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This application is a collection of imagesofurban garden concepts and ideas that can be your inspirationinmaximizing home land into a cool place.

Urban gardens should not be limited to the cultivation of only afewplants on the windowsill. Whether it is a garden with a balconyor aroof garden, you can still enjoy the cultivation of allyourfavorite plants and vegetables. In this guide for beginnersonurban gardening you will find the basics of urban gardeningforbeginners and tips for solving any problems that may arisealongthe way

You should start by looking for spots for your pots that get sixtoeight hours of sunlight per day and have access to water. Igrowvegetables on the roof and in window boxes, but patios,doorways,sidewalks and even roof cornices (for hanging baskets) cancontainseveral containers. Most homeowners are pleased that tenantsreallywant to improve real estate, but it's a good idea to deliverthegarden to the garden before the planting begins.

Almost all vegetables grow well in containers, but choosingtheright sort helps. Window boxes Roma tomato plants, forexample,retain a size that can be used for pots, and tomato vinesTumblerperfectly pour out of hanging baskets. Beans, peas and evensquashcan be grown on grills installed in a larger container. Tryacompact solar squash and a space coil Sunburst. Miniaturewhitecucumbers have small grapevines and unusual white fruits.Carrots,such as the Oxheart revue and miniature kinko, grow to 4-6inchesin length.

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