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Unicorn puzzle games are addicting, once anyone plays aunicornpuzzle game they can never stop playing unicorn adventurousquestuntil they finish the whole unicorn theme game no matter howmuchthey want to leave the unicorn puzzle game. But what if you getaninteresting, entertaining and colorful unicorn fantasyworldunicorn puzzle game? We have brought a gift for youpuzzlelovers…Unicorn Game-Unicorn Horse Games is a unicorn art gamethatyou will love as it is the unicorn addictive game.In thisUnicornHorse Game you get to find different interesting unicornthings andobjects hidden in mysterious places in the unicornvillage orunicorn jungle environment. Some unicorn things are nothidden inthis unicorn quest, they are right in front of you butthoseunicorn things are flying so fast in the unicorn questthatcatching them becomes a challenge in this unicorn theme game.Sothis unicorn game 2018 have given two modes for players who arenewto the unicorn puzzle world. Unicorn Game-Unicorn Horse Gamesgivespractice mode for the novices of unicorn quest game andchallengemode for those who love challenges in this unicornadventurousgame. Unicorn Horse Game have 9 stages for beginners tolearn andpractice for the real unicorn fantasy world challenge.After thatyou can choose challenge mode in this unicorn adventurousgame andplay the real difficult and fun unicorn theme challenges ofunicornaddictive game.Unicorn Game-Unicorn Horse Games is aunicornadventurous game that is made for everyone who loves unicornthemegames. People belonging form any age group can play thisunicornquest game and they will never get bored of this unicornaddictivegame.So download this amazing Unicorn Horse Game and sharethisunicorn game 2018, a unicorn theme game with your friendandfamily.

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Are you lover of amazing kite flying simulator and want toparticipate in this kite match? Let’s go for kite making processbecause you are a kite flying simulator lover as well as kitemaker. Kite flying simulator is adventurous fun in which differenttypes of kites are flying in the sky for kite fight. Kite makermakes a lot of kites in different designs. This kite mela game isbased on Pak India kite mela in which Pakistani and indian kitesparticipate for kite fight. Process of kite making is very simpleand full of fun. Let’s start kite making process and start kitefight in this kite mela festival. Collect wood and raw paper forkite making. Load wood and paper into delivery truck and deliver tothe kite making factory. Make sticks through machine simulator. Youwill use your kite maker skills for kite making. After makingsticks, press raw paper and cut into proper kite shape. Combine allkite parts with glue and fix sticks on kite. Tie threads into kiteand make smiles with different designs. One kite will be Pakistaniand other one will be yours which you will make for kite fightaccording to your country.Kite flying festival, which is calledkite fight, in kite mela about to start now. Get ready and won thisamazing kite flying match from your opponent.Features:• Competitionof Kite flying between Pakistan and india • Kite mela game foryoungster as well as girls• Whole learning process for kite making•Chance to become Kite maker and will be able to participate in kitematch
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Heartedly welcome to all the Fashionista girls in our Girls FashionSalon – Nail Art Makeup Game. In this fashion game for girls, youwill learn to fashion, nail art and awesome makeup by using yourexpert nail artist and makeup artist skills. You can be one of thebest Fashionista girls and can open up your own beauty salon. GirlsFashion Salon – Nail art Makeup game is having extreme beauty funwith a lot of nail salon and makeup salon activities. Design &decorate your cute nails with fashion nail art in this best makeupgame for girls 2018. Be the best manicurist by decorating yourcustomer’s nail with beautiful and trendy nail art designs. Beautygirls you can learn how to do trendy nail art designs step by stepin this one of the best Girls Fashion Salon – Nail Art Makeup Game.In this beauty salon, you are free to implement your different nailart & makeup ideas and techniques.
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Good and extraordinary roads can only construct by havingmeaningful command and knowledge on road infrastructure. Peoplethink that construction is an easy job to do but in reality it isreally tough job. Heavy machinery is completely used under fullcommand of experienced machines experts. 7 kinds of machines beingused in this complete process of road construction:• Motor Grader•Asphalt mixing plant• Road roller machine• Crawler excavator•Forklift truck• Wheel Loader• Truck CraneAnd the material that iscompletely assumed to be used in this road construction technologyis:• Asphalt blacktop (used since 1920’s, extensively less durableand well-built)• Concrete (helps to avert from cracks forming)•Amalgamated composite compound (maintenance, recycling &rehabilitation)• Reprocess ( recycling the surface of distressed& scratched pavement)• Bituminous solutions ( sealing coats onroad thin membrane surface) It is very important to use soilstabilization & dust prevention techniques in real road &bridge construction process. In big cities, most recommended thingis to having complete check and balance on construction material.High quality of construction trucks should be used. Materialsshould be recognised from standard organisations. Road constructionin city is too much hectic for public pupils so avoid to make morenoise because it can create noise pollution that is harmful foreveryone. This is really a revolutionary game for kids in roadbuilding environment.
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Electricity can be produced in many power plants. It’s notdepending on just oil or other fuels. It can be set up in manytypes. If its produce once in power plant, it run for a long periodof time and can be used throughout the world. Wind power andthermal power both are reliable. So, we made this game which isabout production of electricity within power plant through heavymachinery. In this game, our goal is to make sure that electricityis produce in a right amount. If you are student of physics thenyou will love to play this game and will learn that how to supplyelectricity through power line. Process of Wind Electricity:Inpower plant, wind power will be produce with the help of air catchpole to supply power line. Let’s learn the process of wind powerhouse electricity.• Dig land through digging machine simulator forproduction of wind power.• Fix the resistors in the power pole.•Fix all the parts in the turbine motor, generator and airvelocity.• Fix fan parts through machine simulator to make aturbine pole.• Attach wire to the transformer.• When air collidersto the fans, it becomes rotate and electricity will be produce. •Supply it to the electricity poles.• Wind power is ready to supplyat different buildings and houses.Process of Thermal Power bythermal engineering skills:In power plant, use your thermalengineering skills because, second way for supply power line isThermal power house electricity. it will be produce with the helpof thermal plants. • Dig land through digging machine simulator.•Make thermal plants.• Take water from nearest river.• Fill waterinto water tank.• Open fire burner to boil the water.• Make steamand then cool the steam in condenser machine simulator.• With yourthermal engineering skills, Thermal power electricity will producethrough this steam from turbines.• Supply electricity through powerline to the transformer at different buildings and houses
School Trip Frozen Party – Class Trip Games 1.1 APK
Frozen and icy season is mind blowing for all age people. Theyenjoy snow falling with delighted mood. Temperature decreases veryrapidly when this icy & frozen season come. Everything coveredwith ice and frost. Trees are naturally designed by snowflakes.Days are short and nights are long in winter and frosty weather.White fog whispered all around and makes things invisible. Makingsnowman is the favourite thing of everyone in snow falling. Thisfrosty weather is quite difficult & terrible time for poorpeople who have no shelter place in this cold and freezing season.Sun rises late and sets very early in evening. School managementcall parent teacher meeting for frozen icy trip. Parents were veryhappy after this kid’s excitement. Kids enjoy winter trip withfriends. Various kinds of seasonal flowers bloom in strikingcolours with snowflakes and augment the beauty of nature. They alsoplay in snow and cherish their self in exotic way. So manyactivities were done by attractive juniors like snow ball fight,hide & seek and badminton. Little kids enjoy music night withfrozen party treat given by school head. They love to enjoy bonfireparties in this frozen weather to enjoy music and awesome gatheringof friends and colleagues. If you all really love this snowfallweather then definitely play this School Trip Frozen Party game.FEATURES & SPECIALITIES:• Very easy to play and not easy toforget• Most attractive graphics of icy frozen season• Amazingcontrol handles to play game• Wonderful trip adventure for kids•Download free and play with friends
Village Farm Builder – Construction Simulator 1.0 APK
Farm house is a building that serves as a temporary residence in arural or agriculture lifeBuild your own farm house! Design, plan,build, and decorate the farm house with your creative architectureskills. Kids love to work like a farmer and try to make a farmhouse.Kids always have a dream of having his/her own farmhouse invillage, with his/her unique vision and taste. Tight up your beltand get ready for building a beautiful farm house from scratch invillage land.Village farm is the best place during familyvacations. Farm builder is a skill to design village farm beautifuland attractive. For enhancing this skill, farmers work day &night for this and make their farmhouse land agricultural forfurther process in farm builder. Village is a hamlet where you canlearn how to build farms of different food and crops. Littlefarmers are also joins these learning sessions for farm buildingand they can polish their skills by doing it in practical form.According to the modern technologies, farm management team provideslectures on farm builders & constructions in tutorial forms.World famous and mind blowing machinery introduced in farmingprocess like tractor and harvester. Awesome and efficient tools& equipments used in this. Farmers can be able to do mixedfarming and can be able to market their products effectively.Intensive crops cultivation can be characterised in differentfarming techniques. Fertility of soil is most important part offarming so that farmer can check water conservations and minimizesof soil erosion. Farmers can harvest fields on time withoutdelaying. High quality and full standard authenticated pesticidessprays used in farm to protect from insects and other things.Farmers are not well educated but they can understand farmingtechniques and tricks rather than anyone else. Average farmers havetheir own farms and they work there with full devotedly andenthusiastically. At last, Farmers go in dynamic supermarket andsold their crops for good amount of money. Please don’t waste timeand enjoy family holidays at farm. Play Mode• You have to useconstruction tools like hammer, nail and others.• Go to the farmland and cut the trees & bamboos • After cutting, collect thecutting pieces and design & build a farm house.• Start the farmhouse decoration by applying different things.SPECIFICATIONS :•Plant fresh seeds for good quality of food• Build and constructfarm by using bamboos• Amazing grass and farm graphics• Realisticand elegant animations of villageSo get ready for building your ownvillage farm house by using your architecture expertise.
Egypt Princess Braids-Girls Hair Salon Games 1.2 APK
“Egypt Princess Braids” game tells you how Egyptian people getready in ancient era. This Egypt princess game will give you acollection of braided hairstyle in which you can learn about theEgyptian traditions. Pretty Egypt princess needs help for hermakeover. Let’s go for the princess makeover:Initially princess hasto go in the dress up room where you can select various accessoriesfor the Egypt princess. In dress up room you can choose thebracelets, necklace, shoes, and hair crown.• Bracelet: differenttypes of bracelets are available in our makeup game where you canchoose your favourite one.• Necklace: necklace is a decorativechain or string of bread, jewels and link round the neck. Egyptianprincess loved to wear the collars made necklace so select the bestone. You can also make your favourite necklace by using preciouspearls and diamonds.• Crown: crown is the proud of any princesswithout it she looks incomplete.Let’s go for princess makeup: itsprincess makeup time, in this makeup game you have a assortment ofcosmetic that you can experience for enjoyment and pick diverseeyes lens, eyebrows, eye shade, eye liner for the Egyptprincess.After gorgeous makeup, princess also wants an amazing hairstyle. In princess salon game, you can make different hair styleswith different hairs colours. You can also apply the beautifulEgypt lips shade on princess’ lips.At the end, you can also stitchthe princess’ shirt and top in your own way. Most interesting partof our salon game is that you can see skeleton movement thatpresent the natural art. Must play and download “Egypt PrincessBraids “game and give us great feedback at our given email address.Thank You!