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Unrest In Libya
An Aggregation Of Current News and Information

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USMC Winter Survival Handbook 2.0 APK
MARINESTHE FEW.THE PROUD."One of the most important tenets of cold weather operations isthat strong and consistent leadership is essential to survival andto minimize injuries."-FMFM 7-21 "Tactical Fundamentals for Cold Weather Warfighting"SurvivalASPECTS OF LEADERSHIP. When dealing with leadership challengesin a survival situation, the foremost weapon a leader must employis his vigilance: a leader's attention should be focused onensuring all Marines of the unit are contributing to the overallsuccess of the situation.a. Cohesion. As a leader, you must ensure that all members ofthe team are working towards the survivability of the unit. You cannot allow individuals or small groups to formulate their own goalsor plan of action.b. Self-Worth. A Marine without self-worth is a Marine who doesnot value living. Leadership is a critical; factor in buildingself-worth. Tasks must be found for each Marine in which best suitstheir situation while attempting to receive positive results.(i.e., A man with a broken leg can monitor the fire, A man with abroken arm can still procure water for the unit). This will makeeach and every Marine feel useful and not a burden to the othermembers, regardless of their individual situation.c. Natural Reactions to Stress. Leadership must quickly identifynatural reactions to signs of stress his Marines may be displaying(i.e., Fear, Anxiety, Guilt, Depression). Failure to recognizethese signs early will result in injuries, illness, or death whichwill reduce the units combat effectiveness. Corrective action mustbe taken immediately4d. Will to Survive. The will to survive is a mind-set that mustbe instilled and reinforced within all Marines. Without the will tosurvive, Marines will not succeed. The following tools can aid todevelop this mind-set.(1) The Code of Conduct.(2) Pledge of Allegiance.(3) Faith in America.(4) Patriotic Songs(5) Spiritual Faith.Download the complementary USMC Summer Survival Manual Here:https://market.android.com/details?id=com.iappthat.Pt20tgA2o0rEnIO.USMCsumwf1
Popcorn 1.0 APK
rgsesdgsits a popcorn app but i dont know if it worksbecause i'm a little beginner
US Navy SEAL Fitness Guide 6.0 APK
The Navy SEAL Physical Fitness Guide************** A Message from the Producers **************Hi Folks,The elves who produce our apps came to me and saidthey need new shoes this winter.So here's the deal - we're going sell this app as"donate" ware. If we get at least 2K downloads inthe next 3 months at $.99, the elves said it wouldbe OK to give this app away for free! If we don'tthe elves are going to make another plan...PLEASE HELP OUR ELVES FROM GOING BAREFOOT ANOTHER WINTERAND HELP OTHER PEOPLE ENJOY THE SAME APP!- Thank from the producers at iAppThat.com!**********************************************************IntroductionThe Navy SEAL Physical Fitness Guide has been prepared for theSEAL community with several goals in mind. Our objective is toprovide you, the operator, with information to help:Enhance the physical abilities required to perform SpecialOperations mission-related physical tasks;Promote long-term cardiovascular health and physical fitness;Prevent injuries and accelerate return to duty;Maintain physical readiness under deployed or embarkedenvironments.An Introduction byRADM Raymond C. SmithIf this guide is able to achieve those goals, it will be a majorsuccess. Being a SEAL is a tough job and requires enormous physicalstrength and stamina. Injuries, both chronic and acute areoccupational hazards, but there are training measures andprecautions that can be used to decrease the incidence of theseinjuries. Understanding the basics of physical fitness can go along way to achieving these goals.Membership in the Naval Special Warfare (NSW) community requiresan extraordinarily high level of total body physical fitness. Acombination of muscular strength, flexibility and cardiovascularfitness is essential to carry out assigned missions.To train most effectively for these physically demanding tasks,SEALs and others within the NSW community need clear, concise, andauthoritative guidance on physical fitness training regimens. Thismanual, The Naval Special Warfare Physical Fitness Guide, has beenwritten to meet this need.The authors of this comprehensive guide, physicians andphysiologists, were chosen because of their special qualificationsin the area of physical fitness and their knowledge of the NSW andSEAL community. Their expertise ensured the guide would be writtenwith the unique requirements of the NSW community in mind, and thatour goal of expanding the individual Navy SEAL's knowledge ofattaining and retaining a high level of fitness would beachieved.I commend The Naval Special Warfare Physical Fitness Guide as asuperb source of information. Following the advice in this guidewill enable SEALs and other members of the NSW community to preparefor the physically demanding missions to which they are assigned inthe future.Chapter 1Overview of Physical FitnessChapter 2SEAL Mission-Related Physical ActivitiesMission-Specific ActivitiesChapter 3Cardiorespiratory ConditioningChapter 4Running for FitnessChapter 5Swimming for FitnessChapter 6Strength TrainingChapter 7FlexibilityChapter 8CalisthenicsChapter 9PlyometricsChapter 10Load-BearingChapter 11Training for Specific EnvironmentsChapter 12Training and Sports Related InjuriesChapter 13Harmful Substances that Affect PerformanceChapter 14Other Training- Related IssuesChapter 15Physical Fitness and Training RecommendationsThe SEAL Physical Fitness ProgramAppendix AWeight Lifting TechniquesAppendix BCommon Anatomical Terms and DiagramsAppendix CFoot Care for Load-Bearing
USMC Summer Survival Manual 37.0 APK
USMC Summer Survival ManualCreated using iAppThat.comUNITED STATES MARINE CORPSMountain Warfare Training CenterBridgeport, CA. 93517-5001SUMMER 2002 SURVIVAL COURSE HANDBOOKTABLE OF CONTENTSCHAP. CONTENTS1. REQUIREMENTS FOR SURVIVAL2. SURVIVAL KIT3. WATER PROCUREMENT4. EXPEDIENT SHELTERS & FIRES5. CORE VALUES & MOUNTAIN LEADERSHIP CHALLENGES6. SIGNALING & RECOVERY7. SURVIVAL NAVIGATION8. SURVIVAL TRAPS & SNARES9. SURVIVAL USES OF GAME10. EXPEDIENT TOOLS, WEAPONS AND EQUIPMENT11. FORAGING FOR PLANTS & INSECTS FOR SURVIVAL USES12. SURVIVAL FISHING13. TRACKING14. SURVIVAL MEDICINE15. MOUNTAIN WEATHER16. INTRO TO EVASIONAPPENDIXESA EVASION PLAN OF ACTION (EPA)B PME VIDEO “THE EDGE”C SURVIVAL QUICK REFERENCE CHECK LISTD ANIMAL HABITSE TACTICAL CONSIDERATIONSF GRADING STANDARDSPOSITIVE LEADERSHIP AND THE RIGHT ATTITUDE.Leadership must be by example. At first, harsh and unfamiliarconditions tend to be frightening. Marines will find themselves upagainst many challenges they have never met before and theenvironment will constantly remind them that they can become acasualty if they make mistakes. Aggressive leadership, whichconsistently meets and overcomes the challenges of the environment,is essential to mission accomplishment. There will be two enemiesto contend with: the enemy soldier and the environment itself. Thefirst step towards defeating these enemies is getting your Marinesin the right mental attitude. The leader must maintain a positiveattitude towards the mission, his Marines, and the equipment theyhave to carry out the job. You can be defeated psychologically, ifyou are not aware of the symptoms of a poorly motivated unit.a. Core Values applied in a survival situation. Core value arevery applicable to leadership in a surviv al situation. In theabsence of constant adherence to our core values, subordinateMarines may suffer the consequences of injury and in extreme cases,DEATH.b. Honor. Honor is integrity, responsibility, andaccountability. Without honor in this type of environment,decisions are made with inaccurate and/or misleading information.Dishonorable actions or intentions ultimately lead to unethicalbehavior...trust between Marines will erode, dependability willbecome unimportant, and the resulting consequences to energyconservation will greatly affect a unit’s cohesion and ability toaccomplish its mission.c. Courage. Courage is doing the right thing for the rightreason. Courage in this type of environment for small unit leadersto take charge of their unit. The added stress and pressure inducedin mountainous terrain makes the tough decisions even tougher tomake: courageous leaders take that extra step. Trust and confidencein leadership is built upon thorough training to ensure their menare capable of overcoming the fear and uncertainty of enemy and theharsh environment.
Unrest In Libya 43.0 APK
Unrest In LibyaAn Aggregation Of Current News and Information- News Feed - Maps- Videos - Information- History - Trends and Tweets
Sat DISH Lite 636.0 APK
All about satellite receptionSat DISH contains many satellite links and tutorials and is thestarting point for finding mysteries satellite reception
Mom's Best Recipes - Volume 1 16.0 APK
Moms Best Recipes - Volume IAuthor: Shirley McNevich250 Recipes from momsbest.blogspot.comSampling of some of the recipes...Cakes:Chocolate CakeShoo Fly CakeUgly Duckling CakeBanana CakeWatergate CakeMilky Way Wonder CakeWet Chocolate Cake--no eggsPumpkin CakePound CakeStrawberry ShortcakeHummingbird CakeItalian Love CakeTurtle CakeApplesauce CakeRed Velvet CakeWhite CakeSuper Moist Chocolate CakeChocolate Sheet CakeFresh Apple Cake with Caramel GlazePineapple Angelfood CakeCheesecakes:Pineapple CheesecakeNew York Style CheesecakeJell-O CheesecakeLemon CheesecakeSpringform CheesecakeBrownies and Cupcakes:Chocolate Cream Cheese CupcakesMini CheesecakesPineapple Cheesecake CupcakesCocoa CupcakesQuick Fudge BrowniesBlack Bottom CupcakesChocolate Rocky Road BrowniesMilky Way Fudge BrowniesMidnight Mocha BrowniesReally Easy BrowniesOreo CheesecakesPeanut Butter Brownie CupcakesPies:Homemade Country Pie CrustApple PieStrawberry PiePeanut Butter PieLemon Sponge PiePumpkin PieAmazing Coconut PieImpossible Pumpkin PieCrumb PieSweet Potato PieStrawberry Rhubarb PiePumpkin Swirl PieWet Bread PieIcings and Frostings:Brown Sugar IcingPudding Cake FrostingWhipped Cream IcingPeanut Butter IcingFudge and Candies:Microwave FudgeChocolate FudgeCream Cheese MintsFantasy FudgeHomemade Peanut BrittleHomemade CaramelsQuick Microwave FudgeBreads:Raisin Casserole BreadBanana Tea BreadRed Lobster Cheese/Garlic BiscuitsFrench ToastGarlic BreadHawaiian BreadWhole Wheat Soda BreadQuick Ginger BreadEntrees:PierogiesChicken SaladHomemade Polish PigeonsKrispy Baked ChickenEasy BBQ/Sloppy JoesHam LoafSupreme Beef LasagnaSalmon CakesCreamy Fettuccini AlfredoMeatloafCantonese BakeSwiss SteakVegetable PizzaBaked Bean CasseroleOven Baked Chicken ParmesanTuna Rice CasseroleTuna Noodle CasseroleImpossible Tuna PieHam and Mushroom CasseroleSide Dishes:Layered SaladMicrowave Baked CornPasta SaladCorn FrittersFried PotatoesBaked Pork and BeansBroccoli SaladCreamy Crab DipFillingBroccoli CasseroleCandied Sweet PotatoesBacon WrappersBread and Butter PicklesFreezer PicklesBroccoli SlawMicrowave Scalloped PotatoesEdison Celery Seed Salad DressingCranberry RelishPineapple SaladQuick Pigs in a BlanketSuper Scalloped PotatoesPuddings:Rice PuddingApple PuddingRaspberry PuddingPeach PuddingPumpkin PuddingMisc.:Baked Pretzel SnacksSnack CrackersPimento Cheese SpreadSweet Ritz Cracker Snack MixCookies and Cookie Bars:Sugar Cookies--drop or cutoutsCream Cheese CookiesSoft Molasses CookiesRice Krispie TreatsSnickerdoodlesEasy Sugar Cookies--softDrop CookiesChocolate Chip CookiesPineapple CookiesWhooppee PiesKiddie CookiesOatmeal Crisps--Icebox CookiesPineapple Coconut CookiesPeanut Butter CookiesChocolately Butterscotch TreatsMagic Cookie BarsPumpkin CookiesHard Sugar CookiesGinger SnapsPeanut Butter BlossomsMrs. Fields Chocolate Chip CookiesDouble Chocolate CookiesCoconut Washboard CookiesPecan CrispiesButterscotch BarsWhite Chocolate Macadamia Nut CookiesQuick CookiesSugar CookiesJam Striped Cocoa BarsPumpkin Whooppee PiesButterscotch Icebox CookiesGrape CookiesRussian Tea CookiesLemon RoundsStarlight Mint SurpriseChocolate ButterscotcheroosHoliday Chocolate Butter CookiesCookie BarsSour Cream CookiesChewy Brownie CookiesOrange Drop CookiesNo Bake Peanut Butter CookiesBeverages:Party PunchHawaiian SlushDesserts:Pecan Nut CupsStrawberry SaladHeavenPhilly Cheese BallsFunnel CakesKnox Jell-O BlocksEasy Sticky BunsLemon FlipCherry FlipLemon SquaresPeach KuchenBlueberry Lemon SquaresWatergate SaladApple CrispCinnamon FlopPastry and CheeseHomemade Vanilla Ice CreamSoups
Xicom LinkCalc 66.0 APK
Xicom LinkCalc CalculatorThe calculator computes the losses and gains in satellite linksin both Watts and dB.presented by - Xicom TechnologyComtech Xicom Technology has grown to be a world leadingsatellite communications (satcom) amplifier supplier, offering thebroadest product line in the industry. Our focus on customers,innovation, and quality has driven growth and created a companywith a reputation for excellence. Regarded as an industry leaderacross the board, Xicom provides rugged, highly efficient andreliable Traveling Wave Tube Amplifiers (TWTAs), Klystron PowerAmplifiers (KPAs), Solid State Power Amplifiers (SSPAs), and BlockUpconverters (BUCs) for commercial and military broadcast andbroadband applications around the world. These Xicom High PowerAmplifiers (HPAs) are in use in critical communications links onthe ground, in the air and on the sea; they support fixedtraditional and direct-to-home broadcast, mobile news gathering,transportable and flyaway systems, secure high data ratecommunications, and broadband access over satcom.Xicom High Power Amplifiers (HPAs) achieve the performance vitalto satcom applications, both traditional broadcast, the DTH, SNGand flyaway markets, and emerging broadband, specifically theIP-over-Satellite market. For more than 18 years, Xicom hasoperated as an effective force delivering timely solutions,pioneering new technologies and all the while growing.