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Your objective is to crack the code. Each time you try a pattern,you'll be given green and yellow circles.For each yellow circle itmeans that one of the dots in the pattern you tried is present onthe code.For each green circle it means that you got one dot at theright position.If you get a red X it means NONE of the dots in yourpattern are present on the code.Anyway, it's fun, it's free, andit's ad-free. Enjoy!

App Information Unlock Puzzle (Game)

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    Unlock Puzzle (Game)
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    March 22, 2017
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    Android 2.3 and up
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Have you ever wanted to have an cute face in your phone or tablet?Ever thought of poking its eyes or cheeks or maybe give it a shake?Well now you can! :DOuO is a kawaii face application that you caninteract with by touching the screen (You can poke its eye to makehim wink, tap him in the forehead, squeeze its cheeks, and a lotmore!)And if you don't do anything at all, you can sit down andwatch as it makes cute adorable faces~You can also hit the menubutton on your phone/tablet to access the options menu thatincludes a small animated quick help and a couple of extra settingsthat you can toy around with. Oh, and there's also a mood indicatorthat shows OuO's current mood (he can get angry if you poke himrepeatedly in the eye, but it'll forget about it if you rub him inthe head; this affects the different random faces that it can makeand the way that it will react to certain actions)It... uh...doesn't do much other than that but... whatever, have fun!Shoutoutand big thanks to Mike Inel for making the original OuO for iOSwhich inspired me to make this android version of it!Also keep inmind this app is still somewhat in development (I guess?) so if younotice any kind of bug in the game, or feel like commenting orsuggesting something then drop a comment.
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This is a digital remake of the electronic "Simon" game called miniMATCH ME™, manufactured by KINGSFORD in the 80's. All functionalityis based solely on what I remember from playing it; because I nolonger have the original. It's a smaller version of the originalMATCH ME™, which itself is an 8 button clone of the original SIMONgame by Milton Bradley.Supports 4 game modes; but I was only 6years old when I last had this game in my hands so I have no ideawhat game modes 2 and 3 actually do. Currently they're the same asgame mode 1.Game mode 4 is "piano mode", and the game included amanual with musical scores to be used with it.Automatic musicdoesn't work because I don't know which music tracks wereplayed.The winning jingle is taken from Battle City, because Idon't know what the original jingle was.Any information on thiselectronic game's functions is welcome.Special thanks tohandheldmuseum.com for the high quality pictures of the box-art andpictures of the electronic game itself.Easter egg: If you playHappy Birthday while on piano mode(1,1,2,1,4,3,1,1,2,1,5,4,1,1,8,6,4,4,3,2) a yellow button willappear. If you hold it down, all the notes you press be lowered bya half step (So button 3 will play E♭ instead of E).
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IDEKdroid is a very dirty quick port of myapplication IDEKTray: a small program that checks every few secondsif the computer is currently connected to the internet and makes asound every time the internet goes down, or back up.The PC version also keeps a log file where everything is noteddown, program settings, dates and times when the system couldn’tconnect to the internet, etc.Here's a download of the PC version (IDEKTray v1.2); some day I'llset up a proper website with links and descriptions and all thefancy stuff, but for now, this zip will do:https://mega.nz/#!oppxCDSI!A8TAwNeFg5A2mojDTK_F_b1GcHgzksu8ZSQDHH52x-o(616 KB)This mobile version doesn't write down a log file, but it playsthe same sounds and animations the desktop version does; along withsome exclusive graphics in high definition.To access the configurations menu press the MENU button on yourphone.You can also press and hold on the screen to see information aboutthe last response (Size of the data, and HTTP response code). Dueto compatibility, this version of the application uses GETcommands, instead of pinging; so it *will* behave differently fromthe desktop version on extreme cases (DNS server partially down,target website down).!!!WARNING!!!: Make sure you disable data usage whilerunning this program or DATA might be used instead ofWI-FI.For advanced users: IDEKdroid will only detect the device as"connected" if the HTTP response code is 200, and if the sizematches the expected size, specified on the settings page. Changeuse_violins to 1 to use alternate sounds. Change vibrate to 0 todisable vibration altogether. Change max_fails to a bigger numberif you want more consecutive fails before assuming there's nointernet (Useful for slow connections or unstable servers).This application is mostly meant as a proof-of-concept and isnot intended to be compared or replace the desktop version. Like,at all.
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Get a move on, Tunnel Runner!In this game, you don't look DOWN onthe maze, you're in it.Your objective is simple: escape from themaze. To do so, you must grab the Key hidden somewhere in the maze,and then find the exit of the maze, all of this while avoiding themaze monsters: the zots.If you get caught by a zot, you'll lose alife; if you run out of lives, it's Game Over!All you have is amap, and your tunnel running abilities. Also there's plenty ofdoors in the maze but who knows if they'll be helpful or not?Thisgame is a remake of the old 80's game called Tunnel Runner; whichplays virtually identical to this remake.Features:► Gameplayfaithful to the original game. Check the map, grab the key, don'tget caught by the zots, find the exit.► Increasing difficulty: Thezots will move faster, less stuff will be shown on the map, andyou'll run faster!► STEREO sound! (You're probably gonna needheadphones for this). Hear the Zots coming at you from anydirection!► Classic GAME1 (Predefined generated mazes) and GAME2(Random mazes every time you play) modes, and introducing a newGAME3 mode, which allows for further customization of the generatedmazes such as changing the size, the amount of doors or extracorridors, even the starting run level if you feel like quicklytaking a challenge!► Enhanced graphics and sounds, brand new pixelsfor these brand new zots!► Help section which covers all the basicstuff as well as some hints and tips for advanced players, alongwith additional information regarding GAME3 and the OPTIONS menu.You should definitely check it out► Ah yes, there's an OPTION menuto further tweak the game's graphics and controls (Stuff such asframe skipping, render resolution, invert stereo, disable music,etcetera)► Just for fun, you can enable an option to be able tolook up and down by tilting your phone up or down! It kind of makesthe game harder to play but the option is there ;)► Also a PAUSEfunction! (Press the MENU button on your phone to PAUSE the game!)►Supports keyboard input, if you're not fond of touchscreencontrols.▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬Developer notes:This remake was conceivedoriginally as a challenge to myself (the developer) to try to makea pseudo-raycaster engine in CF25's Android Exporter that was fastenough so that it was playable on my mobile phone. Because of this,the game is somewhat cpu intensive, so don't expect it to run atfull speed (30 FPS) on your android device. If you manage to getaround 23 FPS (which is what I get on my phone, at 5PX resolution)then you can play the game ;)Resolution is set to 5PX by default,but you can try to set it lower and see if your device can handleit.Or try enabling "AUTOMATIC RES" and let the game adjust it foryou!See the last few pages of the HELP? menu for more informationon that.▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬If you can't play it on your phone, you canstill play the PC version of the game (Which is literally the samething, but on PC, which means it'll be 1400% faster, and you canplay it with your keyboard!)Download for PC on GAMEJOLT!Feedback iswelcome!
Unlock Puzzle (Game) 0.992b APK
Your objective is to crack the code. Each time you try a pattern,you'll be given green and yellow circles.For each yellow circle itmeans that one of the dots in the pattern you tried is present onthe code.For each green circle it means that you got one dot at theright position.If you get a red X it means NONE of the dots in yourpattern are present on the code.Anyway, it's fun, it's free, andit's ad-free. Enjoy!
Inspired by the unlicensed 8bit port of the game, this gamefeatures extra options that allow you to play the game the way youwant it. Do you like pentominoes? Throw them in! You'd rather playonly with tetrominoes? Go ahead! Both? Hell yeah!Have a friend? Youcan both play against each other via BLUETOOTH MULTIPLAYER, eitherduke it out in BATTLE MODE or try to play together in CO-OP MODEwhere you'll both share the same playfield!You can also try thePUZZLE MODE with over 70 different challenges to try.But beware,hazards like random blocks or advancing lines, or even just a nastypiece sequence, may make winning more harder than it looks!You canalso further customize your experience by changing the controls,adding or removing features at will, and if you're feeling creativeyou can design your own levels through the LEVEL EDITOR. And yes,you can play those too!Features:- Pentominoes- BluetoothMultiplayer Action!!- Puzzle mode with 70+ challenges- LevelEditor- The Я is pronounced 'ya'- Fast paced action, almost noloading times.- Old-school sound effects and soundtracks- Retrolook and feelMade with Clickteam Fusion 2.5This game is notaffiliated with the original creators of the game.