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This app contains large number of Idioms, Mahavray and Kahawteinwith English,Urdu,Roman Urdu list. This app is very helpful forstudents who want to learn Idioms , Mahavray and Kahawtein. Thisapp is dedicated to one of the most wanted topics in the Englishlanguage + Urdu language - Idioms. All English language learnersface these unusual phrases from the very beginning of theircurriculum. When you meet them for the first time you get confusedand usually try to translate each word and only after that you tryto understand the meaning of the whole phrase. But very quickly yourealize that you can not understand it at all. Such extraordinaryphrases are called idioms. To understand what they mean we have tolearn them. Some users often ignore these important topic. But whenthey begin to communicate actively they realize that nativespeakers use idioms in their everyday speech with great pleasure.Of course it is almost impossible to learn all idioms at once -there are thousands of them. But you should definitely try to learnthe most common idioms. With this pack of knowledge you will soonbecome an interesting communicator for sure. That is why our app isthe most easy and suitable way to reach this aim. We have created alist of the most widespread idioms. Each idiom has a clear andsimple explanation and an example of the context usage. But this isnot the only way to use the app. There are lots of tests which wehave made up to help you improve your skills and knowledge. Sohaving downloaded our application "Idioms" on your smartphone youwill be able to find and understand necessary phrases, learn themand also test your knowledge. Features: - 5505 Idioms Listed in theapp - Popular English Idioms - Popular URdu Idioms - PopularRomanIdioms - English Idioms Dictionary - Favorite English Idioms -Most Common Phrasal Verbs - Bookmar Your Favorate Idioms - Englishto URdu, Roman Urdu Idioms

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