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Simple gameplay. Tap the platform carefully to raise marijuanaleafup! Ganja will change color to the next platform so he cangohigher. You must follow the color pattern of hemp to pushhigherand higher. Info! Marijuana is prohibited or illegal insomecountries. We do not urge to use cannabis in any way. Ganjamotivewas used only for a humoristic reason. Graphics in thismarijuanagame contains only hemp leaf. This we call UP GO UP WeedGame. Needother crazy and awesome weed games? Check this: Our WEEDGAMES Likeour hemp empire? We create fresh fanpage: Extreme GamesStudio SoUP GO UP!

App Information UP GO UP Weed Game

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    UP GO UP Weed Game
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    July 26, 2019
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Firm Extreme: Free Match 3 Puzzle Games
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    ul. Ozimska 184/10 45-310 Opole Poland
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Crush Weed Match 3 Candy Jewel - cool puzzle games 5.21 APK
Redesign in jewel games! Play and crush jewels in this candy match3 puzzle weed games for adult. Collapse ganja candy and collectjelly hemp to become cannabis stoner in addicting games. Use moveslike match 4 to create rasta bonuses and win this illegal race.Smoke them out with challenging match 5! Product full of THChashish cookie and skunk kush. Rastaman hero makes pausa, gathernarcotic sweets from weed farm. Free match 3 games to download alsojewel games! ⏱️ Cool games = free puzzle games! Levels havedifferent challenging difficulty, well balanced to maryjane crushedstoner mind. Jelly collect fun & free addicting puzzle matchgames. Do you like delicious candy? So crush them all, puzzlesagain with jewels in matching games for adults = cool games. 🌱 Freeaddicting games features: ★ Many match-3 games levels full ofcannabis ★ Special weed farm bud collapse with match 5 ★ Beautifulbackground with rasta marijuana kush ★ Multicolor narcoticanimations ★ Collapse jelly THC skunk ★ Ganja kush strain crushing★ Illegal moves in cool match games with power-ups hashish cookie 💪Join addicting puzzle match-3 games: Each background has somethemes related to cannabis. The 420 story starts on weed farm. Whenyou rastaman completes some THC levels you will travel to therelaxing sandy beach to become 420 marijuana stoner. Great adultgames! You can buy some nice power-ups with rewarded video or justgenerate them by matching and crushing match 4 or more. 🎮 How toplay Crush Weed Match 3 Candy Jewel ✅ Download our free match game✅ Match 3 puzzle games and help relaxing rastaman to all skunksweets and cookie hashish ✅ Collect prizes and narcotic bonuses bymatch 3 or more ✅ Growing experience and challenging difficulty ✅Play and enjoy thousands of multicolor jelly levels ✅ Reach highscores try to match 3 to get three THC stars with striped weedsweets 🔥 Available power-ups: - Multicolor ganja. Match 5 todestroy all hemp with the same color - 5 striped ganja. Addsspecial kush strain when you start to play - Boom collapse. Freematch games to maryjane - Stoner 420 bud waste of crazy Rasta -Drag candy in sweets against to crush others multicolor - Replacenear bud to make match 3 game bomb - Crush maryjane strain -Available for illegal move This skunk cool games has 4 play typesof challenging match-3 games to fill your time with differentexperience. You will not be bored. End of energy? Order yourfavorite capricciosa. Again you can play in free puzzle games. 🕹️Match 4 types for rastaman: ✓ Collect cannabis bomb for rasta ✓Snoop and collect 420 ingredients for maryjane ✓ Get crushed hempsweets from blocks ✓ Get THC skunk scores with smoke striped Alladdicting free match 3 games items contain marijuana graphics.Designed for stoner also maryjane lovers and fans of jewel andcandy. Now crush them all! This production is a great time killerand cool games! 🎉 Jelly smoke explosions by crushing thiscombination: - Swap and match 3 puzzle to make narcotic line blast- Match medicinal to get striped collapse - Match grass to legalizebomb from cookie hashish - Get out rastaman with match-3 games in arow and get special colorful smoke - Connect 2 special multicolorhashish cookie and striped kush to greater smoke !! Free matchingadult games !! 📣 Please remember that marijuana bud is stillillegal narcotic in some countries. We no urge you to use hemp evenif it is legalized for medicinal. Marijuana graphics are used onlyfor a humorist reason like sativa.📣 Play & crushed addictingpuzzle games! Remember this candy now evolve in crush jewels onweed farm ⬇️ FREE Match 3 games to download. It's challenging coolgames! The cannabis rasta makes a pausa, gather & relaxing.Crush and match ganja in jewels candy weed games! Like our hempempire? Extreme Games Studio
Weeds vs Zombies 1.1 APK
Welcome in Weeds vs Zombies - a parody of strategy games. Addictinggames about zombies. Are you ready for battle against zombies? Yourplants need to be! Story: Humanity is in danger, your plants too.Zombie disease spread all over the planet. At the last moment wefound a cure. Weed, marijuana or ganja. You can call it as youwanna cannabis or hemp. Doesn't matter. Your task is to plant anddefend from zombies. Become a master of strategy game. How to play:Download free strategy game. Defend plants. All zombies must bekilled. Upgrade units and abilities. Control the rest of thesurvivors. Show your defense skills. Save the plants and entireplanet. Need other crazy and awesome weed games? Check this: OurWEED GAMES Like our hemp empire? We create fresh fanpage: ExtremeGames Studio
Gangster && Mafia Crime City Thug Life Weed Game 1.1 APK
Welcome to Cannabis City underground life. Gangster game wherecrimemafia thug wars become common city rules. Explosion,destruction,and heist in this battle arena. Daily work, isn't it?But now youcan grow marijuana on your weed farm. Smuggle cannabisin stolencars, defend plants and take over hemp farm. This isgangster andweed game. All in one! Features: Weed game! Marijuanais the mainmotive. Free action game in 3D open world simulatorwith realisticgraphics. Multiple weapons type and upgrades. Manyvehicles and carsto drive in the city. Bus, buggy, taxi, etc.Different mafiamissions types. Gangster game! From a poor man tothe grandgodfather and the biggest farmer in this sick crime city.That'syour story and life dream. Beautiful women, super sportscar,multiple businesses and big really big weed farm. We prepare afewkinds of mission: Steal and deliver the car with marijuana.Delivercannabis plants for the godfather. Conquer other mafiafarm. Growweed simulator. Kill the mad mafia bosses. Attention!Marijuana isprohibited or illegal in some countries. We do noturge to usecannabis in any way. Ganja motive was used only for ahumoristicreason. Graphics in this game contains only hemp leaf.Need othercrazy and awesome weed games? Check this: Our WEED GAMESLike ourhemp empire? We create fresh fanpage: Extreme Games StudioThug lifebro. But on the end is more than you think.
Blast Match 3 Flowers Blossom in Garden Weed Game 1.11 APK
Link your way through full of colorful buds. Fall in love withthissweet flower match 3 puzzle, blossom game. Paradise gardenwithchallenging game modes. It’s match 3 puzzle game but in thisone,you not switch items. Your task is to link flowers bud andclearthousands of levels. Awesome adventure in beautiful,colorfulparadise. You will not even think about escape from thegarden.Link 3 or more buds of the same color to grow them. Thiscompletelyaddictive garden crush match 3 games will keep youoccupied forhours! Why? Because it’s weed game! How to play? - Linkand match 3or more sweet flowers across the amazing garden world. -Crush 5flowers blossom mania with T or L shape to create blastbomb. -Crush 5 flower up in a line to create color blossom. -Combine 2special flowers to make a big blossom. So it’s all aboutflowerpower so the more flowers you grow the better! Features: -Newgraphics, blossom paradise is here. - Easy and fun toplay,challenging to master. - Flower power and incredible power-upsandbonuses! - 2000 LEVELS of flower games free fun! - Match yourwaythrough full of colorful buds blast. - Crush, smash and blasttheflowers with special bonuses that will help you passdifficultlevels. - Create flower blast combos to achieve a maximumscore. -Collect awesome blossom colorful and get special prizes. -NO WIFI,you can play anytime, anywhere. - This is flower games forgirlsbut not only for them. Attention! Marijuana is prohibitedorillegal in some countries. We do not urge to use cannabis inanyway. Ganja motive was used only for a humoristic reason.Graphicsin this game contains only hemp leaf. This we call BlastMatch 3Flowers Blossom in Garden Need other crazy and awesome weedgames?Check this: Our WEED GAMES Like our hemp empire? We createfreshfanpage: Extreme Games Studio
Weed Dash rush runner - run for hemp 1.03 APK
Play the best Weed Dash now! The most amusing rush runner gameever.Can you be the hardest skunk? Reach finish with one of ourrapidcannabis strain heroes. Beware and snoop for an obstacle.Collectand legalize power-ups. Unlock great kush characters! Wehave wingedmedicinal marijuana she can pump. Is it Sativa orIndica? Kush jointwith a doping rapid shoe. Real resplendent THCman. Hash bongcirculate bubblegum over and over again. It will beripping you out.Cannabis rastaman from Jamaica. Fighting forfreedom and loved inmedicinal hemp and jane. Stoner ganja felinethat gambols inAmsterdam where almost all narcotic is legalized.And wicked raccoonhippy one from Jamaica. Amusing rastaman lovedin jane and skunkdoping. Rush features - Amusing 6 characters likemedicinal hemp,THC joint, doping bong with a shoe, hippy rastaman,stoner felineand wicked raccoon. - Perfect controls (dash, pump,and slide). -Beauteous city in day and night. Sativa strain andIndica theme. -Play OFFLINE no beware off gambol limits. - Snoopmissions to makegreater skunk progress. - HD resolution to betterview on rippingeffects and gadgets like a shoe. - Power-ups tosmoke out obstaclesand reach winged records. - THC humoreverywhere and narcoticanimation. Reach your smoke limits.Circulate through the THC city,survive as long you can. Bewaredogs and snoop the policeman. Pumpor slide if you must to avoidand winged them. Smoke them out. Uselegalize power-ups to rapidyour ganja speed. Sativa freedom orstoner Indica strain? It's yourchoice and way. Collect beauteouscoins to get more points andunlock all wicked strain heroes likeripping bong and skunk joint.Try circulate with feline and buy ashoe to raccoon! Rapid, pumpand slide From beauteous Jamaica tohippy Amsterdam. Beware andpast all amusing obstacles. Doeverything you need to keepcirculating and gambol. Help ourcharacters: kush joint, shoe bongand medicinal marijuana gambol andreach missions. Do not forgetabout jane lover raccoon and narcoticaddicted feline! RippingPOWER-UPS Use doping, circulate in narcoticfreedom. Grab greatganja magnets to collect all Sativa leafly kushand hash coins fromthe map. Snoop Indica weed star to smoke out allobstacles likepoliceman and dog. Collect rasta heart to keep yourhippycirculate. Marijuana gadgets for wicked characters. Unlockallhippy heroes and buy them ripping ganja items. Ourlegalizemarijuana hero has a great winged band to buy in Amsterdamshop.Also, jane shoe can be equipped there. Go shopping and take alookfor kush joint stuff like an afro. From cannabis fabrics, hehasjacket and trousers. Hash bong can wear beauteous chain andhatmade from hemp. We prepared to him ganja winged scarf. Meetstonerrastaman from Jamaica. He loved mary jane and always fightforfreedom. Buy him cap or cannabis rucksack. He never knowswhatchoose Sativa or Indica strain? If you love gambol animals wehavesomething special. Stoner feline and wicked raccoon likes tobuybirthday or wizard hat. Unlock them all! Remember thatlegalizemarijuana is in freedom Jamaica or Amsterdam but not allplaces arelike that! Even if it's legalized for medicinal we do noturge touse narcotics! So beware and snoop out. Hemp and hashgraphics areused only for an amusing reason. A runner game madeonly for realTHC runners who are not afraid of reach their speed tothe smokelimit. Play Weed Dash craziest rush runner game now. Rapidand pumpyour skunk to be best player ever!
Slots Weed Marijuana Casino - cannabis bud machine 2.56 APK
Slots Weed guarantee lots of spin in Marijuana Casino. Winmorecannabis bud on machines and explore all automats. TakeFREEhashish coins to start ganja bid. Play the best weed slotsmachinesever. Feel Las Vegas style and chill out. Ganja Casinogives youkush experience on all included automats from free spins,hugecannabis bud win to free hash chips. Ganja automat allows youtowin HUGE amount of HASH COINS on amazing kush Las VegasStyle.Start play now to receive free hashish chips. Kush SlotsMachinesfeatures: - Weed coin and humoristic graphics - SPIN allover thetime to feel like in Las Vegas casino - Enjoy ganja versionofslots machines - Take huge amount of free hashish chips -Exploreall automats to find the best for you - Compate with allover thekush world - Play OFFLINE, thats guarantie of freedom likein LasVegas - Contains chill out music Compare with all ganjalovers.Take a look at marijuana leaderboard and chill outachievements. Donot wait any more longer. Go and WIN huge amount ofcannabis coin.Remember that you will win chips so you can chill outthis time.Please remember that marijuana is still illegal in somecountries.We no urge you to use drugs. Kush graphics are used onlyforhumoristic reason. These product is intended for adultaudiencesand do not offer real chips, money gambling or anyopportunities towin real money or prizes. Huge success within appdoes not implyfuture success at real money gambling like Las Vegas.Peace andchill.
UP GO UP Weed Game 1.01 APK
Simple gameplay. Tap the platform carefully to raise marijuanaleafup! Ganja will change color to the next platform so he cangohigher. You must follow the color pattern of hemp to pushhigherand higher. Info! Marijuana is prohibited or illegal insomecountries. We do not urge to use cannabis in any way. Ganjamotivewas used only for a humoristic reason. Graphics in thismarijuanagame contains only hemp leaf. This we call UP GO UP WeedGame. Needother crazy and awesome weed games? Check this: Our WEEDGAMES Likeour hemp empire? We create fresh fanpage: Extreme GamesStudio SoUP GO UP!
Hexa Block Puzzle Hexagon Weed Game 1.05 APK
Hexagon puzzle game with weed stuff all in one: Marijuana&&Kush in Hemp empire by EG studio! Do you like weedgames? Or hexagonpuzzle blocks? Now new free hexa block puzzlegames from 2018. It'slogic box game full of kush in hemp empire.Welcome to our weed gamefor adults. Your task is to tap and movehexagon puzzle on board.Try fit in the hole blocks hexa and thenall will blast. It's allpuzzle logic in this box games. Hexa blockpuzzle free to download.How to play Hemp Hexa Block Puzzle:Hexagon Game. Weed Kush? -Simply drag the hexagon blocks to moveit - Fill the blocks, hexapuzzle will react - Use HINT to helpsolve the puzzles and make iteasier Everyone loves logic block!This hexa is puzzle for weedgames fans. Simply rules in mosthumorous hexa block game. This hexablock puzzle works offline sono WIFI? No problem! Blocks hexafeatures: - Weed game - Freedownload - Hexagon puzzle game - Notime limit - Play offline! NoInternet needed Hemp & Kush waitsfor you! Real marijuana weedblock! Try hexa puzzle in weed games!Why download this block withabout hexa puzzle? - Weeds! Weedseverywhere - Marijuana game -It's FREE and NEW - No time limit -HINT will help you Remember wedo not urge to use hemp kush.Marijuana in weed games is used onlyfor a humorous reason! Discoverthis hexa puzzle blocks. Kush allof marijuana weed fan need!Complete all hexagon puzzle free weedgames levels.