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Urdu Bunyadi Qaida

This android application specially designs for kids. Kidscanlearn the basic Urdu Qaida Alphabets and words withanimatedpictures. And also kids having fun in easy Urdu Qaida. Kidsplaythe simple games for Urdu Alphabets and wordsmemorization.
It’s the only Urdu Qaida App which have maximum downloads inUrduLearning category. And many parents finds it difficult toteachtheir kids, how to learn Urdu language in proper pronunciationandhow to tell them to recognize Urdu letters. The app containsfungraphics which are both memorable, colorful and animated .Amusthave for your toddlers.

Its simple App for your Kids to learn about local Urdulanguagealphabets in easy and quick way. Kids love to have bigletters andpictures associated with each letter to understand

In Urdu Qaida having the following categories :
• Sekihan
• khalen
• zehn azmayn

This Urdu Qaida helps your kids to learn:
Urdu Alphabets
Urdu Letters Recognition
Urdu Vocabulary
Urdu Pronunciation
Learn to Speak Urdu
Learn Urdu Language
Learn to Read Urdu
Urdu word Recognition
Learn to Write Urdu and much more.

We hope so this Urdu Learning app really help you to learn,writeand speak urdu language. Don't forget to share it with yourfriendsand family.

App Information Urdu Bunyadi Qaida

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    Urdu Bunyadi Qaida
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    August 13, 2016
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    Android 3.0 and up
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    Apps Daily
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    10 - 50
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Urdu nastaleeq keyboard is multilingualto write text in Urdu & English languageNow it is very easy to Write Urdu text by the help ofPakistan best Urdu keyboard with new Nastaleeq fontcapability. on Urdu Keyboard you can type text inEnglish, type text in Urdu or you can type text in in romanEnglish keyboard with multilingual keyboard smooth typingcontrol. One keyboard have all these capability. At the same timePakistan Urdu keyboard is one the best English typingkeyboard.Decorate your keyboard with Pakistan flag.اپنا کی بورڈ پاکستانی جھنڈے کے ساتھ سجائیں ۔Urdu Keyboard with advance way of writing. Now you have Fullfreedom to type in roman English keyboard it willautomatically convert or translate into Urdu characters.Special Gift for Pakistani android users to decorate mobilewith Pakistan FlagOur new Nastaleeq keyboard color full theme it's one of theperfect choice, if you want to give a patriotic look to yourkeyboard then download " Pak Flag Urdu Keyboard " and paklover enjoy Pak flag background. The application supportedEnglish and Urdu language. It provides Easy UrdutypingIn the Pakistan Flag Urdu Keyboard پاکستانی جھنڈے والااردو کیبورڈ one of the best Urdu keyboard having wonderful featureslike:- Keyboard background changer :< /b> create your ownkeyboard by choosing your favorite keyboard background image.- Keyboard Language changer: select your favorite language eitherEnglish or Urdu. you can enjoy punctuated Urdu.-Words Suggestions-words auto completion- Keyboard sound for texting Cool keyboard sound when youtype.- Vibration when button presses-Show popup/preview when button pressed- Urdu Phonetic Keyboard- Urdu Nastaleeq Keyboard- Custom background select your own picture and make it keyboardbackground picture.- emoji and stickersThis amazing Pakistan Flaggen keyboard makes your typing fast andeasy.Whether you are:searching on google,Editing your images,Making your posts,Chatting with friends,Saving your contacts andSearching in Urdu dictionary everywhere facilitate with it.Celebrate any Pakistan's event with complete Pakistanikeyboard.*** i love Pakistan ***This keyboard will give your mobile a patriotic look on anyoccasion like 14th August/ Happy Independence day/ yom-e-Azadi,Defense day 6th September/Yom-e-Defa and 23rd March PakistanResolution Day/Qrar Dad-e-Pakistan. Make PSL cards and PSL bannerpicture your keyboard background image.Features:✔It will help you to create your contacts in Urdu languagetext.✔By the help of Urdu keyword you can send SMS in Urdu format✔ Make your Urdu Post in Share it on different socialnetworks✔ Urdu keyboard provide you the facility to Search in Urdu on anysearch engine✔You can send emails in Urdu language typing format.✔Urdu keyboard have ability to work offlineTake the time to RATE and COMMENT after you install, your opinionwill help us improve our work! And do not hesitate to contact usdeluxappstudio@gmail.com with any suggestions or questions youhave
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Tasbih (Arabic: تسبيح‎) is a form of dhikrthat involves the repetitive utterances of short sentencesglorifying God, in Islam.Dhikr is of great importance to the Muslims and believe that ithas to be done as taught.Tasbeeh application is developed with the intention of makinggood use of smartphones. Tasbeeh application is very simple andeasy to use with predefined Tasbeehat/Zikr/Athkar which the usercan use them with simplicity and can recite them from onscreen.The application is designed with the concept of counter so thatthe user might know number of counts. The app saves the number ofcounts which can reviewed later on so that the user can continuefrom he/she left counting. When the tasbih count reached 33 and 100the phone vibrates indicating that the user has reached the limitof predefined tasbeehat. The user can also use the top button onthe main screen for any custom Zikar/Tasbeeh. The user can alsoreset the tasbeeh counted with the reset option on the screen. TheTasbeeh application is simple and very easy to use. Muslims aroundthe world should use this great application for attaining rewardsby practicing different zikr.Narrated by Abu Huraira: Some poor people came to the Prophetand said, "The wealthy people will get higher grades and will havepermanent enjoyment, and they pray like us and fast as we do. Theyhave more money by which they perform the Hajj and 'Umra, fight andstruggle in Allah's Cause and give in charity." The Prophet said,"Shall I not tell you a thing upon which if you acted you wouldcatch up with those who have surpassed you? Nobody would overtakeyou, and you would be better than the people amongst whom you liveexcept those who would do the same. Say "Subhan-Allah","Alhamdu-lillah" and "Allahu Akbar" thirty three times each afterevery (compulsory) prayer." We differed, and some of us said thatwe should say "Subhan-al-lah" thirty three times and "Alhamdulillah" thirty three times and "Allahu Akbar" thirty four times. Iwent to the Prophet, who said: "Say, "Subhan-al-lah" and "Alhamdulillah" and "Allahu Akbar" all together for thirty three times."(Book #12, Hadith #804)Features:1) A list of predefined Adhkars.2) Counter which is updated on every tasbeeh count which is presenton main list e.i start counting tasbeeh where you left lasttime.3) Mobile vibrate on 33 and 100 counts.4) On screen RESET option.5) Simple and friendly GUI.6) On main screen top button "Tasbeeh Counter" presents for other(desire) Athkar/Virdh.For any query or suggestion please contact us via the deluxappstudio@gmail.comKindly share this beautiful Islamic Application with your familyand friends and get rewarded by ALLAH.
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The SIX KALMAS is an application in whichpeople can recite the Kalmas with perfect pronunciation andtranslation. The application inculcates 6 Kalmas that are basicallyDhikr or Zikr and Dua or Supplication.This particular application makes the process of learning theseKalmas by heart very easy and convenient.The Six Kalimas (from Arabic كلمة kalimah "word") in Islam inSouth Asia are six religious & significant parts of one'sbelief mostly taken from hadiths (in some traditions, five phrases,then known as the five kalimas[clarification needed]).The first of them, known as the ''kalimat aṭ-ṭaiyibah (کلمہطیبہ) or "word of purity", second is called the shahada, (شہادہ)third "tamjeed", (تمجید) fourth "tawheed", (توحید) fifth"istighfar" (استغفار) and sixth is called " rad de kufr" (ردکفر).The application can used for Muslims kids to help them pronouncethe kalmia exactly as it is intended with help of Audio..The main features of this purposeful application are:.• All six Kalmas are given in Arabic with correct pronunciationgiven in English on one page• There is English Translation of every Kalma again given toclarify the meanings and message which every Kalma encloses• The Audio of every Kalma is also available where expert peoplehave recited these Kalma in beautiful fashionKindly share this beautiful application with your Muslimbrothers and sisters, Family and Friends.We await your precious feedback for improvements. And if you anynew ideas that can be beneficial for the people of the world soshare with us.For any Query or Suggestion please contact us via the deluxappstudio@gmail.comThanks.
3D Text On Photos 1.6 APK
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3D Text on Photos is the best collection ofunique photography and 3D post photo editor app inphotography category for 3D POST to create 3Dintro maker photo, stylish 3D text, and Stylishfont with the 3D sticker and FREE to Download. Amazingphoto stickers, combine 3D stickers, 3D nameson the photo, 3D effects on the photos, beautifulpictures, 3D photo frame, 3D fancy text, 3Dnames on the photo and 3D logo design with uniquephoto editing effects and different 3D Shapes withmaking a gif with animated text for intro maker or greetingwallpaper with cool text animated styles.It just likes writing animated text on video. Working on this appto create 3D text photos, 3D love photo frames or any 3Dmodel with 3D text to make a 3d photo book isvery easy and this app also improving the designing skills tocreate 3D or 2D Logo design, Business cards for thecompany. Create with latest 3D photos and 3D writingwith your own idea and no wait for others software which difficultto use in the computer. And convert your photo in 3D form.A simple “3D Post Maker/ Photo Editor” application makes youeasier in creating 3D customize post. Make your post morecolorful and attractive with 3D / 2D special effects whichprovide real 3D looks on text using function 3D names on thephoto using phone and tablet. If you are worried about you’redesigning skills then it’s time to resolve this issue. Thissimple app helps you to build 3D and 2D post with thevariety of design on text and images. The 3D shape of thefont can be inflated or deflated, as you wish. You can easily typeUrdu/Arabic/ Persian /Pashto /sandhi/English text, selectyour favorite image and use it as a background and can applydifferent features to make your post more stylish,then save the result as a new image in your photo library. Makeyour Christmas and New Year cards and wishes you canalso share your post on social media like (Facebook, WhatsApp,Viber, Twitter etc.).3D Text on Photos Features :• Add 3d text in Urdu, Arabic, Persian (Pashto, Sindhi, and Farsietc.) and English• 50+ fonts• 3D Text is enriched with features like edit text,move, rotate, align, line spacing, copy/past etc.• 3D text special features like Depth, Bevel, andFace.• Many Textures (metal Texture, Wood Texture, etc.,) andcolor can be applied on 3D Text. To make a text more custom, applytexture and color on Text Depth, Bevel, and Face.• Text Position and Rotation is separatelyhandled.• Multi-3D-Text is now available only in 3D postmaker.• Realistic 3D environment. You can change it to GrassyLand Environment, Hilly area Environment, NightEnvironment, Garden Environment and many others.• Change Sky with clouds skybox, Moon Skybox Sun Set andSun rise skybox and many others.• Move Sky or Skybox in 360 degrees it results inchanging the Light Direction on Text.• Change Ground/floor with stylish lands and movehorizontally and vertically.• Adjust Light intensity on Environment and Text.• Make Post size according to your requirement by changing aspectratio.• Camera Position is changeable. Move it near to ground or high inthe sky to view a post with different angles. Similarly RotateCamera to any angle.• 3D stickers and 3D models can be placed (first timein android)• Load your camera and gallery pictures in 3D Terrain• Make your photos and selfies as a background to give them a 3dnameNow you can design your own photo on 3D Post Maker:1- Quranic verses posts2- Ahadith post3- Poetry post
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Video Songs, National Anthems, Tranay andMilli Nagmay for Pakistan6th September is Defense Day of Pakistan.Play HD video songs and nagmay live from daily motion and celebrateYoum-e-Defa (Defene Day).Mili Nagma Features :- HD Quality- Latest and classical nagmay- Variety of Anthems;- Dil Dil Pakistan دل دل پاکستان- Watan ki mati وطن کی مٹی- Iss parcham k say taly hum اس پرچم کے ساۓ تلے etc.Love Pakistan
Urdu GIF Maker: GIF Post 1.0 APK
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اب لکھیں اردو میں اور بنائیں چمکتی دھمکتی پوسٹاردو جیف میکر کے ساتھ ۔Urdu GIF maker is an application that convert you Photo intoanimated GIF also you can add your own Urdu text or English text onGIF photo. This application is Free to download to create your ownGIF animation and impress your friends with your art work. Urdu GIFMaker: GIF Post maker is the best application in Photographycategory.First time to create your own Gif with the help of Urdu GIF Makerand Share your art work as on different social networks♡ اردو میں پہلی دفعہ چمکتی دمکتی تصویریں ♡Create a beautiful animated posts in Urdu and English both withawesome GIF Maker . This amazing App specially develop for GIFcreators. Write your name and your love one with your own favoritefont style in beautiful animated frames. This is first creation forUrdu and English users to create their best post now in animationwith awesome GIF editor .GIF Maker is an application that can makes animated GIF.Its makesyour photos lavish style.GIF Maker app is very easy to use.Its asimple GIF editor.Simple and easy steps make your post animated.Your photos can get a feeling of vitality by GIF frames. christmasis comming , celbrate your christmas and send christmas wishes andcards with Urdu GIF MakerFollowing Steps follow for GIF Maker✔ Start the Urdu GIF Maker app.Select your favorite animated framein multiples of beautiful frames.✔ Then add your text via English or Urdu and also select the imagefrom gallery.✔ Design a stylish and animated post weather it is:★- Quranic verses posts GIF★- Ahadith post GIF★- Poetry post gif★- Funny post Gif★- Eid greeting cards Gif★- Signature maker GIF★- Wallpapers Gif★- Ads campaign and advertisement GIF★- Love letters Gif★- Invitation cards Gif★- Quotes of the day Gif★- Valentine Day Card Gif★-greeting card Gif★-profile image Gif★-notes etc.✔ Share your animated photos with your friends and family throughfacebook/whatsaap/twitter/viber etc.Following above easy steps follow for create GIF post.Many other GIF Editing apps having GIF camera ,GIF photos,GIFPlayer ,GIF videos ,GIF Editor etc features but this app providesyou ready made animated Frames which is handy to use.so don'tforget to design your post with" Urdu GIF Maker: GIF Post ".Take the time to RATE and COMMENT after you install, your opinionwill help us improve our work! And do not hesitate to contact usvia deluxappstudio@gmail.com with any suggestions or questions youhave
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Welcome to the world of amazing and uniquecollection of Real Facts.What's a better way to use your spare time than learning factfiles?Want to impress your friends or be the life of the party?Our new “Fact Files” app puts the world’s most interesting facts atyour fingertips.You can go back and forth between just by swiping.In this Application we've taken thousands of interesting Facts andappropriately arranged them into different meaningfulcategories.Our app offers a wide range of facts which include: cool facts, funfacts, weird facts, and strange facts. Some are even practical andcan be used every day. We even have funny facts that make yousmile, facts to keep yourself healthy, and facts that willdownright make you say, OMG! You will love to continue as you willgo through different categories. After reading fact files the userwill think smartly and differently about things in his lifeDon’t run through the fact pages just read them one by one. Mostfacts are one liner. We have included interesting words that willamaze the reader. We have made the collection of best facts thatare known as of yet. Our Goal was to keep the app simple andattractive.Features1) All facts are 100% true2)3) Share the facts with your family and friends with a single click( Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Google+, Mail, SMS )4) Simple navigation and easy to useApplication Consists of following 6 broad Categories.1. Human Facts (Mind Brain, Blood, Heart, Skin, Bones, Eyes, Lungs,Nose, Ears, Hair, Sleeping)2. Animal Facts (Horse, Camel, Tiger, Lion, Birds, giraffes,Elephants, Fish Dolphins, Sharks, kangaroo, Bears, Cow, Goats,Sheep, Butterfly, Cockroach, Worms, Cats, Dogs, Chickens, SnakesWolf, Big Foot etc )3. Tree / Plant Facts4. Fruit / Vegetable Facts (Banana, Apple, Mango, Grapes, Orange,Pine apple, Water Melon, Strawberry, Carrot, Cauliflower, Potato,Tomato, Garlic etc)5. Universe Facts (Space, Sun, Moon, Planets, Solar System, Stars,Galaxies)6. Random Facts(People, Culture, Countries, Languages, Cash, City,Street, Love, Photos, Islands, Time, Alien)Share this beneficial and useful app with family and friends.We await your precious feedback for improvements.Love your familyEat less and live smart.
Dosti Shayri 1.1 APK
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♡ اب کریں اپنی دوستی کواور بھی مضبوطخوبصورت شاعری کے ساتھ ۔ ♡Enjoy the largest collection of " Khushi Shayre " across variouscategories. Under this Poetry app you can find well categorizedcollection of Shayari SMS and messages which you can share withyour friends and also set on wallpaper screen.It helps you toexpress the deepest feelings through words. Shayari gives you achance to clarify feelings in every one of their structures throughmusical words.In this Poetry App find a selection of Urdu Poetry by famousPakistani and Indian new poets. Wasi Shah, Parveen Shakir, HabibJalib, Safeer Ahmed, Iftikhar Arif, Farhat Abbas Shah, Obaid UllahAleem, Ahmed Hassan, Amir Bin Ali, Anees Hasan, Ayub Khawar,Farzana Naina, Muneer Niazi, Shair Ali Ji, Naz and more.And alsogreatest later Urdu poets poetry Meer, Dard, Ghalib, Anees, Dabeer,Iqbal, Zauq, Josh, Jigar, Faiz, Firaq, Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi, Shair,Mohsin and Faraz.Shayari is utilized to pass on the estimation of affection.Flawlessly composed and described Shers makes it simple for asignificant other to pour his or her heart in front of the partner.. So much is the power in this form that it becomes soul stirringfor those who hear it.Shayari is a love able language among lovers because it also helpsin healing the pain of broken heart and mold it easily from thenature of sadness.The more entertaining perspective can bring out individuals fromdull and edify their mind-set.Shayari likewise bonds the heart of individuals and interface theminto unmistakable closeness and association.christmas is comming ,celbrate your christmas and send christmas wishes and cards withthis shayriThe Urdu Dosti Shayri includes following types of poetry:♡ khushi quotes/Love Poetry♡ Heart touching shayri♡ Muhabbat shayri♡ Dosti shayri♡ Payar shayri♡ Romantic shayri♡ Love shayri♡ Friendship poetry etc.Take the time to RATE and COMMENT after you install, your opinionwill help us improve our work! And do not hesitate to contact usdeluxappstudio@gmail.com with any suggestions or questions youhave