1.1.8 / February 4, 2015
(4.2/5) (1182)


Using only running and jumping, help Unique Rabbit reach his goals.Rabbit by the horns!

App Information Unique Rabbit

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    Unique Rabbit
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    February 4, 2015
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    Android 2.1 and up
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    555 Bryant Street #275 Palo Alto, CA 94301
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Wordiest is a single-player free word game with a hint ofmultiplayer competition. Wordiest challenges you to assemble twowords from 14 letters, competing with other players given the sameset. See definitions as you form words, and touch score results tosee what words others played. Sign-in to Google for leaderboardsand achievements, competing with friends or the world for the bestscores and ratings! Wordiest offers a one-time in-app purchase toremove ads and load significantly more games for offline play. ★Wordiest won the TWiT.tv All About Android #142 App Arena! ★ "Thebest word game I have ever played on Android." -Erez Zukerman,Android Editor at MakeUseOf.com ★ Featured in Mihir Patkar's "WordsWithout Friends: 7 Mind-Bending Single-Player Word Games" Funfeatures: • Touch the score graph to see other submissions. • Pressand hold "reset" to clear only non-words. • Challenge others viaGoogle+ to beat your score with the same starting letters.Frequently asked questions: • Why isn't X a word? Wordiest mashesup Wiktionary and the SOWPODS list of English words, only usingentries that appear in both lists. Many Wiktionary entries are notactually words, in particular proper nouns such as city and countrynames. • How is rating computed? Your rating is a moving averagetracking the percentage of players you beat each round. If thepercentage is greater than your current rating, your ratingincreases. • Are there always 100 players? Almost always. Wordiestkeeps 100 players per match, when a new player enters an old onegets kicked out.
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Unique Rabbit 1.1.8 APK
Using only running and jumping, help Unique Rabbit reach his goals.Rabbit by the horns!
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Word Weasel 1.6.8 APK
Word Weasel is a fast word game where you find as many words as youcan from 9 letters in 50 seconds. Compete with everyone elseplaying at the same time, a new game starts every minute! "The mostfun you can have on your own with 9 random letters. Brilliantlysimple, devilishly addictive." --Kim, Android Market comment Adsupported, with ability to upgrade to ad-free full version in game.Uses the SOWPODS word list containing 100,000+ words. They may beobscure, but yes those are words! Change history: - Added aprominent menu button. - Tweak backend communication for morerobust multiplayer games. - Fixed a rounding problem where topratings stalled at 99.1. - Optionally capitalize letters. -Optionally make clear behave like backspace, hold will still clear.- Accept keyboard input where available. - Warn if trying to usethe same word twice, can disable via options. - Fix a ratings bug.- Optimize tablet display. - Optionally shake the device to shuffleletters. - Use a simpler, more responsive rating system. - Add arating, tracking performance over time. View top rated players! -Leaderboard of high scorers for each round. - Optional offline playto reduce network use (free version still loads ads). - Switch to amore compact dictionary model for a smaller app. - Show allpossible words using the given letters. - Improve letter diversity(no more games with four 'A's). - Fix a purchase bug.
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Whirrd is a simple word game where you drag and rotate wordfragments to form words. Matches are either themed where youassemble related words or short phrases, or a grab bag assortmentof unrelated words (but not phrases). Whirrd uses a one-time in-apppurchase to remove ads, and optional Google Play Games Services forachievements and cloud save.