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You adore lovely unicorns then you to us!Protect your phone withthe Unicorn lock screen and add mega cool pictures to your device'sscreen. Free Unicorn application wallpaper lock screen creates abeautiful, fashionable look for your phone. Change the style ofyour phone along with our great app, create a lovely atmospherewith cool lock screen wallpapers. Share the application with afriend, let him also be in the center of actual newproducts.Unicorn embodies magic, white magic, purity and purity ofaffairs and feelings. Knighthood symbolism represents a unicorn asan image of spiritual love, embodies the purity of feelings,romantic love for the lady of the heart a knight, with which hebecomes bold and invincible.Unicorn - a mythical being symbolizingintegrity. Usually unicorns are represented in the form of a horsewith a horn. According to the esoteric teachings, it has a whitebody, red head and blue eyes.

App Information Unicorn Lock

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    Unicorn Lock
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    July 27, 2017
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    Android 4.0.3 and up
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    Ace Lock Reggae
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