dessert snacks. You are the bestbakery chef. Bake and create a cookie that’s too cute to eat!Features: - The most trendy food making games - Be a cookie chefwith just a few taps. - Create and decorate unicorn cookies andgingerbread from scratch. - Mix butter, chocolate, flour and otheringredients. - Add toppings and designs to your sweet snacks. -Great cooking game for kids of all ages. - Have a crazy ChristmasParty.
Rainbow Princess Bakery - Make Cupcake & Donut 1.1 APK
Wow~ the rainbow princess is now here to hold the best bakery shop.Look at the yummy rainbow cupcake and strawberry & vanilladonut. OMG, she is going to teach us to make these sweet desserts.Let’s get started to learn the best cooking skill. Cupcake Let'sstart from choosing your favorite flavor first, and drag all theingredients into the mixing bowl. Choose your food coloring.Red,yellow,green,blue,purple.. Pick as you like. Pick 6 coloredcups you like into the mould and fill them. After that, you need toput them in oven, where you also need to control the time not toburn them. All right, it's time to decorate! Plenty of items, suchas cream tops, sprinkles and candies are all prepared for you! Aseverything is done, you really need to reward yourself for yourexcellent and hard work! Tap to enjoy your own-made cupcakes.Strawberry & Vanilla Donut - Drag the flour, eggs and waterinto the bowl, then mix them well. - First add strawberry yogurt tomake the strawberry batter - And then the vanilla yogurt to thevanilla batter - Pour the colorful batter to the mold. - Use thestick to mix them well. - Add the ingredients to make the dippingsauce. - Drag to bake your Strawberry & Vanilla donut. - Plentyof toppings for you. Decorate your strawberry & Vanilla donutin your style. You are the best designer! - Tap to enjoy your yummyStrawberry & Vanilla Donut.
Unicorn Poop - Sweet Trendy Desserts Food Maker 1.4 APK
Like Unicorn Food? It is the most popular food right now. And thebest and crazy unicorn food is right here - Unicorn Poop. Curiousabout it? Let’s start to make it right now. - Add & Mix all theingredients together. Do not miss one of them. - Split the batterinto several parts. - Add your favorite food coloring. Red?Green,?yellow? Purple etc. mix them well. - Combine all the coloredfood together and the most fantastic step - use your finger to makeit shaped as poop. OMG. you are making poop, the unicorn poop rightnow. - Put your poop into the oven to bake. Be patient to wait fora while. - Wow, it’s ready right now, totally fresh from the oven.- Decorate your poop with so many unicorn decorations. It will beso much fun to combine all the unicorn decorations together. -Wanna take a bite? OMG, how does it taste like? Go to find it ouryourself. The most trendy and crazy games right here. Do not missit.
Ice Cream Cone Cake - Sweet Trendy Desserts 1.0 APK
Love cake? Yeah, We all know all the kids ,girls and boys lovecakes most. And how about ice cream cone cake? Sounds fantastic,yes, the ice cream cone cake combines the two foods you like themost - Ice Cream and Cake. It’s just made for you sweet dessertslovers. Let’s start to play together right now.- Make the vanillasprinkle cake first. The brand new cake is here.- Cut the cake intopieces. Do not cut your fingers.- Add the sweet buttercream toevery cake layer.- Mix the white and purple cream together outsidethe whole cake. - Well, pour the most beautiful pink ganache on thecake. Yummy.- Ok, cake is done, let’s make the ice cream cone. Youwill be the best designer.- Put all the ice cream cones on thecake, wherever you like.- Look at the creations you’ve done. Isn’tit yummy to taste.- Decorate your cake with so many yummydecorations as you like.- Wow, can’t wait to take a bite. Well,take a picture to show off to your family and friends.Never missthis fun trendy food cooking game - Ice Cream Cone Maker.
com.kidskitchenfun.icecreampopandroid 1.2 APK
It’s carnival time. And it’s the ultimate place where you can makeyour favorite and the very trendy carnival food - ice cream pop.let’s go and try. - Add and mix the most popular ice cream flavors.Chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. Hmm, you won’t miss the yummyfood. - Drag the stick to insert into the mixed ice cream. Makesure it is steady. - Cut your ice cream into pieces. Your ice creampop is almost there. - Add chocolate and other ingredients to makethe sweet chocolate coating. - Drag your ice cream pop to dip intothe mixture. Wow, all sweet chocolate. I like it. - Decorate yourice cream pop with colorful sprinkles, sweet candy, fresh fruit andso many more. - Tap to enjoy your own-made carnival ice cream pop.it will be the best food you’ve ever made. - Take a picture to showoff and invite your friends to make together.
Carnival Fair Food - Crazy Yummy Foods Galaxy 1.0 APK
It’s new year Carnival time. Come on, let’s hang out to findsomething yummy to rock this year’s carnival. Ever thought ofsomething to eat? How about snow cone? Corn dog? French Fries? Orsomething deep fried? Deep fried ice cream. OK, come on now, Let’sbegin our carnival journey right now.Deep Fried Ice Cream:> Pourthe cereal into the plastic bag and roll to pieces,, and the scoopthe ice cream to the pieces. Tap to wrap the ice cream. Do not letit spill.> Fry time. Pour some oil in the pan, then drag the icecream to the oil pan. Fry the ice cream until golden brown. Hmm, ican smell it. Yummy.> Decorate the deep fried ice cream with somany decorations. Cream, fruit,sprinkles,even with candy. Dowhatever you want. You will be the greatest chef ever.> Use thespoon to eat your deep fried ice cream. Wow, fantastic, it would bethe best ice cream i have ever eaten.>Take a picture to share tothe friends and family to show your creations. SnowCone:Includes:> Awesome Rainbow Ice Crusher!> Transform yourSnow Cone into different Shapes!> Dozens of Flavors and Rainbowcolors!> Pretty decorations of Plenty!French Fries > Cut thepotatoes into chips. Do not cut your fingers.> Drag to pour yourfries in the oil and watch as the hot oil sizzles, bubbles and deepfries them to a golden brown.> Scoop them out with a sieve.>Choose your own french fries box.> Add Dipping Sauce:Salt,Ketchup, Chili, Guacamole, Sour Cream, Malt Vin> Do not forgetall the toppings and other snacks you will like. Corn Dog: > Addall the ingredients together to make the dipping sauce.> Dragyour corn dog to dip the yummy sauce in the bowl.> Fry your corndog in the oil. Watch out, do not let it burn.> Decorate yourcorn dog with so many toppings.You won’t miss the carnival fairfood galaxy:)
Sweet Desserts - Cookie Cake & Churro Ice Cream 1.1 APK
Like sweet desserts? Like baking food? Like deep fried food? Ok,all together comes to the best Sweet Desserts Maker - Maker CookieCake and Churro ice Cream. Cookie Cake - Add all the ingredientstogether and gently mix them even to make the cream. - Press tomake the cookie dough flat - Pour the cream mixture to the cookiedough layer and layer. - Bake the cookie cake in the oven. - Okay,add the cream, sprinkle, fruit,candy and so many other decorationsto your cookie cake. - TIme to cut the cake and share with yourfriends and family Churro Ice Cream - Mix various ingredients tocreate the unique flavor and color of your desserts - Use the panas mold to make churro. - Prepare the oil to fry the churros togolden brown. Do not let it burn. - So many ice cream flavors tochoose from and just get your favorite to add to the churros. -Decorate your desserts with beautiful sprinkles, candies, fruitsand cream toppings.