1.0 / April 18, 2016
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For this game I have created a dreamy version of pong using aUnicorn as themain subject. I chose to create pong as it is aclassic game and follows the basicprinciple of guidelines of adigital game. This process is a start with interactionfrom theplayer, duration of the game and then an imminent loss/“death”.What Iwanted to do in my game is lead on to this basic process andhave the playerexpect a death once the Unicorn falls past the‘cloud paddle’ (as the label at thetop of the playing screen wouldsuggest) but even when the unicorn does fall tothe bottom of thescreen a prompt shows on the screen saying to not befoolish,Unicorns Never Die!! It is a simple game that ends uptwisting typical gamingconventions.

App Information Unicorns Never die-C Burchill

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    Unicorns Never die-C Burchill
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    April 18, 2016
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    Android 1.6 and up
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Friend Computer - A Cuartero 1.0 APK
I <3 Friend ComputerBy Albert CuarteroI <3 Friend Computer isa text based story that revolves around the interactions that anewly created clone has with the sentient computer referred to asFriend Computer. The story acts like a commentary about a utopiansociety, where happiness and pleasure is defined not by theindividuality and curiosity of the human nature but by a person’sability to listen to exactly what people tell them to do. This actslike the first chapter of a continuing storyline that I wanted towork, so the endings may seem rather morbid at the moment. TheFriend Computer is mostly inspired by games like the Portal seriesand the Stanley Parable, especially in terms of character. He actslike a representation of the idea of a flawed protagonist. He wantsto help people and make them happy but due to his lack ofunderstanding and comparison, he believes that the only way forpeople to be happy is to be like him. Freedom of choice isn’t anidea that he is really familiar with due to his coding, that’s whywhen people constantly refuse to follow what he wants he believesthat they do not want to be happy and would be happier dead. Thereare two reason why I had created this game, one was because Iwanted it to act like a sort of introduction or way to flesh out acharacter that I had been thinking of making a game about. Theother was because I really needed to get started on writing forthis game that I want to make in the future.
Survival Kit by Sam Legros 2.0 APK
All the tools you need to survive, right in your pocket!CurrentTools:- Mechanically powered flashlight- Mechanically powered AMradio- CompassIn Development:- Clock- Climbing Rope- FirestarterLet us know what tools you would like to see in thisSurvival Kit!Stay safe!
Socializer - Kurtis Chen 1.0 APK
Socializer is an app that allows people to carry out conversationswithout even having to lift theireyes from their screens. Usersenter what the other person says, and the app returns what theusershould say in response. Greetings, such as “Hi” or “Hello” are metwith responses such as“It's so nice to see you. Tell me about yourday.” Any questions (which the app detects bylooking for “?” marks)are met with the response “You can find that answer in Jesus” or“Youknow what, I don't really remember.”Otherwise, responses to anyother dialogue are extremely generic — with the goal of makingsensein as many scenarios as possible — and reflect the extremelygeneric responses manypeople use when communicating digitally.Theuser is incentivized to make as many communications as possible andto respond to theother person quickly as possible. Socializeraccomplishes this by generating one of twomessages: “Hurry up,you’re being awkward and no one likes you,” and “Wow you're suchagreat conversationalist! Keep it going.”People trust many aspectsof their lives to mobile apps. What about their realworldconversations?
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Why? Why are we creating? Why do we exist? Why are we doing thingsthat we are doing? Why are we following rules? Why do we bother?Why?All the questions of “why” had got me into a deep dilemma ofexistential crisis for a long while and I’ve been creating art withthis theme through out this past semester. I created this charactercalled the “existential nuggie” and I’ve been sticker bombing thecity and sending hand drawn stickers to artist throughout theworld. (my secret instagram account for that art: altpaca).When Iam creating the game, I encounter another existential crisis forwhen you are coding you could encounter so much glitches andproblems. And you thought of how much special feature or littlethings into the game. All this got me into another existentialcrisis. So I think. The more I bug on it the more problems it got,but if I just let it be its pretty cute and beautiful. It is likelife. If I dun think too much about it and leave it be, the worldis more balance.
Expelled - Molly Jenne 1.0 APK
Expelled - Molly Jenne
Tiles? Tiles! by Sam Legros 1.0 APK
*** Number 1 app for the Google Play store in 180 countries ***Justkidding. We have yet to be downloaded. Please?
Into the Night - K Kerr 1.0 APK
For this simple game project, I got my inspiration from a TV showthat I have been watching called teen wolf. I wanted to dosomething with dragging since I found that the simplest to use andfor me to figure out. I first wanted to do something with drawingon the screen but I found that there was not enough of a storybehind it to make the game interesting or intriguing in anyway.That is when I decided to use one of the examples from class thatwe had about dragging a dog around the screen. I also got the ideaof running away from a Werewolf from the show that I watched thismade it easier for me to develop the idea of avoiding the werewolfso you don’t get bit! The coding of this took a while to do once Igot the human to get dragged around the screen added the werewolf’sin wasn’t very complicated. The main part that long me a very longtime to figure out was the switching of the screen from after thehuman collided with the werewolf, it took multiple tries to getthis right using the different procedures and the way theinformation was phrased until it finally works. Another problemthat I was facing when it came to the .apk files was that once itgot to the Game Over screen the application would freak-out andeventually crash. The .aia file works fine, so I haven’t solvedthat problem yet. Other than that the program looks nice and runssmoothly I like the overall look and the entrainment of the game isfun! I definitely learnt a lot more about the coding process andeven though my game is simple it was still a long learning process.