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Unicorn dash and dance is a fitness game with unicorn fitnessgameand fit girl workout game. In this fun girl game 2018 there isacompetition going on for fit girl workout games 2018andunicornfitness so our sports girl has set a workout routine forherselfand her pet unicorn. The sports girl is following strictworkoutroutine set by the gym fitness trainer in the fitness girlgym. Thegirls fit exercises are helping the fitness girl to getmore inshape for the fit girl workout games 2018competition whereshe notonly has to prove her workout routine best fitness girlworkout butalso her unicorn fitness game should also be on point.So now sheis working hard in the fitness girl gym and her unicornis workoutsto get fat to fit for the fit girl workout games 2018.The gymfitness trainer asks the sports girl that if she wants to beaperfect fit girl she would have to get her fat to fit gameupbecause if she wants to win the fit girl workoutgames2018competition than she has to get in fit girl workout gamesandgirls fit exercises before the actual competition starts.Theweight loss gym workout simulator set some strict workoutroutinerules for the sports girl to get fat to slim before the fitgirlworkout games 2018. So now the fat to slim gym fitness trainerhassaid her to use fit girl exercise machines in the fitness girlgym,the gym has treadmill, bench-press, cardio, lat pull-downmachineand bicycle. All these fitness game fit girl exercisemachineshelps the sports girl to get in perfect fit girl shape. Thehardworkout routine helps the sports girl in her other life eventsaslosing the extra fat makes her active and give herenoughself-confidence. When the sports girl is ready for the fitgirlworkout games 2018competition, so she takes her pet unicorn tothepet fitness area of the fitness girl gym as the fit girlworkoutgames 2018 also has a category for pet unicorns with thename ofunicorn fitness games 2018. In this category the unicornfitnessgame has to get the unicorn in shape from fat to fit throughfungym workouts for the unicorn. The fitness girl gym has an indooraswell as outdoor gym for the unicorns’ fitness so that the petsofall the fitness girls who workout in the weight loss gym canenjoytheir unicorn fitness workout routine also. The unicorn looksfatbut he has week muscles and bones so the gym fitness trainer setaworkout routine for the unicorn which will help him gainmusclesand bones strength so that he can perform well in theunicornfitness game 2018 category of fit girl workout games 2018.Unicornhas four indoor and four outdoor fit exercises machines andthe gymfitness trainer trains the unicorn to work properly with thefitexercise machines of the fitness girl gym. Now that thecompetitionhas arrived and fitness girl is ready for her fit girlworkoutgames 2018 and her pet unicorn is ready for unicorn fitnessgames2018 category they need to get dressed up according tothecompetition dress code. The unicorn dress up involvesdifferentsaddle pads, horse shoes and different tattoos for theunicornbody. Than the fitness girl dress up involves her workoutclothes,a hat, fitness workout shoes and glasses. When the bothfitnessgirl and unicorn are dressed up for the fit workout games2018 theywill show some dance moves to the audience to show offtheirdresses in an outdoor location in this dance game. So downloadthisfun girls game 2018 with not only the perfect fit girlexercisesbut unicorn fitness game to.

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It’s very necessary for youngsters to have milk with full offVitamins and minerals daily before going for bed. This game is madefor girls and boys because they love cooking in kitchen. It willlet you find out the entire practice of clean and usual milkmaking.Hi little girls and boys, welcome in this milk factory. Ithas a little lengthy process to make milk and extract some otheruseful delicious dairy products from milk e.g. butter, cheese andyogurt. Let’s start to make yummy things with full of vitamins andminerals.Milk:Firstly go to the village dairy farm. There are somebuffalos in the dairy farm. We will get fresh milk & process itthrough machinery to get butter, cheese & yogurt. Dairyproducts will be packed accordingly & delivered to supermarket.Butter: It’s time to make Butter with goat milk. For making butter,we will get fresh milk of goat. Let’s go to the village dairy farmwhere a number of goats eating grass. After getting fresh milk,boil it in kitchen to kill germs. Get butter & yogurt from thismilk through factory process and deliver it to shops &bakeries. Cheese:Let’s start cheese maker process in little chef’skitchen. We will visit farm house where we will get fresh cow milk.Milk will be processed through factory process and you will havecheese at the end. Yogurt:The last dairy product which is left isyogurt, will be made through camel’s milk. After getting camel’smilk, pour it in the machine. Automatic machines will do milkfiltration & baking process. After baking, you can see that theyummy yogurt is ready. Finally deliver this yummy yogurt to thesupermarkets, bakery shop and carnival food points.
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“Potato chips factory for kids “is a game where kids can make hotpotato chips. Chips are a fast food; mostly kids like to eat hotpotato chips. Special ingredients used, which helps to absorbdampness and cook fries that are crunchy from outside and fluffyfrom inside. An expert chef says that cooking the perfect fries isall about methods which boost up your energy level. If you want toknow how to cook yummy French fries, just go inside the kitchen tomake a tasty potato food. You have to pursue following steps tomake crispy salty and crunchy chips in our food kitchen:FarmingTime: In French fries food game you need to grow the potato infarming land this is a simple inexpensive and proven technique thatleads large scaling planting. First of all start digging and putpotato seeds in the hole then cover it with sludge. Watering theplants daily and wait for their grown up & protect the plants.When potatoes get fully ripped then pluck off and load it intodonkey cart for delivering it to French fries factory kitchen.Cleaning Time:When potato is delivered to the chips food factory,use only healthy potatoes and after that you need to clean all thedirty potato. Scrub the potatoes under running water and cleandirt. After washing, blow them to dry and eradicate remaining waterand sprinkle each potato. After that potatoes are ready forcooking.Peeling and cutting time:Now you have to peel all fresh andclean potato in suitable way for cooking chips. When potatoes getpeeled then start cutting in round shape by using round machinecutter, keep safe your hands and fingers during potato cutting anddo peeling in expert chef kitchen. Frying and flavouring Time:Formaking the hot potato, extend them consistently on the cooking trayand ensure that they aren’t too close together. The most accuratetemperature for perfect French fries is 400 Fahrenheit and you haveto cook them for around 10-15 minutes and make sure that chips fooddoesn’t burn. Finally, make your hot chip delicious by choosingright chips.Packing and Delivering Time:In kitchen chef factory,the automatic plant will pack chips in different wrappers. Theready boxes of packed chips will finally be delivered to the retailshop keepers.Features of the Potato chips factory :• You can cookluscious chips in our kitchen factory with ease.• Automaticmachines are used for cooking the crispy chips food for kids.• Youcan add your favourite flavour in potato chips to make it yummy.•Beautiful colour scheme and graphics will let you act like anexpert chef at home.• The cooking chips, is a fun game with realkitchen cooking process.Chips factory is a learning game where youwill be guided step by step for making chips as a chef.
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Hi kite fighting lovers! Are you ready to go through the allprocess of kite flying making? Get ready and start kite makingprocess in village ground. Kite Mela for kite fight is going tostart in near future holidays.. Boys are excited for kite flying inkite Mela ground. They want to buy kites for the sake ofparticipate in kite match. Kite maker have not enough time formaking kites for you. That’s why you have to become a kite maker ofyour own kites. After making kites by yourself you may be able toparticipate in kite Mela. You have to buy raw paper from shoppingmall. Shopping mall is a place from where you could buy raw paperin different kite shapes. Being a kite maker, make sure that kitepaper should be reliable for kite fight. In shopping mall, alltypes of kite papers are displayed but you need to choose solid andreliable so that kite flying lover can fly kites with confidence.After buying kite paper in shopping mall, you will have to movetowards kite thread. Here you will have to buy thread for kitefight. In kite Mela, different types of kite will be shown in thesky. You will have to buy thread carefully so that you can win thiskite match.Guys! It’s time to start kite making process in kitefactory. Process for kite making is very simple. You just have topress kite paper and start cutting. Paste sticks on kite and makewhole for tie thread. Act like an expert kite maker, Paste textureon kites in different smiles and other material so that your kitemay be prominent in the sky. In kite match, you can win this kitematch after fighting completion with different types of kites.Download this kite fight game and start fighting in the sky.
Pure Juice Factory Games-Kids Factory Game 1.2 APK
The best way to condense the risk of disease is to drink healthyjuices. The right fuel in your body makes it run healthier. Kitchenchef will give you two key foods those are fruits and milk thatknow to contribute in good health! The best time to drink freshfruits juice is on empty stomach and at least one an hour before ameal. When you drink chef kitchen fruit juice your body quicklyadsorb all you consume, wasting nothing. So kitchen Fresh juicedrinks provide a way to improve digestion process. what is FactoryJuice Factory juice is the process of extracting juice from fruits.The juice would be extracted using any juice maker machineincluding hand juicer maker and machine juicer maker. The resultantnutrient rich liquid is consumed immediately after juicing tomaximize the health benefits. Factory juice Benefits: There aremany benefits of factory juice, although juice contain numerousnutrients and energy as the real fruits and vegetable, the factoryjuice remove the fibres and easier to digest & absorb intobloodstream. Chef juice maker also contains many minerals andvitamins that boost up your energy level. Restaurant juice is bestfor kids for their growing and developing bodies. So juicing is agreat for your kids and toddlers body. Most kids love to drink chefmaker juice and recipe can be made to their liking. Thus freshjuice is one of the purest things that you can give to your kidsand toddlers.How to Play • Select your favourite fruit to makejuice.• Use pure water and make the ice cube that will be use infruit juice.• Get sugar from sugarcane.• You done great, now youhave to get milk from cow and then pour it into milk container.•When you gathered all ingredient, it’s time to make fresh fruitjuice. Put all ingredients one .by one into juice maker machine andmix it properly with fun.• At the end, enjoy the fruit juice atplay land by the mean of fun.Cooking game is suitable for everyonelike toddlers, kids and adult who loves cooking and serving fruitjuice with fun. Juice maker factory is the best game for makingjuice; better than other cooking chef.
My Popcorn Factory-Kids Factory Game 1.1 APK
Get experience to be crazy chef in our new popcorn factory gameSchool kids, college girls and boys love to enjoy caramel and yummypopcorns food while on parties, studying, watching movies, andplaying games for fun. Popcorn shops located at every school andshopping mall. Suddenly school management plans to arrange a tourof my popcorn factory for kids fun. Kids were excited for popcornfood fever and ready for this school trip. Motivational anddetermined cooking classes should be helpful for school kids inthis educational tour. Kids reached at my popcorn factory. Crazychef welcomed them because this chef is a very famous and talentedpopcorn maker at factory. Cooking chef Starts visit them thecomplete process of popcorn cooking. Let’s take a small tour offactory because its popcorn making time:• farming the corns seed infarm on time for good maize growth: Here you can see how popcornseed will grow in large farm. In popcorn factory farm, we plantingsweet corn and plant the seeds inches deep in warm and dry soil inthis way corn are meant to grow rapidly.• harvest the corns fieldand pluck off the maize : At harvest time, make sure your plantsare 6 to 8 inches tall and top soil must be well drained. You haveto harvest the corn when tassels turn into light brown and cobcover with corn.• Collect corn in food court for next process &taking them to popcorn factory : kids here we collecting the cornseed and deliver it to factory chef for cooking hot popcorn.Popcorn maker factory is near to the farm land so it’s easy todeliver the corn to the popcorn factory kitchen.• High quality andstandardised machine separate corns from cob : Oh kids in thissection we isolate the farm corns in machine maker. Another work wehave to do is to separate the corns from the cob through automaticmachine. • Step by step all rotten corns filter : Machine makerscan the each corn and separate the rotten corn from cob.• Crazychef Puffs up the corns by heating in hot sand on stove : Now crazychef is ready to make the popcorn food for kids.• All popped andpuffed corns moved by machine in baskets of popcorns : In thisphase, popped corn are passing through the machine and fill thepopcorn basket. • Whoa! Popcorns ready to eat : Great! here kidscan eat the hot popcorn and enjoy it as a fast food.• Enjoy andcreate fun by learning from kids cooking games : kids! Hope youenjoy the full of fun journey with food maker chef.
Kids Pizza Maker Factory-Kids Factory Game 1.3 APK
Pizza is one of the world’s most favourite, popular fast food &pizza mysteriously difficult to define. Pizza has been transformedover centuries of evolution. It has many types and its composition;topping, preparation methods and the maker machinery used to makeit have changed radically over the period. In the start ofinnovation, tomato was used as topping.Whether it’s celebrating avictory or to save time when feeding the kids and toddlers, cheesepizza is an incredible famous fast food in world. You can also eatit at a birthday party, office celebration, or get-together towatch a movie on TV and you can pick for a couple of large pizza,with all the traditional topping that kids or teenager loves. Here,we have an amazing pizza maker game for kids & girls where kidscan cook their favourite food and get enjoy by cooking experience.In the kitchen, you will have to work like an expert chef and cookyummy pizza by adding different ingredients, making pizza dough andtopping of flavours. Have fun with this new exciting kid’s pizzamaker factory game. This pizza shop is opened 24/7 for thecustomers. All the new techniques for baking pizza have beenfollowed through latest equipment. If you know some how aboutcooking then you can use your skills for baking pizza from scratchbut it will not be perfect as baked by an expert chef. Its timemanagement fun game, where kids can have real fun.With chefkitchen, you can practice your skills in a variety of surroundingsand cooking techniques. So apply your sharp skills and cookdelicious fast food in our kitchen chef factory. So you can easilyopen your own pizza factory.Features of Pizza Maker Factory :•Gather all necessary food ingredients from the shelf for cookingcheesy pizza.• Blend all collected food items to make cheesepizza.• Select your favourite shape & finalized the pizza doughby adding sauce.• After fun topping you can bake your pizza inlarge burner• Unlimited combination and recipes you can withavailable ingredients.• Bake pizza as per prescribed temperature& share it with your friends & family. • Fun and easy gameplay for all kids, even adults
Chocolate Factory-Factory Games For Kids 1.1 APK
Have you found any chocolate factory that makes so many differentchocolates? Our chocolate factory is a one of true original placewhere you can satisfy your appetite. So discover differentchocolate flavours that offer in lunch, dinner and in between.Welcome to our cupcake factory to take benefit for this specialoffer before time runs out. Chocolate factory always open for kidswhere you can make creamiest and smoothest chocolate ice cream. Inthis modern age, kids love to scoff ice cream in summer &winter season and they eat it with full fun and enjoyment.Sometimes kids fall in love with ice cream and they make his/herfavourite fruit ice cream to show their craziness.Chocolate cupcakeis a delicious dessert typically made from dairy foodstuff likemilk, cream, and sugar often includes fruits or other ingredients& flavours. This chocolate factory will be good for those whoreally do not know how to make yummy hot cupcake. So put allingredients into bowl and mix it with mixture machine after thatpour it into bowl. When chocolate cupcake ready, now move on to itsdecoration. Select your favourite packing and enjoy the ice creamand hot yummy cupcake.Features of chocolate factory : • Easy to theuse of control while making ice cream and chocolate cupcake.•Wonderful cooking factory for little adorable kids.• Be a good chefand create your own recipe.• Here you can learn cooking and bakingsteps easily.• Magnificent environment and voice narration.
Ice Cream Factory Truck-Factory Games For Kids 1.1 APK
Kids! Get excited! Because an ice cream factory truck is on the wayto our town. Hurrah! Ice cream is the perfect treat for anyone. Insummer, you can cool off from a delicious scoop of your favouriteflavour of ice cream. Kids love a large scoop of their favouriteflavour ice cream. It’s simple to make and serve, making it perfecttreat for families, parties, and other events.Ice cream can beserved many different ways. In a cup, in a cone, in a doublecone—the possibilities are endless. You can take your favouritefrozen ice cream with you wherever you go when it’s wrapped nicelyin a cone. Keep one hand free and hold tight to your double scoopfactory ice cream.Scoops of ice cream are completely mouth wateringand delicious food. Little kids have made plan to go in town’s mostcherish place where ice cream truck coming. They wear nice clotheand shoes. Truck fully designed by ice cream crazy chef. Awesomedesigning of ice cones, fruits, jellies and wafers attracteveryone. Beautiful food court fully loaded with ice cream items.Delicious ice cream enhances the craving of kids. Ice cream factorytruck reached there on time, crazy chef open the frozen factoryshop. Ice cream maker Chef starts making it for free of cost. Icyfrozen cubes crushed into blender machine. Mixture machine startamalgamation of milk and cream marvellously. Cones equallydistributed in to utensils for pudding. Refrigerator is wonderfullylocated into the factory truck so that kids can enjoy fresh frozenice cream with full of fun. Specialities of Ice Cream kitchen chef:• Ice cream dessert maker truck is one of awesome factory truckfor kids’ fun who likes cooking and having a dream to make theirown ice cream in the guidance of ice cream maker chef.• Are you inthe mood for making and cooking ice cream? With our ice creamcooking factory, you can make and decorate delicious ice creamdessert food.• You can create your own recipes by playing our chefmaker game.• Let’s start your cooking journey to become a famouskitchen chef and dessert maker with fun.• Get pleasure from icecream fun maker factory.