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This app is to collect data of images to create data-set forresearch purpose in CVML KICS UET Lahore

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Bigfoot Beast Hunting: Summer Games 1.0.4 APK
Strange sightings and disturbing disappearances have been occurringin the forest. People have reported seeing a scary monster, a giantbeast that they can’t explain. You set out to explore this creaturein order to uncover its identity. To confirm its existence youdecide to get a closer look. Soon your adventure turns into a questfor survival! You have to channel your inner hunter to defeat thisevil and wicked beast. UET Game Studio presents “Beast Hunting:Summer Games”; an exciting, adventurous hunting game to catch agiant monster .You have to find the Bigfoot beast and trap him. Youhave to be careful though, Bigfoot is wild! The Sasquatch isagitated and you have to be smart in drawing it out. Set up a trapand wait for the yeti to come out to get caught in the traps. Useweapons to protect yourself against this giant, scary beast. Itisn’t just a game. It is a game for your survival! You have to playyour way through all the 10 dangerous and scary levels to firstcollect evidence to prove that the beast exists, track it down andtrap him. You have to be the predator to defeat the predator.
The Crocodile Simulator 1.0 APK
The longest surviving species of animal, the alligator, asroamedthis planet for thousands of years. Very few species havesurvivedthis long on our planet yet the alligator, killer croc hasendured.It is a predator sneak its prey and emerge from nowhere andbite,rip its prey causing bloodshed, fulfilling its appetite. UETGameStudio presents yet another amazing 3D simulator game;PredatorAlligator: Massacre Appetite 3D Simulator. It is a wildlifebased3D simulator predator hunter game. Fulfill the alligator,killercroc appetite by killing of different animals and eatingthem. Thegame is set in a marsh marshland. The alligator, killercroc has todo a predator crocodile attack. Sneak up hunter andcause bloodshedand rip bite the animals to fulfill the killer crocalligatorappetite. Bite rip the different animals that are tryingto crossthe marsh marshland. Rip em up before they cross themarshmarshland or its game over for alligator killer croc. But youhaveto kill the animals quickly as the hunger bar of thekilleralligator slowly diminishes and its hunter predator powersweaken.So recharge the hunger bar by predator hunting all theanimalsbefore they cross the marsh marshland. If you likePredatorAlligator: Massacre Appetite 3D Simulator then you wouldabsolutelylike our this gamealso:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=pk.edu.kics.uetgs.wildlife3DIfyou had a fun time massacring animals and tearing their fleshapartand want more stuff like this, then please If you like ourgamesplease click on the button "More by this developer" andplease guysgive us your feedback by rating and reviewing ourgames. Weappreciate user's queries and interests through ourFacebook andTwitter accounts. For contact:Website:http://www.uetgamestudio.kics.edu.pk/Facebook:https://web.facebook.com/uetgamestudio/Twitter:https://twitter.com/UET_Game_Studio
Upload Image 1.2 APK
This app is to collect data of images to create data-set forresearch purpose in CVML KICS UET Lahore
Police Car Racing 1.0.1 APK
Dubai police car racing game 2018 combines gorgeous withaddictivegameplay that will make them swerve through oncomingtraffic,gathering power-ups, and knocking different racers off thestreetfor kids driving. With stunning physics, eye-popping tracks,andgreat autos, Dubai police car racing game and car racer game2018makes another sort of racing experience for racing gameplayers.This is one of best racing games. Dubai Police car racinggame 2018is amazing police car driving simulation game among allcar drivinggames car surfer. Drive on Dubai roads with in a fastpolice cararound the city as you want sitting in Dubai car games toplay carracing game police. Drift on the road car racing gamepolice withamazing controls with new car games 1. Drive car withreal policecar drivers. Race with other police pixer car racer anddestroytheir cars and beat them you can drive around, do stunts orsimplydrive around and smash other cars up. Win the race, Earnpoints andBuy new faster police cars. This is race between allSkilledrookies passed from police academy came on the road withnewspirit. As a new rookie from police academy show your skills,Driftyour fast Dubai cop car, perform stunts, jumping off yourDubaicars through Ramps, and destroy cop cars yourself in carracinggames for kids car surfer. You have option to select cop carsthatyou want to drive car blocking. You have your own world you areaDriver surfing car. No one will stop you in new car games.Youmight have played many car games race 3d but this racer gamecamewith its own unique gameplay racing games free. Race police caronDubai roads against other police cars in different amazingtracklevels in octane thrill of a racing games new car games.Showprogress in Dubai police car racer game and to come firsteverytime, or else you have to race again car safety. If you liketodrive police car on the road then this game is especially foryouand police car games for kids. Also if you are entertained bycarracing games, police car drift games, and super-fast policecarsthen you will surely love this game car safety. This Policecargame 1 is a real competition car games race 3d squad car, ithasreal cars, real tracks, and real racing against other policecardrift squad car. Enjoy driving on the runway, through theterminalor on top of the air craft or even the buildings in thiscrazy mapin car driving games. Enter the original 3d police carrace copracing games! This map features an extreme raised glassracingtrack for car racing game police and crazy jump traps pixercarracer. Race and chase your opponents to become an extremepolicecar driving expert and master each game mode. Use yourcredits toupgrade and customize your car or choose to buy brand newvehiclesto play new car games. The capping endless race in thecity,presenting amazing vehicles, addictive game play andtrafficcompetition. Be ready for new trial on crowded cars squadcar. Moreexcited, thrilling feeling car racing games for kids andpolice cardrift. Dubai city police car racer Game is waiting foryou and youwill love playing it. This game is more interesting andfun amongall car driving games squad car. If you are a racing loverofsports cars this is what you need, try it once you won'tregretplaying the sports vehicle is racing games free, hit and runis nota choice of play in this traffic racing nitro, winning theracemakes you gain more points, speed pedal is there to hit hard,becareful in racing cars are dangerous to get hit by Features: -EasyControl - HD and high quality graphics. - Realistic policecars. -Realistic Environment. - Multiple Camera View If you likeour gamesplease click on the button "More by this developer" andplease guysgive us your feedback For ContactFacebook:https://web.facebook.com/uetgamestudio/Twitter:https://twitter.com/UET_Game_Studio Email:uetgs@kics.edu.pk
The tips/guide Choices Pixelberry 1.0 APK
How to start and how to play this game and boost your level andresources in a few days. This is not choices stories Cheat or Hack,there is only a best guide for this game and also some tips, andtrick how to get free star diamonds. Guide for Pixelberry is one ofthe best tips apps for choices stories Game. You will find a lot ofgood things about how to start and how to play this game and boostyour level and resources in a few days. I need to tell you thatcheats for choices stories are not hacking this is the only appmade by fans and peoples who love this game with some cool tips andtricks. This is an unofficial app guide made by me for fans, itcontains useful information for players. This App is an unofficialguide only, it is not authorized or created by the creator of thegame. This application complies with US Copyright law guidelines of"fair use". If you feel there is a direct copyright or trademarkviolation that doesn't follow within the "fair use"guidelines,please contact us directly.